Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 224

Chapter 224

High up in the sky, Muyang and Mexia were suspended between thin clouds. The clouds had mostly diminished the warm sunlight waving down and shining on them. 

Eyeing the scene below plainly, and seeing Bardock cheering up his partner and then swinging his fists to work out despite his injuries, Mexia did look at him a little differently. That guy was pretty hardworking.

“How do you feel about Bardock now?” Muyang asked with a light smile.

Mexia stroked down her hair, sounding clear and bright, “It’s okay. It’s not that bad.”

Muyang said, “Don’t be hard. If you become a Low-Class Warrior after your reincarnation, too, I don’t know if you will work as hard as him.” 

Mexia cocked her mouth and said in disbelief, “With my natural beauty, how could I be reincarnated as a Low-Class Warrior.”

Muyang said, “It’s not impossible. Most of the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta is Low-Class Warrior. The ratio of Mid-Class Warrior to Elite Warrior is not high. If you reincarnate, there’s a high probability that you will become a Low-Class Warrior.” 


Mexia didn’t say anything after hearing this. It was something she hadn’t thought of before. If she really reincarnated as a Low-Class Warrior, wouldn’t she have no hope of catching up with her senior brother? Then, what was the point of reincarnation!

But on second thought, Mexia’s confidence returned.

Even earthlings like Son Gohan could reach 20,000 to 30,000 power levels. There was no reason she couldn’t reach it with a few efforts if she became a Saiyan. 

“Anyway, you’ll see; I’m going to be strong too.” Mexia tilted her head up, her pretty face became serious.

“I’m sure.” Muyang smiled lightly.

At this time, the communication on his body “beep beep beep” sounded urgent, as if someone was contacting him urgently.

Muyang took out his communication device and took a look. It was a message from Son Gohan.

When they first became Galaxy Mercenaries, they had each prepared their own communication devices and had occasionally contacted each other over the years. However, it was rare that it was as urgent as the current paging.

“What’s wrong? Is something going on with Son Gohan?” Mexia flew over and floated beside Muyang.

Muyang read the message and said, “Son Gohan messed with the wrong people this time and is now on the run with Annin in the universe.”

Next, Muyang told Mexia about the matter. It turned out that Son Gohan had run into a character who was playing the role of a tiger when he was taking a mission from the Galaxy Mercenary. 

When they were engaged, they realized that even if they activated the Twice Keio-ken, they were no match for that opponent. They were currently fleeing in the universe on the spaceship, panicking.

The situation was urgent.

“Oh my, they’re in danger. Let’s hurry and save them!” Mexia understood the situation and urged.

“Calm down. I’m searching for their ki.” Muyang aimed a glance at Mexia, then closed his eyes and searched for Son Gohan’s ki.

“Did you find it?”

Muyang looked up and said, “No. Although Son Gohan and Annin are also in the North Area, the distance is too far away for me to sense his ki. Hold on; I’ll inform Son Gohan to let him explode his ki.”

Immediately, Muyang used his communication device to contact Son Gohan. After a short while, Muyang used Instant Transmission again and sensed Son Gohan’s ki.

With a swoosh, Muyang and Mexia disappeared from Planet Vegeta with a flash of light.


On the other side of the distant North Area, surrounded by vast darkness, the stars emitting an enchanting pale white glow.

Suddenly, there was a spaceship quickly penetrating the night, a relatively small spaceship.

On the spaceship, Annin looked anxiously at Son Gohan. Within the spaceship’s radar detection range, not far from them, there were several spaceships gradually getting closer.

Soon, they would catch up with them.

“How is it, Gohan? have you contacted Muyang and Mexia?” In the meantime, Annin’s eyebrows were knitted.

Sweat seeped out on Son Gohan’s forehead. He looked at the communication device, and a message suddenly came over from it, “Roger, he asked me to raise my power level with Kaio-ken so that he can use it as a reference point for his Instant Transmission.”

“Get him on contact!”

Annin let out a sigh of relief.

Son Gohan also hung up the connection.

The accident was too unexpected. Initially, he had accepted the mission to capture a 20,000 power level alien and had thought it would be an easy task. However, he didn’t expect that the opponent would play a tiger’s role eating a pig. His power level was as high as 70,000 points.

If it weren’t for the fact that Son Gohan looked at the situation and quickly drove the spaceship away, he would have been a dead man under the opponent now.

“It’s not easy for me. Twice Kaio-ken is no match for him. Not only he’s strong, but even his spaceship is also so fast.”

Son Gohan droned to himself; he felt so unlucky.

Initial 30,000 power level plus Twice Kaio-ken was considered a master in the universe. Yet, he still had to be reduced to a fugitive’s fate.

When Muyang saw him later, he would be laughed at again.

With his mind wandering, Son Gohan was raising his body’s ki.

A slight fluctuation spread out in the spaceship’s cabin. The figures of Muyang and Mexia appeared in front of Son Gohan and Annin.

“Finally, you’ve come.” Seeing Muyang appear, Son Gohan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

In the meantime, Muyang looked at Son Gohan, and his eyebrows were slightly raised. Four years had passed; Son Gohan’s strength had also increased.

However, the growth was minimal, only from 24,000 power levels to 32,000. This amount was not much. Was it because of the lack of potential of the earthlings? 

With a series of thoughts sweeping through his mind, Muyang asked Son Gohan, “How many people of the opponent, and how strong are they?”

Son Gohan’s face was stony, “The boss is the powerful one. The power level is less estimated to be 70,000.” 

When Mexia heard this, he raised his eyebrows, “What? It’s only 70,000!”

“Senior sister. That’s a whole 70,000 power level!” Son Gohan loudly retorted. 

‘What do you mean, only 70,000?’

How embarrassing was it for him to hear that word? However, when he remembered that her husband’s normal power level had reached 60,000 four years ago, and he could increase his strength to 120,000 with Twice Kaio-ken, he suddenly felt disheartened.

People were afraid of comparisons, and everything would be exposed if they got compared.

Son Gohan felt that he was the foolish son of a landlord and was just a poor boy when he entered the city.

“Gohan, stop the spaceship; I’ll take care of them.”

Muyang scanned the side above the radar, confirming that the opponent was very close to the ship. Then his body flickered and moved outside the spaceship in an instant.

In the vacuum environment of the universe, the Planet Yardrat’s “Vacuum Inner Breath” secret technique was automatically cast.

Son Gohan’s eyes were filled with envy as he saw Muyang standing proudly in the vacuum of the universe through the porthole. Muyang, a guy with so many rare and weird abilities, could actually survive in a vacuum environment.

At that moment, the opposite void shook lightly, and eight black spaceships flashed out from the speed of the superlight voyage. Several black hole cannon muzzles flashed in unison to the outside and began to flash scarlet colors.

“This is not good. The opponent is using energy cannons directly!” Son Gohan was in a cold sweat at the sight of the cannon. 

“Is that energy cannon powerful?”

Son Gohan nodded and said, “That’s the most advanced spaceship than the Big Gete Star civilization has ever made. The main cannon is no less powerful than the full force of 120,000 power levels. Muyang doesn’t know about this situation; he must be informed quickly.” 

“No need. Senior brother can definitely cope with it.”

Son Gohan’s face became serious, and said, “Mexia, you can’t underestimate the opponent. Even though Muyang’s is very strong, but without using the Twice Kaio-ken, he definitely can’t block the opponent’s energy bombardment.”

“It’s only 120,000 power level”, Mexia said lightly.

Would she tell Son Gohan that Muyang had met the God of Destruction Beerus?

Would she tell Son Gohan that her husband had trained in the God of Destruction Planet?

Would she say that Muyang’s normal power level possessed 750,000?


In the next second, she shouted, “I’m telling you, Muyang’s normal power level is 750,000!!!”

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