Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 225

Chapter 225

“Muyang’s normal power level is 750,000!!!”

Mexia’s words were like a thunderbolt that struck down from the clear sky, shocking Son Gohan and Annin with their strong emotions and blind eyes.

In fact, Mexia’s voice wasn’t very loud when she said it, but the amount of information in it was too tremendous. 

Muyang’s strength had reached 750,000 power levels? 

Although it was clear that Mexia loved her husband, it seemed that with her personality, she wouldn’t joke around on this matter. Son Gohan turned back with a startled expression, somewhat unable to believe what he heard, “What did you just say, Mexia?”

Mexia nodded with a smile, “I said, senior brother has 750,000 power level.” 

750,000 power level!

What an intimidating value this was.

Son Gohan perked up and looked incredulous, “How in the world did Muyang train and reached this unbelievable value with a single bark!” 

Satisfied with Son Gohan’s startled expression, Mexia boasted, “Senior brother’s training has been very thorough. He can already withstand the Triple Kaio-ken and can display a 2.25 million power level in a full outburst!”




Son Gohan’s expression became dumbfounded, no longer knowing what to say. Compared to Muyang, his 32,000 power level was actually less than a fraction.


As the spaceship’s interior fell silent, Muyang on the outside had easily taken on the energy cannons fired from the opponent’s spaceship.

Those energy cannon blasts couldn’t even break Muyang’s defenses. A stream of light flashed past, and Muyang’s body glided through the void, entering the front of the spaceship shield against a burst of energy.

Looking at the spaceship shield in front of him, Muyang looked on with a faint smile on his lips. His fingers turned into a claw and grabbed forward.

Pfft, spar~~.

The transparent spaceship’s shield became as fragile as tofu under Muyang’s claws. It was abruptly shattering into countless pieces of crystal-clear shards. The fluorescent luster slicing down into the depths of the universe, and the pitch-black hull of the spaceship wholly exposed. 

“GO, DIE!”

In his mind, Muyang sentenced the opponent to death. He raised his palm. A ball of ki with a diameter of a hundred meters abruptly appeared, then gradually grew bigger. When the diameter reached a horrifying three hundred meters, the massive ball of ki shone bright white with the point of his finger.

It was brilliant as a generous sun, falling from the deep sky. 

All the aliens in the spaceship were stunned when they saw this scene. Even the alien boss, who had been playing the role of a tiger and killing the galaxy mercenaries, was dumbfounded. He began to regret in his heart why he had to chase down and wanted to kill Son Gohan.

Noisy cries and shouts immediately rang out in the spaceship, but soon everything fell silent as a bright light enveloped it.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Several spaceships turned into massive fireballs one after another under Muyang’s ki bombs, turning entirely into ashes in the blink of an eye. These powerful people that were strong enough to dominate the nearby star fields had no power to fight back in front of Muyang.

The entire crew was sent to the Other-World in a matter of moments.

After annihilating these aliens, Muyang turned around, and his figure appeared inside Son Gohan’s spaceship once again.

Son Gohan looked at Muyang with a complicated face; his heart was like an overturned bottle of wine.

He remembered that almost twenty years ago, the difference between him and Muyang was only a dozen points of power level, but now, he couldn’t even see Muyang’s back.

“Muyang, you’re a monster. How in the world do you train? Four years ago, you weren’t this–” Son Gohan was speechless. His face was complicated as he looked at Muyang. Also, as an earthling, this gap was too big.

Muyang shrugged his shoulders and said, “I train just like you. Only my opportunities are much better than yours.”

“Don’t lie with such words. You already have a 750,000 power level. Even if you don’t practice in the future, I may not be able to catch up.” Son Gohan said sourly.

“Forget it; I won’t even compare with you.” Son Gohan was able to see that he would never be able to catch up to Muyang for the rest of his life.

At this time, a bright light flashed in Annin’s clear eyes. She looked up and down at Muyang and said in amazement, “Muyang, your life level actually advanced to the Level 4 Dimension. Tell me quickly how you guys have been over the past few years?”

Son Gohan perked up his ears when he heard Annin’s words.

Muyang and Mexia looked at each other and smiled, then told about their experiences in the past few years.

When it came to the time when they were shouted at by Namekian Birgil and went to the Planet Ambera shortly after they were separated in the Galaxy Star, Son Gohan couldn’t help but pound his chest and regret it.

If only he had known, he wouldn’t have left so early, and he might have had a strange encounter to strengthen his body.

Later on, when they said that they had met the God of Destruction, Beerus, and had gone to the God of Destruction Planet for training, Son Gohan’s entire body had become dumbfounded.

No wonder Muyang was able to become so strong; it was because he had received instruction from a High-Level God. Although he didn’t know what level of gods the God of Destruction and the Angel were, they must be powerful. 

“I regret it. I should have followed you guys on your travels. I might have had such a good chance as you guys now…” With a shout, Son Gohan tearing his heart out; his heart was dripping blood. 

On the other hand, Annin was more concerned about the God of Destruction and the Angel and said, “I’ve never heard of the God of Destruction, but it must be a Universe Level God.”

She then looked closely at Mexia. “Mexia’s soul has completed its mutation. Is it going to reincarnate?” 

Muyang nodded and said, “I plan to use the Dragon Balls to get Mexia to reincarnate after I return to earth.”

“Let’s go back together. I want to go back too.” Son Gohan picked up the conversation and said.

He had been training at the Lookout and the Mount Five Elements for all these years. Then, he had gone to the North Kai’s Planet and Planet Namek. With the four years, he had traveled around the universe; it had been more than ten years since he had returned to the Kame House.

He didn’t know how his teacher was doing now. So, after hearing Muyang say that he wanted to return to earth, Son Gohan’s heart could not help but felt homesick.

After a few discussions, they planned to go back to earth. However, before that, Muyang took a detour to the Central Area and exchanged his points for “Saibamen Manufacturing Technology” at the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters.


Earth, the sky was clear, and the sun was shining.

It was in the month of cherry grass. The grass was growing, and the warm sunlight on the body, courteous and very comfortable.

Using Instant Transmission to come back from the Central Area took only a little bit of time.

After returning to earth, Muyang said goodbye to Son Gohan, and Annin then took Mexia to fly towards the Great Azure Mountain direction.

On the other hand, Son Gohan planned to go to the Kame House first, so he let Annin go back to the Mount Five Elements Mountain alone first.


At the Great Azure Mountain foot, the original town had already developed into Azure Mountain City.

After not returning for several years, Azure Mountain City became even more prosperous.

The city expanded in size to the surrounding area.

Because of the strong martial arts atmosphere on earth at this time, and because it was the closest city to the Kami School, martial arts schools were blooming everywhere in Azure Mountain City.

In the short time that Muyang and Mexia were walking down the street, they saw several martial arts school staffs holding pamphlets for distribution.

It was at this time that Muyang saw the corner of the street.

In front of a quaint restaurant, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl sitting on a small chair at the entrance, holding a magazine and looking at it with relish, a shiny plaque was stood next to her. 

“Little Landy, reading in the sun will damage your eyes.”

The warm voice brought Landy back to her senses, and when she looked up, she saw a handsome looking man standing in front of her. Landy wondered, “Who are you, and how do you know my name? I haven’t seen you before!”

Muyang said, “Indeed, it’s been almost ten years since I came to your restaurant. You were still young back then, so it’s normal that you can’t remember. I even hugged you when you were little!”

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