Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 223

Chapter 223

After hearing the Saiyan child in front of him called himself Bardock, Muyang felt surprised and could not help but look at the child.

The Saiyan child in front of him was short, with fluffy and messy hair. His body looked much younger than his actual age due to his thinness.

The energy reaction on his body was also low, only around two hundred power levels.

This level of energy reaction was indeed the level of a Low-Class Warrior.

Could he be Son Goku’s father, Bardock?

Muyang’s mind pondered inwardly. If so, then this child was going to be very successful in the future. In the original story, Bardock eventually reached over 10,000 power level as a Low-Class Warrior, so he could be considered a legendary figure.

“Are you a Low-Class Warrior of the Saiyans?” Muyang suddenly asked.

Hmm.” Bardock bit his lip and nodded his head reluctantly.

Every Saiyan would be tested for combat qualifications at birth to classify the child as Low-Class Warrior, Mid-Class Warrior, or Elite Warrior based on their aptitude. It was a very rough way of dividing them. Although not always accurate, the state at birth primarily reflected their future achievements.

Saiyans who’s judged to be Low-Class Warrior had low starting energies and slow growth rates. If they grew at a steady pace, it would be difficult for them to catch up with Saiyans classified as Mid-Class Warrior or Elite Warrior at birth.

A large percentage of the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta was Low-Class Warrior. These Low-Class Warriors were the least valued.

Muyang saw Bardock’s head lowered without saying anything and smiled, “Is it that you’re resigned to the fact that there’s no hope for you as a Low-Class Warrior?”

“Doesn’t it?” Bardock retorted in a jar.

Muyang shook his head and said, “Your insight is too shallow. Birth qualification doesn’t necessarily equate to future achievements. Look at those Saiyans who are born from Elite Warrior. Are they destined to be strong enough to reach five or six thousand power level?”

Bardock whispered, “I think so.”

“Wrong!” Muyang shook his head.

“How is that wrong?” Bardock glared.

“Indeed, it’s not difficult for an Elite Warrior to grow to five or six thousand power level, but there’s a prerequisite, and that is to survive a battle. Only warriors who survive have the right to tell the future. Regardless of whether they’re Low-Class Warrior or Elite Warrior, they’re nothing if they die.”

With that said, Muyang sneered, “Are there only a few Elite Warrior who die at the infant stage?”

Muyang’s words caused Bardock to brighten up. He seemed to understand something and said, “But the growth rate of Low-Class Warrior is not at all comparable to that of Mid-Class Warrior and Elite Warrior.”

“It’s just the number of battles. The Saiyans are a Warrior Race. Since the Low-Class Warrior can’t grow as fast as the Mid-Class Warrior, they can use more battles to hone their bodies.”

Muyang’s gaze was like a lightning bolt as he looked at Bardock and said, “Birth does not determine future achievements. Saiyans are a Warrior Race not only because of their love for fighting but mainly because they can make their bodies stronger through fighting one battle at a time.”

“I knew of a Low-Class Saiyan who was born with only 2 points of power level and started from a pitifully low base. However, he was able to go through the motions over and over again and eventually became a stronger master over those Elite Sayian.”

Any race could grow in battle, but this was most evident in the case of the Saiyans. Ancient evolution had given them a very superior physique –a wealth of battles that could constantly stimulate their potential.

It wasn’t as if there weren’t cases in Saiyan history where Saiyans born as a Low-Class Warrior eventually grew to surpass Elite Warrior. It was just that such cases were rare, and the entire process required all sorts of hard struggles.

Moreover, in terms of probability, once a Mid-Class Warrior or Elite Warrior also strived, it would be the same as having no Low-Class Warrior at all.

“Is there really such a Low-Class Warrior?” Bardock exclaimed.

“Of course,” Muyang replied affirmatively. However, the premise was that they didn’t die in the battle! The Low-Class Warrior had a higher mortality rate than the Mid-Class Warrior or Elite Warrior.

Bardock’s blood was boiling as he listened. Muyang’s words caused him to have a strong desire to fight.

Although Bardock didn’t know regardless of whether the case that the youth in front of him said was true, from the power he had shown just now when he drove away those who were bullying him, this person was definitely a master. There was no need for such a master to deceive him.

“That’s right. The Low-Class Warrior doesn’t determine my future. If I take part in more battles than the Mid-Class Warrior or Elite Warrior, I can definitely overtake them.”

Bardock clenched his fists tightly, and hot blood burned around his heart.

“Bardock, I’m very optimistic about you!”

Looking at Bardock, who had been lulled into a frenzy by his three or two sentences, Muyang suddenly pulled out a small cloth bag from his pocket and threw it over towards Bardock.

Bardock striped reflexes reached out his hand, catching it and taking a look. There were more than ten dried flat beans inside.

“What is this?”

“Senzu Beans. Eating one can restore you from near-death to full bloom.”

Since the fields for growing Senzu Beans had been created in the Acceleration World, Muyang was no longer worried about the stock of Senzu Beans and was very generous with his spending.

Of course, without profit, giving people Senzu Beans for no reason meant that Muyang had more Senzu Beans than there was room to spend.

Today to make a good fortune, in the future, when Mexia was reincarnated, the already growing Bardock could also take care of it when necessary. At least in the future, it would be much more convenient for Muyang to come to Planet Vegeta to do things.

As soon as Bardock heard the function of the Senzu Beans, his eyes immediately showed joy. He took out one and wanted to eat it. When he was about to put it in his mouth, he hesitated and carefully put it away.

If Senzu Beans really possessed such healing effects, then it would be too wasteful for him to eat it like that.

“Thank you. How may I address you, my lord?” Bardock bowed.

“Oh, call me ‘Teacher Mu’!”

Afterward, the voice gradually became misty, and when Bardock lifted his head, there was no sign of Muyang anywhere. Bardock clutched a small bag of Senzu Beans in his hand and stood dumbfounded.

“Teacher Mu, I will remember what you said today. If I achieve anything in the future, it must be because of your bestowal.” As he mumbled, Bardock gazed gratefully for a long time towards the place where Muyang had disappeared.

He then turned around and ran with a few strides towards the place where he lived.


About a thousand meters high in the void, Muyang’s figure appeared. His face was flat as he watched the trajectory of Bardock’s movement.

Mexia sat on Muyang’s shoulder, wondering what Muyang had just done, “Senior brother, why are you looking at that little Saiyan differently?”

Muyang said, “I think this child will accomplish something in the future.”

Mexia grimaced. How could she believe Muyang’s words, “Don’t be ridiculous, how could a Saiyan with less than 200 power level accomplish something?”

Muyang shook his head, “Don’t underestimate him. It won’t be a problem for him to reach the 10,000 power level when he grows up.”

“Are you really that optimistic about him?” Mexia got a little curious.

What was it about that little Saiyan just now that was worthy of his senior brother’s attention? Knowing that there weren’t many Saiyans with more than 10,000 power levels in the entire Planet Vegeta, what made him think that a Low-Class Warrior could have such achievements in the future?

Well, it’s because, in the original story, Bardock was the warrior who reached 10,000 power levels!

With a “pop” on Mexia’s head, Muyang said, “Mexia, you’re a bit inflated. Think about how much power we had when we were ten years old, and look at him. That Bardock at least surpassed us by a lot…”

Mexia left her mouth open, “How is this the same? How can he compare us?”

In Mexia’s heart, Muyang was simply a godly man. The most perfect in the world. How could a Trivial Saiyan be compared to Muyang?

“Do you want to make a bet?”

Mexia’s eyes lit up and said expectantly, “Well, what do you want to bet?”

Muyang looked Mexia up and down and shook his head, “Forget about betting; you have nothing to lose. If you were to bet, you would definitely lose your entire reincarnation.”

Mexia hung her hands on Muyang’s earlobes, “No, you have to bet more!”

Muyang crowded a bit. He didn’t think that Mexia couldn’t wait to get her reincarnation out of the way this time.

After messing around with Mexia for a while, his eyes averted, and he saw Bardock walk into a very humble little bungalow with six equally young Saiyans.

All of them were Low-Class Warrior from a group that could only usually perform lower-level tasks due to their low strength.

“Bardock, they’re bullying you again; that’s bad.” One of the little Saiyans called “Gine” was so anxious that tears were about to flow when he saw Bardock return with bruises on his body.

However, Bardock didn’t care about his injuries and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Everyone, we’re going to work out next. I’m sure that one day we’ll surpass those Mid-Class Warrior and Elite Warrior.”

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