Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 222

Chapter 222

After ridiculing the North Kai, Muyang began to show Mexia and Gaia the evolved abilities of the Acceleration World.

With the growth of the Acceleration World, Muyang had maximum control in this world.

Time acceleration, gravity enforcement, space pressure, and other magical abilities were at his fingertips.

Just like the Omnipotent of Creator, he was able to do anything, making Mexia envious.

If the enemy were introduced into the Acceleration World, supplemented by the Acceleration World rules, it would be like a fierce tiger entering the cage and being ravaged by Muyang.

“Do you think this place will turn into a real-world if it develops in the future?”

After visiting Muyang’s Acceleration World for a while and getting a taste of Muyang’s abilities, Mexia began to fantasize.

“It’s quite possible.”

“After the evolution of the Acceleration World, are you considered a world master, senior brother?”

Muyang was slightly startled and nodded his head, “You could say that. However, right now, the Acceleration World is still fragile and unable to resist a wide range of attacks.”

“It would be perfect if someday it could grow to be as strong as the God of Destruction Planet.” Mexia brightened up.

If Muyang became the world master, then her value would also rub off on her. She would be a bull when she walked outside.

Muyang laughed, “You really dare to think that!”

Mexia laughed hehe, “Isn’t it true that people have to dream a little. Salty fish still know how to turn over and spit bubbles!”

Muyang rolled his eyes a bit at the sound of it, not knowing how to respond. 

However, Mexia’s words were so reasonable. Wasn’t a person supposed to have a bit of a dream?

After being told by the two of them, Muyang began to look forward to it. If the Acceleration World really grew to the God of Destruction Planet’s intensity, what level of power would he reach?

Would it be comparable to Whis?

Or was it stronger… Zeno?

‘No, if I kept thinking about it, I would be bubbling.’

Muyang was busy stopping this unrealistic fantasy as he looked at the two of Mexias and said, “You two hang out here for now; I want to calm down and study the crimson crystal that Whis gave me.”

Suddenly he thought of something and took out a bag of Senzu Beans and threw them over, “If you have time, try to find a place to breed the Senzu Beans. I want to see if the soil here is suitable for growing Senzu Beans.”

Senzu Beans were excellent healing holy medicine. In the Dragon Balls World, its preciousness was even comparable to that of the Dragon Balls. The only drawback was that its yield was pitifully low.

Korin had worked hard to breed it, and there were only a few harvests a year. It was utterly unable to keep up with the rate of consumption.

Also, after the martial arts era opened, there were more martial arts practitioners on top of Korin Tower, and the Senzu Beans there were unable to keep up with consumption.

If this continued, there was no need to wait until the original story started; the Senzu Beans would be depleted.

Thrifting was never a solution, and Muyang also had to find a way to open source. As the saying goes, there was no panic in your hand.

No matter how many Senzu Beans you had, you could never have too many.

“I know. I’ll try to plant and see.” Mexia received a small bag of Senzu Beans, invite Gaia, and went to try planting.

Seeing Mexia and Gaia start to get busy, Muyang smiled. He then took out the crimson crystal gifted by Whis and began to study it.

Whis had said that this crystal sealed a part of his perception of martial arts. For Whis’ martial arts, Muyang was in the mindset of worship.

Frankly speaking, even the God of Destruction, Beerus, had only learned 10% or 20% of Whis’ essence and was already unbelievably powerful.

Although the main reason for this was that the God of Destruction itself was strong enough, this 10% or 20% of the essence was like adding wings to his tiger.

If he delved into it seriously, it might not be harmful in the future.

With this expectation in mind, Muyang penetrated his spiritual power into the crystal. Suddenly, the image of Whis appeared in his mind.

In the virtual image, Whis was calmly describing martial arts training, accompanied by a series of movements.

These profound martial arts caused Muyang to immerse himself in them involuntarily, and time passed unnoticed.


Muyang didn’t know how long he had passed in the Acceleration World, and when he woke up again, he found that his strength had risen a bit.

30,000 more power level than when he left the God of Destruction Planet.

His power level reached 750,000 values.

“Senior brother, finally you’re awake…”

His cheeks were a little cold as Mexia’s clear voice sounded in his ears.

Opening his eyes, he saw Mexia half squatting and leaning over to look at him. A pair of clear blue-eyed eyes shining with joy, while in her arms, the jelly-like Gaia stretched out a ball of small tentacles to touch his cheeks. No wonder there was a cold feeling just now.

Muyang nodded a bit and asked Mexia, “How long have I been practicing?”

“It’s been a long time. Almost a year since you sat down and didn’t move a muscle, brother.” Mexia informed the length of time.

“I can’t believe I’ve been sitting for that long?” Muyang was shocked.

He felt his eyes squint just a little, not expecting that more than a year had actually passed.

Fortunately, it was in the Accelerated World. With 16 times the acceleration, only a month had passed outside. If he were outside, he wouldn’t be able to afford the time spent.

“It seems that if I want to comprehend that crystal from Whis in the future, I can only do it in the Acceleration World!” Muyang thought this to himself.

A year had passed with shallow realization, no less! Looking to Mexia, he asked, “Mexia, how is your Senzu Bean planting going?”

Hearing Muyang asked her about the growth of Senzu Beans, Mexia had a smile on her face and led Muyang over to the growing field.

It was a not too large plantation, about ten meters in length and width, with a few green shoots emerging from the upturned soil.

“This is the second round of Senzu Beans. It’s only just sprouted. The first round of Senzu Beans have already been collected, but the yield is meager. A Senzu Bean plant can only produce four or five Senzu Beans.” With that, Mexia offered a treasure-like bag and pulled out a small cloth bag, which contained Senzu Beans that had yet to be dehydrated.

“How are the effects of these Senzu Beans?” Muyang was concerned and asked.

Mexia replied, “It’s similar in effect to the original Senzu Beans. It can replenish energy and sustain ten days without hunger.”

Muyang received the fresh Senzu Beans that Mexia had planted and stuffed one in his mouth.

After biting through it, a thick stream of vital energy filled his mouth. Because he was the current owner of the world, Muyang quickly noticed the energy ki of the Acceleration World existed in this Senzu Bean, which was a bit different from the original Senzu Bean.

Muyang pondered in his heart, “Is it affected by the Accelerated World? However, as long as it doesn’t affect the effects of the Senzu Bean, everything else is less important.”

“How does it feel?” Mexia asked warily.

Muyang laughed, “Okay, you can plant it in a large area. When you reincarnate, this field will be handed over to Gaia to take care of as well as solving the problem of the source of the Senzu Beans.”

“Squeak!!!” Gaia shouted and leaped to the top of Muyang’s head.


Planet Vegeta.

The planet where the Saiyans, the Warrior Race of the universe, live.

It was a beautiful planet very suitable for life to live on and was one of the few advanced planets in the North Area.

Because the gravity of Planet Vegeta was ten times that of earth, the Saiyans living on it were born with the ability to get good training.

That was why the Saiyans had snatched Planet Vegeta from the hands of other races and used it as a residence planet.

Since four years ago, when Frieza landed on Planet Vegeta with a large army, there had been a great change on the top of Planet Vegeta.

The formerly solitary Saiyans had officially become combatants of the Frieza Forces. The alien civilization had taken over the avionics and all of the spaceship systems under Frieza.

Now, the Saiyans were pure combatants, except for the basic amenities that still retained their technological components.

Even the nursery pods for nurturing newborns need to be requested from the Avidoian.

Time was most capable of killing everything.

After the past few years, many Saiyans had adapted to the current life, not having to worry about anything, just fighting and enjoying the battle every day.

Compared to the previous windy living environment, the current Planet Vegeta had good logistical supplies. Some Saiyans even felt that the current life was pretty good.


On a strange rock-strewn pathway, a single Saiyan carried a backpack.

Some of them had just returned from a mission and were preparing to reunite with their families, while others had just received a mission and were about to team up to go out on a quest…

“Senior brother, these Saiyans don’t look like they’re under dominion at all.” A female voice sounded.

“Saiyans are a little more simple. They don’t care who they serve as long as they have the opportunity to fight to their heart’s content.” A male voice said flatly.

“Can you really give up anything for a fight?”

“They are a Warrior Race !” The man shrugged his shoulders. “Perhaps the higher levels won’t be so willing. After all, the Frieza Forces’ mission administration has usurped the command authority that originally belonged to them. However, for the Saiyans at the bottom, the difference isn’t that great.”

On the street, a young man with decent features and a handsome appearance walked steadily.

His figure was seemingly blending into nature without attracting the attention of the people around him.

Aside from the fact that the clothes on his body were different from those of the Saiyans, no slightest sense of defiance could be found, whether it was appearance or eye color.

This young man was Muyang, and on his shoulder, sat Mexia, who had reverted to her original small body.

Since the plan was to reincarnate Mexia into a Saiyan, it was necessary to investigate the situation of Planet Vegeta.

After all, he heard that Frieza had just conquered Planet Vegeta. He didn’t want Mexia to be reincarnated in a chaotic situation.

However, judging by the current situation, Planet Vegeta was pretty stable.

It was unknown if the Saiyans were too receptive or what, but there were no riots on top of Planet Vegeta.

Muyang didn’t know that this was actually the result of the Saiyans’ leader’s extreme suppression behind the scenes. The battle in space four years ago had brought unprecedented damage to the Saiyans. Saiyans’ race’s population was already unable to ascend because of years of warfare.

The space war had depleted many elites. Now, the Saiyans left behind in Planet Vegeta must bide their time and recuperate.

Of course, these were the thoughts of the Saiyans at the top. The ordinary clansmen below would not care about this; they just needed to enjoy the fun of the battle.

Many of them even thought that the Saiyan King had taken the initiative to lead them to Frieza.

The land on Vegeta was sparsely populated, and the Saiyans mostly lived in group structures of one to two hundred.

This is their simplest social structure, aside from their families. Sort of like a village on earth, but most Saiyan groups were derived to facilitate their missions.

The area inhabited by the Saiyans was basically just a simple stone base. If it weren’t for their battle-armor and scouter, people would think that they had entered a primitive society.

Suddenly, there was a miserable shout and the sound of a chaotic fight coming from a corner of the rubble.

A group of eleven or twelve-year-old Saiyan kids were bullying another kid. The bullied child looked less than ten years old, covered in bruises and bulging with blood bags.

“What are you guys doing?” Muyang walked up.

“It’s none of your business.”

These Saiyan children had terrible attitudes and acted arrogant and overbearing. Muyang was unhappy at the sight of them, and his eyes could not help but flash a hint of coldness.

“Nonsense. Is this the kind of virtue of the Warrior Race? A few people bullying one is rubbish!”

As soon as the words fell, there was no sign of any action from Muyang. However, the divine light suddenly flickered in his eyes, steeply bursting out with a string of strong pressure.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Several whirlwinds struck, and these children turned white, followed by a series of screams, all of which were sent flying hundreds of meters away. These injuries were nothing to the Saiyans.

“Kid, are you alright?”

Muyang stood aside, not trying to help him up.

Mm.” The Saiyan covered the wound on his body with a “hmm” and then climbed up without saying a word.

Muyang looked at the Saiyan. His eyebrows furrowed slightly, “Kid, what is your name?”

“My name is… Bardock!”

The injured child had his head down, and Muyang couldn’t see the expression on his face.

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