Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 203

Chapter 203

The autumn wind was sluggish, and the flood waves were surging.

The large Planet Vegeta was immersed in an atmosphere of heavy tension. The dark red night’s austere meaning became even more intense as a disc-shaped spaceship descended on Planet Vegeta.

Saiyan King led his race’s Warrior to the terminal outside the palace to greet Frieza and his group, while Bekuk and the others ambushed them, waiting for an opportunity.

The technological development of Planet Vegeta was monstrous. The Saiyans’ palace and the terminal platform were quite advanced and modern, with various ship landing sites and energy launch pads arranged in a star pattern.

However, the ordinary Saiyans lived in a very backward environment, like the natives, with great regional differences.

This might be because they originally plundered planet Vegeta from other races, and the Saiyans didn’t digest the technology inside.


The platform on which the ship landed.

The Saiyans King led a group of Saiyan Warrior to wait respectfully for a long time. Soon, a disc spaceship landed; Frieza, along with King Cold, came out of the spaceship.

“Welcome, Lord Frieza to Planet Vegeta.” Saiyan King bowed his head and squeezed his fist tightly in his hand.

“Oh, it’s our first meeting.”

Frieza bent down and prodded his head in a very gentlemanly manner, laughing, “King of Saiyans, do you truly welcome us?”

The Saiyan King was startled and said, “Of course, Lord Frieza is a Universe Overlord, we, Saiyans have always revered the strong, and your arrival is an honor for us.”

“Hehe, it would be best.” Frieza narrowed his eyes and scanned the surroundings. Zarbon and Dodoria immediately came forward like a stargazer.

The five members of the Ginyu Force made their entrance in an odd pose.

Captain Ginyu took the lead and said in a rude and cold voice, “From today onwards, the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta must obey King Frieza’s orders.”

“Lord Frieza!” The Saiyan King screamed.

“What? You want to defy King Frieza’s orders?!”

Captain Ginyu and his group were eyeing the Saiyan King, while the Frieza Force was also ready for battle. 

On the other side of the terminal, inside the command hall, the super scouter was constantly scanning Frieza’s energy and the others.

It buzzed and roared with high-powered instruments running, and a string of terrifying figures kept appearing on display. 

19000! 18000!

37,000! 42,000! 46,000! 39,000! 96,000!

A horrifying amount of data appeared on the screen. These were the power level of the Dodoria, Zarbon, and Ginyu Force.

Of course, just like that, the Saiyans as a Warrior Race wasn’t afraid because they could also qualify for a fight in their Great Ape Transformation. 

However, when the super scouter aimed at Frieza and the King Cold beside him, the data displayed on it caused everyone in the hall to suck in a breath of cold air, freezing through their bodies and completely stunned.



The numbers kept rising.

Half a million!

With a bang, even the high-powered scouter couldn’t withstand the enormous amount of power level that burned out at that point!

“King… Frieza’s power level is far beyond our imagination. Our scouter can’t detect it at all; it is estimated to be at least 500,000 power level…” the trembling voice of the reporting officer came from the ear communicator. 

The Saiyan King was in a cold sweat as he listened to the whole story.

Upon facing Frieza’s blood-colored eyes like demonic pupils, the Saiyan King had already made his choice.

He led the warriors among the Saiyans to kneel on one knee and bitterly said, “Saiyans are willing to submit to King Frieza!!!”

“Ho ho ho, do you submit so easily? Good, and I hope we’ll be happy together in the future.”

Frieza held out a hand, his attitude appearing very humble.

Saiyan King grasped Frieza’s cold hand and respectfully said, “Working for King Frieza is the Saiyans’ pleasure.”


On the other hand, an electronic button in the palm of his hand was pressed.

A series of commands were sent to Bekuk, ordering him to abandon the battle and immediately lead some of his people to find a way out of Planet Vegeta.

King Saiyan knew that all Saiyans couldn’t choose to compromise. Someone was bound to stand up and fight back; this was both to preserve the Saiyans’ dignity and to allay Frieza’s suspicions.

“Bekuk, I hope you can escape Planet Vegeta with the pride of the Saiyans.”

Soon, on the other side of Planet Vegeta, a spherical spaceship quickly lifted off, heading away from Planet Vegeta.

The fact that so many spaceships were leaving Vegeta couldn’t be hidden from the ears of Frieza Forces. After all, they had already surrounded Planet Vegeta, and the moment the spaceship lifted off, they all locked on. Such information was quickly passed on to Frieza and the others.

“Well, stupid Saiyans, they sure chose to resist.” Dodoria pressed the scouter out of his ear and came forward to Frieza, “King Frieza, our force has detected a large number of spaceships leaving Planet Vegeta.”

Frieza chuckled and narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean by this, Saiyan King?” 

The Saiyan King hurriedly said, “Lord Frieza, that’s not what I meant. I’m the leader of the Saiyan race, but I’m only the nominal commander. Those tough martial arts fighting factions won’t follow my orders.”

“Ho ho ho, I hope things are as you say. If it the case, then you won’t have a problem with me disposing of those spaceships.”

After saying that, without waiting for Saiyan King’s reaction, Frieza just waved his hand and said coolly, “Mr. Dodoria, Mr. Zarbon, destroy all those spaceships. Also, tell Captain Ginyu to dispose of those who are in the way.” 

“As ordered!”

“As ordered!”

Dodoria and Zarbon were excited.

Captain Ginyu smiled lightly and led his crew in pursuit of those spaceships.

“Mind taking us for a nice view of Planet Vegeta?” Frieza had his hands behind his back and looked indifferent.

Saiyan King was startled and said, “Of course, I don’t mind, King Frieza, please follow me.”

Then, led by the Saiyan King, Frieza, and King Cold strolled around Planet Vegeta. The entire time King Cold remained silent throughout the process.

“Saiyan King, I think your rule needs to be strengthened. There is no need for a disobedient fellow to exist.” King Cold suddenly said.

“What this lord says is true.”

Saiyan King suppressed his anger and was amiable.

Frieza gave the King of Saiyans a cold glance and left the Saiyans palace. He came to the strange and rocky Saiyans dwelling place and knocked lightly on the house where the Saiyans lived.

“Well, your technology level needs to be enhanced as well. These houses are too crude; it just so happens that I have a group of Avidoians under me who hold advanced aviation technology. How about this, from now on, the terminal facilities on Planet Vegeta will be given to them.”

“Since they have become my men, then the spaceships and Scouters should no longer be used for universe circulation. All of them should be managed in a unified manner to facilitate communication!”

“Go for it!”

Frieza said lightly, his bloodshot eyes aiming at the Saiyan King whose face was gradually getting uglier.

At this time, the Saiyan King couldn’t resist; he could only accept it all.


A few hours later, Frieza Force left Planet Vegeta.

“Damn it!”


A fist collapsed a corner of the palace, and the Saiyan King was filled with fury. His face twisted in anger, “Wait and see, Frieza, we’ll take note of your insult to the Saiyans.”

“Father, do we really have to submit to that bastard Frieza?”

Inside the palace, a teenage looking Saiyan looked at Saiyan King with a face full of resentment.

The Saiyan King sat on his throne physically and mentally exhausted, “Vegeta III, Frieza is too strong; we are no match for him.” 

The prince named Vegeta III growled, “One day, I will lead the Saiyans to defeat Frieza.”

The Saiyan King looked at his son and remained silent for a long time without speaking. He didn’t tell him the detected power level of Frieza to avoid striking his son’s bloodlust.

At this point, he was anxious about the situation on Bekuk’s side. The Saiyans on the mainland of Planet Vegeta had been shackled.

All the spaceship and scouter were in the hands of the Frieza Force, making them unable to support Bekuk anymore.

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