Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 202

Chapter 202

Planet Vegeta was a giant blue-green planet in the North Area. It’s similar to earth in appearance, with favorable natural conditions.

This giant planet was home to Saiyan Race, who called themselves the “Warrior Race.”

Today, however, the mighty Planet Vegeta had come to its end.

In the palace of Planet Vegeta, the atmosphere was overwhelmingly depressing. The King of the Saiyan Race sat at the throne’s head, gazing down at the people below with a deep expression.

Just a moment ago, the headquarters had received urgent information from the frontline people that Frieza was leading his army towards Planet Vegeta. Frieza was so exuberant and menacing that their purpose had been revealed.

“The situation is already known to everyone. Frieza’s army will soon arrive at Planet Vegeta, and there’s absolutely nothing good that can come from them coming in such a big way.”

“Tell me, what should we do?”

At this time, none of the Saiyan Warriors standing in the palace were the elite of the race.

They all knew the purpose of Frieza. As he had ascended to the North Area stage in recent years, Frieza’s sphere of influence was expanding.

Now… had targeted the power of the Saiyan Race.

As soon as the Saiyan King’s voice fell, the clansmen’s voices below rang out, communicating with each other.

The Saiyans Race were free mercenaries in the universe, taking on missions issued by the major powers.

They loved fighting and enjoyed the fun of it, so this job was as if it was tailor-made for them.

Of course, to understand it from another perspective, Saiyans’ reason for choosing a free mercenary profession was not simply out of the fun.

A race would never put the fate of an entire race on the line just because of fun, no matter what.

The High-Level of the Saiyans only took into account the clansmen’s preferences in several optional development directions.

“King, no matter what they have in mind, Saiyans’ dignity is not to be violated. If they dare to force us, the worst that can happen is a bloodbath.” A Saiyan in battle-armor said with a fierce expression.

“That’s right. Let’s go to war!”

Another large male Saiyan said, “Show that bastard, Frieza, what we’re made of!”

“Stupid. Frieza’s strength is far greater than ours. Fighting with them will only lead us to our destruction.” Someone quickly retorted.

Although they were also unwilling to surrender to Frieza, the opponent was stronger than them. They couldn’t let the Saiyans Race perish.

“Galreg, what do you mean? Do you want to give up the glory of the Saiyans?”

For many years, Saiyans had been active in the North Area yet had never succumbed to a single power.

Galreg turned blood red and retorted loudly, “It’s not about dignity; it’s about perpetuating our Saiyans’ existence.”

“Frieza’s power is evident to everyone. Our race is already small; we cannot make unnecessary sacrifices.”

“Doesn’t Frieza want us to serve them? As a fighting race, Saiyans are born to fight, so it’s the same for us to become fighters under Frieza’s command or free mercenaries in the universe. Of course, we are not subservient to Frieza either; we are just looking for the right time to do so…”

“That’s argumentative!!!”

The Wudou faction roared with a cold face.

“How strong is Frieza has never been explored. His so-called strength is only based on rumors among various civilizations. How can Saiyans be frightened by district rumors? We can simply transform into giant apes. If we don’t even dare to fight, we’re cowards!” The burly man, who was the main warrior, shouted angrily.

Looking at the noisy clansmen below, the face of the Saiyan King sitting on the throne darkened. The cold air was released to subdue the Saiyan warriors below.

“Alright, all be quiet. Frieza’s exact purpose is still unclear. Prepare both hands in case of insufficient intelligence.”

Saiyan King looked at everyone with a frosty face.

“Galreg, you come with me to meet Frieza. Also, prepare the greatest scouter. If Frieza’s strength is within our resistance, we’ll kill him at all costs.” With piercing coldness flashing in his eyes, Saiyan King’s voice was cold. “If he is too powerful, we will have no choice but to tolerate the humiliation and wait for the right moment.”

“King, we cannot afford to lose the dignity of the Saiyans!” The Wudou faction shouted unyieldingly.

King Saiyan stood up and said, “Hey, Bekuk, I understand what you mean. So, I have a task for you.”

“You will lead some of your people and get them ready for battle. However, suppose the situation is untenable, and Frieza is mighty enough to be invincible. In that case, I want you to abandon that recklessness and hunker down quietly.”

“King… I can’t do that!” Bekuk opened his eyes wide, his face filled with resignation.

The Saiyan King waved his hand and interrupted him.

“What Galreg said before was very reasonable. We Saiyans are warriors race, but we can’t ignore the situation. Being reckless will end the future of our race.”

“I know that many of you will be unhappy with this decision, so I will allow you to leave Planet Vegeta with some of your people when the time comes. However, it would help if you remembered that once you leave Planet Vegeta, it means that you will be on your own. You will have nothing to do with Planet Vegeta in the future, and we will not give you any help.”

The Saiyan King’s message was clear: Frieza’s arrival was a catastrophe for the Saiyan Race.

If Frieza were not strong, of course, it would be best if everyone joined forces to kill Frieza.

However, if Frieza were invincible, he, as the leader, would choose to submit to Frieza and wait for an opportunity to turn the tables.

Also, he allowed Bekuk to leave Planet Vegeta with a portion of his people, as a rebel from his control, but this would be dangerous and would be directly pursued by Frieza.

The Saiyans Race’s population was already small. They couldn’t be desperate for a hard fight, so precisely what to do would depend on the situation at the time.

“King, I understand.”

Bekuk wasn’t a fool and could understand Saiyan King’s determination. So, he clenched his fists and nodded vigorously.

“That’s it. We’re ready for Frieza.”

Everyone left the palace. Saiyan King walked behind and patted Bekuk’s shoulder vigorously.


The universe.

More than twenty disc spaceships were stationed outside of Planet Vegeta. Through the portholes, the beautiful planet with its blue-green glow could be seen. The beautiful color was like a jewel, and it was intoxicating.

“Ho, ho, ho Mr. Dodoria, Mr. Zarbon, get everyone ready. If those wild monkeys are stubborn, destroy them all without missing a beat.”

Frieza floated in front of the porthole with his hands behind his back, a smile on his face, and he looked laid-back.

“As ordered.”

“Rest assured, King Frieza.”

Zarbon and Dodoria stood behind Frieza respectfully, giving a slight salute.

Frieza looked again at the five people of the Ginyu Force on the side seat above and said coldly, “Captain Ginyu, those elite Warrior among the Saiyans will be a problem for you.”

Captain Ginyu was filled with evil intent, “Everything will be as King Frieza wishes.”

“Ho ho ho, that would be best.”

Frieza chuckled softly. He floated to the top seat of the ship, pouring himself a glass of red wine and taking a small sip, “Father, enjoy my performance in a moment.”

King Cold sat as if he were a spectator and held his glass up for a moment, “Frieza, this is your sphere of influence. Everything will be as you wish.”

“I won’t let you down, father.”

Frieza laughed, his eyes filled with a cold light.

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