Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 201

Chapter 201

On Planet Namek, the bluegrass created wave after wave of ripples under the breeze. Next to the clear lake, two people were engaged in a quick fight.

“Son Gohan, you’re no match for me, so get out of Planet Namek, or I’ll mistreat you.” Nail shouted at Son Gohan in annoyance.

Son Gohan smiled playfully, “Come on, you’re such a great fighter. Fight me for a while longer.”

“Bastard, you earthlings are a nuisance.” Nail’s eyes became cold, and his body suddenly flashed.

He appeared straight away, very close to Son Gohan, and then slammed over with an attack.

Son Gohan saw Nail’s attack and waved his hand in response. However, Nail’s attack was far above Son Gohan.

The ground collapsed abruptly with a thud, cracking open countless spiderweb-like cracks, and riotous stones flew out in all directions, causing Son Gohan to stumble and sink into the ground.



A silhouette rose into the sky, burning with dark red ki flames. After flying into the air, his palms gathered together, and a radiant wave of ki condensed out.


The straight ki wave descended from the sky, full of unstoppable momentum.

Nail aimed at the azure ki wave. He snorted in annoyance and stretched out his hand to slice it horizontally in the shape of a hand blade.

The air shuddered, and the straight ki wave was bent by ninety degrees, shooting out along the horizon until a vast mushroom cloud rose in the distance. 

“You have repeatedly provoked me. Do you really think that because of the Grand Elder’s kindness, I will show you mercy?”

Nail’s patience was at an end. He was even more annoyed by the hippie in front of him than the earthling he had met a few years ago.

“Well then, no more fighting. I’m leaving now.” Seemingly seeing that he had really pissed off Nail, Son Gohan hurriedly went down the hill and stated that he would leave Planet Namek.

Nail emitted a cold chill all over his body and said grimly, “Leave Planet Namek now and don’t let me see you again.”

After saying that, Nail snorted, and a flash of light flew through the air as he returned to the place where the Grand Elder resided to perform his guard duty faithfully.

“Well, if he won’t fight me, there’s no point in staying in Planet Namek.” Son Gohan barred his mouth.

Planet Namek was too weak except for Nail alone, who could act as his opponent, making Son Gohan experiencing that feeling of being a master.

“Gohan, you’re pissing people off again. It’s their planet.”

A slim figure flew in from afar, and Annin was lecturing Son Gohan.

“I’m trying to find someone to compete with me.” Son Gohan opened his mouth and smiled.

Now that he and Annin were both masters, it wasn’t easy to find an opponent of similar strength.

Son Gohan and Annin’s rise to prominence began a few years ago. When the two who had successfully passed the Snake Road test and entered Kai’s Planet, their strength had made quite a breakthrough under the guidance of the North Kai.

When they left Kai’s Planet, Son Gohan’s power level reached 2400, while Annin’s was a little lower.

However, because of the breakthrough at the God-Level, her strength had risen to 1500. 

What really made them rise was Planet Namek.

Muyang didn’t lie to them; Planet Namek’s Grand Elder was really amazing. They unlocked their potential with the elder’s help, causing their power level soared nearly ten times.

Now, Son Gohan’s power level reached 24,000, and Annin, who had a minimal increase because she was a god, had a power level of nearly 7,000.

If you added Kaio-ken, he would be a well-known fighter in the universe.

This time, the one who came to Planet Namek with Son Gohan was Annin’s real body, and the one who stayed in the Mount Five Elements was only the split body.

After becoming a Level Four Dimension God, Annin’s authority and power had risen by a large margin, and her powers were no longer trapped on the small earth. 

Suddenly, as a God, Annin sensed powerful ki approaching them. She fixed her eyes to see a figure suddenly appeared above the calm lake.

“It’s Muyang. What’s he doing here?” Son Gohan saw the appearance of the visitor clearly and said in surprise.

Annin laughed at the side, thinking to communicate with her split body on earth, “He’s here to give you the Elixir of Immortality.”

Muyang flew in front of the two and found that Son Gohan’s ki had risen so much. It was the same level of Dodoria, beside Frieza, “Perfect. After developing your potential, your power level has risen that much!”

“Haha, of course.” Son Gohan looked at Muyang. His battle intent was overpowering, and he shouted, “Muyang, come and fight me!”

He had heard the Grand Elder mention before that Muyang hadn’t opened his potential when he came to Planet Namek. Thus, his power might have been above Muyang.

Muyang shook his head with a smile, “You’re not my match.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?” Son Gohan said confidently.

“You’re still the same stubborn as always.” Muyang sighed.

Someone like Son Gohan already had the strength, but his personality was too jumpy. He hadn’t developed the ease and calmness of a master.

Ki was then released. Strong ki was exerted on Son Gohan’s body, causing him to feel like he was in an ice cellar, and his body hair trembled. 

Son Gohan stared at Muyang eyes and couldn’t believe it, “How can you be so strong. I’m not your opponent even if I cast Twice Kaio-ken!”

Muyang said, “Your normal power level is 24,000, while my normal power level is 60,000. I know all the moves you know, so how can you defeat me?”

“60,000 power level!” Son Gohan was shocked, clearly unable to accept such a huge gap.

Mexia’s small figure floated over and proudly said, “Son Gohan, do you still want to compare with my senior brother? I advise you to give up early and save yourself the shock; my senior brother is the best in the world.”


Son Gohan was feeling lifeless. Mexia, who was crazy about her husband, always liked to jump out and hit him. He just wanted to surpass Muyang once; why was it so hard? 

“I wonder how on earth did you practice?”

At this time, Annin’s figure came over, receiving the memories of the split body she knew the intention of Muyang and Mexia, “You guys should stop hitting Gohan. It’s not easy for him to become that strong; why don’t you guys take out the elixir you prepared?”

Muyang nodded with a smile and tossed a white pill over, “Here it goes. This is one for Gohan.”

Of course, Son Gohan knew what this was. He then stopped feeling sorry for himself and smilingly took the Elixir of Immortality.

“There’s a powerful ki on top of Planet Namek, is it Nail?” Muyang looked at Planet Namek deprivation’s natural scenery and sensed powerful ki from the Northern Hemisphere.

Son Gohan said, “That’s him. The Grand Elder has also developed his potential; I’m no match for him even if I use Kaio-ken.”

Muyang nodded. From Nail’s ki, the energy was already no less than his current one. When he first met him, he already had more than 6,000 power level.

After the Grand Elder developed his potential, raising it to 60,000 power level was considered normal.

“By the way, Gohan, are you eager for a fight now?”

Son Gohan’s eyes lit up, “Yes, you know where to find masters?”

Muyang said, “There are no such masters within the confines of the earth. After all, more than 20,000 power level is already a rare master. However, there are still many masters in other parts of the universe.” 

So next, Muyang told the story of the Galactic Patrol. Son Gohan expressed interest in such a positive organization in the galaxy. He immediately wanted to go to the Central Area with Muyang and others. 

“We’ll go over there together when my gravity spaceship’s transformation is complete.”



Time passed, like fine sand disappearing unnoticed. Soon, four months had passed.

On this day, the Dominian had finally completed the transformation of the gravity spaceship.

The spaceship’s gravity training chamber was raised from 50 times to 150 times, temporarily satisfying Muyang’s training requirements. Muyang was very satisfied with the transformation.

“Muyang, how are we going to get to the Central Area?”

“I’ll take you there with Instant Transmission!”

Muyang thought for a while. If he were driving a spaceship, he would spend too much time on the road.

After thinking about it, he finally decided to use Instant Transmission. Although Instant Transmission seemed unreliable, the Galactic Patrol location was too far away to use a spaceship.

So for safety’s sake, the worst-case scenario was to perform a few more short-range Instant Transmission. 


Just as Muyang and the others were leaving for the Central Area.

Planet Vegeta, which was far away in another starfield, was facing an unprecedented crisis.

The dozens of disc ships, led by Frieza and King Cold, sailed in the formation and approached the star field where Planet Vegeta was located…

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