Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 204

Chapter 204

The starry sky.

Upon facing a large number of chasing troops of Frieza Force, the Saiyans, who had previously sailed away from Planet Vegeta, suffered an unprecedented strong enemy. The starry sky had lost its former tranquility.

In the face of Frieza Force’s bombardment, these Saiyan warriors were all deadly red. They killed the enemy with red faces.

A bright and dazzling shockwave sliced through space, leaving behind spotty and beautiful streaks.

Once the Saiyans went crazy, the power level that erupted was quite ferocious.

However, Saiyans were not those universe beings who could survive in a vacuum. Soon, many warriors became sluggish in their movements due to lack of oxygen and died in a rage of resignation in the face of the bombardment that kept gathering. 

“Hahaha, wild monkeys who think they can do anything. All of you go to hell!”

In the disc spaceship that followed close behind, Dodoria let out a sharp roar. The appearance of those Saiyans struggling before their death caused his spirits to be well aroused.

“Dodoria, kill all of them quickly; King Frieza is still waiting for us to return for a retreat.” A green-haired, handsome looking Zarbon stood very gentlemanly and urged.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. King Frieza has asked us to clear out all the Saiyans who resist, not just the ones in front of us.” Dodoria was shaking all over like a water balloon and smiled sardonically.

“Those Saiyans who are out on a mission may also be fish out of the net; there’s still fun coming next.” 

Zarbon said, “Don’t go too far. The Saiyans are good fighters; pissing them off will bring no peace over at Planet Vegeta. There might be big trouble.”

The Saiyans’ Great Ape Transformation was scrupulous even to Zarbon.

Although the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta was superficially submissive, those Saiyans were all venomous snakes in Zarbon’s opinion.

They were destined to bite back if they were not careful and let them catch a chance. If King Frieza didn’t want to recruit these Saiyans as combatants, he might as well eradicate them altogether to save trouble.

“Alright, I won’t tease them. It’s rare to find such a nice toy.”

Dodoria shut his mouth and waved his hand rather annoyingly. He then ordered the warriors of Frieza Force to increase their firepower and destroy the opponent in one fell swoop.

As the right-hand man of Frieza, Dodoria and Zarbon were quite close friends. Dodoria could somewhat still listen to what Zarbon had to say.

“Done. These little ants are all destroyed. The rest are those Elite Warrior.” 

After killing a large number of Saiyans, Dodoria’s eyes flashed with an oozing cold light.

Zarbon said, “The Elite Warrior shouldn’t require our action. The Ginyu Squad is already working on them; I think it will be done soon.” 

Upon hearing that the Ginyu Squad was on the move, Dodoria laughed, “Haha, then they’re dead.”

Captain Ginyu’s power level was close to 100,000, already an appalling strength in Dodoria’s eyes. Those Saiyan Elite Warriors would be no match even if they were stronger.

“Zarbon, should we meet up with Captain Ginyu and the others? This is a good chance to enjoy a good battle.” Dodoria patted his stomach and came forward.

Zarbon looked at Doria with his eyes and said, “You go ahead; I’m going back to King Frieza to return the order.”

Dodoria was bored, “You’re no fun.”

After saying that, Dodoria headed towards the flight pod and soon piloted a small spaceship towards the range where the Ginyu Force was responsible.

Zarbon watched indifferently, turning back to the alien beside him and grimly giving the order to return.

This guy Dodoria was too headstrong, and it was only a matter of time before he would anger King Frieza with such a reckless personality.


The other side of the starry sky.

Bekuk and the other bloody warring faction Saiyans’ eyes were filled with hatred as they watched their clansmen die one by one at the hands of the Frieza Force. Their hearts are dripping with blood. 


Ki waves containing great energy traveled through space like a dragon roaring madly… this battle. The Saiyans had sacrificed a lot.


Bekuk let out an angry roar.

Planet Vegeta’s vicinity was already under the control of Frieza Forces, and networks had been laid everywhere.

If they wanted to save their lives, they had to keep flying towards the distant starfield, and only if they could get away from their pursuers behind them. 

Suddenly, a small spaceship scattered in all directions, fleeing in different directions.

Looking at the spaceship that kept scattering away, Captain Ginyu looked on with a smirk on his face, “It’s not that easy to escape!”

“Go. Chase and don’t let any of them go.”


The other four of the Ginyu Force had a cruel expression. This was their first battle since their inception, and they must finish it well.

With that thought, they immediately scattered in different directions, while a large string of Frieza Force’s spaceship trailed behind them.

The end of this battle was self-evident; not many of these fleeing Saiyans actually escaped from pursuit.

All turned to dust along with the spaceship in the net of ki rays, while those Saiyans who had temporarily escaped the crisis were still facing the hunt of the Frieza Force.


On the other side, Muyang, Mexia, and the others were still on their way to the Galactic Patrol Headquarters.

A few consecutive Instant Transmission were performed, causing Muyang’s body to consume most of his ki.

After temporarily stopping on top of a planet to recover his ki, Muyang looked for a location to perform his next Instant Transmission.

In the Central Area, there was a vast empty zone. It might look empty, but it actually wasn’t; there were many planets and life here.

However, compared to the four Galaxy of East, South, West, and North, there were far fewer planets in the Central Area.

It was an area under the direct jurisdiction of Grand Kai. In general, it was also where most of the best masters of the galaxy were gathered.

The Galactic Patrol Headquarters was located somewhere in the Central Area of the galaxy. Since the Galactic Patrol Headquarters was erratic, only a general location could be found.

With a “swoosh” sound, Muyang appeared with everyone on top of a planet near the Galactic Patrol Headquarters. As soon as he appeared, a powerful gravity was applied to everyone.

It was good that none of the people present were weak, even Mexia. Because of the material of her body, she did not feel the strong gravity binding her.

“Is this the Galactic Patrol Headquarters?” Mexia looked around but didn’t see the so-called headquarters. 

“It’s not here.”

Muyang shook his head and looked up at the empty sky, where there was a substantial spherical creation in the dark starry sky.

Surrounded by a ring of space cloisters, the spherical core descended slightly, looking like a giant gyroscope. 

Pointing at the massive creation in the sky, Muyang said, “The Galactic Patrol Headquarters is in space.”

Mexia asked, “How close are we to getting there?”

At that moment, Annin observed the surroundings and said, “No need, someone is already coming over.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she saw a cluster of streaks of light across the sky and winked at them.

“Who are you guys? What are you doing in the Galactic Patrol?” The one asking the question was an alien in a purple leather holster.

His power level wasn’t weak, and Muyang estimated that he had at least 40,000 power levels. 

It was worthy of being the most central place in the entire galaxy. A random person you met would have such a powerful strength.

Muyang took out the purple card and handed it over, “This is the card we received on top of a planet; it guided us here.” 

The man took the card and inserted it into a slot. With two beeps, the data in the card was read out, “So you guys are from the North Area. It took you years to come from such a remote place, right?”

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