Divine Brilliance

Chapter 42 - Assasination Myth

Chapter 42 : Assasination Myth

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Zong Shou smiled coldly. Choosing such a shameless method of ambushing and assassination and dying in the end from lack of skill. If the teacher of Qi Xiao cared about his face, he definitely shouldn’t find him.

Thinking carefully about it, in this era before the appearance of the God Emperor, the Cloud World was filled with five continents and sixteen islands, all of which saw bloody battles. As long as one wasn’t happy with another, they would pull out their sword, stealing whatever they liked. The strong could decide everything. Apart from those huge sects who prided themselves on righteousness, who else would talk about rules with you?

Only when the God Emperor unified the land and set up laws were martial cultivators and spirit masters restricted.

However, the spirit master at the Back to Sun Realm in the Central Cloud Continent wouldn’t be able to come over to Donglin Cloud Continent to seek revenge anytime soon.

On the other hand, the one who ordered this person to kill him was the one that was giving Zong Shou a headache. There were too many people who could have planned to assassinate him.

Thinking about it, his identity meant that he had too many enemies.

Laughing bitterly, Zong Shou breezed over the matter. Looking at Yin Yang, “How are your injuries? How many people did you kill? Anyone alive?”

His injuries were heavier than that of Xue’er, with more than wounds, some of which were still dripping blood. However, Yin Yang was still filled with energy like nothing had happened.

As expected Yin Yang didn’t mention his injuries, frowning slightly, “A total of twelve, all killed!! They were all prepared to die, hiding poison on their bodies. Xue’er and I captured three of them, but none survived. There was also a Mythic Master that managed to escape.”

Zong Shou sighed, luckily he didn’t have any hopes when he had asked the question. Looking carefully in the direction leading outside of the dense forest, he asked, “Then how are our loses?”

Yin Yang’s two thick brows were nearly connected to one another, his face filled with bitterness, His words were really simple, “We suffered huge losses!”

Only when Zong Shou was carried by Chuxue back to the main path did he realiZe what Yin Yang meant.

Four of the sixteen Cloud Stepping Foals died, the others all suffered from heavy injuries. Luckily those horses that were at the front didn’t suffer too much from the impact.

As for the carriage, its shape had totally changed after smashing a gigantic hole into the ground.

However, the carriage was really strong, as expected from fine steel. A hundred foot long, twelve-ton heavy carriage was flipped three hundred feet into the air and actually didn’t collapse!

Only the steel plates of the carriage body were twisted. One could imagine how strong the carriage was.

Zong Shou wanted to cry, but no tears came out. In this era, each Cloud Stepping Foal was worth a hundred thousand silver, and each carriage cost more than a million silver!

“Blowing twelve tons of steel a hundred yards into the air! Exactly how many explosive fire talismans did those fellows use?” Zong Shou first looked to the side, at the giant hole in the middle of the road. It was five hundred feet wide. Luckily the spirit formation at the bottom of the carriage had cancelled out most of it. If not, just the impact alone would be enough for Yin Yang and him to die in the carriage.

The reason why they were able to survive wasn’t because the enemies had shown mercy, but because once the explosive fire talismans exceeded a certain amount, or if they used other high-grade talismans, the energy ripples would be picked up by Chuxue and Yin Yang.

What was worse was that these people were probably probing to see what methods Zong Weiran had left, as well as how the people with him would react after this.

If a Xiantian cultivator or a Night Roaming spirit master personally attacked, the three of them would definitely have died in this battle.

He walked another round around the carriage before heaving a sigh of relief.

The entire spirit formation wasn’t badly damaged, it just needed some repair and they would be able to continue travelling. As for heading to Xiaoyuan City, it wouldn’t be a problem. They had fine steel and many blacksmiths who could fix the carriage.

He felt his heart hurt. He didn’t have too many beast crystals left on him. Luckily Qi Xiao had replenished a lot of them, their overall value around five hundred thousand silver.

There was also that Grade Three Dark Chill Tiger, just that spirit beast alone was around three times the value of the carriage.

This time, at least he didn’t lose out.

“Oh yes!” Zong Shou suddenly thought of a matter, turning around he continued the topic they were talking about, “Yin Yang, remember that my father once set me a fiancée? Isn’t that girl’s father the City Lord of Xuan Mountain City?”

Xuan Mountain City was called a city, but it was actually a country. It was built on Xuan Mountain, fifty square miles of land.

In the thousand miles around it, all the small and large cities were under their control, their power spread to about three provinces. The City Lord was also half-monster, half-human bloodline.

In Zong Shou’s memory, this person’s power was only a little less than that of Gantian Mountain. His relationship was also really close to Zong Weiran.

When Yin Yang heard that, he shook his head. “Prince, let’s not hold high hopes for that Xuan Mountain City. I heard that the princess opposed this marriage. More recently, her parents have been acting really uncertain. These few years they haven’t bothered about you, so we can deduce the rough situation…”

Zong Shou only felt more relaxed, the loss from before didn’t feel as bad. What he hated most were these uncertain implications…


He fixed the spirit formation below the carriage in two hours. He cleaned up all the battle marks from this place afterwards. By the time Yin Yang ordered the carriage to proceed forwards once more, another hour had passed.

Just as that broken carriage disappeared at the end of the road, two shadows arrived from afar.

Leading was a middle-aged man, the other younger and thin, both their faces were hidden in the rain, and could not be seen clearly. Only two red palm marks on their left and right stood out.

“Who were the ones that planned this killing plot?”

Looking around, Feng Xiao was thinking deeply. “This rain means that water-type spiritual energy is strongest. To blow such a deep hole, one would at least need fifty high-grade explosive fire talismans!”

Looking around at the numerous branches and leaves cut by sword energy and fist winds, Feng Xiao’s eyes narrowed. “At least four Mythic Masters fought for fifteen minutes here. Two of them died. Apart from that, there should be a spirit master!”

Zong Ling knew that Feng Xiao was experienced, but even he was surprised. However, in the next moment he laughed coldly, “Who knows who it was? There are too many people who want him dead, but too few who want to protect him. However, it wasn’t our men!”

Feng Xiao shook his head, his body like that of a spectre as he headed into the forest. After seven minutes he walked back out.

However his face was a little ashen. “The spirit master was at the peak of the Spirit Observing Realm. If I’m not wrong, he was Qi Xiao, and he was killed with one sword through the brain!”

“Qi Xiao? I have heard of this person, he is friends with Zong Yang. However, he also has some relations with Burning Flame Mountain. We can guess that it was Burning Flame Mountain or Zong Yang who wanted to make use of this person’s identity…” Zong Ling muttered before suddenly coming to his senses, belatedly understanding the main focus of Feng Xiao’s words. His expression changed.

“You said one sword killed him within ten breaths? The person acting is a Xiantian expert? Haven’t the few people protecting cousin in silence been locked down? Where did this person come from?”

Feng Xiao shook his head slightly. “As for what the situation is, I don’t know either! To kill a spirit master of his level with one sword couldn’t be done even by a Xiantian Master. This situation is a little weird. The power of the people around him must be much stronger than we imagined. If we are forced to personally act, we’ll need additional hands…” His voice was filled with doubt and disbelief.

The changes on Pill Spirit Mountain, as well as this situation, all made him uneasy…

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