Divine Brilliance

Chapter 41 - Wanxiang Dark Chill

Chapter 41: Chapter 41 Wanxiang Dark Chill

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The matter completed, Zong Shou threw the brush in his hand away.

With the Beast Controlling talisman drawn, this Silver Octopus beast’s attitude towards him was totally different.

Its body contracted and expanded as it jumped right onto Zong Shou’s hand. All its tentacles were already withdrawn. Its entire body was now shaped like a water droplet, its outer layer bright and smooth, without the normal disgusting slime of octopuses. It moved around in Zong Shou’s palm, looking extremely cute.

“The name Quicksilver Beast King sounds so bad…You look like jelly, from now onwards I will call you Jelly…”

Looking at it that way, the thing in his hand did really look like jelly.

Zong Shou swallowed, feeling that something was wrong.

“That’s right! There shouldn’t be any jellies in this era. When fighting with others, this name is too weak and it isn’t suitable for the true name of this spirit beast. Speaking of which, you are the king of god beasts, your name should have some might. Let me think about it. I remember that when you evolve to your limit, your body turns purplish gold. What about Little Gold? Speaking of which, you see everything as food, similar to my Energy Swallowing Technique…”

That silver octopus couldn’t understand anything, shifting its body around once more.

Zong Shou laughed, just treating it as this fellow agreeing. Coincidentally, a shadow braved the rain and arrived from afar.

When he got close, he realized that it was Chuxue. Her body was covered in blood and her clothes were torn and tattered. However, she hadn’t suffered many wounds.

Zong Shou wasn’t surprised. If two martial cultivators worked together, it would be like one plus one equals two. If a martial cultivator and a spirit master worked together, it would be like one plus one equals three, or even four or five.

There actually weren’t many people who had ambushed them. Three seven meridian Mythic Masters, along with ten Mythic Masters. Overall, it was a little weaker than Zong Yu and Wu Wei previously.

But the moment they added this Soul Observing Realm spirit master, their combat strength increased by at least fifty percent.

However, once this Qi Xiao died, Yin Yang and Chuxue, whose strength had greatly improved, naturally didn’t have problems dealing with their opponents.

Chuxue was unable to keep calm when she saw the weak state of Zong Shou. Only when she realized that the Young Master didn’t have any wounds on him did she relax.

The next moment, her eyes were attracted by the thing in Zong Shou’s hand, making a surprised expression.

“Young Master? This is..”

“My Protector Spirit Beast!” Zong Shou smiled in delight, “Its name is Little Gold, doesn’t it sound really strong?”

Chuxue was a little stunned, unable to know how that name and strength even had any connection.

However, that didn’t stop her thought process as she rolled her eyes, roughly guessing where that beast came from. “Was this that Quicksilver Beast King octopus beast? Young Master, you are really planning on making it your Protector Spirit Beast? I heard that a spirit master can only subdue five to twenty Protector Spirit Beasts, even god masters who reach the True Image stage can’t change that. Furthermore, double cultivators like us are even less..”

Zong Shou solemnly shook his head, “You think that this little fellow isn’t good enough and cannot help me?”

Although Little Gold was only Grade Two, it was a little sentient. When Zong Shou said that it wasn’t good enough, it immediately jumped up and down in protest.

Chuxue pouted. Octopuses were the weakest things in the world, a type of beast without intelligence. Such a Protector Spirit Beast, even if it was mutated it wouldn’t have a future.

In the next moment, Zong Shuo smiled, “Xue’er, do you know what the ancestor of this octopus beast is? What bloodline it inherited?”

“Octopus beast’s earliest ancestor? I remember that it is the god beast Wanxiang? Able to change into a thousand forms and any possible thing. Legend had it that when it transformed into the Black Dragon it could play around with other black dragons, when it transformed into phoenixes, it could compete in fire with other phoenixes. Out of the ancient god beasts, it was the most mysterious and was viewed as a top-grade god beast, unfortunately they fell during the Desolate Era…”

When Chuxue said that, she was suddenly startled, and looked carefully at the silver jelly in Zong Shou’s hand. She pondered whether this fellow could actually evolve into that Wanxiang.

After a short while she gave a disdainful scoff.

“Young Master, it isn’t that I don’t believe you, but if this octopus beast could evolve into the Wanxiang, that would be a little too preposterous!

“It’s okay! A spirit master has so many Protector Spirit Beasts and only one or two could be used at the same time. It’s just one spot, there’s no harm wasting it!”

Zong Shou shook his head, lazy to explain anymore. The little fellow in his hand would truly become a god beast. It was just lacking a little to have the true Wanxiang bloodline, unfortunately its foundations weren’t stable for now.

However, even if he explained this to her, she wouldn’t believe him.

He made a hand sign with his hands and Little Gold’s body automatically spread open, like a thin layer of skin wrapping around Zong Shou’s hand. It crawled upwards and disappeared into his sleeve.

“Oh yes, I remembered that Xue’er doesn’t have a suitable Protector Spirit Beast!”

“Yes, I don’t have one! Our tiger cat race mostly trains martial arts and doesn’t have any spirit masters. Ruler said that he would help me find a top spirit beast as a Protector Spirit Beast, but not long after he disappeared…”

Speaking of the matter, Chuxue’s face looked dejected. “Actually it isn’t much, I will definitely be able to find a suitable one in the future…”

As her words landed, Chuxue saw a silver wooden can tossed over to. When she saw it, her face revealed surprise.

“It is a Grade Three Dark Chill Tiger, and it is also a spirit beast?”

Dark Chill Tigers lived in the north and were the king of beasts there. Furthermore, they loved the cold, their fur and claws were trained in the harsh environment, and as such they were really tough and strong.

Unless a martial cultivator was at the Xuanwu Ancestor level, they wouldn’t be able to kill a Dark Chill Tiger that reached Grade Five in the snow.

Even the its spirit, which dropped two grades, was still really strong.

Actually, out of all beasts, it wouldn’t be considered strong. But as it was a tiger-type and was a match with Chuxue’s tiger cat bloodline, it was really suitable for her.

Seeing her so happy, Zong Shou was happy too. He was also prepared to give her that Sparrow Hawk, but seeing that she was a double cultivator, he decided against it.

The Sparrow Hawk was good, able to fly up high and scout into the distance, and block enemies from spying. When it grew to forty feet long it could be ridden on, but in terms of combat strength it wasn’t suitable to be a Protector Spirit Beast, much less now, when it was badly hurt.

While the two of them spoke, another shadow walked over towards the spell altar.

Looking at the corpses on the ground, Yin Yang’s thick brow furrowed. “Did the Prince get hurt? Who is this person, his dress looks familiar…”

Chuxue’s face immediately turned red. When she rushed over, she just wanted to check on Zong Shou, but because of the Dark Chill Tiger, she forgot all about this matter.

Zong Shou was startled, taking out the Peach Wood Sword, only to see that there was a dove mark on it. “That person said his name was Qi Xiao!”

“Qi Xiao? So it is him!” Yin Yang’s face jumped, showing shock. His expression looked like he had heaved a sigh of relief, while also looking like he had a huge headache, his eyes filling with doubt. “His master is from the Central Cloud Continent and is said to be at the Back To Sun Realm. He came over to Donglin Cloud Continent to escape from trouble. Although this will be problematic, his teacher won’t be able to find us for a short time. However, who was the one who invited this person?”

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