Divine Brilliance

Chapter 43 - Battle Intuition

Chapter 43:  Battle Intuition

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The heavy rain pelted down. Just as Feng Xiao and Zong Ling were speaking uneasily, there was a shadow within the forest standing in front of more than ten corpses.

It seemed like a girl, her body like an illusion or mist. Her face was above average, her star-like eyes were filled with interest as she looked around.

These corpses were all burned up, so apart from some injuries, one couldn’t see anything.

However, the Yin and Yang formation of the spell altar was still there, the nearby branches and leaves proved that a battle had occurred here.

It was obvious to see that the person who dealt with the traces, as well as these corpses, didn’t truly put in a lot of effort.

The girl’s eyes, from start to finish, focused on an average-sized corpse, her eyes turning and her face smiling slightly.

“It looks like a sword claiming the soul, but it also doesn’t look like that was the case. Did they purposely try to mislead people? Interesting, coming out this time, and I managed to see such interesting things.”

The young girl smiled, raising her head, her eyes filled with curiosity.

“It looks like a Xiantian expert, but also looks like someone who had just completed his Foundation and Breathing Meridians. Who is this person…”


On the carriage, Zong Shou suddenly sneezed, only feeling a cold wind as he couldn’t help but frown.

Normally when he had such a feeling, it would usually be a sign of bad things to come, like something bad was about to happen.

“Did my arrangements from before mess up?”

His brows linked together as he thought hard, before he disagreed with that judgement. Using corpses and the environment as a disguise, creating the signs of a Xiantian expert, it was good if he could scare those people. However, if he couldn’t, then it wouldn’t matter.

Shaking his head, Zong Shou continued to focus on matters at hand. In front of him was a yellow talisman, on it were gods knew what kinds of blood-red lines.

But if one looked at it carefully, one could see that these lines were drawing out the final ‘Luck’ word of the twelve God Talismans, they were seventy percent similar.

However, these strokes were curved and twisted, no different from the efforts of a three-year-old child.

Zong Shou’s exquisite eye brows were similarly twisted, his eyes showing surprise.

“This God Talisman seed is actually able to help me draw the God Talisman…”

In truth, this talisman had not succeeded, failing at the final step. However, Zong Shou felt that the only reason why he failed was because he lacked a little bit of spirit power.

Without any hesitation, Zong Shou took out all his beast spirit stones, and also that sealed-up Sparrow Hawk.

However before that,there was something beside him that he had to spend some effort on.

“It’s wrong! When you step out, the sword needs to be diagonally to the left by half an inch! Your left hand has to be a little higher too…”

Beside him, Chuxue was practicing the sword, repeating every action time after time, doing the same simple strokes over and over again. After listening to Zong Shou’s words, her actions immediately adapted, her lips perked unhappily.

“Young Master! You obviously didn’t see anything! How would you know that Xue’er was wrong?”

Zong Shou didn’t even raise his head, calmly laying out a talisman paper.

“Bullshit! A martial cultivator is able to look in many directions, ears pick up noises from all directions. If I say that you are wrong, then you are wrong! You are the one that wanted me to teach you, why are you misbehaving and not listening so quickly?”

Chuxue’s breathing paused, following which she pushed out her not-so-small chest, “Then why must this sword be half an inch diagonal and my left hand higher? What sword theory is it based on? It was just the instructions from a Celestial. Everyone is doing the same as I!”

Zong Shou sighed softly, knowing that this little cat wouldn’t listen so easily.

Putting down the brush in his hand, he picked up the fine steel sword beside him, smiling slightly.

“Watch carefully!”

Just when Chuxue was startled and wary, Zong Shou suddenly moved, stepping forwards and the sword light pierced over diagonally.

It was obviously the same action that she had done before, only modifying it slightly, but there was a lot more rhythm. It was like a swift wind was moving, the sword light had exceeded the maximum of what human strength could achieve. There was a sharp shriek as the sword arrived in front of her.

The greenish-white sword body reflected some light into her eyes, leaving her unable to see the sword attack piercing through the air clearly.

Chuxue was forced back several steps, her face a paper-like color, staring at Zong Shou in a terrified manner.

At the last moment, she was barely able to block this sword. However, the huge momentum from the sword left her unable to hold onto her own sword. Her right hand, which was holding the sword, was still trembling slightly.

If Zong Shou’s inner strength was a little stronger, or his sword speed was a little faster, that thrust could have taken her life!

“This truly was a Celestial pointing the way for you? Young Master, you didn’t lie to me?”

Thinking back to Zong Shou’s every action, Chuxue was able to confirm that that sword was in fact from the instructions of a Celestial. Her white face instantly flushed red.

“Can this still be fake?”

Who knows why, but Zong Shou’s expression started to change, the way he looked towards Chuxue became really weird. After just a few breaths, he managed to calm himself down.

“Do you understand? The changes in the movements mean a difference in strength, the speed of the sword will also increase or weaken. However, this sword technique can also change. Wind speed, land geography, even light can be made use of!”

Chuxue looked like she understood, nodding her head, her eyes shining like stars. The way she looked at Zong Shou was filled with new respect.

Zong Shou laughed silently to himself. The sword stance, in this era, was called Celestial Instructions, and had many other names. Ten thousand years from now, it was called the Small Step Diagonal Stab.

After ten thousand years and numerous martial cultivator experiments, along with studies of the human body, they modified this stance and it far exceeded the so-called Celestial Instructions.

In terms of sword theory, it was far above this generation. It was more than enough to scare this little brat.

However, Zong Shou didn’t show any emotion or pride, keeping a straight face. “Since you understand, then train the sword as I taught!”

Chuxue immediately picked up her sword in a flustered manner, following every instruction to execute yet another Celestial Instruction. This time she followed Zong Shou’s changes without any differences.

As expected, a sword shriek broke out. In terms of sword speed or sword strength, it had exceeded Zong Shou’s. At the tip of the sword some indiscernible astral energy gleaming, making the sword appear really sharp.

Chuxue was a little startled, then her face showed her joy, and the way she looked at Zong Shou was filled with more and more respect.

Zong Shou nodded slightly, slowly putting down his sword and turning around, picking up that wolf-hair brush. However before he drew anything, he hesitated once more. After a moment, his handsome face revealed a bitter smile.

“Xue’er, next time for those martial arts secret techniques, you only need to familiariZe with them. The so-called sword theories, fist theories and so on, don’t bother about them. You also don’t need to learn them from me…”

“Eh?” Chuxue’s sword paused once more, as this was really weird. She looked at him with a wronged expression, speaking with a lump in her throat, “Young Master, you don’t want to teach me anymore?”

Seeing Xue’er not understanding, Zong Shou sighed once more. He thought back to not long ago, and the sword he predicted that she wouldn’t be able to block.

“Xue’er, did you instinctively know to do that to block my sword? That instinct is a fighting talent, a combat instinct. In other words, you are more amazing than all the other brainless beasts and monsters, who could only fight. All sorts of sword theories and fist theories are useless in front of you…”

Chuxue nodded her head, feeling happy after being praised by someone else, and then her head was suddenly filled with black lines. “Young Master, you are beating around the bush and scolding Xue’er, saying that I am dumber than those beasts, right?”

Zong Shou was breathless, his face filled with surprise. “Wow, Xue’er, you actually saw through what I was saying!”

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