Divine Brilliance

Chapter 38 - Spirit Master Ambush

Chapter 38: Chapter 38 Spirit Master Ambush

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“Spirit masters!”

With an infuriated roar, Yin Yang had his saber in his hand, moving like lightning as he charged out of the carriage window. In the next moment, one could only hear a soft impact of steel as numerous curses spread outside the window.

As the carriage finally landed on the ground, the entire carriage shook violently. Zong Shou released his grip when the carriage landed, leaping into mid air and landing gently on the floor. He avoided the windows on both sides, lifting up the table to shield in front of himself.

His actions took less than a breath of time. Pretty much at the same time, two flying shuttles and three talismans charged in from the right window, directly exploding in mid air. Numerous needles and an icy rain filled the air as they burst apart in the room.

A small number of them pierced into the table in front of Zhou Shou, clattering against it.

After this needle and ice rain, black fog exploded at the sides of the carriage. It was actually still night time, raining cats and dogs, and one couldn’t see their surroundings. When this black fog spread, nothing was visible within a thousand feet of the carriage.

Zong Shou’s brow furrowed; these people really wanted to kill him!

He viciously bit the tip of his finger, using blood as ink to draw two simple runes by his eye and his ear, and said, “Clear sight, good hearing”.

Instantly a cooling energy surged in from Heaven and Earth. Zong Shou could pretty much hear everything around him within five hundred feet. His field of vision became much clearer, and although he couldn’t see far, he could at least see the surrounding hundred feet… just as two black shadows using the fog as cover quietly entered through the window.

Before the two of them could inspect their environment, two white lights flew out from Zong Shou’s sleeves, through the air and into their throats.

The two silver Willow Mark flying knives directly tore through their vocal cords and windpipes. Those two black shadows were only able to give out a “ke” before they were unable to speak and dying.

Zong Shou leapt over, grabbing onto their limp bodies before putting them down to the sides of the carriage. No sound was made throughout the entire process!

Their eyes contracted. This person’s actions were actually more well trained than them!

He was only thirteen years old, was he truly the Gantian Mountain Prince that was said to be powerless?

Before being able to confirm, Zong Shou’s hand pressed onto their foreheads. After feeling a little dizziness, all their thoughts disappeared.

Zong Shou didn’t stop moving. After picking up the two swords, he left the carriage. The speed of his actions were like a fox, while also totally silent.

Outside the carriage now, numerous bean-sized raindrops pelted down. The sounds made his eardrums tremble, while also masking the voices of Yin Yang and Chuxue. There was also the surrounding wind, which was as cold and sharp as a knife, yet still unable to separate and blow away this thick black fog.

Just as he left the carriage, Zong Shou drew two more talismans on his body, still using blood. One was “with the wind”, the other was “avoiding rain”.

The moment he walked into the rain, his entire being was like an indiscernible mist hidden in the storm. When raindrops fell, they naturally flowed down beside him.

Looking closely, one could see a man with a handkerchief covering his face looking really alert a hundred feet away, his eyes filled with doubt as he looked at the carriage. He was wondering why there wasn’t any news from his accomplices. The greenish glow in his eyes meant he was also buffed by techniques so he could see in the black mist.

Zong Shou smiled, his body moving like lightning. Before that man could even react, he had crossed the distance. The sword light flashed; facing it the man panicked and tried to dodge, but was pierced through right into his neck.

Zong Shou pulled back his sword, not bothering to see what the result was as he directly crossed by that person and continued east.

When the technique was used, maybe the people around him wouldn’t know, but he was able to discern that the spirit master had definitely stood at this spot.

This was not only just the experience that he built up through millions of battles in the virtual game. It was also the confidence of an Ascended Ancestor in real life!

“These two swords, one is wind and one is shadow, they are both talisman weapons, even better than my Pine Pattern Wind Sword by numerous levels! Where did these people come from?”

In a short ten breaths of running, Zong Shou had grasped the weight and basic properties of the weapons in his hand. However, the information only caused his doubts to deepen.

A Pine Pattern Wind Sword cost him a Grade Three Monster crystal. Before the spirit wave began, it was similar to a hundred thousand silver. The value of this Wind Stealth Sword and Shadow Step Sword was above it. Even twice the price of the Pine Pattern Wind Sword, two Grade Two beast crystals, might not be able to purchase them.

Which person was so generous? Grade Three beasts were similar to a Mythic Master in strength. They were rare, and killing them was also really difficult.

Such a sword was personally crafted by an intermediate spirit blacksmith, and even some Mythic Masters would see them as treasures. However they were now in the hands of middle rank Martial Masters.

The air suddenly reverberated.

He heard Yin Yang’s voice, shouting “Kill!” viciously. A white flame rose in the air and wrapped up around that bright saber light.

When the saber flashed across, the figure of a barbecued person instantly fell from midair.

“Why do I feel like Uncle Yin’s aura isn’t right. Like he has been locked by something? I had this feeling when I built the soul ocean, this time it is more apparent…”

Feeling weird about it on his own, Zong Shou was still expressionless. He didn’t turn around, calmly using the talismans on both swords.

If before he still had a little resistance to the wind, then now when the Wind Stealth Talisman was activated, he totally merged into this huge storm.

When the Shadow Step was activated, a layer of black shadows appeared around Zong Shou, covering him. His footsteps also totally disappeared.

Using the strength of the wind, his running speed of Zong Shou was like a spectre. In an instant he broke away from the region the black mist was covering. Borrowing the power of the talismans, he was like an invisible black shadow, moving within the dense forest. In just ten breaths he was seventeen hundred paces away.

Within his field of view, a figure appeared. He was around thirty years old, wearing a white robe. Even in such a muddy forest, it didn’t have a speck of dirt.

Around him was a really simple formation; two candles in front of him, three soul focusing incenses in the middle. Beast blood was poured onto the ground, forming a Yin and Yang diagram.

That middle-aged man had a wooden sword in his hand as he stood in the middle of the formation, his legs stepping on separate sides of the Yin and Yang. In front of him four yellow talismans floated as he chanted something.

He also looked over, smiling coldly, “You actually managed to find this place! Seems like that prince isn’t surrounded by totally useless people! Since you’re here, then just die!”

Pointing with his finger, those four talismans shot out. Large amounts of ice and water spiritual energy crossed the air in the forest.

Zong Shou’s expression was calm, proceeding forwards instead of retreating. His speed immediately tripled as he charged towards those four ice talismans.

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