Divine Brilliance

Chapter 39 - Death of Spirit Master

Chapter 39: Chapter 39 Death of Spirit Master

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In the strong wind, the two sword glows in the air suddenly split from two to four, stabbing right into the ice rain talismans before they were able to explode.

Moving along with the spiritual energy, a small whirlpool caused these four talismans to all lose effect, turning into cold energy and dispersing harmless, freezing the surrounding rain drops solid.

That white-robed man initially didn’t look like he cared, filled with confidence. Only when all the ice talismans were broken was he astonished.

“You are a Xiantian martial cultivator? That’s not right!”

It was not like he had never heard of such talisman-breaking methods. However such a situation should only appear at the Xiantian Master level, or if the person was several times stronger than him at talisman making!

If it was the former, the person could easily kill him with a wave of his hand. If it was the latter, then it would be even more preposterous! A martial cultivator that wasn’t even at the Mythic Master level, how much talisman-making could he know? Even if he was a double cultivator, it was impossible!

In the next moment, he saw a thin image walking out of the icy white mist.

The effects of the Shadow Step and Wind Stealth talismans faced the recoil effects of the ice talisman and were dispelled. Zong Shou appeared in his true form.

When his handsome face entered the eyes of the spirit master, his face, which was already filled with astonishment, was now even more shocked.

“This person is Zong Shou? Is it a substitute, or was it a face change?”

He didn’t have the effort to think about it as he brought out a seal with his left hand, the Peach Wood Sword in his right hand slashed diagonally as he cut the two white candles in half.

“Who cares who you are! Today I, Qi Xiao, will definitely kill you! Eagle One and Snake Three, why aren’t you two out here now! Protector Spirit Beasts!”

Two giant energy mists appeared at his call, suddenly charging out from the two sides, mixing into the smoke from the soul focusing incense and turning into their actual forms.

A twenty-foot tall sparrow hawk appeared in the sky, opening up its wings as it dove down from above.

Opposite it was a giant cobra, spitting out its tongue as it coiled at the front of the formation. Several pieces of wind armor had formed around its body.

Zong Shou’s eyes couldn’t be seen as he smiled, but he didn’t stop for even a moment.

He tossed out with his right hand, a black wooden can from his sleeves flew into the air. Just as that sparrow hawk charged down, this unassuming black wooden can suddenly exploded.

A silver light shome and numerous silver tendrils, like strong iron ropes, separated. Like an octopus, it tightly wrapped up the sparrow hawk.

Zong Shou also spat a heavily mouthful of air, adjusting his thoughts to the most calm and rational state before speeding up.

Although the stamina of his Dual Meridian Body was very bad, there was one point that no one else could compare to. Once he was able to temporarily cause his meridians to coordinate with one another, his explosiveness was invincible in the world!

The Shadow Step sword in his hand was thrown forwards ferociously, bringing with it a sharp shriek.

His now empty left hand drew a blood talisman on the remaining Wind Stealth sword at breathtaking speed.

“Armor Breaking!”

A cold glow instantly flowed to the tip of the Wind Stealth sword. Zong Shou only felt an intense piercing pain in his head, like all the remaining spiritual energy in his body was sucked away, and it nearly caused him to faint.

Biting onto his tongue to force himself to focus, the killing intent in Zong Shou’s eyes gathered to the pinnacle.

The cobra in front of Zong Shou hesitated before dodging to the side, avoiding the Shadow Step sword that was flying through the air.

In the next moment, a ball of energy beneath Zong Shou’s feet exploded, pushing his body forwards. His running speed was once again raised by fifty percent, leaving an afterimage behind him.

The tip of the Wind Stealth sword flashed from the most unbelievable point, stabbing through the wind armor, scales, and into the vital spot of the cobra in one shot.

When the white shirt man saw that, he laughed instead.

When normal beasts faced such a sword, they would probably die instantly. But this cobra, its main body before it died was a Grade Four Wind Snake, and when made into a beast spirit it dropped to Grade Two. However, the beast didn’t have a physical body and was able to inherit the abilities of a Grade Four beast!

Unless one was at the Mythic Master stage, if not normal martial techniques, blade and sword skills wouldn’t be able to cause it any harm!

The sword from this person was truly exquisite, and even a spirit master like him could clap his hands in praise.

Unfortunately, this fellow had chosen the wrong opponent. In the next moment he would probably be killed by this Wind Snake spirit beast.

Shaking his head, the white robbed man glanced at the silver white beast that looked like an octopus. He was interested in this thing that had trapped his spirit beast.

In just half a breath of time, his expression was replaced with fear. His face turned ashen white and there was no blood left.

The thin figure in front of him shook his sword, and the strong Wind Snake spirit beast started to collapse, showing signs of disappearing.

Its entire body turned into a smoky whirlpool as it was sucked away into the blade tip of the Wind Stealth sword.

“Energy Swallowing!”

Large amounts of spiritual energy, threads of essence energy, and also the soul energy of the Grade Four beast spirit surged crazily into his body, refilling his soul ocean and refreshing his dry meridians with true qi.

Under Zong Shou’s control, all the spiritual energy and internal energy exploded out once more, turning into pure strength injected into his limbs and muscles.

The sword shadow flashed once more, a lightning-swift sword light stabbed indiscernibly towards the center of the formation.

Although the white-robed man was afraid, but he didn’t panic. Deep within his eyes a few threads of craziness were revealed.

“You can’t kill me!” He grabbed tightly onto his thumb ring, pressing on it hard, and a layer of wind appeared in front of his body.

His sleeves waved forwards, and hundreds of talismans flew out of them.

Just as he was about to ignite them, a gentle but cold laugh broke out by his ear. “Armor Breaking, die!”

A white light shone on the tip of the sword, formed of many small glowing lights. They broke a few of the talismans in mid air, and swept forwards through the flames and cold energy from the talisman explosion, directly piercing through the wall.

The sword light shone once more, the spirit master could only feel a pain, like an insect bite, in the middle of his brow. A bone-chilling energy swept towards him.

That was the feeling of an ice-cold sword stabbing deeply into his head. The expression of the white-robed man slowly disappeared.

At the last moment, he suddenly spat out a bloody mist onto the face of Zong Shou, making his handsome face look a lot more vicious.

In the eyes of the spirit master were disbelief and shock.

“It isn’t a face change or an illusion. You are Zong Shou, the Prince of Gantian Mountain! No, the true Zong Shou should be a piece of trash that can’t cultivate! How can you be him? You broke through the Foundation and Breathing Meridians and your spirit power is only at the Spirit Focusing level! I, Qi Xiao, actually lost to a kid, how amusing, how amusing! There are actually such surprises in this world…”

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