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Chapter 37 - Gantian Mountain Situation

Chapter 37: Chapter 37 Gantian Mountain Situation

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Zong Shou had no intention of vying for the Gantian Mountain Monster King spot. Ruling millions of monster race people was a lot of power, but if one wanted to have a stable hold on that position, one needed to be careful. If one wasn’t careful, one would be targeted by all the human race countries or Cloud World sects.

However, with his character, he definitely wasn’t willing to flee and get chased out of the Donglin Cloud Continent by others!

Anyways, before the spirit flood arrived, he didn’t have any intentions of leaving this place.

Laughing expressionlessly, Zong Shou didn’t want to waste time explaining. His eyes directly looked at the east of the map, where the words Gantian Mountain were written. He asked, “Uncle Yin, I haven’t returned in three years. I was young and wasn’t clear about the people around; what is the situation in Gantian Mountain? Apart from this Zong Shi and Zong Yu, who else would act against me?”

Yin Yang looked towards Zong Shou in surprise, hesitating slightly before saying, “Your cousin Zong Shi is the true direct line of the Sky Fox Zong Family and is from Xuan Mountain. His teacher Gangye Zhenren is said to be the person with the highest chance of breaking through to the amended Ancestor Realm. Zong Shi was also the most outstanding person in Donglin Cloud Continent these last ten years. Rumors have it that he has entered the Xiantian Realm. When Ruler was there, there were still many people who saw him as the choice to succeed the Monster King…”

Zong Shou’s eyes narrowed; he had heard of Xuan Mountain Gangye. In this era, anyone that could leave an impression on him were strong and outstanding martial cultivators, or people who had huge influence on this era or the next.

This Gangye Zhenren was obviously the former. In his heart he labeled this Zong Shi a tough opponent. Only then did Zong Shou’s attention focus back on what Yin Yang was saying.

“This person’s connections are strong, and his power is the strongest. Within the Zong Family there are also two more people who can fight for the throne.

“The first is Zong Yang, whose talents were a little weaker than Zong Shi and had reached the peak of the Bodily Chakra when I left. His father Zong Hao is the Zong Family elder, which was why he has a lot of power.

“Next would be the Ruler’s twin brother Zong Shiyuan. Similar to Zong Hao he was a peak martial ancestor expert. The Ruler had them as his left and right hands. If they worked together they could even suppress Zong Shi…”

Hearing that, Zong Shou started to frown.

Two peak martial ancestors that had opened up six meridians of Earth Chakra? This Gantian Mountain was much stronger than he originally thought.

He originally remembered that this Gantian Mountain and the Sky Fox Zong Family would die out without any fame…

Seeing his expression change, Yin Yang wasn’t willing to make Zong Shou lose all of his confidence. After introducing the three, his tone changed. “Although these three are strong, Gantian Mountain is, after all, the hard work of the Ruler. He was born in a normal family and was just a branch disciple. In fifteen years time, he used his strength to raise Gantian Mountain to stand tall in the Eastern Donglin Cloud Continent. Before disappearing, he had already occupied seven provinces. Although the other powers invaded and occupied some, its power still remains, and the foundations aren’t harmed.”

Zong Shou was already taking in a deep breath. Occupying seven provinces? Donglin Cloud Continent only had fifty provinces. Occupying three provinces, one could already be called a huge country!

Naturally the Monster race situation was different from human countries, the true land that it occupied was rather small. However, to control the Monster races of seven provinces meant that their power was definitely top rate in the Donglin Cloud Continent!

As for the Lingyun Sect, they weren’t ordinary, either.

“Although Ruler came from the Sky Fox Zong Family, in the eyes of many people in Gantian Mountain, be it Zong Shu or Zong Hao, they were lucky. They were outsiders who are taking the achievements of the Ruler. Although they are worried that you are not strong enough to fight everyone, they also have doubts about them. It won’t be so easy to inherit the Ruler’s position.”

Laughing coldly, the cold sharp glow in Yin Yang’s eyes was exposed as he continued calmly, “There are four million people of the monster races working under Ruler, a total of one hundred and forty-seven races. However, only four of them can decide who the Monster King position belongs to.

“First is the leader of the Iron Tiger race, Hu Qianqiu; the second is the leader of the Wind Bear race, Chai Yuan; third is the leader of the Eye Wolf race, Ling Fakong; and the last is a powerful General on the same level as Zong Shiyuan, Qiu Wei!

“The first three are elders of big families, whose powers are only lower than that of the Zong Family. The last controls twenty percent of the military of Gantian Mountain, and was the first to follow the Ruler. These four are all Xuanwu ancestors and eight meridian experts of the Earth Chakra Realm! The Ruler also has several great friends who are at the peak of the Xuanwu stage. These people wouldn’t sit by and watch you get bullied. And as of today, no one is able to confirm if Ruler truly died…”

Zong Shou was already numb from all the shock. Four million people, a total of one hundred and forty-seven races. An elder in the family had the power of a peak martial ancestor. One could imagine how strong Gantian Mountain was.

Connecting what Yin Yang said with Zong Shou’s thirteen years of memories, a few faces appeared in his mind. At that time, they were all really polite and warm towards him, apart from Hu Qianqiu.

Zong Shou at that time was just a little kid, and naturally couldn’t notice anything. He who had been through two lives knew that these people were all shrewd, and one wasn’t able to read through their intentions.

He also agreed to those last two sentences. If those people didn’t have doubts, the ones acting on him wouldn’t be Zong Yu and two Mythic Masters.

“Ling Fakong is leaning towards Zong Shi, Chai Yuan leans towards Zong Yang, Qiu Wei is unbiased. That Hu Qianqiu who is most loyal to Ruler is also uncertain. But these four are closest to the Ruler, and as long as the Prince has enough ability, they will definitely follow.”

Knowing that such a situation was definitely impossible, Yin Yang sighed slightly, barely keeping calm. “Although the other leaders can’t compare to these four, if they work together they aren’t weak. Many of them work in Gantian Mountain, and their words hold a lot of weight. Anyways, Zong Shi and the others have to care about what Ruler’s old forces think, and they won’t go too far. So you still have a chance to win!”

Zong Shou scoffed. He asked all this not because he wanted to return to take the throne, but because he wanted to make sure how strong the people trying to kill him were!

The situation really wasn’t optimistic. If he was Zong Shi, Zong Yang, or Zong Shiyuan, after becoming king he would be the first person they killed, to wipe out the influence of his father.

The three of them wouldn’t openly act against him now, but that didn’t meant that he was safe.

Those cousins of his might even appear, fools like Zong Yu, and Gantian Mountain’s enemies might borrow his identity to plot things.

Just by killing him, it would cause chaos within Gantian Mountain, disbanding this huge power.

How could he not be worried about such a situation? This was the first time Zong Shou thought of going out to sea.

Wouldn’t it be good if he used such a chance to escape from the Donglin Cloud Continent?

Just as he was unsettled, a huge explosion sounded out beneath the carriage. Flames rose around the carriage and a huge strength caused the carriage to fly up in the air and spin it in a full circle.

Zong Shou grabbed the sides of the soft mattress, barely stabilizing himself. Yin Yang’s eyes, on the other hand, were spitting out fire.

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