Divine Brilliance

Chapter 36 - Post Matter Decision

Chapter 36: Chapter 36 Post Matter Decision

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As the rune moved, faintly discernible bundles of light appeared around the knife. The glow at the tip of the sharp knife was even brighter.

Zong Shou’s brows were tightly furrowed, staying focused.

“I can only replicate its strength, but not its intent. Using spiritual power to replicate the sword intent isn’t the true way of cultivation…”

Muttering softly to himself, Zong Shou still wondered if he was asking too much of himself.

The Cloud Shocking God Destroying sword intent he replicated was just a little lacking.

But for martial cultivators still at the Bodily Chakra level, this was a level they were far from. Even experts who entered the Xiantian Realm of the Earth Chakra wouldn’t be able to block this.

If it was three months ago and he fought Blazing Sword Wu Wei once more, this knife wouldn’t only take one eye, but directly pierce through his brain and take his life.

He took out the last Willow Mark knife to try to imprint the sword intent. This energy this time was reduced by a lot. However, he still only lasted for just 15 minutes before the entire flying knife exploded into pieces.

Zong Shou silently shook his head. The success from before was just an exception. The arrangement of blood copper and its overall structure happened to be more logical and tougher than the other four.

If he couldn’t add such weak sword intent to it, that meant it was the problem with the material.

However, these Willow Mark talisman knives were the best talisman weapons he could get his hands on in such a short time.

Better flying knives could only be obtained from big merchants similar to Baobing, using higher grade spirit blacksmiths, and their price wouldn’t be cheap. Otherwise, he could purchase better materials to make them himself.

“The success rate is low, but if I’m able to imprint some sword intent, the strength is decent. I can continue doing this…”

Zong Shou contemplated for a moment before hiding the only successful knife in his sleeve. Then he took out four similar Willow Mark knives and hid them around his body, placing them within his shirt so that no one would be able to see them.

He didn’t have any intention to continue experimenting, not because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t. First, he had already used up most of his spiritual energy. Second, only those five flying knives were spiritually connected to him.

Just as he was about to turn his attention into his soul to observe the twelve talisman seeds, a voice spread out from outside the carriage, “Young Master is it convenient?”

Yin Yang?

Zong Shou’s thoughts moved, guessing the reason for it. He stopped his meditation and laughed, “Uncle Yin, just come in!”

A tall figure stepped in through the doors. His expression was a little solemn, after taking a look at Zong Shou, his eyes filled with surprise.

He walked in front of the soft mattress and sat down, probing, “Prince has completed the Foundation and Breathing Meridians?”

Zong Shou knew he couldn’t hide it, smiling and nodding.

Once the two meridians were trained, there would be some energy seeping out of the body of the cultivator. Zong Shou had just opened up the two meridians, and was unable to control all his energy. A higher-level cultivator was easily able to find out.

Yin Yang’s eyes lit up immediately, and then became solemn, “The Prince’s talents are truly incomparable! I don’t know how you are able to complete two meridians in just three months. But I need to remind Your Highness, the foundations of a cultivator are really important, don’t rush for achievements…”

Zong Shou smiled awkwardly; how would he not know such a theory? However, he knew that Yin Yang was saying that out of goodwill.

Luckily Yin Yang wasn’t naggy and only said a few words. He changed to the main topic, “When the ruler left Gantian Mountain, he asked Chuxue and I to pick you up from Linhai College and send you to Lingyun Sect. However, he didn’t say anything more. It seems like he didn’t expect this to happen. Since Prince doesn’t want to join Lingyun Sect, then the three of us have to plan for the future…”

Zong Shou nodded his head once more and knew that that was true. He had also guessed previously that it was the reason why Yin Yang was looking for him.

As expected, Yin Yang took out a beast skin map, his face was filled with questions. “Going out of Smoke Town, there are five paths to exit the Sudian Mountain range. We can use Dragon Lake Plains to go back to Gantian Mountain. The other option would be to go east to Cloud Saint City. Although it isn’t a large port, we can find boats to go out to sea. Apart from that, there are three smaller paths where fierce beasts roam, some of which are stage six beast kings that even Lingyun Sect can’t do anything about. It seems like our carriage would find it tough to pass, too.”

Zong Shou smiled. The reason why Yin Yang said so much was just telling him that there were only two paths he could choose. Either escape out from the Donglin Cloud Continent, or return back to Gantian Mountain to fight for the throne.

His hand brushing his chin as he thought carefully. At last he smiled, pointed to the east, and said, “Let’s make a trip to Cloud Saint City!”

The place he remembered was not far away from that Cloud Saint City. It hadn’t appeared yet, and only truly appeared when the spiritual energy wave came. That year was also the year the God Emperor game started from.

If he didn’t remember wrongly, not far from this area was a Heaven and Earth spiritual ginseng. A few of them should have already matured. They weren’t that precious, but they were things that he could use.

That item should also be available. It was the reason why he was so confident in rejecting Lingyun Sect.

“However all these paths are not suitable. The best way is to go from here!”

Yin Yang was startled to see Zong Shou’s finger drawing a fine line on the beast skin, going through the east of the Sudian mountains.

“Prince, that is the Black Soil swamp, it also belongs to the Dragon Lake Plains. Although there aren’t any high stage beasts, our carriage can’t cross it…”

This path would definitely be unexpected. However, the Black Soil Swamp was famous not for the beasts hidden within, but for the packs of swamp wolves as well as Corpse-Consuming Ants, which were pretty much invisible presences in the swamp. Even stage five and stage six beasts would avoid them.

“So we need to modify our chariot or directly change it. Our current speed is too slow!”

With his body, without the carriage, he would definitely find it really hard to travel. Zong Shou mocked himself, pointing at the map, “Let’s first make a trip to Xiaoyuan City, I heard that it’s famous for producing steel?”

What Zong Shou pointed to was near Pill Spirit Mountain, just three hundred miles away. Be it in the God Emperor game or in ancient records, this Xiaoyuan city was the eastern mining capital of the Donglin Cloud Continent, producing huge amounts of iron ore and also various metals, a place where spirit blacksmiths and spirit weaponsmiths thrived.

Even if it didn’t have the scale of the future, it shouldn’t lack for raw materials and spirit blacksmiths.

Yin Yang was also deep in thought, looking closely at the Wind Wall Formation around the carriage, he laughed bitterly, “So be it! Let’s follow your plan. Going out from Xiaoyuan City, we can directly enter Black Soil Swamp. Knowing that our ability is lacking and not fighting with them and giving up our lives, avoiding them is the best choice…”

Zong Shou’s brow furrowed coldly, and he knew that Yin Yang had misunderstood his intentions. Him rushing to Cloud Saint City wasn’t to escape from the Donglin Cloud Continent!

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