Divine Brilliance

Chapter 29 - Breaking the God Talisman Stelae

Chapter 29: Chapter 29 Breaking the God Talisman Stelae

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“This is Wind! It is both energy and movement, cold and hot, never stopping, and there’s no hole it won’t enter!”

“This is Thunder! Thunder is loud noise, so loud it can spread hundreds of miles. Thunder belongs to a part of the Yin and Yang!”

His finger was placed on the stone stelae, cleanly drawing the last blood mark. It caused a sudden loud ringing. The melody was really weird, clearing minds to suddenly clear up while also leaving them confused and shaken.

Zong Shou licked the wound on his hand, his heart filled with a little helplessness as he waited for the sounds of Thunder to disappear.

Even without using any spiritual energy or soul power, when these talismans encapsulating the natural laws were drawn out, naturally they would possess a certain amount of power.

The Thunder talisman completed, the next one would be the “Luck” talisman.

Zong Shou couldn’t help but frown. Out of the twelve God Talismans, the one he had the least confidence in was this one.

Luck and Fate were the most indiscernible. So small like ants and dust, but like countries and worlds. Each and every thing had its own luck.

In his last life, he didn’t truly understand the real meaning behind it. The reason why he was able to successfully copy it was because of repeated practice, using the stupidest method to take charge of this talisman.

Using his index finger as usual, he touched the starting point of the talisman. Everyone in the drill field held their breath.

In that short while, Zong Shou’s soul started to vibrate along with the talisman. His consciousness was forcefully pulled out.

This time, he wasn’t pulled out to view those various sorts of naturally phenomena and instead entered a real dream state. His mind sank into it.

Who knows how long it was before Zong Shou regained consciousness, two drops of tears falling from his eyes.

In that short moment, he had gone through the life of an old man. The rise and fall of a country, the ups and downs of the life of a person.

“So the true meaning of luck is actually so easy!”

Laughing inside, Zong Shou couldn’t express his current feelings. His animosity towards Lingyun Sect had disappeared.

He didn’t know the reason why the Lingyun ancestor placed down the Small Heaven sword formation and the twelve Heaven Talisman stelae. Today, he had more or less gained some benefits from that expert.

Eleven talismans, eleven sorts of illusions, and although he had only guessed the true meaning of some of them, he had still benefited in some way.

This Luck word, he had only comprehended the most basic and rough idea of the talisman. However, it was enough for him to step foot onto the most uncertain and most powerful path.

“Disasters and blessing come together, both are caused by blessings. To what extent? One couldn’t say for sure. True and false is uncertain, kindness and evil coexist. This riddle will last forever!

“Mighty people knows this, experts abide this; knowing this is an honor, following this might be an insult; knowing this is like white, following it is like black, like how the world works!

“There’s nothing certain about blessings and disasters, it depends on what one is looking for; kindness and evil comes in all shapes and forms!”

The path of Heaven naturally existed, the so-called Luck was within this path. But because of changes in the environment, it was indiscernible and difficult to predict. Man was curious about the mystery of fortune and misfortune in luck. The reason fortune and misfortune relied on and changed according to one another was like how human nature changed between good and evil.

“The root of misfortune was in one’s evil tendencies, one’s negative thoughts; the roots of good fortune come from doing good and behaving well.”

But was the true meaning of luck so simple?

Zong Shou laughed coldly. If he accepted such a theory, maybe in his whole life he wouldn’t be able to understand the path of luck.

In this world, if everyone did good, would there truly be no disasters and calamities?

Currently he didn’t need to think too deeply into it. He was a small spirit master who had entered the Focus Concentration stage, he found it difficult to stay alive, much less search for the real meaning of life. He didn’t have the right to chase, he could only follow what this Lingyun Ancestor wrote and just copied.

His blood followed the carvings, stretching out and elongating. Copying this Luck word close to a thousand times in the last life and also his comprehension of it in this life made each and every stroke really powerful and confident, flexible and swift. He didn’t have any of the ugly and lacking feeling of the last life.

At the last moment, before it was completed, the Heaven Talisman Platform didn’t have any more changes. The only thing that happened was the stone stelae made up of Cloudlight Stone burst apart into many pieces.

The entire drill filled entered a period of deadly silence once more. Liang Miaozi’s face was as dead as ash, Lin Fei’s was solemn to the extreme.

Ge Hanyun was in awe, muttering really softly, “He actually really did it. It should be impossible. My father said that beneath the Day Wandering stage, one would definitely be unable to touch the Path of Luck. Not to mention Day Wandering, even people who have shaped their ‘true Image’ might not have such capabilities. We are all ants beneath the huge path, how can we touch such true heavenly theories?

“This person’s talisman calligraphy methods actually improved, how lucky. Damn it, with this Luck stelae breaking, where will I go to learn the meaning of this talisman? Do I have to go to the other four Cloud Continents, or to Lingyun Sect’s Cloud Palace?”

The teen beside her brow furrowed as he heard her words, a weird look flashing across his face before he shook her head.

He didn’t understand the meaning within Ge Hanyun’s words, but knew that this Gantian Mountain Prince had performed a truly remarkable feat.

After Zong Shou drew out that last stroke, he kept his hand there for a breath of time. When the stone stelae exploded, a warm stream flowed in through his fingertip and into his soul.

The amount this time was close to ten times the combined amount of the previous eleven stone stelaes.

Zong Shou also finally had an idea what these warm currents actually were.

“They are actually Words, are they the seeds of the Heaven Talismans? So the cold wind from the eighteen sword puppets should be what I expected…”

His thoughts wandered off for a while before he came to his senses. Looking at the entire floor of broken stone as well as the absolutely silent crowd, Zong Shou felt his chest free up and all his depression disappearing.

“Great!” Laughing softly, Zong Shou smiled widely, revealing his joy.

He had long wanted to crush the flames of Lingyun Sect. Although he had killed many Lingyun Sect disciples in his last life, it didn’t make him feel good.

Who knew that in this life, he would reincarnate ten thousand years ago to complete his wish?

“Is this the so-called unbreakable Small Heaven Sword Formation? The twelve God Talismans no one can copy? Lingyun Sect’s thirty thousand disciples can’t even to compare to a piece of trash…”

Scoffing coldly, Zong Shou stopped speaking. Thinking about the kindness from that Lingyun Ancestor now in his body, he couldn’t bear to say anything worse.

Lin Fei’s face changed, but he calmed down after a moment, “The Ancestor mentioned that if one could complete any one of them, they could become the direct disciple of the sect leader. The person who completes both can enter the Ancestral Hall in ten years to cultivate for three years, are you interested?”

All the eyes beneath the platform all held still, keeping silent as they waited quietly for Zong Shou to make his choice.

They knew that just a word from this weak-looking teen and he could ride over all of their heads.

The Ancestral Hall was something that made everyone envy him.

When Liang Miaozi heard that, his fists were clenched tight, his expression really dark and gloomy.

In this world there was actually a person who had such absolute talent in cultivation and spirit arts. However, such talents appeared on such a body…

Zong Shou shook, hesitating.

To cultivate for three years in the Lingyun Sect Ancestral Hall, there’s actually such a good thing?

Lingyun Sect’s Ancestral Hall was one of the Ten Shrines of the Cloud World. Although it was at the bottom of the rankings, it had gathered the cultivation and spirit art essence of Lingyun Sect over tens of thousands of years, many people craved it.

Although the twelve God Talismans and the Small Heaven Sword Formation were extraordinary, compared to the things he could find in the Shrine, they were at most unrefined techniques.

Swallowing down, Zong Shou did indeed crave it badly. In the next moment, his eyes looked towards Yin Yang and Chuxue, and he instantly mocked himself.

“Ancestral Hall? I truly am a little tempted. But I, Zong Shou, don’t have such thick skin, being scolded by people as trash and definitely being unable to join Lingyun Sect. Anyways, you all look down on my Dual Meridian Body, right?”

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