Divine Brilliance

Chapter 28 - Luck Word God Talisman

Chapter 28: Chapter 28 Luck Word God Talisman

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At the foot of Pill Spirit Mountain, it was still raining cats and dogs. Dark clouds loomed down, and the entire Sudian Mountain range was as dark as night. Flashes of Thunder lit the entire sky.

Not far from the mountain gates of Pill Spirit Mountain, two images were looking up at the mountain peak from a carriage.

“A hour has passed already, why haven’t they come down? Uncle Xiao, did the person on the mountain truly agree to it? There weren’t any changes?”

The one speaking was a teen. He was really handsome and looked similar to Zong Shou. His current expression was filled with doubt.

The one beside him was a thirty-odd years old man, his skin slightly yellow. After hearing that, he laughed lightly, “Don’t worry, Young Master Zong Ling. That Liang Miaozi is the East Hero Gathering Hall head, and is really close to Young Master Zong Shi’s Senior Brother. Since he agreed, he definitely has confidence. One Nine Yin Snow Lotus is more than enough to make him try his best!”

If Zong Shuo was present there, he would be able to recognize this person from his voice. He was that Feng Xiao who spoken to Yin Yang a few months ago.

That Zong Ling didn’t relax just like that, his brows raising up instead. “I naturally know that, but even though my cousin can’t train in internal energy, the elders in the Family all mentioned that his cultivation talents are top class. The evaluation to enter Lingyun Sect shouldn’t be too difficult for him. Along with that Lingyun Vermillion Token…”

“Young Master Ling doesn’t know how the big sects work within!” Feng Xiao directly laughed coldly, filled with contempt, “A huge sect like Lingyun Sect is filled with problems internally. So what if he passes the evaluation? A Dual Meridian Body is enough for that person on the mountains to reject him, unless he has enough skill to break the Small Heaven Sword Formation, or to completely copy the twelve God Talismans left by the Lingyun Ancestor.

Zong Ling was startled, then shook his head, “No one can break the Small Heaven Sword Formation, and as for the twelve God Talismans, no one below the Day Wandering stage can completely copy them, much less him. Even those talents accepted into Lingyun Sect wouldn’t be able to do it, much less my cousin. However, this is the first task that brother Zong Shi entrusted to me, and I don’t want any mistakes to happen.”

While he spoke, Zong Ling raised his head once more, looking at the middle of the mountain and muttered, “When my uncle was around, that cousin was so arrogant and we needed to respect him. All these years I have been thinking that Zong Shou is just a bastard, a trash that couldn’t cultivate, why is he riding above our heads? Being able to pull him from the clouds and grind him firmly into the ground can be said to have solved one of the biggest knots in my heart.”

Feng Xiao couldn’t help but feel a little awkward, but he still said a few sentences in agreement. After all, he worked under the old Monster King, and these words were a little inappropriate and made one look down on him. After a slight hesitation, he shook his head, “Prince Zong Shou, be it talents or character, can’t be a leader. For this to happen to him, he can’t blame it on anyone else.”

Looking along Zong Ling’s line of sight, Feng Xiao’s felt that something was weird. Who knows what had happened above. It shouldn’t have dragged for so long…


The palace at the middle of the mountain was long empty. All the inner and outer disciples, even the workers in charge of labor, were all gathered beneath the Heaven Talisman Formation.

Most of them looked on in disbelief, shock, anger, or jealousy. Their eyes were without a doubt all on the image on the stone platform, not daring to look away for a single moment.

“It’s already the 9th talisman, the “Terra” word. As for the remaining God Talismans, they shouldn’t be too tough for him…”

“Twelve God Talismans: Sky, Earth, Yin, Yang, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Terra, Water, Wind, Thunder, and Luck. The first four are the toughest to copy. This person didn’t start from the easy ones and instead chose to begin from the most difficult ones. Thus all that are left will be really simple for him.”

“I really didn’t expect that this world really had people who could copy these Heaven Talismans without using any spiritual energy! I feel so ashamed…”

“You’re speaking too early! Although the Sky and Earth words are the toughest, the final Luck Word is the most difficult. The true meaning of that talisman is indiscernible. Even if he manages to draw the first eleven talismans, he might not be able to draw that one!”

Among the crowd, Ge Hanyun’s eyes shone coldly, fixed on Zong Shou up on the stage. She exclaimed, “Twelve God Talismans, he has already copied nine. Fei Bai, what should I do? I’m liking him more and more, I really can’t let him go…”

The teen beside her twitched, regaining his calm almost instantly, “We truly underestimated him at the start. His sword arts are great, his talismans skills too. Hanyun, how many of these twelve can you confidently copy?”

“Including the Sky and Earth ones, a total of eleven…”

Ge Hanyun brushed her lower chin, her face filled with pride. She looked at the last stone stelae in despair.

That stelae was a different color from the rest. It was silver, shining bright, its material changed into Cloudlight Stone. It wasn’t more valuable than Evil Spirit Gold, just that it had other properties.

“Only that ‘Luck’ Word I can’t copy.

“The so-called Path of luck is too difficult to get hold of. I truly suspect whether or not this rule even exists in the world. I probably need two more years to understand it. As for the ‘Life’ which is above luck, that is even more difficult. Speaking of which, our Ancestor’s achievements were just this. He only left these twelve Heaven Talismans; as for the deeper and more difficult ‘Universe’ and ‘Eon’, he couldn’t even catch a glimpse of it…”

When they mentioned the Path of the Talisman, this girl would get extremely excited and chatter on without being able to stop.

The teen was satisfied with the answer from before, directly changing the topic, “I think if I am to break that Small Heaven Sword Formation, I will also need two more years. Seems like Ge Hanyun is the same as me. However, these talismans are really ugly…”

The blood talismans that Zong Shou had copied onto the stone stelae, even if one said that it was like a bug crawling, it would be a compliment. Looking closely, they were simply many ugly twisting and turning vines, unable to even admire.

“You’re just a martial artist, what do you know!” Ge Hanyun scoffed coldly, looking towards those blood talismans like one was looking at legendary calligraphy. “Without using any spiritual energy, no matter how skilled the person drawing the talisman, it’s difficult to be so firm and accurate. These drawings might look ugly, but they encapsulates the path of the talisman, having everything it should have, lacking everything it should lack. This person obviously has perfect control of the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. I don’t know what the situation in the Central Cloud Continent is like, but in Donglin Cloud Continent, no more than five people in his age group can compete with him…”

Her voice paused as she turned her eyes back to Zong Shou on the platform, saying confidently, “I’ve made my mind up. If he manages to copy the final talisman, even if I have to chase him, I will make him mine!”

The teen burst out laughing, then controlled himself, showing no intentions of stopping her as he continued to look at the stage with a serious face.

The current Zong Shou was already standing in front of the stelae with the Word “Thunder”. Similarly he used the index finger that was dripping blood to touch the beginning of the talisman.

The teen didn’t care much, as the difficulty of this talisman was below that of Sky, Earth, Yin, and Yang. Since he could copy those few words, this Thunder Word wouldn’t be too tough for him.

However, he was a little curious whether or not this person could copy the “Luck” Word that Ge Hanyun said was the most difficult…

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