Divine Brilliance

Chapter 27 - Twelve God Talismans

Chapter 27: Chapter 27 – Twelve God Talismans

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“Heaven Talisman Platform, what is he doing going up the Heaven Talisman Platform?”

“Does he have wishful thoughts, that after the Small Heaven Sword Formation he can conquer the twelve God Talismans?’

“The Small Heaven sword formation tested one’s cultivation talents. The twelve stone stelaes on the Heaven Talisman Platform were all drawn by spirit masters. Only with absolute talent in soul and talisman drawing can one conquer it, neither can be lacked. In these ten thousand years no one has been able to complete a single talisman, much less the entire thing…”

“I heard master say that for one to conquer this Heaven Talisman Platform left by ancestor, one needs an extremely pure soul. They must be really good at calligraphy, too, to have any chance. How is it something a spirit master before the Day Wandering stage could achieve?”

“Three hundred forty-three breaths to break the formation, this person’s sword skills are scarily strong. I don’t believe his skill in talismans are too!…”

Looking at Zong Shou taking a step up the stairs one at a time, the crowd chattered once more.

The ways they looked at this teen were filled with complexity. However, no one dared to say he overestimated his ability before they could be certain.

Yin Yang and Chuxue exchanged glances with one another. Zong Shou breaking the Small Heaven Sword Formation had already shocked and delighted them both.

But even before the two of them could recover from it, their prince ascended the Heaven Talisman Platform!

They had both witnessed Zong Shou’s sword skills three months ago ,and had some idea of how strong he was.

But in the way of the talisman, they had no idea what his achievements were. Although he spent three full years at Linhai College, in the end he was kicked out.

Chuxue’s heart moved as she thought back to the materials that Zong Shou had been buying during these three months, all of which were spirit master items.

Moreover, during the battle against Zong Yu, the Wind Wall Formation around the carriage had suddenly been broken. Before this she had thought that her talisman skills were to blame, resulting in the talisman formation failing. Thinking about it now, it might have been the actions of her Young Master!

On these twelve stone stelaes, left by the Lingyun ancestor before ascending, the twelve True God Talismans!

Even after her Young Master had broken the unbreakable Small Heaven Sword Formation, she still didn’t have any confidence in him.

As the people beneath the platform were filled with many random thoughts, Zong Shou was already standing in front of the first stone stelae.

The steel was thirty feet high, and apart from the front which was leveled out, no other modifications were made to it. Its body looked like it was made of stone, but actually it was made of Evil Spirit Gold from the Golden Spirit World.

Legend had it that in that world, any place with Evil Spirit Gold would have evil spirits around. It was also one of the best ingredients for spirit masters to write talismans with.

On the first stone stelae was written the Word ‘Sky’.

Actually each stroke and each line of the Word was powerful, like a scorpion’s tail; the calligraphy skill was really exquisite. It was also as beautiful as a phoenix, like an angry lion breaking apart a piece of stone. The aura it gave off was hard, firm, and also light and flexible.

Be it the structure or the strokes, one couldn’t tell that it was a “Sky”, but Zong Shou knew that it was a proper and true “Sky”.

Or maybe the word, in the eyes of normal people who would comment that “only ghosts would know what you’re drawing”, was supposed to look like that.

Who knows when, but Lin Fei had appeared behind him. His eyes were shining as he looked at Zong Shou. “The rules here are similar to the Sky Sword Platform. One mustn’t use any soul power, and not utilize any spiritual treasures. In ten thousand years, a total of 46,044 people have challenged these twelve God Talismans, close to half of them died from the counter effects. You have to be careful…”

The expression of this old man was really complicated. From what the weak boy here said just now, he had given up all intentions of joining the sect.

Breaking the Small Heaven sword formation was a return blow to the Lingyun Sect!

Looking at Liang Miaozi from the corner of his eye, Lin Fei shook his head silently. It seems like he had given this Hero Gathering Hall head too much freedom. However, no matter how he blamed himself today, it was useless.

A legendary talent, but he rejected the sect. Lingyun Sect from today on would be destined to be the joke of everyone.

If this kid, after breaking the Small Heaven sword formation, could crush this twelve God Talismans, there would be a huge storm within Pill Spirit Mountain. Everyone present here, including the first seat, would inevitably feel some responsibility.

An inappropriate thought rose in his heart, hoping that the talismans that the ancestor drew were truly impossible for everyone below the Back to Sun Realm. It would be best if the kid in front of him died, just like that. However the moment such a thought rose, Lin Fei felt really ashamed.

Zong Shou naturally didn’t bother with Lin Fei’s words. When he stood in front of the stone stelae, his heart was totally focused, tossing aside all random emotions and chaotic feelings.

The talismans were drawn by the hands of a godly spirit master. Any unneeded thoughts appearing would be asking for death, and were also a huge insult to the owner of the stone stelae.

Biting his right index finger, he dotted on the starting point of the word. There was instantly a giant explosion in his ear.

A strong intent charged into his mind. The intent the talisman maker ahd left hadn’t weakened a single bit over many years.

Vibrating along with his soul, it brought his consciousness into a vast and gigantic land. This was a borderless sky one could fly around in freely. In it was water, wind, fire, thunder. There were dust particles and also various kinds of biological beings floating into the air.

Zong Shou’s eyes flashed slightly. He had similarly used a year in his last life on these twelve God Talismans. 365 days, a total of 3,227 times!

However, he had not encountered such an experience. In such a moment, his understanding of the “Sky” Word had reached a pinnacle.

His index finger moved along the carvings. He felt numerous spiritual whirlpools forming around him. Weird energies were pulling at or pushing away, causing his index finger to deviate.

Smiling slightly, Zong Shou was totally unfazed, either following the force or going against it, or borrowing the strength, he drew many curved and ugly lines of blood. However, from start to finish he didn’t move away from those carvings.

Each stroke was done with utmost focus and zero hesitation. Only when he reached the last stroke was he blocked by an unknown powerful force.

At the current moment, everyone below the platform looked on with baited breath. They all knew that this was the most crucial moment. If he succeeded he would live, if not he would die.

Lin Fei looked on, his eyes unblinking, unable to look away even for a moment. To successfully complete the talisman, one had to understand the true meaning within it.

All words in the world represented different paths, all talismans were the combination and unification of such paths.

Could this teen known as Zong Shou, the prince of Gantian Mountain, do it?

In the next moment, everyone saw a smile appear on Zong Shou’s face.

That was the joy of comprehension, a smile without any impurity. Lin Fei’s pupils contracted into a pin at that moment.

“It means sky! Without the sun, anything that soars would be the sky!”

Stroking down diagonally, this arc was still curved, but it cleared everything in its path, breaking that unknown resistance.

When the blood talisman was formed, a light wind swept forth. The spiritual energy in the area instantly climbed by a hundred times.

Beneath the Heaven Talisman formation, there was a simultaneous hiss as everyone took in a deep cold breath.

Zong Shou could only feel that his body had lost all of its weight. There was also a warmth entering his body. It didn’t charge into his dantian, but into his soul ocean!

He wasn’t in the mood to check it out, his eyes directly looking to the side, towards the Second stone stelae… the “Earth” Word talisman.

“It means ‘Earth’! Beneath the sky is the earth!”

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