Divine Brilliance

Chapter 26 - Sky Sword Platform Broken

Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Sky Sword Platform Broken

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Wooden shrapnel flew all around, another sword puppet was crushed under the sword light of Zong Shou. The group of people beneath the Sky Sword Platform were buzzing in deep conversation with one another. It was like all the shock and surprise accumulated from before had totally exploded out at this moment.

Not many Lingyun Sect disciples had walked out from inside the palace, only around a hundred of them. Their eyes were filled with confusion and disbelief.

“Where did this the person on the platform come from? Our sect’s Small Heaven Sword Formation has only had a handful of people who survived four hundred breaths of time in ten thousand years. How did he break it so easily?”

“He actually only used basic sword techniques from start to finish. Is this the so-called back-to-basics realm?”

“Not only the sword technique, even his footwork!”

“How can a thirteen-year old kid who just started cultivating reach the back-to-basics realm? He has only managed to train his sword art to perfection. Those Senior Brothers in the sect were right! No matter how rough or basic the technique, if one grasps its essence, one would have incredible amounts of power…”

At the gate of the palace, two teens were stunned.

When Zong Shou had stepped into the trap, even they, who had extraordinary foresight, also felt that he had stepped to his death, and the outcome of the battle was obvious.

However, in just a breath of time, the teen on the platform had turned it totally around. At the most impossible moment, he had broken the sword formation.

“This Zong Shou could actually be so cool!” After pausing for a long while, when the teen girl returned back to her senses, her cheeks flushed red with infatuation, “I, Ge Hanyun, have lived for fourteen years and this is the first time I am moved by a person. If this person didn’t come from the Zong Family, who knows, I might even be tempted to marry him. Fei Bai, he is really stronger than you…”

“Although his sword techniques are really basic, they have endless amounts of Sword Dao and sword truth.” The teen nodded slightly and did not retort. His words were filled with praise and in them was zero unwillingness to deny that he was worse off, “At least for now I am weaker than him! However, within ten years, the rare talent of Donglin Cloud Continent will still be me and not him!”

Ge Hanyun was a little startled. Even witnessing someone his age using one sword, taking close to no damage to destroy this Small Heaven Sword Formation. While the childhood friend she had grown up with was still unfazed, his words were filled with scary amounts of confidence.

The girl laughed, thinking that if this Zong Shou didn’t have dual meridians and was like that, what would the future be like?

That right! There was one more person whose expression was really interesting.

Liang Miaozi was standing in front of the first layer of halls of the palace, his face white like paper, looking at the unusually nimble image darting around like an arrow. He wished he could tear the teen apart.

When the first puppet was broken, it caused him to feel some regret. Now, he was filled with hatred, he wanted to totally tear that person apart.

How was this a piece of trash? How was this an ant that he could step on? The exquisite sword techniques, in these last ten thousand years, at such an age, how many people could achieve that?

His face turned slightly green and purple. He could already feel many looks of gloating and pity were shooting over at him. In the deep parts of his chest he was feeling a sharp pain.

The long sword slashing diagonally, cutting off the legs of a puppet. Like a spark, he stabbed behind him, at the ‘heart’ where the beast crystal was placed in the puppet, totally piercing through. Only then did Zong Shou shift back to his original position, his footwork like lightning.

Around his legs were scattered the spare parts of many of the puppets. No only did they hinder the movements of these wooden puppets with no intellect, they also restricted his movements.

He started to pant, the meridians in his body which were constantly in conflict seemed like they could burst apart at any moment. Zong Shou’s focus had reached its peak.

Every sword puppet he had killed since his first strike had infused a sharp and cold energy into him. Every time, it would help his body recover a little, replenishing his current stamina beyond his expectations. He didn’t use up all his energy and end up badly weakened, as he had expected he would.

His mind was totally pure, unable to hear all the noise from the outside.

All humiliation and honor, all plots were tossed behind him. In his eyes were only the sword in his hand, as well as the puppets up ahead.

Just as the three puppets around him gathered up to attack, Zong Shou took a few successive steps back. Then he suddenly exerted strength, counterattacking swiftly, with one sword he pierced through the throats of two puppets before they could react.

The sword light slashed down diagonally, utterly cutting through the weak throats of these puppets. There was a clean ringing as he clashed with the sword coming in at his side, resulting in numerous sparks flying. The unstoppable sword momentum forced him to immediately take a step back, his legs stumbling as he nearly fell down.

Be it strength or toughness, the puppets could compare with the physical bodies of Xuanwu Ancestors. It used just one sword to cause his blood to fold and nearly collapse.

However, Zong Shou’s eyes didn’t weaken a single bit, instead shining even brighter.

Basic Sword technique 44th stance, Outer Spinning sword!

“Eighteenth puppet slain!”

The green Pine Pattern Wind Sword suddenly drew a circle, a gentle strength ingeniously pushed the sword of the puppet to the side. That green shadow was like a viper’s tongue as it suddenly pierced forth, stabbing through this sword puppet.

When Zong Shou opened his eyes once more to look around, the entire platform was a mess. There were no more puppets who were able to raise a sword at him.

The entire ground was filled with broken pieces of wood, Of the Small Heaven Sword Formation, eighteen sword puppets, nothing remained.

A short moment passed, and Zong Shou stepped out from that state of mind filled with heavy fighting spirit and killing intent as his thoughts started to clear up.

He could see Lin Fei, as well as many eyes beneath this Sky Sword Platform look over in disbelief. Shock and jealous sighs mixed together.

Zong Shou was startled for a bit, at the next moment he gave out a cold scoff of contempt.

“Three hundred forty-three breaths, this is the Small Heaven Sword Formation of Lingyun Sect? It is just so…”

Just a short few sentences was enough to infuriate the Lingyun Sect disciples. But after a breath of time, they were totally speechless.

A hundred breaths to break the formation, Three hundred forty-three breaths to destroy all eighteen sword puppets who had large amounts of individual strength.

Such a person did indeed have the rights to say what he just said.

Apart from the teen standing on the Sky Sword Platform who had performed such a miracle, no one else had the right.

They had even thought that the Small Heaven Sword Formation left by the ancestor was just to create problems for everyone. No one in the world could break the formation without using internal strength.

Today, they had personally witnessed a miracle.

Those present who knew what happened from start to finish had faces red with shame. They were totally silent and didn’t speak up.

Huang Yi, who was standing beside Liang Miaozi, sighed. His Senior Master was simply too much. He had shamed and humiliated Zong Shou, no wonder he would say those words.

The Pine Pattern Wind Sword in Zong Shou’s hands had already curved up, the spine of the blade starting to crack. He tossed it to the back, stabbing it into the center of the Sky Sword Platform. He looked over at the stone platform on the left, which was of a similar size.

Without any hesitation, he confidently walked down from the Sky Sword Platform and towards the other side.

When he stepped forwards, he didn’t give off any overbearing aura, but all the Lingyun Sect disciples and many teens all instinctively made way, allowing Zong Shou to walk over to the Heaven Talisman Platform.

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