Divine Brilliance

Chapter 25 - Choosing Death

Chapter 25: Chapter 25 Choosing Death

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The teen known as Fei Bai looked out towards the first layer of the palace, and saw Liang Miaozi. His expression was ugly to the maximum and very dark.

He couldn’t help but burst out in laughter, and then his expression became serious as he said, “Liang Miaozi is, after all, our Senior Brother, how can we be so disrespectful?”

The girl didn’t care, her lips pouting as she turned her attention back to the Sky Sword Platform.

“It’s already the ninety-fifth breath!”

The teen’s expression instantly turned really solemn. Ninety-five breaths was when the Small Heaven Sword Formation changed! The true killing sword would come after this…

At that moment, pretty much everyone could sense the changes in the eighteen puppets. That cold sword light suddenly intensified by several times. The speed of the sword puppets also raised by at least fifty percent.

A thick killing intent spread out on the Sky Sword Platform. Sword light flashing successively, sharp sword afterimages made that thing shadow on stage not as carefree as before. The sword images were like rain, looking like they could cut Zong Shou into pieces at any moment.

Zong Shou wasn’t surprised, and laughed instead. He wasn’t forcing it, it was a genuine happy laugh.

A full ninety-fifth breaths, he finally understood what was wrong.

It seems like the formation in the last life in the game was indeed stronger than this one on Pill Spirit Mountain.

God Emperor’s game developers, who loved to blow their own horns, at least said something true for once.

He was really foolish. How could eighteen puppets with their own minds be stronger than a sword formation controlled entirely by AI?

He originally thought that he needed to drag it out until three hundred-forty breaths of time before having a chance of breaking the formation.

He didn’t think that his chance would actually come so early.

He took a step back to the right. Three sword puppets immediately charged forwards. Behind him, four swords swiftly and accurately stabbed at his back.

Zong Shou was unmoved, shifting to the left. In a totally dangerous manner he brushed against the cold light as he managed to take seven steps through the only empty spaces.

At this moment, in front of him were a total of fourteen sword afterimages that were piercing through the air! Close behind him, locking down every direction, fourteen puppets seemingly locking down all the space around.

Zong Shou could hear clearly the mocking sounds from below the platform. Along with it were a few regretful sighs.

Lin Fei sighed before closing his eyes, “Ninety-nine breaths and it all ends here…”

Chuxue’s anxious breathing also entered his ears. He could even see Liang Miaozi, who was totally relaxed on the staircase opposite him, his mouth giving off a smile of contempt.

It all ends here?

Zong Shou smile grew wider and wider. He obviously knew that this position was a trap.

However if one didn’t proactively jump into this trap, how would one be able to break the formation?

For such a peak sword formation, one had to die before he would be able to rise from the ashes.

He took in a deep breath, then the energy that had been accumulating in his body was like a bomb going off as it surged into his limbs. He suddenly charged forwards, the Pine Pattern Wind Sword he had been carrying since he stepped onto the platform finally gave out a bright sword glow.

One of the four basic sword techniques, forward stab!

The green sword image was like lightning, charging forwards. The sword scene that had just been executed had been pierced through from the most unbelievable angle.

With a deep “dong”, the sword in Zong Shou’s hand paused before he confidently stabbed through the chest of the sword puppet. The huge energy directly destroyed the crystal talisman formation inside, tossing the entire puppet out of the platform. The puppet exploded into numerous pieces, spreading in all directions.

The originally flawless sword formation now had a gigantic hole in it.

In that instant, the entire palace was dead silent. Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief.

Those Lingyun Sect disciples at the gate who didn’t have the heart to bother about the examination gathered towards the Sky Sword Platform. They were in total chaos, pushing around to get in a better position to see more clearly.

“How’s that possible, it was actually broken by him…”

“The weakness of the formation was actually hidden in all the danger! I was wondering how this world could truly have a flawless sword formation…”

Lin Fei’s eyes were opened wide, his face didn’t have any laziness anymore. It was like there was a supreme beauty in front of him, his eyes unmoving.

Liang Miaozi was originally preparing to take his leave, but he was now rooted to the spot, his face filled with astonishment.

The small Heaven Sword Formation that no one could break, that posed problems for ascended experts, was broken just like that? Ninety-nine breaths, and it fell to a person who was not even thirteen?

How was that possible?

Yin Yang, whose body was bent like a leopard, couldn’t move from the shock.

He didn’t hope for Zong Shou to help him wipe clean his humiliation. Was the prestige of the top sect in the continent so easy to harm? Even if he faced an even bigger humiliation he would choose to swallow it.

He originally thought that as long as Zong Shou lasted over 100 breaths, he could at least become a disciple of the sect. However, he felt despair and was even prepared to risk his life to save his young master.

Who knew that in the a blink of an eye, such a miraculous turnaround would occur, he couldn’t even believe his own eyes.

Only Chuxue was in utter joy, without any other thoughts.

Three months ago the Young Master had done something like today, unbelievably slaying several people. He also used a stunning Will Mark Knife to take the life of that Burning Sword Wu Wei.

Zong Shou was also a little stunned. The moment the sword in his hand stabbed into the “heart” of the puppet, he felt an icy cold current spread from the tip of the sword into his body.

Before he could react, it had already charged into his energy ocean. The ice-cold energy current didn’t make him feel uncomfortable, and helped to recover the huge amount of stamina that he had used up.

A thought flashed into his mind at the same time. Was that conjecture really true?

He didn’t dare to be distracted and check out his body. He only paused momentarily to collect his thoughts and refocus. His body followed through the gap to charge out of the puppet formation.

The Small Heaven Sword Formation of Lingyun Sect, at least three people, at most eighteen. This battle was still not over! Breaking just one puppet was far from breaking the formation!

Every following footstep and sword needed to be truly precise and not have a single millimeter of deviation.

He moved left, his sword light flashing once more as he slashed behind him.

Seventeenth stance of the basic sword technique, right slash to the back!

“Second puppet broken!”

Yet another sharp ringing as the powerful sword light directly cut the head of the puppet behind him into shreds.

Wood shrapnel flying in the air, Zong Shou moved once more, using this headless puppet which couldn’t move as a cover to shift right.

Nineteenth stance of the basic sword technique, side charge!

“Third puppet broken!”

A sharp sword light landed immediately, piercing through the neck of a puppet who had circled around to the right. Its own momentum even caused the entire head of the puppet to break off.

The drill field at the current moment was truly silent. Everyone, no matter young or old, had surrounded this platform.

There were many more Lingyun Sect disciples who had dashed out from deep within the palace. They couldn’t make it close enough in time, so they looked on from afar. That floating figure, holding a really common Pine Pattern Sword, slashing out ray after ray of shockingly cold sword light.

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