Divine Brilliance

Chapter 24 - Eighteen Puppets

Chapter 24: Chapter 24 Eighteen Puppets

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The moment his voice hit them, the entire drill field went silent. Not only were Yin Yang and Chuxue stunned, the group of teen cultivators at the gate were totally quiet. Even Liang Miaozi was astonished.

After a short while, huge laughter broke out. An image rose into the air and landed on the Sky Sword Platform. It was the surnamed Lin person who Huang Yi called Senior Grandmaster. He laughed tat Zong Shou, “Although you aren’t big in size, your words are big, interesting. However since you know our sect rules, you should also know that if you enter the Sky Sword Platform, the sect won’t be blamed for your life or death. You must survive a hundred breaths without using any true qi or spiritual method.”

Zong Shou barely nodded, his hand wielding the Pine Pattern Wind Sword. He showed no hesitation, slowly walking towards the center of the formation, “No need for bullshit, I am naturally clear about your Lingyun Sect rules!”

How could he not know? After learning about the Sky Sword and Heaven Talisman in his last life, he purposely created a character to challenge it every day!

Others might fear and avoid this stone platform, but he treated the Heaven Sword Formation and those set of talisman patterns as the grinding stone for his own sword techniques and talisman drawing techniques.

He remembered that he spent a total of 2,372 attempts; an entire year, days and nights.

When this small formation was finally broken, his sword skills had reached the big success stage. In a short three years, Sword Emperor Dan Qiu was born in the game of God Emperor!

When the old man heard that, he wasn’t angry and nodded, “Good that you know! Since the the Desolate Era ended, a total of thirteen thousand and seven hundred people have come to challenge this Small Heaven Sword Formation. From Xuanwu ancestors to initial stage Martial Warriors, none of them have won. Close to three thousand people have died on this platform. Recently, fewer and fewer people have came to challenge it. I have only seen three people these last four hundred years. Although you are dual meridians and unable to cultivate, being able to step on this stage, your courage is commendable…”

Chuxue, who was beneath the platform, was shocked. She wanted to go forwards, but Yin Yang stopped her, “Don’t worry, Xue’er. Yyou have seen the prince’s sword skills. They aren’t normal, it shouldn’t be tough to last for a hundred breaths.”

Chuxue relaxed slightly, but when she turned to look at him, she saw Yin Yang’s expression, which was really solemn and filled with worry.

Liang Miaozi not far away even gave a scoff of contempt. “Challenge the Small Heaven Sword Formation? He really doesn’t know his place!”

Lin Fei had just gotten halfway into his speech and noticed the impatience on Zong Shou’s face, making him smile awkwardly. He threw out a talisman, which turned into eighteen spiritual lights, entering the bodies of the human-sized puppets.

A red glow appeared in the eyes of the eighteen puppets. Creaks sounded out from their joints, like when rusty machines were being activated once more after hundreds or thousands of years.

Zong Shou had stepped to the center of the platform, his long sword at an angle. The game creator of God Emperor had perfectly recreated this sword formation into the virtual world, even making it better than this. The real Heaven Sword Formation and the replica in the game would still be a little different. Being used to all sorts of false advertising in his era, Zong Shou wasn’t surprised.

Who knew whether he would be able to take it on?

Those puppets started to loosen themselves up until all the cracking noises of the joints disappeared. All of them suddenly stepped forwards in unison and gave out a “Hua!” shriek.

They took a few consecutive steps and drew closer. Their bright swords shone coldly in the sunlight.

Zong Shou smiled, taking three steps to the left. He saw the puppets shift their positions accordingly. Each action, each step, all of them were standard textbook and really precise. Nine long swords stabbed towards him from all directions.

Even when he had seen this several times in his last life, he couldn’t help but exclaim, as there wasn’t a weakness in all this.

This sword formation was indeed exquisite and first rate. Eighteen sword puppets looking out for one another, their cooperation with one another was also flawless.

If live people used it, maybe it would be even more powerful, but it wouldn’t be as flawless, with no weakness like this was.

However, this feeling was slightly different from that formation which he was familiar with.

With absolutely no plans to take it head on, Zong Shou shifted his steps two to the right. He was practically brushing the sharp sword glows as he dodged their attacks. His movements were like that of a butterfly as he shifted around within the formation, looking really endangered, but also really smooth.

Su Chuxue couldn’t help but grab her sleeves tightly.

Lin Fei, who was controlling the sword formation and looked like he was sleeping opened his eye once more in surprise.

“That footwork is not bad, he does has some foundations…”

With a deep moan, uncertainty filled his face. No matter how good one’s footwork was, he shouldn’t be able to move so freely within the formation. The Small Heaven Sword Formation shouldn’t be staying the same, either… unless this person’s combat talent and intuition was scaringly strong, or his attainments in the path of the sword were really deep!

Either of them coming from a thirteen-year old was totally unheard of.

In front of the gate, those sounds of laughters had continued. They slowly died down as they all walked towards the stone platform to watch.

They originally thought that the battle would end in only a few rounds, but even now it was still not over.

The person whom they had mocked was still standing straight up on the platform. His extremely handsome face had a smile on it, enchanting the onlookers.

“He is not bad! This person does have some talents, and they are quite out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, due to his meridians, however good his talent is, it is useless!”

“Forty-eight breaths have passed! If he continues to dodge so easily, not to mention a hundred breaths, he can even easily pass four hundred…”

However there were people whose eyes filled with cynicism, “Easily pass? Is the name of the Small Heaven Sword Formation fake? My ancestor challenged it before at the Xuanwu master level, and failed at four hundred-twenty breaths. This person can easily advance and retreat, but the true killing mode hasn’t begun!”

There was a fourteen-year old thin lad in the crowd, his eyes fixed right on the feet of Zong Shou, his eyes shining, revealing a fiery passion.

Beside him, was a girl of similar age, youthful and cute. She suddenly turned around and smiled, “Fei Bai, you self-proclaimed martial fanatic, saying you are the top talent in the past ten years of Donglin Cloud Continent. In my eyes this Zong Shou is stronger than you. Let’s make a bet, guess how long he would last?”

“I won’t bet!”

That young teen decisively shook his head, then he looked towards Zong Shou’s right hand. “I heard that a thousand years ago there was an ascended expert who fought, could only tie with this sword formation. However, this person still hasn’t used his sword; I can’t guess, it isn’t easy to guess either..”

That Pine Pattern Wind Sword hadn’t moved since the start! In the teen’s eyes, that sword was like a poisonous snake hidden in the grass, dangerous to the extreme. It was okay if it didn’t move, but if it did, it would be fatal.

The eyes of the girl froze up, and she shook her head, “I guess that Liang Miaozi is having huge regrets now. I can’t see through this Zong Shou, but I can tell he is saving up a lot of energy. Four hundred breaths isn’t a problem. I heard that this person helped that Zong Shi a lot in the light and in the dark. It seems like our future fellow apprentice will have a tough time!”

As she said that, the girl actually gave out a gloating laugh.

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