Divine Brilliance

Chapter 23 - Heaven Sword Formation

Chapter 23: Chapter 23 Heaven Sword Formation

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“Precedence? That was before me! I don’t know what those seniors in charge of the Hero Gathering Hall were thinking. But in my hands, I won’t allow this to happen! Furthermore, sect leader has decreed that Lingyun Zong musn’t interfere in Donglin Cloud Continent’s fights and matters.”

Liang Miaozi’s voice suddenly turned cold, his expression really sharp as he tossed back the Lingyun Vermillion Token. “I’ll return this token to you. Whatever problems you have, please raise it up. However as long as I am here in Lingyun Sect, we won’t allow trash who don’t enter by the right path to join our sect. To join our sect is really simple… just pass the examination!”

Huang Yi frowned, not daring to retort and could only turn his head and look at the three of them apologetically.

Zong Shou’s expression was cold from start to finish. In front of him, Yin Yang was so furious that his body started to tremble. After a breath, he gritted his teeth as he knelt down, bowing towards Liang Miaozi, “Yin Yang knows this is asking a lot, but our family’s prince has nowhere to go. He can only seek protection from Lingyun Sect, please make an exception…”

Su Chuxue, seeing the situation, anxiously knelt too. She didn’t know what to say, just begging as she looked towards Liang Miaozi and Huang Yi.

Zong Shou was totally infuriated at this moment. A blistering heat rose in his chest that he couldn’t press down. In his last life, be it in the game world or the real world, he fought against Lingyun Sect for over ten years. He had never bowed his head to Lingyun Sect and admitted weakness!

Yin Yang and Chuxue had thrown away all his face.

Thinking about it another way, he silently sighed. These two of them had given up everything for him. They could even give up their pride and dignity. Even if they weren’t truly doing it for him, but for themselves, it still touched him emotionally.

In the end, he had thirteen years of memories from this body, and to a certain extent he was already one with the old Zong Shou.

“Make exceptions? In this world, exceptions can’t be made for all things.”

Liang Miaozi was unmoved, a mocking look appearing on his face. “This girl is talented, double cultivator with exceptional achievements. If you are willing to join our sect, after the test you can directly become an inner disciple. If there’s nothing else, you all can go down the mountain!”

Yin Yang didn’t say anything, heavily kowtowing, his head smashing onto the green stone, giving out a light sound. Su Chuxue did the same, however in a short while, her snow white forehead had been bloodied.

Zong Shou was furious and depressed, but he couldn’t do anything. His ten fingernails were etched deeply into his skin.

That Liang Miaozi gave out a cold laugh. “If kowtows were useful, what are sect rules for? However, if I made you all return just like that, it would be a little too heartless. You all can spend half a year underneath the mountain. For half a year, our sect will protect you three. As for this Lingyun Token, you can it exchange for pills, medicine, spiritual tools, even cultivation manuals and spiritual incantation techniques! However, it is impossible for me to let such a dual meridian trash enter our sect! If there is nothing else, then you…”

Yin Yang frowned once more and was about to change his tone. Unable to join the sect, but being able to be protected for a few years was his original intention. But Liang Miaozi’s tone had totally turned cold, “You all can scram!”

The moment he said those words, his voice was like thunder. When he said ‘scram’, astral wind burst forth. Yin Yang was tossed backwards a thousand feet. He rolled off the staircase and when he landed, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Just one sentence was enough to make Yin Yang suffer heavy injuries. Chuxue also flew back hundreds of feet, but her situation was better than Yin Yang, her face was just ashen white.

Within Zong Shou’s body, his vital energy and blood also started to blow. It wasn’t that Liang Miaozi showed mercy, but because his sound secret technique caused people who had stronger internal energy to be affected more. He, who was the weakest, was unharmed.

However, the flames of fury in his heart burned even brighter. Like adding oil to a flame, it was burning away at his rationality. His eyes started to turn red.

Huang Yi also wasn’t affected, looking towards the three of them with pity. Although they were from the same sect, he felt that his Senior Master was just too much. No matter what somewhat with the token had more or less some contribution and good grace to the sect. However, he couldn’t say much about this matter, only being able to sigh quietly. “Senior Master Liang Miaozi is the head of the East Hero Gathering Hall, in charge of the acceptance of all inner and outer sect disciples. Since he has made his mind up, it won’t be changed. Why not let me send the few of you down the mountain?”

Zong Shou was expressionless, saying nothing. He casually turned around and walked back to Chuxue and Yin Yang.

The latter wasn’t one to be stepped on by others, and after standing up he didn’t plead with Liang Miaozi anymore. His face turned green, his fists gripped tight. The fury in his eyes could nearly materialize.

Chuxue was just as bad, holding tightly on her sword handle, her lips torn from all the biting.

Coincidentally at this moment, mocking voices spread out from the direction of the gate. “Even with the Lingyun Vermillion Token you got chased out…”

“That should be the right way! I’m ashamed to be associated with these people! Aristocratic families are good but what can they do?”

“Gantian Mountain Prince, I have recalled! Didn’t that Monster King Zong Weiran already die two months ago? I also heard of this Zong Shou, he spent three years in Linhai College and achieved nothing. There were rumors that said that he was chased out, why is he here now?”

Although the voice was soft, but in the ears of martial arts cultivators, they could hear things clearly from a thousand feet away. Su Chuxue’s face flushed red, she suddenly pulled her sword half an inch out, the cold light gleaming. Huang Yi’s face sank, “Three guests, please don’t do anything you will regret. This is, after all, Lingyun Sect’s Pill Spirit Mountain!”

Yin Yang shook his head and pressed on Chuxue, “Don’t be rash. Let’s go down the mountain…”

The moment he said that, Zong Shou suddenly laughed.

In those thirteen years of memories, he was indeed fetched out by Yin Yang and Chuxue, which was the same as being kicked out of Linhai College.

If it was the original Zong Shou, he had to bear everything, no matter how hurtful it was.

But now it was him. In this life, he wouldn’t be a gentle and respectful person. He would never be able to hide his sharpness and aggressiveness.

The noisy chatter outside at the gate entered his ears. Liang Miaozi, standing on the steps, stood with his hands on his waist, looking down at them like one would look down on ants.

Zhou Shous’ anger had surprisingly disappeared. Instead he laughed, “Uncle Yin, it wouldn’t be too late for us to go down the mountain later. Just watch, I will help you two vent your anger, how about that?”

At this moment, his heart was like that of a mirror, his will as cold as ice. A Realm that he had spent so many years trying to reach in his last life but couldn’t attain was achieved right now in one jump.

No wonder there were people who said that, be it martial cultivators or spirit masters, when they cultivated they needed to experience and understand all sorts of feelings in the world.

Yin Yang was astonished and instinctively wanted to stop him. His expression suddenly changed, as he felt that the teen in front of him was giving out an incomparable aura.

Zong Shou was smiling, but he gave one a feeling of a volcano about to explode. It was really suppressive, even leaving a Mythic Master who opened up eight meridians like himself astonished and unable to speak.

Zong Shou turned around and directly walked towards the Sky Sword Platform to the right.

“I have heard that the ancestor of Lingyun Sect once set up a small Heaven Sword Formation on the Pill Spirit Mountain. Apparently people below the ascended level can’t break it. Anyone who is able to last for hundred breaths without using true qi can become a true disciple. Three hundred breaths and one can become a direct disciple. A person who destroys one puppet would directly be a disciple of the elder in charge of teaching!”

Climbing up the stairs one by one, Zong Shou suddenly pulled out his sword, his eyes staring right at the eighteen silently standing puppets.

“Didn’t you say you want to test us? Untalented Zong Shou wants to try out this Heaven Sword Formation to see if it is worthy of its name…”

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