Divine Brilliance

Chapter 22 - Hero Gathering Hall Head

Chapter 22: Chapter 22 Hero Gathering Hall Head

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Huang Yi’s lips instantly rose, revealing delight and pride. Zong Shou couldn’t help but snicker, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Seeing Chuxue look over in confusion, he also felt really annoyed with the face of Huang Yi, so Zong Shou explained, “Xue’er, you haven’t seen much, it’s just that this tool is exceptional!”

Stepping with his foot, pushing aside the clouds around him, below him were closely-packed talisman words.

Chuxue took a look and felt that this spiritual formation indeed came from the hands of an expert. It pretty much didn’t have any function other than flying. It was really inflexible, only being able to use in a small area.

This seemingly useless tool was something spirit masters with little spiritual ability could control.

Her face blushed red and she laughed, too. Huang Yi felt really awkward. However, the thickness of his face seemed to have reach a certain level, as in a blink of an eye, he regained his composure, looking at Zong Shou in surprise.

Zong Shou wanted to say a few more words, but then he wondered why he was competing with this junior of Lingyun Sect. He laughed softly and didn’t say anything else.

Spirit master cultivation had nine realms, each Realm could be split into three stages, similar to that of martial cultivator’s Heaven, Earth, and Man’s three rounds.

The first three stages were the Psychic Stage. One could use and make talismans as well as some weak formations.

The next three realms were the Tool Driving Stage that Chuxue had mentioned, who could control and create tools. In an era with low spiritual energy, this stage would basically be the maximum.

The last three stages were the Spirit Control Stage. One could control the spirits around with their will, executing formations without hand signs. Just raising his hand would give off a huge amount of strength.

In his last life, those Lingyun Sect disciples loved to use these special tools to fake being tool driving cultivators to look skilled. As relevant news spread out between players, they could only scare newbies, as well as those system NPCs.

At a hundred thousand feet in the air, Huang Yi made another hand sign, saying “Land!” as the cloud landed in front.

This place was really flat, a platform sticking out from the middle of the mountain, having a hundred thousand square feet of space. Right in front of them was a gigantic palace.

Outside of the palace stood dozens of people. There were also a bunch of kids formed up in a row, all of them looking really solemn.

The moment Huang Yi descended in front of the palace gate, he walked towards an old man dressed in silver and said, “Senior Grandmaster Lin, Gantian Mountain Monster King Zong Weiran orders his son to join our sect. With them holding the Lingyun Vermillion Token, disciple doesn’t dare to stop him!”

The old cultivator’s eyes were half-open, and only when Huang Yi finished did he look up. Yin Yang instinctively raised the token. The former’s eyes flashed and then he nodded, “Understood, go look for the first seat. But Ling Weizi, that old man, isn’t at Yueling Pavilion. He should have gone to the Yuling Taoist palace…”

Huang Yi bowed deeply before walking through the gate. Zong Shou followed quickly behind. Just as he stepped into the gate, those kids scoffed, “Gantian Mountain Zong Family, what’s so great about them? What I look down are all those who depend on their ancestors!”

Zong Shou blinked his eyes, looking into that crowd of people. This look caused that disciple to slightly shiver.

Apart from them opening up the mountain for a selection, Lingyun Sect would have professional scouts search for talents all over the Cloud World. They would choose elite jewels to bring into the mountain to become inner disciples.

These teens and kids who were at most fourteen should be the talents gathered by Lingyun Sect from all over the land.

He didn’t pay much attention before, but looking closely now, he immediately found that a load of them were famous people in the future. Three to five of them were people who he had crossed swords with as NPCs in the game.

As for the person who dissed him, he hadn’t seen him before.

The surrounding cultivators just smiled, acting like they didn’t hear him and didn’t care. Huang Yi did the same as he continued forwards. Only Su Chuxue felt a little furious.

Zong Shou laughed silently. The personality of the Lingyun Sect disciples were always like that, looking down on the weak and respecting the strong. Since they were in a strong sect, they looked down on all Donglin Cloud Continent people. The competitive atmosphere in the sect was also really thick. In the last life, this was what he didn’t like the most about the sect.

In this life, with it affecting him, he didn’t like it all the more.

Beside the palace gate was a giant drill field, which took up a large part of the entire place.

When the four of them directly crossed it. Zong Shou specifically took a look at the two sides, stone platforms a thousand feet away from the palace gate. Zong Shou had seen these two places many times in the last life, and was really familiar with them.

Legend had it that the left side was the Heaven Talisman Platform, with many talismans and charms that no one could draw. On the right was the Sky Sword Platform, with sword formations that no one could break.

At least before the God Emperor era, those legends were true. Even those few experts couldn’t do anything about them. It had once caused all martial artists and spirit masters to deem them as their greatest humiliation.

He could roughly see that on the left there were twelve stone stelaes standing tall. On the right were eighteen puppets standing calm and silent.

Zong Shou’s lips coldly rose, looking elsewhere.

Going through this drill field, in front of them was an ancient palace hall building. Vermillion red paint and golden glass bricks made it look really noble and expensive.

When the four of them stepped in, a middle-aged man dressed in a similar silver robe stepped out from inside.

Looking at them four, the person avoided their eyes, his face sinking, looking at Huang Yi as he asked, “Who are these three? Why are they here?”

Huang Yi wasn’t surprised, following what he said before to answer, “Disciple greets Senior Master Liang Miaozi, this three are guests from Gantian Mountain. Gantian Mountain Monster King wants his son to become a disciple of our sect. They have a Lingyun Vermillion Token, which was why I led them in!”

“Gantian Mountain Monster King? Is it that Zong Weiran who has been rumored to have fallen recently?”

That Liang Miaozi used his hand to grab out, a blue light shot out at the Lingyun Vermillion Token in Yin Yang’s hand. Yin Yang actually couldn’t hold onto it, letting it fly out of his hand. Liang Miaozi grabbed the token, looking at it expressionlessly, “So it was given by brother Yun. How generous. However, with just this token you want to become a disciple to our Lingyun Sect? I am in charge of the Hero Gathering Hall, how can I bear to let a dual meridian trash enter our sect?”

Hearing those last few sentences, Yin Yang knew that things weren’t good, his face instantly turning really ugly. Su Chuxue was filled with panic and loss, looking stunned at Liang Miaozi.

Huang Yi was evidently astonished, hesitating. “Senior master, isn’t it a little inappropriate? Lingyun Vermillion Token was a rule that the ancestor set up ten thousand years ago. This is also a high-grade gold token, no matter what, as long as the demands aren’t too overbearing, we have to agree. They only want a person to join our sect, there has been precedence in the past…”

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