Divine Brilliance

Chapter 21 - Lingyun Vermillion Token

Chapter 21: Chapter 21 Lingyun Vermillion Token

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“The wind has finally arrived, haha! I have waited in this goddamn place for two months!”

“Idiot, the storm is about to arrive, why aren’t you running!?”

The street instantly descended into chaos, everyone running around and bumping into one another. In a blink of an eye, the street that was packed a moment ago was now empty, left in a total mess.

Zong Shou looked out into the distance once more, where those closely packed clouds were slowly floating towards the distance.

As the wind grew in strength, that giant mountain that was hidden in the clouds all year round finally showed signs of appearing.

At the south side of that place, a black cloud floated over along with the wind. The sound of lightning blasted out occasionally.

Zong Shou’s expression slowly became distracted.

At such a time, is she already on those mountain peaks, dancing along with the wind? Legend had it that this habit started a hundred years before the God Emperor era.

Thinking back to that outstanding and extremely enchanting body, Zong Shou’s mind couldn’t help, but wander off. After a short while, his thoughts were broken by a knocking on the door.

Yin Yang walked in from the outside. At his waist was that ringed saber, his entire body up and down was all packed up and ready. He wore a Martial Master long-sleeved coat, making him seem really majestic. Unfortunately his face was still as cold as usual.

“Prince, it’s time for us to move! Things might change as time go on, we can’t wait here…”


Braving the heavy rain, the carriage charged out of the mountains. Traveling in such a huge storm was something those 16 Cloud Stepping Foals hated, occasionally letting out unhappy cries. However under the control of Yin Yang, they were really well-behaved and continued to travel.

Under the blowing storm, the carriage tilted left and right. Luckily the talisman formation at the bottom of the carriage came into play, helping to stabilize the carriage before it toppled.

They went past a hundred miles of forest and over a three-thousand feet river. The carriage finally arrived under a huge mountain.

The first thing that entered the eyes of the three was a gigantic gate.

It was around nine thousand feet high, made up of eighteen giant stone pillars. Its body was connected by deep green spiritual jade carved with various images, which made it look really majestic and beautiful. The steps opened up within were all made of stone and quite spacious.

The dominance of the top sect in Donglin Cloud World was on full display.

“This is Pill Spirit Mountain? How huge…”

Chuxue and Zong Shou jumped off the carriage together, bending backwards to try to find the mountain peak. However, it was still hidden within the clouds and they couldn’t see a thing.

“It is at least three times bigger than Gantian Mountain! No, at least five times. As expected from Lingyun Sect…”

Zong Shou couldn’t help but sneer; what did the size of Pill Sun Mountain have to do with Lingyun Sect? He scoffed coldly, “This mountain is big. But the mountain doesn’t focus on the height, but the people in it; what is important about the ocean isn’t how deep it is, but how strong the Dragon in it is…”

The moment he said that, he remembered that on this mountain lived the person who was closest to becoming a Celestial in this world.

Above their Gantian Mountain, apart from those few people, there weren’t any talents. He could only pout, looking at the peak of the mountain unhappily. He truly didn’t have confidence when he said those words.

He remembered that when had he just entered the game, when he was still a rookie, many times Lingyun Sect disciplines kill stole his monsters, or even killed him to steal his treasures. He became total enemies with this top sect of the East of the Cloud World. There were probably no less than a hundred thousand Lingyun Sect disciples who died under his hands.

After his martial arts reached the big success stage, he charged into the palace and had a full one day and one night battle with the sect master. In the end he had to escape helplessly, but he felt glory in defeat.

Talking about his last life and this, he had many squabbles and conflicts with this Lingyun Sect. No matter what, he just found them an eyesore.

But those various actions were, after all, in the game. The current him was like a small ant under the foot of a giant. Without them needing to act, directly using their aura, they could suffocate him to death.

His greatest wish in the past was to step on this sect, grinding it right into the ground. Who knew whether or not he would be able to get his wish in this life?

But if his father’s status was good enough and he could enter the sect? What should he do? Follow along, or be a little arrogant?

What awaited him outside was a huge storm. A big sect to rely on felt like a good choice.

Lingyun Sect had ten thousand years of martial art techniques and spiritual techniques he craved. Before he was able to get the Book of Universal Extreme Life, he was planning to ninja his way into their Scripture hidey-hole.

In the future, when he wasn’t happy, he would just betray the sect and leave. Those old people wouldn’t be able to do anything about him.

When Chuxue heard that, she felt a little weird, turning around and taking a look at him. Then she shook her head, who knew that he was currently thinking about things that would make Lingyun Sect disciples tear him to shreds.

On the way here, there was a huge rainfall, but as they got near the Pill Spirit Mountain, it was sunny and clear.

The few of them ascended the stairs and went up, shortly arriving outside of the gate.

Below the giant pillars stood four people. Each of them stood upright on the two sides of the pillars.

Before waiting for Zong Shou and the others to get close, a square-faced man stepped out and shouted, “Who are you? Today is the day our inner disciples enter! Outsider tests will begin three days from now, when the rain stops!If you don’t have any other matters, you can leave!”

Yin Yang stopped in his tracks, bowing solemnly, “I am Yin Yang from Gantian Mountain, my master ordered me to come over to greet the first seat of Pill Spirit Mountain, to allow the Young Master of my Family to enter Lingyun Sect!”

Whilst he spoke, Yin Yang took out a red token and held it in front of him.

“That’s the Lingyun Vermillion Token!”

Zong Shou’s eyes narrowed, a feeling of enlightenment entered him. No wonder his father and Yin Yang had confidence of getting him into Lingyun Sect.

For a person to have the Lingyun Vermillion Token, he must have been of great help to the sect. With this token they could request a matter from the sect at any moment. Naturally the matter the token holder requested would be similar to the amount of help he gave.

Looking at the golden line above and below the two words “Lingyun” on the token, it seems like his father or his ancestors had helped the sect a lot.

The man was also surprised, hesitating and taking a look at Zong Shou before nodding, “It is the Sky Fox Zong Family! So this must be the Prince of Gantian Mountain? Since this is a high grade Lingyun Vermillion Token, not to mention becoming a disciple, even becoming the first seat’s personal disciple isn’t too much to ask. I am Huang Yi, a fifth-generation disciple of the sect, you three can follow me!”

After he spoke, he raised his hand and a cloud-shaped instrument flew out and hung in midair.

Yin Yang and Chuxue didn’t say much, stepping into the cloud. Zong Shou followed behind, stepping onto it.

“The three of you please stand properly!” Huang Yi reminded them before doing a hand sign, chanting some incantations before saying, “Rise!” The cloud below them instantly rose into the air and flew slowly towards the peak.

Although the cloud wasn’t fast, it was far better than walking. In such a short while they covered half the height of the mountain.

This was the First time Chuxue had ridden on such a spirit master instrument. She stepped hard with her foot and then said in awe, “This Huang Yi, although he is just a fifth-generation disciple and is so young, not much older than me, he can drive flying tools. When can I have such achievements?…”

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