Divine Brilliance

Chapter 20 - Godspeed Progress

Chapter 20: Chapter 20 Godspeed Progress

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Time passed in a hurry. In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

Zong Shou was getting more and more used to the lifestyle in this era. Apart from occasionally shopping for spirit master cultivation items, the herbs and ingredients for that Quicksilver Beast King and occasionally planning with his maid, the rest of the time he would remain in his room, training basic sword techniques, footwork, and other basic cultivation foundations.

Yin Yang and Chuxue were the same, not wanting to go outside and attract trouble.

At the current moment, over a hundred thousand people had gathered within Haze City. Fishes and dragons mixed up, many of them also really young and hot-headed. Even with the deterrence of the Lingyun Sect, there were unavoidably some fights and conflicts. The only thing was that no one dared to kill one another.

The three of them had special identities, and naturally didn’t want to cause trouble here.

During these two months, Zong Shou was happy was that both Yin Yang and Chuxue both had small improvements in their cultivation. After the intense battle with Burning Sword Wu Wei, Yin Yang opened up his eighth chakra meridian and became a middle-grade Mythic Master.

As for Chuxue, although he didn’t know what level her soul reached, her true Qi showed that she had reached the peak of Martial Master, even better than Zong Yu had been.

Zong Shou was obviously happy, as Yin Yang and Chuxue could be considered his loyal servants. In this world, they were the only people he could trust. Their strengths increasing naturally meant that his chances of surviving had increased too!

Even Chuxue was delighted. For a double cultivator to improve after this stage was as tough as ascending the heavens. Every small improvement was really precious.

The worry that disappeared after killing Wu Wei had appeared on Yin Yang’s face once more, and it became darker by the day.

He didn’t mention that conversation with Feng Xiao, so Zong Shou could only act like he didn’t know about it and not ask questions, practicing as usual and being even more hardworking.


Within the bath basin, the water flowed, hot steam rose into the air. Zong Shou was totally naked, sitting in the middle lazily.

Sitting behind him, Chuxue was drenched in water and sweat, her fingers helping to massage Zong Shou and free up his acupoints.

As if she hated Zong Shou, she used a lot of strength, and Zong Shou’s back was covered in red marks.

“Young Master has completed the Foundation Meridian and now a small part of the Breathing Meridian. Your qi training has small success. Next time, you won’t need Xue’er for the medicine bath and you can do it yourself.” She taught him a set of breathing and internal cultivation methods which helped to use up the medicinal powers of the Five Ginseng Blood Strengthening Soak.

Seeing Zong Shou’s meridians, Chuxue was deeply shocked. Who knew what method Zong Shou used, he was obviously just using the Zong Family basic Qi training method, but in a short two months he had managed to open the twenty-four acupoints of the Foundation Meridians. With his double meridians, that was forty-eight points! As for the Breathing Meridian, he had also completed a portion of it!

Let alone Martial Warriors of the same level, even those at those with peak meridians would lose out to him in terms of internal energy!

The strengths of his basics were stronger than any martial cultivator she knew of. With such internal strength, he definitely didn’t need her help and could absorb all these herbs on his own.

Who knew that Zong Shou seated in front of her would directly shake his head. “Breathing internal cultivation method? I won’t learn it! Having Xue’er to help me is enough…”

Why did he have to bother himself to learn a technique to consume these medicines?

Although in terms of efficiency his Energy Swallowing Technique and internal breathing Energy Leading Technique were much better than Xue’er’s, but every ten years to have such a beauty bathing with him? Such benefits, where could one find them?

Chuxue nearly exploded. Luckily, after these two months she had some understanding of the Young Master’s current personality and was immune to it. She said coldly, “No matter whether or not Young Master learns it or not, anyways Xue’er won’t accompany Young Master to bath anymore.” She had decided not to help massage this perverted Young Master.

Zong Shou expressionlessly acknowledged, his expression still one of laziness… only for the side of his lips to perk evilly, “Okay. Then the basic sword technique I wanted to teach Xue’er… how unfortunate…”

His tone was filled with huge regret. Chuxue’s eyes lit up. Various families and sects had similar basic sword techniques. But one as superb as Zong Shou’s was not something she had seen before.

These last few days, when she sparred in the sword with him, she would lose within a few rounds. No matter how exquisite her sword stance, in front of Zong Shou it was easily broken.

From start to finish, he only used that simple basic sword technique. She admired the sword Dao and the the theories within, as well as some changes to it.

She was instantly tempted, and the next moment her cheeks flushed red.

She smacked Zong Shou’s back, dispersing the last bit of medicinal energy that was gathered up, donned her dress and flew out the door.

After a few breaths, she shouted from outside, “Young Master you are despicable!”

Her tone was indeed filled with anger. However, with her sweet voice, it didn’t have much weight.

Zong Shou grinned, and directly used the Energy Swallowing Technique to absorb the remaining Essence of the medicine, turning it into pure energy and storing it in his body.

He only used a few breaths of time.

“Unfortunately that Sky Mirror Soul Shining technique can’t be used on my meridians. If I could use Sun Essence fire to purify the true Qi, my cultivation could increase, and I could complete the Breathing Meridian.”

The purifying and improving process after using the technique took up a lot of his time.

If it wasn’t that he was worried that the true Qi would have too many impurities and cause problems for his future, he might even be able to break out of the Martial Warrior Realm!

His soul cultivation had exceeded his martial cultivation. The Sky Mirror Soul Shining Technique had gone from six mirrors to twelve. Every seven days, the windows of the guest room would be filled with copper mirrors.

At this time he had completed the cultivation of the Focus Concentration level.

Spirit master levels were really simple, split into nine layers: Focus Concentration, Soul Observation, Spirit Cultivation, Out of Body, Night Roaming, Back to Sun, Night Roaming, Body Forming, True Image.

At the start of the soul cultivation path, the soul wasn’t stabilized and was unstable and indistinct. The Focus Concentrations stage was to stabilize and concentrate the soul.

Ever since Zong Shou built his true soul seed, he had brought it out of his body every day to go up against the astral winds. He also used the essence fire of the sun in the moonlight to purify and train it.

What he lacked was enough energy. He had barely reached the requirements to enter the next step of cultivation.

Moving the wooden basin to the side, Zong Shou fed the mutated water beast in the ironwood can as usual.

As for the food it currently ate, the ores had increased in level, and the beast crystal also increased to Grade Two.

Hearing the chewing sound of the monster within, Zong Shou smiled.

In a few more days, the spiritual energy he gathered would be enough to tame this Protector Spirit Beast. In just half a month, it would advance to its second stage and gain the ability that many admired.

Looking into the tens of beast crystals remaining in his bag, helplessness appeared on his face.

Cultivating qi techniques, and feeding the spirit beast caused his finances to greatly reduce. If he didn’t replenish them, they would be used up sooner or later.

“Oh? This wind doesn’t seem right?”

Zong Shou quickly stepped forwards, facing the light breeze that entered the room as he headed towards the window.

In the next moment, he could see a commotion on the streets outside. There were even people running around hollering, “The wind has arrived! Lingyun Sect is about to open up!…”

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