Divine Brilliance

Chapter 19 - Prince Zong Shou

Chapter 19: Chapter 19 Prince Zong Shou

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Zong Shou’s current feeling was like his entire being was standing within huge flames.

The flames of the sun were pure and blistering, the best outer force to help purify and improve the soul. However, apart from the top spiritual cultivators, the spirits of other cultivators would be dispersed with just one ray of light from the sun.

Most spirit masters, before the Return to Sun stage, would cultivate using moonlight, which was many times weaker.

Even using the copper mirror to reflect the moonlight to help gather up the sun essence fire, as compared to straight moonlight, was a further few levels weaker yet. This was something thought up six thousand years in the future. Using this Sky Mirror Soul Shining Technique, the person who created this technique used his average ability to climb high up, pretty much stepping to the peak of spirit masters.

In the era Zong Shou lived in, this technique had spread out far and wide, pretty much everyone knew about it. However, as the spiritual energy around then was really weak, there were few spirit masters who achieved much.

At this moment, such a technique could help to make up for the weakness of the Heaven Energy Swallowing Conversion Technique.

The copper mirror was blurry and its reflection wasn’t strong. Moonlight was like water, its glow was extremely cold.

When it was shone onto Zong Shou’s soul, it immediately caused half of this smoke-like soul to immediately disappear, the remaining part shaking vigorously.

Just as it was about to be crushed, the fragrance from the nine sandalwood incense rose. The green smoke wrapped up Zong Shou’s soul, and it solidified once more.

“So hot! It feels like I am about to burn up. Luckily this time I was careful and prepared sandalwood essence to stabilize the soul. Hei! These six copper mirrors already reached such a level. Who knew how painful the true Sky Mirror Soul Shining Technique would be? I really underestimated those spirit masters in the past…”

The true Sky Mirror Soul Shining technique would use the radiance mirror that appeared in the future, which was extremely thin and tiny.

Just six copper mirrors could only gather up the lowest requirement of sun essence fire. Even then, it gave Zong Shou the feeling of his soul melting.

Midnight was when the sun’s essence fire was the weakest. In just half an hour, it would rise gradually.

Zong Shou didn’t dare delay, consciously manipulating his true soul seed to charge into the center of the sun’s essence fire.

He could see those impurities which had entered his soul with the Energy Swallowing Technique transform into thin threads of smoke, rising into the air and disappearing. As for the remaining parts of them, they totally merged with his soul.

This seed didn’t have any other color, now like a deep purple jewel. Zong Shou’s soul entered his body through the back of his head.

This time, Zong Shou could feel that his five senses had instantly became sharper by over ten times. All sorts of noises and sights within a hundred meters were caught by him.

Zong Shou didn’t bother much, knowing that this was a temporary phenomenon that appeared after one built up their true soul. After a night, it would disappear slowly.

Hurriedly swallowing a pill that was prepared much earlier, he took in a deep breath, sucking in the smoke from the nine sandalwood incenses. In the next moment, the back of his head felt a piercing pain, making him question his existence. The muscles in his body all felt weak and lacking energy.

This was the sign of one’s soul suffering from too much damage, the price that had to be paid for using the Sky Mirror Soul Shining Technique. Fortunately, the pill in his stomach gave off bits of a cooling sensation. The sandalwood incense also helped to nourish the soul, lessening the pain.

After a short while, Zong Shou slowly adapted to it. He took a blue crystal, placing it between his brows. Looking at the flawless purple dot within his body, he smiled through all the pain.

He took the risk, to use the Sky Mirror Soul Shining technique, and he had nearly died. However, the rewards were far greater than he had expected.

“In terms of purity and quality, my current soul probably can compare to those Back to Sun level experts? The recovery of the soul will need some time. However, two months should definitely be enough. When the Lingyun Sect opens up, not only might my Foundation Meridian be completed, my spirit master cultivation will also reach the Focus Concentration Realm!”

After a short while, along with the moon in the sky shifting, the moonlight reflected in by the six mirrors slowly deviated.

Zong Shou waited for his strength to slowly recover, before standing up to collect all the instruments and talismans within the room. Not long after he began, a sound entered his ear.

“Brother Yin, although you work for master, you are still from the human race. Furthermore, you are from a famous sect; why are you interfering in our Gantian Mountain’s internal squabbles? Isn’t it better to leave right now?”

“Leave now? Feng Xiao, who was the one who taught you to say those words? Was it Zong Shi, Zong Yang, or that Zong Shiyuan? Master was wrong about you! Before this, I was still wondering how that small Zong Yu followed the tracks of the prince.”

Zong Shou wasn’t going to continue listening, but when those words entered his ear, he stopped.

He could easily tell that the noise came from a small bridge two hundred yards away from the inn.

This voice is Yin Yang, who knows what background the other person has? Listening to what he is speaking, he seemed to work for my father?

His brows slightly raised, Zong Shou continued to listen attentively. That Feng Xiao continued flatly after keeping silent for a while, “It was Young Master Zong Shi. After all, Master has fallen, we still need to survive well. With the prince’s ability, even if he could become the Monster King of Gantian Mountain, we would only be harming him. Brother Yin, why do you have to be so stubborn?”

“As expected, it was him! Feng Xiao, you do have some taste. This kind of getting somebody else to do your dirty work schemes you are executing really well. So is that Zong Shi prepared to let the prince go back to Gantian Mountain to be his puppet, or does he want the prince to die outside of Gantian Mountain?”

Feng Xiao gave a cold laugh, saying arrogantly, “My Young Master Zong Shi is the top talent of the Sky Fox Zong Family, the best after Master. He is not even twenty and managed to break out of the Body Chakra stage, being recognized by numerous elders of the Family. He could use his own strength to convince all the families in Gantian, why would he need a puppet? If you could bring the prince far away and not enter the Cloud World from now onwards, the Young Master would let him live on account of their brotherhood. But if he doesn’t know his position and plots for the throne, no matter how magnanimous the Young Master is, he will take his life!”

This time it was Yin Yang who was totally silent. That voice continued, “Brother, you swore to work for Gantian Mountain to the death. Why must you hang around a dead tree? What future do you have following that Zong Shou? I know you are going to bring the prince to join Lingyun, but in my eyes you won’t get what you wish for. If you join me to serve the Young Master, maybe you can manage to protect the prince…”

The moment the words landed, Yin Yang interrupted with a cold laugh, “Speak no more! Our paths are different! I have chosen the prince and won’t join anyone else, even if I die I have no regrets! I am ashamed to be connected to traitors like you!” After he spoke, he stormed away without hesitation.

Zong Shou shook his head slightly, not bothering with that situation anymore.

Was this Yin Yang loyal, or was he stubborn? Feng Xiao’s idea was actually a plan.

To say those words, wasn’t he totally cutting off his way out?

He roughly remembered that after ‘he’ was chased out of Lingyun Mountain, he became the Gantian Mountain Monster King, forced into the position by Zong Yang and Zong Shiyuan. However, he only lasted for a short few years before being usurped by that Zong Shi.

Listening to the tone of Feng Xiao, it was like he knew what future lay ahead of the three of them at Gantian Mountain.


Zong Shou laughed instead of feeling angry, while in the deep parts of his eyes, a cold glow flashed by.

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