Divine Brilliance

Chapter 30 - Leaving Abruptly

Chapter 30: Chapter 30 Leaving Abruptly

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After he spoke, Zong Shou suddenly leapt away, jumping off the Heaven Talisman Platform and walking towards the gate of the palace.

Lin Fei opened his mouth, wanting to persuade him, but at the last second he sighed, not saying a word. From start to finish, Liang Miaozi was standing in front of the main hall, his fists dripping fresh blood.

Yin Yang hesitated, his face showing that he was struggling. However, that was just for a short moment, and he confidently chased after his prince with Chuxue.

Walking out of the crowd, Zong Shou suddenly thought about one matter, turning around and saying, “What was that, that Lingyun Vermillion Token? Why is Uncle Yin still holding onto it? That useless thing, are you going to eat it?”

Yin Yang paused only a moment, before laughing and tossing the Lingyun Sect Token casually to the side.

With a crisp clattering, the entire drill field and the hundreds of Lingyun Sect disciples there felt their faces flush red, filled with anger, but also shame.

This token being tossed on the ground was undoubtedly a slap straight at their faces!

Ten thousand years of built-up reputation was ground right to nothing in an instant.

Lin Fei’s face was showing more and more despair. Liang Miaozi could only feel an intense pain in his chest; his throat felt sweet, but his mouth was filled with the taste of iron.

Zong Shou laughed without restraint as he continued to walk on. Just as he was about to step out of the gate, he saw someone ahead of him. He was tall and skinny, only his eyes looked those of a wild beast, fierce and brutal.

An overbearing aura instantly charged at his face, touching his heart. It was like there was a huge leopard filled with killing intent in front of him, and not another thirteen-year old teen like him.

Yin Yang’s expression changed slightly, hurrying to block for Zong Shou.

“So it is this person…”

The memories buried in the depths of his mind instantly sharpened. Yan Fei Bai, entered Lingyun Sect at thirteen years of age, after just ten years him stepped into the Realm of the Ascended.

Considering the time and age, didn’t this person join Lingyun Sect this year? Out of this batch of disciples, apart from him, who else would have such martial arts strength at such a young age?

Since this person was here, then the other should be, too. His eyes floated around, and not far away found a girl. Her face was flushing red as she looked on from afar with interest.

If he was right, this girl should be surnamed Ge, her name was Hanyun.

During the God Emperor Era, spiritual energy was rampant, numerous experts were born. These two people were pinnacle-level existences in the future, but compared to all the experts, they weren’t out of the ordinary.

The reason why Zong Shou remembered them was because in his last life, he had an intense battle against the twin pillars of Pill Spirit, not just the Heaven Talisman and Sky Sword Platforms.

Even without him, two years later this Yan Fei Bai would be able to break the legend of the Donglin Cloud Continent. With one blade and within seven hundred breaths, he would break the Small Heaven sword formation. Ge Hanyun at his side would borrow the Luo Cloud Spirit Brush, personally copying the twelve God Talismans of the platform, similarly shocking the Cloud Continent. On the same day, the two of them became direct disciples of Lingyun Sect, becoming the pillars of the sect.

His thoughts moved slightly, before he regained his calm. Zong Shou didn’t pause at all as he walked forwards. The place he put his foot down changed slightly. Just by turning his body slightly to the side, he easily broke this strong aura, brushing past this young teen.

That Yan Fei Bai’s body trembled, and he exclaimed coldly, “What exquisite skill! Such martial talent, what a waste! If you weren’t dual meridians, I definitely couldn’t beat you. If three years from now, you can enter the Martial Master Realm, I will challenge you!”

Zong Shou was confused, not following this person’s logic. I can’t beat him now, but in three years, he thinks I can? He recalled the fool’s obsession with martial arts before silently shaking his head, not bothering with him as he walked out of the gates of the palace.

Both sides of this place was still high mountains and clouds. Looking out from here was vast and open, miles of land caught in one’s eyes, very relaxing and rejuvenating one’s senses.

When Zong Shou looked down at his feet, he saw a mountainous path linked directly to the foot of the mountain. It was made of jade stone, but it was really dangerous and covered by numerous clouds, blocking one’s sight such that one was unable to see their direction. It seemed to be predicting his future.

Taking a deep breath, Zong Shou laughed out once more, before heading down.

Perhaps because he had used up too much stamina and energy, his footsteps were weak and his body was shaky. However, every step he took was filled with conviction.

No matter how tough the path ahead, he would have to walk it. If there was no path ahead, then he would just open one himself.

There was no reason why the decades of years of experience he had in his last life couldn’t conquer this Dual Meridian Body.

Although the Lingyun Sect was good, his character loved being unrestrained.

Just as he was feeling really self-righteous, feeling really good about himself, feeling that all the obstacles in the world were easily solved, his legs suddenly went soft, and he uncontrollably fell forwards.

Looking at the huge fall ahead of him, Zong Shou immediately used his hand to cover his face, leaving everything to fate. Was his ambitious future going to end right here?

The next moment, he only felt the world around him twisting and turning as he was pulled back by someone.

“Young Master, stop forcing yourself!” The voice was like a silver bell. Zong Shou looked around carefully and realized that he was lying on her back.

Preposterous! A proper man being carried by a girl!

Zong Shou instinctively struggled, but when he smelled the fragrance from her body, he immediately changed his mind and happily hugged her.

This smell was really fragrant!


Two hours after the three of them left, Pill Spirit Palace was still totally silent.

The admission test for the inner disciples ended in a hurry. All the Lingyun disciples were gloomy. As for the broken parts and stone pieces on the platforms, no one went to pick them up, much less that Lingyun Vermillion Token.

At the current moment, Lin Fei and Liang Miaozi, who had the highest positions, stood at their original spots in a trance, just like statues.

A three-colored glow descended from the clouds. An image appeared on the Heaven Talisman Platform, and a roughly fortyish-year old man, wearing a high hat and broad belts like a scholar, his body a little towards the plumb side, stepped out of the glow.

Looking around, the gentle smile on his face disappeared. All that was left was loss and shock. “Senior Master Lin, what happened? Lin Weizi only took a trip to Yunling Palace, what did I miss? Did someone really break the Small Heaven Sword Formation and copy the twelve God Talismans? Which disciple had such exceptional talent?”

Lin Fei’s body tensed up, his mouth filled with an indescribable bitterness.

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