Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 43 - Cloak Gang! The Dark Dwarf that Intimidates with Master’s Might

Chapter 43: Cloak Gang! The Dark Dwarf that Intimidates with Master’s Might

The dark dwarf looked at the “stupid secretary” that was choking his neck in horror, and he couldn’t figure out why this weak human had such great strength. However, the combat power of dark dwarf was at the bottom in the Demon Realm which was even worse than imp. Their expertise was their craftsmanship and some little tricks. Other than a handful of talented ones that excelled, generally they could only be servant or coolie [1].

With Chen Rui’s current true strength, he could break the dark dwarf’s neck. Yet, he didn’t do that, he threw the dwarf away instead.

The dark dwarf fell to the ground and coughed loudly with covering his neck. He looked at the sneering human walked closely step by step with fear.

“Trying to play such tricks in front of me? Don’t you know whose apprentice I am?” In order to conceal the existence of the Super System, Chen Rui skillfully used his comrade, Aldas as a scapegoat. It could be considered as exploiting Aldas’s might in certain sense.

The dark dwarf only then recollected his mind. He was dominated by greed in his mind that he made such a stupid mistake to actually used powder to deal with a potion master’s apprentice! Besides, it’s a potion master that could poison a dragon to death with certain gas!

“Let me see what should I do with you? Should I poison you into a pile of ash or a pool of water?”

The dark dwarf remembered a rumor that this apprentice once made a guy cried for two whole days previously. Then, a chill went down his spine and his entire body started trembling.

What surprised Chen Rui was that the dwarf which was known for being a coward was not intimidated. Instead, he risked it all, “You… don’t be reckless! I am a member of the Cloak Gang. If you dare to poison me, our leader will not let you go!”

Cloak Gang? Is it a gang in Dark Moon? No wonder he has a tiny cloak to act mysterious.

Chen Rui muttered to himself for a while and asked, “Who is your leader?”

When it came to that, the dark dwarf was suddenly confident, “My leader is a great strongman. With just one hand, he almost breaks the head of the infamous gangster in Dark Moon, Ganke! Yesterday, Ganke even came with injuries to politely ask for his hammer that was seized by the leader.”

Ganke? Hammer? Chen Rui thought the plot was kind of familiar. The dark dwarf exploited this leader’s might and said proudly, “The leader of our Cloak Gang is Aguile!”

Hearing that name, Chen Rui was petrified instantly.

Chen Rui recalled that when he first achieved the initial evolution and the scene where he saved the dwarf father and daughter in the alley, then he was getting more and more agitated.

What is exploiting powerful connections to intimate others? This is the essence of it!

Compared to this, him exploiting Aldas’s name was paled into insignificance.

The dark dwarf saw Chen Rui’s shocked expression and thought that the human secretary was intimidated by the leader’s name. He then added another interesting information, “Let me tell you, I, Kaka’s cousin, Sasa is our leader’s beloved wife!”

Chen Rui was extremely shocked as if he was struck by lightning. The beauty of Miss Sasa appeared in his mind, and his heart began to violently twitch. That kind of appearance… isn’t a usual distinct feature!

He had to admit that ever since he came to the Demon Realm, he did have a usual man’s desire toward some beauty: The iceberg royal sister Princess Royal and female boss, Shea is one; the deadly-charming siren, Kia is one; and the forthright Athena is also one of them.

As for that Miss Sasa, perhaps she was a beauty among the dwarfs, or perhaps some guy who likes heavy taste like Ganke would like, but Chen Rui absolutely never had such ideas!

Not in the past! Not in the present! Never in the future!

However, such a dwarf lady ridiculously addresses herself as his wife. Oh right, there’s also the damn adjective – “beloved”!

I have seen buying and selling but I have never seen a maid forced someone as her husband! My legendary reputation for being a virgin in both life is shattered unknowingly!

The dark dwarf wanted to continue intimidating, then he saw the human secretary rushing over fiercely and grabbed his hand, “Bring me to that whatever Cloak Gang immediately!”

Kaka’s gaze fell on the baggage on the ground. Then, he saw the human frowned, waved his hand and the big baggage was gone. No matter how Kaka looked at it, there wasn’t any space equipment on Chen Rui. Could it be the legendary space magic? Isn’t the human rumored to be powerless? He actually has such capability!

“Faster!” Chen Rui impatiently urged. If this matter wasn’t resolved, he would have a strong trauma toward women after this!

With the fear of Chen Rui’s mysterious power, Kaka dared not say more; he Chen Rui toward the alley in front.

Chen Rui was furious and simply spent 500 points of aura to activate the warehouse storage in the Super System. With his mind, the magic materials were really stored easily. If he wasn’t going to trouble the Cloak Gang, he would’ve tried the function of the storage.

Kaka turned around for a long time and took Chen Rui to a small courtyard nearby. There were actually several short guys wearing similar cloaks around. From their figure and movement, they were either imps or dwarfs.

A short cloaked guy made a sharp laugh, “Kaka, let’s see what did you bring back? A… human?”

Kaka quickly shook his head at him. Several cloaked guys recognized that this was the only human being in the Dark Moon City who was also the new secretary. Thinking of the human covered in poison, the cloaked guys were inevitably feared. Yet, they were more curious about why was the human here at the Cloak Gang. Does he want to join the gang?

The two entered the house and Chen Rui saw the one sitting on a chair in the middle was the old dwarf, Didi who claimed himself as his “father-in-law”. Beside Didi was Miss Sasa who was especially dwarf-like.

Kaka whispered a few words to Didi then the old dwarf looked surprised and stood up.

The old dwarf bowed toward Chen Rui. He knew that Aldas and Princess Royal had this man’s back; he definitely couldn’t afford to offend this man. So, he immediately mentioned his master, “Sir Secretary, Kaka is insensible and offended sir. I represent the Cloak Gang to apologize. Please don’t bother about this incident for the sake of our leader as our leader is…”

Fuck your leader! Chen Rui couldn’t bother, so he interrupted the old dwarf’s brags and said, “How about this. You let them go out first as I have something very important to speak to you alone.”

The old dwarf frowned, pointed at his daughter, Sasa and said, “The incident that sir mentioned might be confidential, but this is my daughter, Sasa, also the wife of our leader. So, she absolutely has the right to hear…”

Listening to that, Chen Rui was even angrier; he almost wanted to grab and punch this self-proclaimed father-in-law. He clenched his teeth and said, “Don’t talk nonsense! My patience is limited!”

The old dwarf thought of the rumor of the human’s poison, so he couldn’t help but shudder. He signed Sasa and Kaka with his eyes, and the two immediately went out sensibly.

“Sir Chen Rui,” the old dwarf’s attitude was even more respectful. “May I know what does sir want us to do? Our Cloak Gang is just established not long ago. Our leader is often absent…”

“Still talking about that?” Chen Rui pointed at the old dwarf fiercely. His face was filled with hatred, but he couldn’t speak. Finally, he clenched his teeth and said a few words, “You have lost all of Aguile’s reputation!”

The old dwarf who was originally respectful and nodding was stunned suddenly, “It turns out that sir knows our lead… that, my master.”

“Your master’s life can be considered as being saved by me. The closeness of our relationship is not what you can imagine!” That was indeed true as both identities were of the same person.

The old dwarf looked suspicious. Master Aguile’s strength is so powerful that he can easily defeat Ganke. He is at least an Intermediate Demon. Why would he have a close relationship with this powerless human?

Chen Rui noticed Didi’s doubts and coldly said, “That night, after Aguile saved you, he gave you a purple crystal coin. After that, you insisted to be his servant, then he gave you another 2. Am I right?”

That incident was only known by the dwarf father, dwarf daughter, and Aguile, so the old dwarf didn’t dare suspect anymore. He quickly said, “Sir Chen Rui, Didi was rude just now. Can you tell where is my master?”

“He is training for stronger power,” Chen Rui wasn’t nice to the old dwarf. “You know in your own heart that you are not the servant he admits! In fact, the 3 purple crystal coins that he gave you that day was intended to test you. I can’t believe you make your daughter pretend to be his wife, and create such Cloak Gang to rob and cheat! If he knows this, he’ll definitely kill you!”

“So, master wanted to test me!” The old dwarf was cold sweating; he secretly felt glad that he didn’t take the 3 purple crystal coins. “Sir Chen Rui, please tell Master Aguile that Didi lives up to the Master’s test. Didi already helped master established the Cloak Gang. Although it is only the beginning, it will grow stronger!”

While speaking, the old dwarf took out a handful of purple crystal coins and handed both his hands over to Chen Rui, “I’ve earned a few-folds with the 3 purple crystal coins that master gave me at the beginning. Please give these to the master as servant’s most sincere offering.”

The old dwarf not only didn’t regret establishing a gang to rob and steal, but he was proud of it. He believed that he was building a career for the master.

Chen Rui knew that the Demon Realm had its own rules, so he couldn’t say much. However, he was surprised by the old dwarf’s method. With just several days of effort, the initial 3 purple crystal coins became more than 10? By relying on these bunch of tiny cloaked guys to con?

After understanding, Chen Rui realized that 90% of this money was earned by the old dwarf. The old dwarf had an agile mind; he knew the stores and stalls in the Dark Moon like the back of his hands. For example, the beast hides at the north of the city were the cheapest, selling at 10 white crystal coins. If one sells it at the south of the city, one could sell it for at least 13 white crystal coins. The old dwarf relied on this buy and sell to earn the difference. In the past, he was only doing a small business to earn his daily meals, and he was often exploited by the bully like Ganke, so his life was hard.

After Chen Rui taught Ganke a lesson that night, the old dwarf later met Ganke’s younger brother, Gob. When he bravely mentioned he was the servant of that night’s strongman, Gob was actually scared away. The old dwarf’s courage was being boosted immediately. He began to use 3 purple crystal coins as capital to expand his business of buying and reselling. He also used the reputation of Aguile defeating Ganke to quickly recruit a group of people, and established Cloak Gang. Sometimes he had to exploit Aguile’s might to intimate others and used methods like forced buying and selling to earn. It was only exposed until the fake met the original today.

Chen Rui was dumbfounded. He was thinking about another thing. The old dwarf could see the business opportunity to earn the difference and established an organization in such a short period of time; his ability was indeed extraordinary. Although the cloak was just a farce, now it was a crucial moment in need for money and materials for aura. If he could make good use of this, this extremely business-minded old dwarf might be a big support.

“You can hold on to this money and give it to Aguile by yourself!” Chen Rui thought quickly in his mind and made a decision.

The old dwarf handed out the money with the intention to bribe the human. He thought when the purple crystal coins were in the hands of his master, Aguile, at most only half would left. However, he didn’t think that he would be declined; he was more certain that the relationship between Master Aguile and this human secretary wasn’t normal. Thus, his attitude was increasingly respectful and he asked, “Sir Chen Rui, can I know when will master have time? Ganke came here yesterday to take the hammer that he left last time, and he also requested to see the master.”

“What? He still wants revenge?” Chen Rui couldn’t care less if it was just someone like Ganke.

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