Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 42 - Magic Materials! The Bluff of Grand Master-Level Potion

Chapter 42: Magic Materials! The Bluff of Grand Master-Level Potion

After Chen Rui left the council hall, he did not go back to the lab, but he went straight to Joseph’s magic store. With the example of vine stone, magic materials should be able to provide more auras. He wanted to determine which specific materials may be used.

Shea had already announced yesterday about appointing him as secretary. So, many demons along the way looked at him strangely, but Chen Rui had long been used to that and walked his way to the magic store.

After losing the Sky Battle, Joseph left the Dark Moon and went to the Red Spirit Estate. The person-in-charge of the magic store now was one of the Great Demons behind Joseph that Chen Rui saw – Royce.

Chen Rui learned from Slee that Royce, a female Great Demon, Vasasha, and another Great Demon, Arux were the sharpest three scythes of Joseph. Joseph never made a move personally; any troubles would be settled by the trio. However, Chen Rui knew that Joseph’s personal strength was even more horrifying.

Royce was not only powerful, but he was also highly intelligent. He was Joseph’s most valued assistant. In comparison, Vasasha’s main duty was being a bodyguard. This time she returned to the Red Spirit Estate with Joseph. While Arux was a bellicose individual who was responsible for arena affairs.

The arrival of Chen Rui made Royce a little surprised. Royce was also there at the Sky Battle yesterday. It is reasonable to say that the little princess’s party should have known that Joseph wants to kill this human. Why did they let him come here alone today?

“Sir Royce.” Chen Rui greeted, but Royce was obviously disdainful toward a powerless human. He looked proud and didn’t respond.

Chen Rui didn’t bother about the Great Demon’s attitude and then he said, “Master Aldas is currently brewing a magic potion, so he sent me here today to look for magical materials.”

He knew that his identity as a secretary could only scare the ordinary demons. In the face of a strongman like Royce, it wasn’t worth mentioning, so Aldas’s name was better.

Sure enough, Royce looked like he finally understood and eventually said, “Alchemy and magic materials are on this floor. The second floor is magic equipment. You can take a look yourself.”

Joseph’s store was much more proper than Alice’s eccentric shop. Each item was placed on the shelf by category. The “shopkeeper” was a lich and several dark dwarfs acted as “shop assistants” in the store.

Soon, Royce heard the dark dwarf walked in and reported. It seemed that Chen Rui asked for one piece of every material. He was suspicious and asked, “What are you doing?”

Chen Rui was touching the materials while recording it with a pen. He replied, “I want to determine the purity and density of these materials. The master said that pharmaceutics is a school of rigorous knowledge that can’t bear any sloppiness.”

Royce was a layman to pharmaceutics. Seeing that he said it in an earnest way, he didn’t ask anymore. After Chen Rui tried everything, he pondered and went to Royce. Chen Rui looked hesitant to say something, but he said finally, “The master has a small request. He wants me to look for Sir Joseph, but unfortunately, Sir Joseph has left the Dark Moon. I’m not sure if Sir Royce can make decision on behalf of him?”

Royce didn’t dare to be scornful toward Aldas, who killed the genius from the capital with poison, “Tell me first, what’s the request.”

“What Master means is that if you can give us a tiny fragment of these selected materials for experiment. We will buy again in bulks after we test the materials.” Chen Rui saw that Royce frowned, so he added, “The master said that if you can agree to this request, we will sell the magic potion to Sir Joseph’s magic store for sale at the lowest price once the experiment is successful.”

“Excuse me, what kind of magic potion is the master experimenting?” Chen Rui’s words caught the attention of the lich, and he came over. Lich was a race skilled in magic, so he was particularly concerned about this.

Chen Ruil looked careful and looked around to make sure that the few dark dwarfs were far away. He then said mysteriously, “This involves a secret experiment. Please keep a secret after listening. The master seems to be experimenting with a type of potion that can greatly enhance the spirit in a certain period of time without any side effects. At present, it is only a trial stage. Mainly, he’s encountering some difficulties in improving the purity of the potion and reducing its side effects, so he needs to try with various materials urgently.”

Actually, it was just some sort of lost high-level potion that Chen Rui saw in pharmaceutics, and he simply bluffed.

“A Spirit Potion… with no side effects?” The lich was suddenly shocked and said with a trembling voice, “Can it be True. Spirit Potion? That can only be brewed by a legendary grand master! Has Master Aldas reached such level?”

Chen Rui didn’t want to exaggerate his lies, so he explained, “It’s just in an experimental stage. The master has failed several times; he wants to adjust some materials, so he sends me here. Yet, some of the materials here are too expensive. That’s why we have such a request for Sir Joseph.”

Anyway, for thousands of years, there must be a lot of masters who attempted to achieve grand master class. When the time comes, I can say it fails eventually to end it.

The lick looked really excited. The “True” series of potions can only be brewed by the potion grand master. There are no potion grand masters in the Demon Realm for thousands of years. These kinds of potions have also been lost along the way; they can only be seen in some records. Aldas has always been low-key. It is only after the recent Master Challenge that he easily poisoned the first genius from the capital, Sandro to death, then he begins to show his true talents. Now, he actually starts to challenge the pinnacle of pharmaceutics!

Even if Aldas failed many times, the fact that he was challenging the grand master-level has shown his strength. Besides, what if this undiscovered dark elf master actually succeeds one day?

Although Royce didn’t understand pharmaceutics, he knew what a potion grand master represents. If Aldas could really breakthrough the bottleneck and successfully advanced to the first grand master of the Demon Realm for thousands of years, then even the attitude of Prince Obsidian himself toward Aldas would change dramatically. As for the materials selected by the human, although there were valuable items, it was insignificant as compared to this.

“For this matter, I’ll promise on behalf of Sir Joseph! Grougis, immediately gives every magic material that the master needs to this man. Not fragment but the whole piece!” Royce was quite smart as he immediately weighed the pros and cons. Besides, Joseph had expressed his intention to entice Aldas previously, so Royce immediately agreed.

“Brilliant choice, sir!” The lich, Grougis also wanted to witness the possible grand master’s maiden work. He responded and immediately went to the shelves to pick. Sure enough, the lich selected complete materials with excellent quality instead of the “fragments” that Chen Rui requested.

Although Royce’s address of “this human” wasn’t very polite, Chen Rui was too excited at that moment, so he couldn’t bother about that, “Thank you, sir! I will convey Sir’s generosity and kindness to the master!”

The initial “sample testing” is just a spontaneous idea. Who knows I actually earn a lot. It’s just nice to go back to test them with <Aura Conversion> to determine which material gives the most aura. Although Chen Rui was still eyeing on a lot of materials on the magic store’s shelves, he knew that he shouldn’t overdo it. If he was too greedy, it might be counterproductive. The most important thing was that the True. Spirit Potion was simply a bluff.

There were more than 30 types of magic materials in a large, heavy baggage. Chen Rui thanked the lich, pretended that it was hard to carry the baggage and walked out of the door.

After Chen Rui left, Royce said to Grougis, “Immediately go upstairs and contact Sir Joseph with the magic stone. Report to Sir about Aldas experimenting on grand master-level potion! This incident must be kept secret; it can never be leaked! We’ll wait for Sir Joseph’s decision before any actions.”

“Yes, Sir.” Grougis didn’t dare to slight and immediately went upstairs to do accordingly.

Chen Rui carried a big baggage, and walked toward the laboratory while suppressing his excitement. However, when he walked halfway, he felt that he was being stared at. Chen Rui thought in his mind that according to the Royce’s and Grougis’s attitude, they wouldn’t send anyone to follow; it must be some petty thief. He then changed his mind and walked toward a quiet place.

The man behind him indeed followed along. Upon walking into a secluded alley, the human in front of him suddenly disappeared. The demon was taken aback and carefully walked forward. It was a dark dwarf, wearing a small cloak. He was looking around and a voice sounded from his back, “What are you looking for?”

The dark dwarf was shocked. When he turned around, he saw that the target that he was following was looking at himself while the big baggage was being placed on the ground.

“Si… Sir Secretary!” The dwarf actually bowed; his face was covered with a flattering smile.

For the first time, Chen Rui was called “Sir” with his human identity; it felt weird. Although the secretary was just a minor pettifogger, he was still more or less a government official in the eyes of the lowest rung like dark dwarfs and imps.

It seemed that this dwarf was attuned with the news. Although Chen Rui didn’t know what was the dark dwarf’s intention, Chen Rui naturally didn’t care about such petty character. Chen Rui asked, “You have been following me all the way. What are you trying to do?”

Seeing that his movement was already exposed much earlier, the dark dwarf was shocked and he quickly defended, “Sir misunderstood! I saw that sir was holding a lot of things, so I just want to help. With only 5 white crystal coins, Nunu can help you send the things to the lab.”

A porter? Chen Rui examined the dwarf’s small body, shook his head and said, “It’s okay; I can take it myself.”

“Sir, if 5 is too expensive, four will do too…” The dark dwarf quickly stepped forward and constantly cutting price, “2 white crystal coins; I can’t go lower than that.”

As he said, the dwarf suddenly waved his hand and a cloud of powder covered Chen Rui. Chen Rui learned a lot of knowledge in the laboratory. He could tell that it was Bewilder Flower from the smell. It could make people lose their strength for a short time. Chen Rui immediately acted like he was affected, staggered and fell to the ground.

“What secretary? It’s just a stupid human!” The dark dwarf was overjoyed. As he was about to grab the baggage, his throat was suddenly choked by someone tightly. His entire weak body was hung in the air. He couldn’t breathe suddenly and his limbs were struggling in the air.

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