Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 41 - Overall Planning! The Emerging Strategist

Chapter 41: Overall Planning! The Emerging Strategist

Chen Rui pondered seriously, and countless past experiences and knowledge flashed through his mind. He felt that most of them seemed to be useful, but he couldn’t think of a solid plan at once. Thus, he could only continue searching slowly in his memory.

Shea didn’t disturb, but she just looked at Chen Rui quietly, waiting for his answer. It was undeniable that although this human man didn’t look particularly handsome, his thoughtful expression had a special charm. No wonder Alice and Athena were so fond of getting along with him.

“Since Princess Royal is so resolute, although I have mediocre wisdom, I am not afraid of offering my poor advice.” After thinking for a long time, Chen Rui finally had a rough framework. “The situation of the dark moon can be described as having internal and external troubles simultaneously. Generally, we must first solve the internal problems to defend external troubles. The Dark Moon itself being strong is the fundamental condition to resist the capital. However, Regent Obsidian is gradually losing his patience now. He starts to use various means to deal with the Dark Moon. If war is truly happening, the Dark Moon can’t even withstand a single blow with the current situation. Therefore, we must proceed with two paths at once. First, distract Obsidian’s attention to buy time for development. Second, solve the issues within the estate as soon as possible and quickly improve strength.”

Shea was quite satisfied with his use of the word “we” and said, “Your view on the overall situation is really good, but the question is how to buy time? In other words, how to distract Obsidian?”

“Athena’s father, General George, is the biggest supporter of Princess Royal. He is currently guarding the Warlock Fortress at the northern border. I heard from Athena that although the three countries signed a peace agreement, the Bloody Empire often harassed at the border. Sometimes they even launched small scale battles, yet Emperor Raizen of the Bloody Empire turned a blind eye to this, and he didn’t restrain his army right?”

Shea nodded and said, “Back then, Obsidian used the Lord of Midnight Sun sacrificing for the Demon Realm as a reason to sign a peace agreement with the Bloody Empire and Dark Shadow Empire. However, Obsidian can’t rival with the other two emperors regardless of its strength, prestige or talent. Thus, the two empires have been eyeing the Fallen Angel Empire covetously, especially Raizen the Great. Besides, Dark Shadow Empire’s Catherine the Great isn’t simple too; not only her strength isn’t much inferior against Raizen, but she is also the first wisest of the Demon Realm. The Fallen Angel Empire has fallen from the strongest empire to the weakest.”

“With that being said, Obsidian is most afraid of the two other empires? Since General George is at the Warlock Fortress, we might as well take advantage of the Bloody Empire.”

Chen Rui’s proposal made Shea frowned, “You don’t understand. The confrontation between me and Obsidian is an internal affair of the Lucifer Royal Family and the Fallen Angel Empire. Regardless of how dire the Dark Moon’s situation is in, we will never fall to collude with foreign enemies. Even if the power of Raizen can destroy Obsidian, it is equal to give the Fallen Angel to the Bloody Empire. My Lucifer Family will definitely die out for that, and I, Shea will be the biggest sinner of the empire.”

“Princess Royal has misunderstood,” Chen Rui smiled slightly. “I meant, when necessary, we can make use of General George to create some illusion of Bloody Empire’s invasion and divert the attention of the Regent. Of course, that is not enough. Except for external troubles, we will also have to create some troubles within the empire to further divert Obsidian’s attention. We’ll let the Regent have a taste of having internal and external troubles simultaneously to buy valuable time for the Dark Moon.”

Shea nodded slightly and praised, “This idea is quite novel. There’s no problem with General George. It’s just that domestically, almost all of the lords who support me on the surface have changed turned their support to Obsidian. Also, Dark Moon is restricted by the Red Spirit Estate in many ways. I’m afraid this is hard to execute.”

“What I meant by domestically isn’t about using the lords to pressure the capital, but it is another way. I have a plan, but this plan has a high requirement for its candidate. This candidate must be brave, have good eloquence, clear-minded, adaptable and also excel in commerce. It’s better if we can create a background that makes him trustworthy.”

“If it weren’t the last one requirement, I thought that you were talking about yourself.” Chen Rui’s words got Shea’s interest. “I want to listen to your plan first.”

“It’s still only a preliminary idea. If there is anything wrong, I hope Prince Royal won’t be offended.”

Chen Rui leaned forward and whispered. Shea’s eyes gradually became dignified and then looked shocked. They only returned to its calmness after a long time.

“I have to say that your wisdom is quite scary,” Shea said with extraordinary splendor in her eyes. “This can be called as a vicious plot. If it succeeds, I’m afraid the capital and the other estates will be in chaos, and we will get a crazy amount of wealth.”

“Scary? Vicious? Is Princess Royal actually praising or criticizing me?” Chen Rui smiled bitterly. “Yet, this plan is only a rough idea, and it requires further improvement. It might be able to play a key role in the future. Whether it is before executing the plan or after executing, we must keep it confidential.”

Shea blinked and said, “Yes, it must be kept secret. If this plot is implemented well, it may give Prince Obsidian huge damage.”

“Then, is this a tiny secret between us?” Chen Rui was excited and said that habitually, but he immediately regretted. She was a royal sister and a beauty, but the problem was that there was the title “iceberg” before it. Perhaps it needed to add the word “scary” at the frontmost. He would suffer if he angered her and triggered another murderous intention.

Fortunately, Shea didn’t get angry, but her eyes were getting colder, “I don’t want to hear this again. It’s better to use your talents in planning than to think something like this. For instance, a novel plot like just now.”

“I’m sorry; I don’t mean anything,” Chen Rui smiled. “I just noticed that Princess Royal always work hard for the estate and never smile, so I want to make a joke to please Your Royal Highness.”

Shea stared at the emblem of the Lucifer Royal Family on the opposite wall. She was silent for a moment and said faintly, “I don’t remember when was the last time I smiled… I’ll leave this kind of happiness to Alice.”

Chen Rui was shocked slightly and was also silent for a while. He nodded and said, “What I said just now was just to deal with the external problems. The internal problems of the Dark Moon are also very important. If we don’t solve it as soon as possible, even if Obsidian doesn’t do anything, we hardly have the hope to turn things over.”

Shea had a bright look in her purple eyes, “I do want to hear your opinions on this.”

Although the previous atmosphere of discussion was restored, the two felt indistinct that the atmosphere seemed a bit different from the one just before.

Chen Rui pointed out that military and economic issues were the biggest internal problems of the Dark Moon Estate currently. Both aspects must be fully controlled by Shea. In terms of military, Shea had the Imperial Guards, so she could still rival with the garrison. However, in terms of economy, the lifeline of the Dark Moon was completely dominated by the Red Spirit Estate, and that was the most critical. Compared to the military issues that Obsidian was more sensitive to, solving the economic issue should be Shea’s top priority.

For that analysis, Shea agreed, “Chen Rui, your thoughts are the same as mine. However, more than half of the Dark Moon Estate’s food supply comes from the support of Alvin Family; the Dark Moon City’s Chamber of Commerce and half of the stores are also in Joseph’s hands. So, our situation is quite passive. Two years ago, I tried to use caravans to open up a path to the west to trade and buy food. Yet, it was robbed by thieves several times, and the losses were heavy. If the problem of bandits isn’t solved, the business path will never be smooth.”

“Why don’t you send troops to annihilate the bandits?” Chen Rui said curiously. Under his impression, those bandits usually when they see an army.

Shea shook her head and sighed, “I’ve sent Alan several times to lead the team and eliminate them, but every operation failed. I suspect that the bandits are a trap set by the Red Spirit Estate. The purpose is to further control the Dark Moon, and Alan is probably an accomplice.”

Chen Rui frowned. A white-eyed wolf and a nice-nasty tiger cooperating both internally and externally. As the dark moon was about to develop for a little bit, the development was immediately eliminated. Shea has no chance of turning over without eliminating these two people.

Wolf? Tiger? Oh right, is it possible to drive a tiger to swallow a wolf? However, the two are currently in a collusion. There seems to be no possibility of them killing each other.

“Princess Royal, I need the most detailed information, including various statistics within the estate as well as the situation of each family and their important members, especially Joseph’s and Alan’s.”

The battlefield is like shopping malls while war planning is like market planning. First, one must analyze the situation of the market before one can make a good plan.

“Do you have a way to deal with both of them already?” Shea felt that her previous two choices were quite right. Even without the grand master’s inheritance, the ability that human man showed was enough to make her highly value and use.

“Princess Royal has overestimated me.” Chen Rui shook his head. “I don’t have a concrete idea for the time being, so I need more detailed information. We, humans, have an ancient art of war; Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day. This general frame of thought can be preserved. Whether it was work or personal, these two people were his targets.

“Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.?” Shea gave him a serious look. “Demon Realm is no stranger to the human world. Although I have not heard of this sentence, I am very glad that you are not my enemy. Whether it is the novel plan or the overall planning, even the Old Gauss can’t rival you. Your wisdom should have little to do with the inheritance of the grand master. It is entirely your own talent.”

Can that be the Demon Realm’s version of “Longzhong Plan [1]”? Well, I do have some potential of being a strategist… Chen Rui giggled a few times, “Princess Royal, actually I…”

“Well, don’t have to explain. I only know that you are the secretary of the Dark Moon; that’s enough. For the information that you want, I’ll make Kaguron send it to the lab later after gathering the information.” Shea closed the file and said seriously, “I want to remind you that Alan isn’t difficult to deal with, but his background is the Karon Family. If you kill him, a more difficult guy will hold the military power, then it’ll cause more harm than good. However, Joseph isn’t simple. Even if you concealed well during the Sky Battle, he’ll inevitably raise some suspicion, so you must be cautious.”

Chen Rui showed that he understood and said, “I also want to remind You Royal Highness that it might be because the grand master’s inheritance; I have a strange feeling when I see Joseph. It seems that his power is even above Athena. No matter what. Princess Royal should be careful.”

Shea’s deep purple eyes looked surprised, “You are truly the successor of the grand master. Your feelings… shouldn’t be wrong.”

After Chen Rui listened to Shea’s response, he knew that Shea must know what was going on, so he didn’t say much more. He just didn’t know whether the Iceberg Princess or the Nasty-Nice Tiger was stronger since both of them were “Unable to Judge”.

Rumors had it that after the Sky Battle ended yesterday, Joseph returned to Red Spirit Estate with the special envoy. Perhaps they went to plead guilty to his dad, the lord.

Chen Rui thought for a while, then he confessed about opening a store jointly with Alice. Firstly, he took experimenting business strategy as a reason, then he drew a blueprint saying that more stores might be opened to establish a Chamber of Commerce to fight against Joseph in the future. At last, he euphemistically expressed his other purpose which was to make money to buy the consumable magic materials for the beast taming skill.

Shea didn’t oppose this matter, but she looked apologetic instead, “Your considerations are indeed long-term. You can have a free hand and I’ll fully support it. It’s just that I have limited resources at hand; I cannot provide you with more funds and materials. ”

Chen Rui was overjoyed. Funds and materials were just the immediate focus, but the key was the policy. Since Shea expressed her full support, it was undoubtedly the biggest boost for the money-making plans from now on.

When he left, he heard Shea’s faint voice, “Your work on the first day is quite impressive, secretary.”

Chen Rui smiled and strode out the door.

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