Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 40 - Dragon Knight And Secretary

Chapter 40: Dragon Knight And Secretary

As the night fell, under the cold moonlight, a huge black shadow rose from the outer courtyard of the palace and flew out of the city.

The feelings of riding a train and riding a plane were distinctive. The flying speed of the wyvern was much faster than expected; it didn’t take too long to reach the blue lake.

Paglio were laying on a meadow by the lake and playing in boredom with the refined Peg’s Solitaire that Chen Rui sent last time. In his own words, he had been sleeping in the damn lake for more than 2000 years. If it wasn’t necessary, he would never want to enter the water again.

A fast-moving shadow caught the Paglio’s attention. When he saw that it was a wyvern, he sneered disdainfully. Although wyvern was quite powerful and poisonous, even an average dragon had to be careful, the poison dragon was different. The poison by the wyverns was useless in front of the poison dragon. Merely comparing the toxicity, the poison dragon could definitely corrode the wyvern’s digestive system.

However, there seemed to be someone on the wyvern. A dragon knight? No, to be precise, it should be a pseudo-dragon knight or a wyvern knight. For the dragons, the inferior pseudo-dragon wasn’t worthy of the noble word – “dragon”.

At that moment, he heard a familiar voice from wyvern, “Paglio, where are you?”

“Who is that!” Paglio had a seal on him, so he didn’t want to get into any trouble. He wanted to avoid initially, but when someone called his name, he suddenly became alert and accumulated power awaiting for any action.

That guy found his position, flew over and said, “Paglio. Sandro Achilles, your most important partner is here. The one that you promised to give him all the treasures at the Silent Night Wetland!”

“No way! You are such an increasingly greedy human!” Paglio scolded with a smile and canceled his power.

Although the poison dragon didn’t transform into his dragon form, the wyvern instinctively felt the horror of the other party, so it looked scared when it landed.

Chen Rui leaped down and patted the wyvern’s neck, “Mengda, don’t be afraid. He’s a friend. Wait for me over there for now.”

Wyvern stretched its wings and flew far away. Paglio looked surprised, “Although the petty pseudo-dragon has low intelligence, it still has some strength. How did you manage to tame it so easily? Is there a change in the grand master’s inheritance? ”

“You guessed it right.” Chen Rui praised the poison dragon for his quick-thinking. “After accidentally absorbing the power of two vine stones, I gained beast-taming ability. However, this ability requires energy from some special materials. If you have anything, don’t hesitate to take it out.”

“Hmph, why is luck always on such a greedy person’s side like you.” Paglio glanced at him enviously. “I was sealed for two thousand years. What treasures would I have with me? Vine stones are nothing. If it’s magic material, I have better things within the treasures at the Silent Night Wetland. It just depends on whether you have the capability to take it.”

“Really?” Chen Rui seemed to see a huge amount of auras; his eyes were shining. “I’m not going to hide from you. That wyvern is from the Silent Night Wetland. I’ve made a lot of effort to acquire it for the future. My current strength is far from enough. Fortunately, I have a wyvern now; I can come to the blue lake every day to have special training from you.”

“A wyvern from the Silent Night Wetland? That’s considerate of you!” Paglio didn’t know his words were deceptive, so he said happily, “My treasures do include a lot of rare materials and minerals. If you need them, I can give you all of them. The stronger you are, the more secure it is for me. However, don’t expect all demonic beasts to be so simple-minded. If the wyvern isn’t tamed, your communication with them will never be so easy. Now, let’s not waste time and start training.”

“Sneak attack again! You despicable dragon!”

“Your reaction this time is a lot faster, but it’s not enough!”


The painful, abusive special training continued and correspondingly, the Star Power’s familiarity and Experience Value increased steadily.

When he returned to the lab, it was already in the middle of the night. Chen Rui, who was worn out, took a shower and slept. It wasn’t late noon the second day he woke up.

Chen Rui felt good and energetic when he woke up. Due to the specialties of <Astral>, the injuries from the special training were all recovered. He then remembered Shea’s order. He hastily cleaned himself up and rushed to the palace’s council hall.

It was probably too late when he reached the council hall. Old Gauss that Shea mentioned yesterday wasn’t there. Instead, Princess Royal was sitting at the desk while flipping through documents.

“Take a look at these documents then extract the important parts and write them in the estate’s logbook. If you can, add a few personal opinions.” Shea said without raising her head.

Chen Rui quickly took over the documents and logbook and began to get busy. The task wasn’t too hard as there weren’t many major events happening in the estate. For example, yesterday’s Sky Battle and Aldas’s Master Challenge were part of it. Chen Rui’s writing skills learned from the university wasn’t in vain. Soon, the trivial matters were summarized with a concise writing style.

“Well done.” Shea took the completed notebook and glanced at him. “Next time, come earlier. Old Gauss has already gone out today.”

Chen Rui also felt embarrassed as he was late on the first day of work, and he was caught by the boss.

“It’s like this, Princess Royal.” Chen Rui thought for a while and decided to make an excuse for going out at night. Accidents will eventually happen when one takes the risk too often. After all, the palace guards weren’t just decorations. If they realized abnormalities from the lab night, it would also make Shea doubtful.

After listening to Chen Rui’s explanation, Shea frowned and said, “You rode the wyvern out late at night to practice beast-taming?”

“Yes.” Chen Rui nodded. “After I absorbed the vine stones sent by Princess Royal last night, my beast-taming ability has been stabilized and enhanced. Yet, I don’t want to expose this ability, so I went out to practice in the middle of the night to avoid being discovered.”

“It’s true that you shouldn’t attract too much attention at the moment ” Shea originally hoped that he would always stay hidden in the background as a secret weapon. “Since that’s the case, from now on, come to the council hall every afternoon; try to rest as much as possible in the morning.”

The boss is not bad, but unfortunately, there is no salary increase. Chen Rui added, “I had a good conversation with the wyverns at a quiet place last night and found out that they originally lived in the Silent Night Wetland. There is a huge flock of wyverns there. These two were just accidentally caught when they were out. If there is a chance in the future, I would like to go to the Silent Night Wetland to scout.”

The demonic beasts hunter was a profession that captures or kills demonic beasts. The requirements for their own strength were also very high. The two wyverns were indeed caught like that.

Shea’s eyes suddenly shone and said movingly, “Are you looking for their flock, then…”

If Chen Rui successfully caught the large wyvern group, then Dark Moon City could have a strong air force. It could even compete with the Prince Obsidian’s dragon knight army. That made Shea couldn’t help but move.

“That is just an idea,” Chen Rui noticed Shea’s mind was indeed shifted to his suggestions, and he quickly explained, “Wild wyverns are incomparable to the two tamed ones. They are hard to communicate to and are very aggressive. I am just taking it as a long-term plan. At present, I will try my best to master my beast-taming skill first.”

The main purpose of the trip to Silent Night Wetland was the poison dragon’s treasure in Chen Rui’s plan. Of course, it would be better if he could kidnap a flock of wyverns, so he wouldn’t let his beautiful boss and little loli down. By telling Shea in advance now, by then he could go to the Silent Night Wetlands as expectedly.

Shea calmed down and began to think about the feasibility of the plan, “Silent Night Wetland is west of Red Spirit Estate, north of Dark Moon Estate, and the area covers the two empires of Fallen Angel and Dark Shadow. There are a lot of powerful, highly-dangerous demonic beasts. With your current strength, you can’t go there at all. I will try my best to satisfy the materials that you need. However, my resources at hand now are lacking, so my ability to provide anything to you is limited. Mountain Xirang used to be a very important mineral and economic source. However, due to the troubles caused by the underground creatures and the thieves over the years, the output has been greatly reduced, making the financial situation of the Dark Moon even worse.”

Chen Rui hesitated for a while and asked, “Princess Royal, please forgive me for asking directly. For you to hold on to the Dark Moon Estate in such hardship, are you still thinking of overthrowing Prince Obsidian and regaining the throne?”

“For you to ask that question, does it mean that you have already planned? If so, then I’ll tell you.” Shea’s beautiful eyes narrowed but the light inside was even more blinding, “It is my father’s lifelong wish that he still kept in his mind before dying. Thus, I must do my best to achieve it. I will never give in to the capital even if it’ll cost my life.”

Shea looked resolute and strong. However, what Chen Rui saw was the faint helplessness and sorrow behind it; a 23-year-old beautiful lady bore too many heavy burdens, but she had to continue bearing them. It would be the same no matter where the person was at. There were always something that were out of control.

The situation at the Demon Realm was like a game of chess. Whether it was the Dark Moon Estate or the three empires, everyone was in the chess. Chen Rui originally wanted to be an unobtrusive little pawn, so he could retreat at any time. Unfortunately, things turned out contrary to what he wished. Actually, since he was reborn in the Demon Realm, he was already destined to be a chess piece in the game. Since he was in the game, how could he be just a bystander? Even if he was a trivial pawn, he was still a chess piece. The key depended on how he made a move.

If a small pawn played well, it could even affect the overall situation. Besides, a small pawn might not always be a small pawn. Those players who truly affected the situation were all small pawns that progressed step by step.

The foundation of the Dark Moon Estate was too weak. Let alone the Prince Obsidian from the capital, even if it was the Red Spirit Estate that controlled the Dark Moon’s lifeline was like Damocles’s sword hanging over the head that might behead the Dark Moon at any time.

The key now was when would Obsidian realize the “Sword of Fallen Angel”. Otherwise, even if the Dark Moon kept staying low-key and unobtrusive, being destroyed was only a matter of time, not to mention Shea was still determined. Judging from the previous Master Challenge and Sky Battle, Prince Obsidian had gradually lost his patience.

Super System provided a very good platform. At present, Chen Rui needed time the most. In the same way, Dark Moon Estate was also in desperate need of time to stabilize and develop. For himself and also the Dark Moon, even if he wasn’t a politics graduate, he had to force himself to plan.

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