Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 44 - Fluorescent Stone And Information

Chapter 44: Fluorescent Stone And Information

Just like what Kaka said, Ganke came to the Cloak Gang with injuries, and he was indeed polite. Demon Realm was like this. The stronger one would have the say. The loser could either fight to their last breath or admit defeat.

Ganke proposed to see Aguile wasn’t for revenge but to represent the sheriff, Alan to make Cloak Gang a formal organization in the Dark Moon City. By paying a small amount of magic crystal coins, the Cloak Gang could operate freely in the Dark Moon City as long as it didn’t cause a big trouble.

Chen Rui then realized that Alan actually secretly controlled all the “folks organizations” in the Dark Moon City. In a certain sense, this could also be considered as “the collusion between officials and bandits”. This new information gave him a lot of inspiration. Some ideas came to his mind, but he needed time to calmly sort them out. The focus now was to return and test on those aura materials.

“Aguile is training for these period of time. He should be free in two days. I’ll pass the message to him. Tell Ganke to meet here at night after tomorrow.”

The old dwarf was worried about this matter; he was overjoyed when he heard what Chen Rui said, “Sir Chen Rui, thank you for passing the message!”

“One more thing!” Chen Rui clenched his teeth and said, “If you really don’t want to anger Aguile, your daughter can’t pretend to be his wife anymore!”

The old dwarf nodded quickly. Suddenly, his tiny eyes lit up and he looked at the human secretary with hope. It gave Chen Rui goosebumps. Before the old dwarf tried to sell his daughter to Chen Rui, Chen Rui ran away swiftly from the Cloak Gang’s headquarters.

Chen Rui sprinted back to his lab’s room. He quickly entered the Super System’s Galaxy Divinity Temple. On the open space outside of the Galaxy Divinity Temple, a warehouse building was added. There was another piece of light screen at the throne which represented the situation of the storage. It was visually represented in the form of multiple 2D-squares that showed the current specific items and capacity. In addition, there was also an automatic classification function that was very convenient.

Chen Rui’s conscious left the Super System and returned to the room. He moved his mind, then all the furniture in the room was all kept. Including the baggage, it only used up 3 tiny boxes in illustration, which was approximately 1% of the entire space. It seemed that this storage was indeed large. Besides, it will automatically expand as the evolutionary star rank increased.

However, after activating the storage, the original 1270 auras left only 570 left. Luckily there was a bunch of magic materials here to give it a try.

Chen Rui began to try these materials one by one. After testing, the common materials could provide around 20 to 80 auras. A piece of vine stone of mediocre quality and good purity was turned into 160 points of aura. It was quite a good source of aura. Other than that, there were three materials that were better than the vine stone. The first one was the jade ice crystal which was a very rare material that provided 850 auras; the second was blood crystal which was more upscale than the black crystal. Due to its rarity, it wasn’t used as currency like the black crystal or purple crystal, but it was classified as a premium item, providing 620 auras; the last was a fluorescent stone which was a magic supportive material, providing 315 auras after conversion.

After the experiment, the total amount of Chen Rui’s aura had reached 4015. The jade ice crystal and the blood crystal were very rare. The price of a piece of ice crystal was 1000 black crystal coins and the blood crystal was 600 black crystal coins. It wasn’t worthy to buy them. However, the fluorescent stone was an exception. The fluorescent stone was a material used in artifact making. It glowed in faint light, and it cost much lower than a vine stone that was only 10 black crystal coins each. Its role was to suppress and stabilize; it was generally used to limit the recoil of certain magic container. Yet, a fist-sized fluorescent stone could be used multiple times, so the demand wasn’t high. Due to its special quality, many liked to use it to make magical crafts. Generally, it was considered as a relatively unconventional goods. A magic store generally only had a few pieces in stock.

From the perspective of aura, the price of jade ice crystal and blood crystal were too high, whereas the fluorescent stone should be material the highest quality-price ratio. It seemed that he had to find a way to get this fluorescent stone.

Chen Rui turned those materials into powder and simply left them in the storage, then he exited from the Super System. With more 4000 auras now, his aura should be ampler after he got the 60 highest-quality vine stones were. Yet, it couldn’t be simply used, especially because it wasn’t time for solo training in the training ground. So, he should try to save more auras and make the most out of the poison dragon, Paglio to further familiarize to the use of Star Power in the special training.

Soon after, Kaguron came to the lab with a document containing the information that Chen Rui asked from Shea. The head of the imperial guards passed a message from Shea, “Remember to destroy the document after memorizing.”

Chen Rui flipped through the document and realized why Shea was so cautious. It recorded in detail the various situations in the Dark Moon Estate, including financial, military, families forces and their influential members. After the initial evolution, his initial powerful memory was further enhanced. His brain was like a computer database, being able to accurately record every piece of information. He read through the document in detail and memorized everything at the moment. As for the document, he didn’t destroy it. Instead, he simply kept it in the storage since it didn’t occupy much space anyway.

Chen Rui was particularly careful about Joseph’s information. Joseph was already 300 years old, but this age was only considered as middle-age in the great demon race. He was the son of the Red Spirit Lord, Josh, also the eldest son of the Alvin Family. Yet, he wasn’t the immediate heir as Josh had a few children. Among the children, Joseph biggest threat was Josh’s favorite youngest son, Kanita. Joseph came to the Dark Moon to have some achievements and increased his odds of becoming the heir. Although Kanita was far away at the Red Spirit, the fight between him and Joseph had never stopped. Josh didn’t stop them as the survival of the fittest was the tradition of the Demon Realm; it was also a reason that ensured a family to be passed down for generations.

In the Demon Realm, nothing was more important than that. It was the same for the royal families too. The biggest reason for Athena’s father, General George to publicly support Shea was because Prince Obsidian couldn’t completely understand the “Sword of Fallen Angel” yet. Thus, he couldn’t eliminate the descendents of the Lord of Midnight Sun and let the Lucifer Family lose their last hope of inheriting the artifact. That prevented the Lucifer Family from embarking on the same path as other eliminated royal families. In other words, once the Prince Obsidian gained the recognition of the “Sword of Fallen Angel”, General George could no longer protect Shea unless he was willing to be called as a traitor and take the risk of the extermination of his entire family.

As for Alan, he was the only son of Karon Family’s patriarch, Legu. The Karon Family was initially like General George who supported the Crown Prince, Grimm and his bloodline. However, after Grimm’s death, he began to serve Prince Obsidian. Alan’s strength was currently at the peak of Intermediate Demon. It was similar to Athena at first, but now Athena had been promoted to Greater Demon and he was left behind again. Although the peak of Intermediate Demon and a freshly-promoted Greater Demon was just a step away, the difference between the ranks was very huge. It could be said that Alan couldn’t rival Athena at all now. However, Alan was also surrounded and guarded by strongmen of the Karon Family so he shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Dark Moon was originally a famous, bustling place and didn’t lack of families with great economic power. However, since the destruction from the war 400 years ago, many families had moved their focus to other places. Yet, the foundations accumulated over the years were still there. The Saiful Family and the Mellon Family were the representative forces of the ancient families. The Saiful Family was loyal to Shea. Two years ago, the patriarch, Carter’s son, Tim was conspired by Joseph to move to the dangerous area of ​​Mount Xilang as a mining officer and died without anything left behind. As a result, the Old Carter hated Joseph and the Alvin Family to their core. The Mellon Family was an opportunist that was currently on Joseph’s side. The other small families were also assigned to each faction.

This information was quite useful. However, it wasn’t an easy task to let Joseph and Alan having internal strife. He couldn’t start with Joseph first, so perhaps he could start from Alan first. The key was to find an opportunity. In addition, he could also use Joseph’s nemesis brother, but he didn’t have any good plans at the present.

Shea was very thoughtful. To avoid someone sneaking into the lab’s area and find out the abnormality of the wyverns at night, Shea greatly strengthened the security at the palace’s outer courtyard. This situation strengthened Royce’s belief that the dark elf master was indeed attempting a grand master’s level potion as he had been paying attention to Aldas.

Chen Rui didn’t know how big of a commotion would the lucky stoke rise. He still rode the wyvern to the blue lake for special training, then completed the routine work as a secretary in the afternoon and talked to Shea about the situation of the Dark Moon.

Two days later, Chen Rui remembered going to the Cloak Gang tonight and began to prepare his outfit. No matter what, Aguile was still the leader of Cloak Gang.

The sky was getting darker. At the entrance of the Cloak Gang’s “headquarters”, the old dwarf, Didi was pacing anxiously. He had already invited Ganke, and he might arrive at any time, but Master Aguile still had not appeared yet. It would be troublesome if the master didn’t come. If it wasn’t for the human secretary who repeatedly told him to keep this secret, he would have gone to the lab to find him already.

The old dwarf’s nephew, Kaka hurriedly reported, “Uncle Didi, Ganke and his people have arrived at the entrance of the alley.”

“Master isn’t here yet, What should we do!” As the old dwarf just finished talking, he saw Kaka looking at his back in surprise.

The old dwarf turned to his back and suddenly found another guy appeared behind him without any sound. He immediately stepped back a few steps in fear and fell to the ground.

“Useless guy.” A cold and slightly hoarse voice sounded.

The old dwarf looked at the cloaked man with a covered face and felt that it was similar to the figure in his memory, but the voice was a little different. He asked with uncertainty, “Mas… master?”

“You didn’t get my approval. I am not your master.” The cloaked man stretched out his fingers and aimed at the old dwarf. He said coldly, “Merely with the fact that you used my name to establish the Cloak Gang is enough for me to blast you into pieces!”

The old dwarf recognized that it was the posture that released the scary light ball that night and he didn’t dare to doubt anymore. He was scared and kept begging, “Please forgive me master! Didi just wanted to do something for master!”

“Hmph!” The cloaked man slowly withdrew his fingers. “Step aside first. Let me deal with the loser then I’ll deal with you.”

The old dwarf quickly stood aside respectfully. At that moment, Ganke’s voice sounded from the entrance, “Where is your leader?”

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