Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 37 - New Appointment

Chapter 37: New Appointment

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Although Chen Rui was angry, <Analytical Eyes> showed that Shea’s strength was “Unable to Judge”. She was at least at the level of someone strong like Joseph. Since he was in her territory, he had to give in.

“Sister…” Alice trembled with her eyes flashing with a pitiful light. “Can you not be so cruel? This is my hard work… Leave me half of the vine stones. Also, about the wyverns, I haven’t gotten the chance to play with them yet…”

“8 vine stones, 400 black crystal coins!” Shea not only didn’t agree, instead, she continued to cut the poor remainings of the little loli.

“Wuwu, did father pick me up from the dark rainforest, so I’m not your biological sister?”

“7 vine stones, 300 black crystal coins!”

“That’s too much! I’ll only take 50 vine stones. Is that too much!”

“6 vine stones and 200 black crystal coins!”


Facing her ruthless sister, little loli’s trick of acting pitiful and cute was completely ineffective. Eventually, she could only accept the condition of 2 vine stones and 200 black crystal coins miserably.

Chen Rui was aggrieved for Alice. It seems that “greedy for money” is the strongest bloodline power of the Lucifer family; each of them is more ruthless than the other!

“That’s it, Alice; you go to rest; I still have something to say to Chen Rui.”

It seemed that Shea summoned Alice to rob the hard work of her sister. Little loli turned and walked away dispiritedly and Shea suddenly added, “Remember; next time; you can never risk yourself again!”

The little loli “Hmph!” as response and left the council hall without looking back.

“Letting Alice play the second round… is your idea right?” Shea’s cold voice passed into Chen Rui’s ear.

“This is the last time regardless of your purpose,” Shea’s voice was getting colder and colder, “Alice is a very kind and sensible girl. I will never allow you to use her to do anything! Are you clear?”

Chen Rui lowered his head, and he was despising her in his heart, Truly a good sister. She just greedily robbed Alice’s off her property, then she pretends to be a protective sister now? He used to have a little bit of… subtle feeling for Shea but there was only despise now.

Thinking of the large amount of auras that was gone, Chen Rui couldn’t help but feel angry and coldly contradicted, “I just wanted to help the little princess to win the game; I don’t have any purpose. It’s just that since Princess Royal cares about your sister, why did do that just now?”

There was a surprise in Shea’s eyes. She seemed to be surprised by Chen Rui’s aggrieved speech for Alice. She suddenly sighed and then lowered her tone.

“You don’t understand, Alice… she did it on purpose.”

“Every time she made some money, she’ll deliberately show it off in front of me, and then… she’ll deliberately let me confiscate the money.” Shea turned away slowly, “This is how she helps her sister but I, but I can’t do anything for her as an incompetent sister…”

Chen Rui was shocked at once. He never thought that the little loli loved money so much for such purpose! That quaint little shop, the annual Sky Battle, the two vine stones that were given to him… Chen Rui suddenly understood a lot.

As Shea said, Alice was very kind and sensible. Perhaps it was the hidden attributes under the little loli’s blackhearted, precocious and greedy face.

Shea was silent for a long time and she spoke again, “Alice… is very close to you.”

Chen Rui wasn’t really surprised for that since there were delicacies, fun stuff and stories to listen to. Where could someone find such a “valued minister”?

“That’s not just an ordinary closeness. Except for Athena, no one can let her do that…” Shea suddenly turned back and her purple eyes instantly turned cold white. “I warn you The trick you used in front of me last time can never be used on Alice, otherwise, I will not hesitate to kill you regardless of your value!”

Seduce the little loli? That’s so wrong! I’m not some perverted man! However, if another two years have passed…

Chen Rui felt the undisguised murderous intention, and he was secretly terrified. He then shook his head without hesitation, “I can swear that I have absolutely no bad intention for little princess. If there is a slight falsehood, I am willing to immediately accept Princess Royal’s punishment! If Princess Royal still worries, I will cut off all dealings with little princess from tomorrow onward!”

Shea and he stared at each other for a moment and she finally nodded in recognition, “It’s fine, I can tell that Alice is very happy being with you. Before Athena came, she didn’t even have a friend. Now… let her try to be as happy as possible.”

“Understood, Princess Royal.” After the misunderstanding between the two was lifted, Chen Rui’s mood became a lot better.

“Let’s stop talking about Alice. Now, shouldn’t you explain the mystery of the third match?” Shea sat down. “If I didn’t know you planned for this match at the back, I will also be like Joseph, thinking that the round with the wyverns was just an accident. Can you eliminate this confusion for me?”

Chen Rui didn’t expect Shea to notice the problem so quickly, but Alice, Athena, and Aldas would also ask this question, so he had prepared an answer earlier.

“Princess Shea, I wanted to report this to you initially.” Chen Rui thought for a while and replied, “In fact, yesterday, the grand master’s inheritance awakened a bit more; I gained a new ability.

To think about it now, the lie of the grand master was absolutely prescient; it was just nice to cover up some of the changes brought by the Super System.

Shea was moved slightly, then Chen Rui continued, “The ability is beast-taming which enable simple communication with demonic beasts. If not, how would I have the courage to approach the wyverns?”

“I knew it! It turns out that all this… including Alan being attacked in the sky was your doing. Your wisdom is admirable.” Shea had a sudden realization, “So, is your need for vine stones related to the grand master’s inheritance?”

Chen Rui praised her for her quick thinking, so he went along with her words, “The last time when I went to the little princess’s store, I found out that the power of inheritance responded to the vine stone. The little princess gave me 2 pieces. Later, the power of the vine stones was actually automatically absorbed. As a result, the grand master’s inheritance was awakened a little. It was just that the awakened power is unstable. The effective time for beast-taming skill is quite short. Thus, I need more vine stones to enhance and stabilize this newly-acquired ability.”

Chen Rui thought his excuse was pretty perfect. Since Shea needed his value, she should more or less provide some vine stones.

Now, Shea had completely believed in the inheritance of the grand master, so she began to ponder seriously. The beast-taming ability is impressive; it can even work on a demonic beast like the wyvern. If it is used properly, it will be an unexpected power. The things that shouldn’t be overlooked is that it is only a small part of the grand master’s inheritance. If in the future…

“I can supply large quantities of vine stones to you,” Shea said. “I just have a feeling that you might be out of my control in the future with your potential…. If the imp didn’t already sign the master-slave contract with you, I would…”

Would? Don’t daydream! Chen Rui sneered aloud, “Princess Royal can also choose to kill the imp, invalidate the contract and then force me to become your contract servant.”

Chen Rui already knew that the power of the contract was wonderful. An average person could only carry one in the body, but his body was very strange. Perhaps it was due to the Super System, in addition to the symbiotic contract with Paglio, he also signed a master-servant contract with Slee, but there was no conflict between the two contracts.

Now, he was no longer a weakling that anyone could bully. If there were truly a worst case scenario, he could just feign civility to delay for a while and escaped later.

Shea’s eyes flashed, “Do you think I should do that?”

“Princess Royal truly want to do that?” Chen Rui didn’t comment but asked, “Why didn’t you force Master Aldas to sign the master-servant contract back then?”

Shea understood the meaning of his words; she remained silenced.

“The power of the contract is powerful, but it cannot limit a certain level of power such as the demigod or god-like. Once the grand master’s inheritance is fully awakened, the power of the contract is unlikely to bind you. Perhaps, I should believe some of the excuses you said at the… garden last time.” Shea’s gaze once again locked directly on Chen Rui’s face, “This is the reason I found for myself. What do you think?”

“Princess Royal still suspects that it was my excuse. I admit that I have had some thoughts I shouldn’t have, but it wasn’t wishful thinking. I just want to stay. It’s like this before and it’s still the case… in the future, I hope that it is still the case.” As Chen Rui thought of the beautiful misunderstanding, he became calmer and looked at Shea in the eyes.

Instead, Shea looked away, “Really?”

“Yes, but the current situation of the Dark Moon isn’t optimistic. If Princess Royal trusts the wrong person, it might cause an unimaginable result.”

Shea felt that this kind of dialogue was very profound. The one who wanted to do was finding excuses for herself to not do; whereas the one who didn’t want to do was giving the other party reasons to do. This might also be a test in a certain sense.

After a long time, her eyes finally looked firm, “Believing in the wrong person is still better than not dare to believe. If I risk it all, I might still see hope in adversity… I intend to appoint you as a secretary. Are you willing to accept?”

Secretary? Male Secretary? At least it’s better than the master-servant contract. It seemed that Shea had decided to officially recruit him into the cabinet of the Dark Moon.

Athena, Alice, Aldas… and Paglio were also here… Since he had built his foundation here and the poison dragon’s seals were unresolved currently, he could only settle down in the Dark Moon. The stabler and stronger the dark moon, the safer he would be.

Chen Rui knew that for Shea to said that, there was no other choice except they fell out. He immediately bowed and said, “I am willing to serve Your Royal Highness. Time and facts will prove that Your Royal Highness’s decision today is correct.”

“That’s good. You have worked hard for the Sky Battle today. Go back to rest early. From tomorrow onward, come to the council hall to report once every morning, Gauss will tell you what to do.” Shea raised her head satisfactorily. “Also, I hope that you can give me some useful suggestions at certain important moments.”

Chen Rui understood that this secretary role was roughly equivalent to the clerk’s duties. Based on Shea’s attitude, she also hoped for him to act as a behind-the-scenes strategist.

A great strategist in the foreign world? Chen Rui scratched his head. When he was about to ask a few questions about holidays and treatments, he heard Shea said, “When the Red Spirit Estate’s vine stones reach the palace, I will give you 60. Tell me again if it’s not enough.”

60 pieces? That is the highest-quality vine stones. Every piece is at least 100 black crystal coins! The auras that he thought was lost originally had returned, Chen Rui’s eyes instantly became bright. He couldn’t bother about any treatment. He just felt that this sentence was the most touching words that Princess Royal had ever said.

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