Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 38 - Galaxy Divinity Temple – Training Ground

Chapter 38: Galaxy Divinity Temple – Training Ground

Regardless if she was trying to win him over or trusting her men, Shea was indeed a good boss. Except for one point where she liked to test people with “murderous intentions” from time to time.

60 pieces of vine stones were indeed a very good treatment. Chen Rui would certainly not be polite, “Thanks Your Royal Highness, there is one more thing. I promised the two wyverns to help them get out of the cage. I don’t know if Your Royal Highness is okay with that?”

“You are able to communicate with them to such an extent?” Shea blinked. “Even for the entire Fallen Angel Empire, wyvern is an invaluable resource. I am afraid I can’t let them leave. However… if you can guarantee their safety to others, it’s okay to let them out of the cage and roam freely.”

Chen Rui thought for a moment and replied, “Safety wise, there shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, I need to further communicate with them. It’s just that I don’t have enough strength and I’m in need of some substances that can provide special energy, such as vine stone to better utilize the beast taming skill. If Princess Royal has it, I am shamelessly asking for more.”

“There should be about 10 vine stones in the storage, but the quality is mediocre. I will let Kaguron send all of them to the lab for you. There are still a lot of open fields near the lab, so the two wyverns can be placed at your side. The excuse for the public is for Aldas to study toxins. However, before you can guarantee the safety, you must control them to avoid any accidents.”

“I understand.” Chen Rui earned another 10 vine stones and was very happy. He said, “Your Royal Highness, I am going to deal with the wyverns and will retire now.”

After receiving the order from Shea, the guards brought the wyverns to the laboratory with the purpose of “master’s research”. When Aldas saw the two wyverns, he was really surprised.

After the outsiders left, Chen Rui explained the “grand master inheritance” to Aldas, only then Aldas realized that the third round was actually Chen Rui’s solo performance. While marveling at the power of the grand master, the dark elf master was also sad that there was no potion-related inheritance.

Chen Rui walked to the iron cage that contained the wyverns and activated <Analytical Eyes>.

“Kegu, Mengda, I’ve kept my promise and saved you from the bad guys.”

The two dragons were moving in the cage and tried to stretch their heads out.

“Thank you, can you let us go?”

Based on the previous conversation, Chen Rui knew that wyvern’s intelligence was better than griffin, but it wasn’t really high. Their emotions were easier to control in comparison. It was impossible to compare them with the highly-intelligent dragon like Paglio. Especially these two were still in their infancy, so they should be easier to deceive.

“I’m afraid I can’t. The bad guys are very despicable. They are ready to capture you again at any time; only this place is safe.”

The wyverns made a hissing sound that scared the imp who wanted to get a closer look fell and sat on the ground. In Chen Rui’s ears, this hissing sound was a sad voice, “Mengda wants to return to Silent Night Wetland! Kegu wants to go back too!”

Silent Night Wetland! Chen Rui felt that it sounded familiar. He suddenly remembered that Paglio asked him to go to a secret cave to find treasures, and this secret cave was in the Silent Night wetland!

Chen Rui instantly explored a few options in his mind and finally made a decision. According to Paglio, the Silent Night Wetland is very dangerous, even a Greater Demon might die. Let’s wait until I get stronger before considering this option.

“Kegu, Mengda, please don’t worry. We are friends. I will definitely find a way to help you return to Silent Night Wetland but not now.” Chen Rui put his hand into the cage and pacified the two wyverns. That move almost made the imp faint on the spot, but fortunately, the wyverns were just laying their heads on his hand intimately. This isn’t the most terrifying flying demonic beast; they are clearly two docile hellhounds!

“Friends, I can let you leave this nasty iron cage and provide you food. However, you must promise me that you can’t leave this place, and you can’t hurt anyone. Do you understand?”

“Understood, Chen Rui, my good friend.” The two wyverns were really happy.

Chen Rui opened the iron cage and suddenly, Mengda and Kegu rushed out. Even Aldas was shocked; the lightning in his hand was ready to be released.

Two wyverns flapped their wings, flew into the sky and hovered over the palace. Not only the palace guards, but even the passing demons noticed the situation, and they were discussing about them.

Right when Chen Rui was worrying that the wyverns would escape, Kegu and Mengda slowly landed and fell to his side. Their loving look stunned Aldas and the imp.

“From now on, both of you can stay here. Remember that you must not leave the scope of this palace.” Chen Rui pointed to Aldas and Slee, “These two are my friends; you absolutely can’t attack them; do you understand?”

“Understood! Kegu wants to eat something.”

“Slee, get some fresh meat.” Chen Rui said to Slee. The imp recollected his mind from the shock and quickly ran out.

Looking at Chen Rui taming the wyverns who were famous for their violence easily, Aldas looked shocked and admiring. He then pointed out some wyvern related knowledge to Chen Rui. Wyverns lived in swamps or wetlands; their feet were strong and powerful; extremely aggressive; they liked the corrosive, poisonous environment. He needed to arrange a suitable environment to let these two wyverns live here. Fortunately, there was no shortage of poison and related plants in the laboratory. It shouldn’t be difficult. Some rare plants that were symbiotic with wyverns could also be planted for potion experimenting needs.

Slee got the fresh meat in a flash. For his fear of the wyvern’s poison, the imp didn’t dare to go forward, but Aldas was very interested in the poison of these two demonic beasts. Chen Rui was taking care of the temporary nest of the wyverns when the Head of Imperial Guards, Kaguron came and gave a leather bag containing 11 vine stones to Chen Rui.

Chen Rui was overjoyed and quickly thanked Kaguron. Kaguron looked at the two distant, unrestrained wyverns with surprise. He didn’t say anything; he just slightly nodded his head and left the lab.

Under the guidance of Aldas and the hard work of Slee, the wyvern’s nest was finally completed. After pacifying Kegu and Mengda, Chen Rui hurried back to the room and activated <Aura Conversion> eagerly.

When the last piece of vine stone was turned into powder, Chen Rui’s status was:

Title: Star Collector

Evolution Level: One Star

Experience Value: 1%

Aura value: 2224

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: E

An average-quality vine stone could provide 100 – 150 auras. If it was high quality, it might be doubled. According to this algorithm, if the 60 highest-quality vine stone was in place, the total aura value would likely be close to 20000!

Chen Rui immediately entered the Super System and came to the Galaxy Divinity Temple. His eyes fell on the light screen of “Buildings” and instantly, there were three architectural models of the temple that could be activated. At present, his aura was already quite plenty, so he started to consider activating them.

The exchange center was equivalent to a store. It needed 1000 aura value to activate. To exchange, perhaps the remaining 1000 auras couldn’t buy anything good. Besides, he still needed to save some for an emergency. It wasn’t worth activating now until he got the 60 vine stones.

The remaining two buildings was a difficult choice for Chen Rui. He had always been envious of Alice’s storage equipment. This storage warehouse was equivalent to an advanced portable space equipment, and it could be automatically upgraded and expanded. The aura value required to activate was also the least; it was only 500. Although the training ground was twice as expensive, it was also indispensable as it would aid training.

However, the two buildings added up to only 1500 points. Chen Rui looked at his aura of more than 2000 points. Suddenly, there was an impulse to activate both. After thinking about it, he decided to activate the training ground first. If the conditions permit, then he would activate the storage warehouse.

Chen Rui chose to activate the training ground. The model suddenly turned into stardust and scattered. At the same time, at the open space outside the temple, there was a building that looked exactly like the model, faintly exuding a chilling grandeur. Chen Rui shifted his mind, and he was already by the door of the building from the throne. The huge door automatically opened. After entering, there was an endless ground as if he had come to another space.

A blue screen appeared with the details of the function and price of the training ground. There were several types of rules available for selecting in the training ground. Each of which consumed a corresponding aura value.

The first type of rule was the time multiplier; it was equivalent to the difference between the training ground time and actual time in reality. 2:1 meant that 2 days in training ground was only equivalent to 1 day of actual time, 5:1 was 5 days, and so on. There were a total of three types of rules.

This function was very attractive, but its price made Chen Rui took a gasp of surprise. The price of 2:1 was 2000 auras per day; the price of 5:1 was 5000 auras per day; 10:1 was 10,000 auras per day; 100:1 was 100,000 auras per day.

The second type of rule was gravity. 2 times the gravity cost 2000 auras per day; 4 times the gravity was 4000; 8 times was 8000…

The third type of rule was the environment. There were volcanoes, glaciers, seabeds, jungles and so forth; the price was 1000 auras per day.

The above rules were charged for 1 day even if it was less than 1 day.

These training conditions could be implemented simultaneously. For example, a volcanic scene with ten times gravity could be selected at the same time with 5:1 time multiplier.

The function of the training ground could be said to be extremely powerful. Chen Rui was so eager to try it. The problem was that it was too expensive! Now, he only had 1224 points of aura, so he couldn’t do anything at all. It seemed that he could only find ways to increase his consumption capital. The most effective way was to earn magic crystal coins to buy magic materials such as the vine stone.

Of course, he couldn’t buy from Joseph’s expensive, scamming shop, but he had to find other sources. When it came to doing business and earning money, Chen Rui was naturally better at it than doing training. Especially in the Demon Realm with a relatively backward economy, he had no other way but to be a businessman!

Chen Rui exited from the Super System and finally made up his mind, Start making money from today! I’ll do everything for aura!

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