Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 36 - Miserable Alan

Chapter 36: Miserable Alan

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Wyvern’s fierce eyes stared at the human awhile while slanting its head, seemed to think that this man was tastier than the piece of meat.

Athena was nervous. As she was about to rush out, she saw that wyvern slowly lowered its head, hesitated to get closer to the big piece of fresh meat, bit it and started eating it. Chen Rui’s hand wasn’t hurt at all and the crowd who almost stopped breathing just now immediately boiled up.

In fact, Chen Rui’s heart was chilled, he kept reminding Kegu to bite more accurately through <Analytical Eyes>. He was secretly glad that the performance was really successful. The demons respected brave warriors the most. The atmosphere at the arena reached another climax.

Although Alan was very envious of the support that the human got, he still didn’t dare risk losing his hands to feed the strange, terrifying demonic beast like Chen Rui.

Chen Rui rode the tide and took the opportunity to climb up the back of the wyvern. The wyvern howled at the sky, flapped its wings and flew up into the sky. Alan didn’t want to be outdone. He mustered up his courage and rode the other wyvern. The height of the two men got increasingly higher and the third round officially began.

Alan fully utilized his beast-taming skills, trying his best to control the flying beast underneath and fly to a certain height to face the rival in love that he hated – at least in Alan’s eyes, this human was his biggest rival in love.

“I look forward to this day for a long time,” Alan thought that his rival would die in his hands. His suppressed mood for many days became extremely easy, “I will turn you into a pile of minced meat in front of Athena!”

Chen Rui was too lazy to react to his nonsense. This guy obviously never learned the psychology of love. I truly don’t know how his brain thinks. Killing Athena’s close friend, then Athena will get close to him? No wonder Athena hates him.

Wyvern really wasn’t easy to control. After the two wyverns rose high in the sky, they began to make an anxious roar, resisting the rider on their back. If it wasn’t a tamed wyvern, the two men’s head had probably been bitten off.

Even for Alan, he couldn’t help but feel scared under the violent shake. He had already triggered his secretly accumulated power. His body was covered with a faint red glow when he tried to maintain balance while suppressing the abnormal move of his mounted wyvern. These two wyverns were still in their infancy. If they truly grew to the level of Greater Demon, then Alan’s power wouldn’t be able to suppress the wyvern at all.

On the other side, Chen Rui’s situation was even worse. The human had little strength. He could only hold onto the wyvern’s neck desperately, barely maintaining his body to not fall and screaming from time to time.

Previously when Chen Rui fed the meat bravely and rode the dragon to the sky, Joseph had some doubts. Now that he saw Chen Rui’s look, his frown gradually unfolded. There was a disdainful look in his eyes.

The heart of Alice and others suddenly started worrying. Athen’s body began to vaguely appear a burning flame, getting ready to catch Chen Rui with the fastest speed at any time.

In the eyes of the audience, both parties were like a novice in beast-taming, wobbling clumsily in the sky and couldn’t launch an attack for once. However, no one laughed at them because they were riding the most powerful flying demonic beast, wyvern without any supporting equipment!

Chen Rui appeared to be nervous on the surface, but he was counting the rhythm with Kegu in his mind, three circles to the left; three circles to the right…

After tossing for a while, the effective time of the antidote had already passed; he could feel the toxins of the dragon gradually began to invade the protective power. In a moment of desperation, he punched heavily on his mounted wyvern. That wyvern roared angrily for a while, and the wyvern at its opposite also made a corresponding call.

Subsequently, Alan’s wyvern flew to Chen Rui obediently. Alan didn’t expect to hit the mark by fluke, and he was happy. Although the antidote had expired, he could resist the poison with his own power. It was enough to endure until the human was killed.

Chen Rui noticed that and desperately urged his mounted wyvern to escape, but the dragon was indifferent. The audience below suddenly became nervous.

There was a bit of bloodthirst on Joseph’s face as if he had seen the badly mutilated corpse of the human.

Right when Alan’s wyvern approached, something strange happened. Alan’s wyvern, Mengda that was originally rushing toward Chen Rui suddenly slowed down. It turned around and exposed Alan on its back to its companion. Kegu opened its mouth and bit him unrestrained. The change was too sudden. Alan quickly evaded in shock and the leather armor on his right shoulder was torn off by Kegu.

The two wyverns in the sky cooperated to launch a fierce attack at Alan. The audience below was stunned looking at the unexpected change. In the previous Sky Battle, there was never such a strange scene.

“This idiot!” Joseph’s smile suddenly stiffened on his face. He couldn’t sit still and stand up quickly. Although the incident was unbelievable, he could clearly see that the human apprentice didn’t use any means. He was just holding onto the wyvern’s neck in fear. It was clear that Alan was too eager to win, angered his mounted wyvern which summoned its companion to seek revenge.

Alan’s body appeared a red flame. He tried to resist for a while, but he eventually couldn’t withstand the Mengda’s jolting and fell from the sky. After all, he was a great demon. His body flashed in the air and he used a secret technique; He disappeared instantly and then appeared on the ground subsequently.

At that moment, Alan looked very miserable. His body was full of shocking wounds and his flame had already disappeared. The armor was also torn apart and he lost his usual mightiness. After staggering a few steps, the poison on the wound began to act. Finally, he couldn’t withstand the poison and fell to the ground.

After the wyvern landed, Chen Rui that was at Kegu’s back also couldn’t his balance, rolled down and fell to the ground. He seemed to be greatly frightened. His face was pale; his feet were weak. He couldn’t get up at the moment. Athena and others quickly rushed to him.

The two wyverns still refused to let go and wanted to continue attacking Alan. The liches hurried forward and blocked. Under the comfort of the liches, the anger of the two flying demonic beasts finally subsided and went back to their cage obediently. Seeing this scene, Joseph was more certain that Alan wasn’t riding properly and angered these two wyverns. In his mind, his hatred for this idiot who messed up his plan was to the utmost – the draw that was certain initially became a lose!

Alan’s background was Karon Family, a major figure under Prince Obsidian, so Joseph couldn’t not care. He clenched his teeth and let his subordinates take Alan away for treatment.

“I’m fine…” Chen Rui stood up with difficulty under the help of Athena and Alice. When he lowered his head, his eyes flashed a hint of proudness: Initially, I just wanted to let Mengda jolt and make Alan fall. Who knows Alan was so cooperative that he actually angered the Mengda. It was just nice for him to suffer from that. It’s too bad for this poor child!

After Alice settled Chen Rui, she came to the center of the arena and exclaimed excitedly in the amplifier, “The final victory of this Sky Battle belongs to our Dark Moon Estate!”

The result of winning at home naturally made the enthusiastic atmosphere of the audience reach its peak. The blacksmith, Zach excitedly said to the demons beside him, “Do you know? That human is Zach’s friend!”

If that sentence was said before the match, everyone would definitely despise Zach, but he had gained approval now. Although Chen Rui won for his luck, the courage demonstrated during the period was indeed commendable. This match won an important victory for the Dark Moon. He had been acknowledged by most demons.

Alice said with pride, “Joseph! According to the agreement, in addition to the original bet, these two wyverns belong to me. Also, remember to send the 100 high-quality vine stones to the palace as soon as possible!”

“First of all, congratulations to the Dark Moon for obtaining this victory. The match is just a formality. The purpose is to witness the friendship between the two estates. Red Spirit and the Dark Moon are as close as siblings… As for the bet, little princess can rest assured. The Alvin family always keeps their promise, but the stock of the highest quality vine stones is limited, I promise to send it to the palace within one month.”

Joseph’s attitude when he had nothing left won many hearts. Actually, the financial officer’s heart was bleeding. 2 wyverns! 100 of the highest quality vine stones! This loss couldn’t be ignored, even with the wealth of Red Spirit Estate. In recent years, it was his first to face such failure. His father, Lord Josh would definitely be furious, but he could only admit defeat for now.

The face of the special envoy that specifically rushed here from the Red Spirit Estate was very bitter. He refused the invitation of Old Gauss. He came to Joseph, snorted and turned away. Joseph’s eyes were flashing with cold lights. He didn’t say much.

Alice couldn’t bother to listen to Joseph’s words and ordered the guards to push away the iron cage that contained the wyverns. She then left along with Athena and others in deafening cheers.

Walking out of the arena, Alice was proposing to eat hot pot at the lab to celebrate. Then, the Old Gauss suddenly stepped forward and whispered a few words to little loli.

Alice nodded in surprise and said to Chen Rui, “Sister wants to see both of us; let’s celebrate later.”

Summon again? Since the scary incident at the garden previously, Chen Rui had never seen Shea. Hearing that Princess Royal summoned him again, he couldn’t help but feel nervous.

The Old Gauss led Alice and Chen Rui all the way to the council hall in the palace and stepped down. When Alice saw Shea, she happily showed off the victory she had just won. Shea nodded and a faint gentleness appeared in her cold eyes.

“This victory is thanks to Chen Rui,” Alice pointed at Chen Rui. “I promised to give him 50 pieces of vine stones; sister doesn’t have to give him an additional reward.”

“He was just lucky to get the final victory. Besides, he’s not a magician so vine stones are useless for him.” Shea shook her head and smashed the original hope of the human in one sentence. “Alice, you did well today. Not only you won a lot of black crystal coins, but also got a higher value wyverns and vine stones. You can keep 10 vine stones and 500 black crystal coins; the rest must be handed over to the palace’s treasury.”

Chen Rui was furious: That was too sinister! Female tyrant! She actually swallows up 90% of the bet! My hard work is in vain! The most distressing thing is that the vine stones belonged to me! That is a lot of auras!

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