Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 35 - Analytical Eye! Even The Wyverns Were Lured

Chapter 35: Analytical Eye! Even The Wyverns Were Lured

The appearance of wyverns caused a commotion among the audience. It was the first time for most people to see an actual wyvern. All of them exclaimed at the moment.

Chen Rui pondered for a long time and slowly stood up.

“Chen Rui!” Aldas, Athena, and Alice at the side blurted out at the same time.

Athena who had been cold to Chen Rui couldn’t hold herself when she saw him actually had the intention to compete, “Even if it is tamed wyvern, it is much more dangerous than the griffin! The poison is secondary; Even I couldn’t tame it in a short time for its wild nature!”

“This Joseph actually got wyverns here!” Alice didn’t hesitate, “Chen Rui, you still have to make more money for the princess and make more good stuff. You must not die like this! We will directly admit defeat, having a draw is good enough.”

Aldas didn’t say much, but he shook his head firmly at Chen Rui. The imp, Slee also looked worried, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

“Don’t worry.” Chen Rui shook his head, “You guys know that I fear death the most. If I’m not certain, I will not go and get myself killed. Little princess, don’t rush to admit defeat. Let me see the wyverns first.”

As he said, he walked slowly to the field. He deliberately put up the fearful look of being poisoned, he covered his mouth and nose and came to the wyvern’s iron cage.

Alan was initially nervous when he heard he needed to use wyvern for the match but when he saw Chen Rui’s timid look, he sneered out loudly, “Coward, that is a magic cage! Poison can’t penetrate it!”

Alan’s subordinates among the audience laughed along loudly but Chen Rui wasn’t afraid of the poison. He ignored Alan and cautiously approached the cage. When the wyvern in the cage saw a creature approaching, it tried to extend its head out of the cage. The crashing sound against the cage was really intimidating.

The human was shocked, and he quickly stepped back. The two wyverns seemed to have a special desire for human flesh. Their heads actually moved together according to the human’s movement. They began to fidget, making noises. The magnitude of them slamming at the cage was also increasing. It made the human trembled.

Joseph watched Chen Rui’s frightened look, and the hint of mocking in his smile was even more. It seemed that bringing wyvern was the smartest choice. In fact, winning or losing didn’t have much significance. He didn’t even bother the bet with Alice. With today’s demeanor, he could still achieve the objective of frightening the Dark Moon even if it ended up as a draw.

What could they do even if the reputation of the Lord of Midnight Sun was invincible? Now that his descendants couldn’t even maintain the throne. Even the Dark Moon Estate had to be suppressed by the powerful Red Spirit without any chance to rise again!

Thinking of that, Joseph glanced at somewhere in the arena like protesting, but he couldn’t find the pair of blade-like cold eyes anymore. Actually, he could never imagine that the wyverns’ agitation wasn’t to “eat” human flesh, but it was conversing with Chen Rui.

“Kegu, rest assured, I will help you!” Chen Rui’s voice in his consciousness sounded like a perverted man trying to abduct a minor girl.

“That’s wrong. I am Kegu; he is Magda.” The wyvern roared in dissatisfaction.

“Understood! Act accordingly later; remember to cooperate well!”


Joseph’s secretly used his power and echoed his voice throughout every corner of the arena, “I deliberately brought the strongest flying demonic beast, wyvern from Red Spirit Estate. I don’t know if the Dark Moon Warriors who are known for their bravery dare to fight!?”

Even though they understood the wildness of wyvern; even though they knew that the last candidate was probably the weak human apprentice, when Joseph asked “dare to fight!?”, it instantly stirred up the audience’s emotions. The combative blood of the demons was reflected clearly at that moment.

In the boiling cheers, Chen Rui returned to his friends.

Alice saw him returning without any damage, she took a sigh of relief and said loudly to Joseph, “This round…”

“This round, we will fight!” Chen Rui suddenly continued Alice’s words and said aloud.

When the audience saw Chen Rui actually took the initiative to fight, their attitude toward this human changed a lot. They started shouting, “Fight! Fight…”

“Are you crazy!?” Athena grabbed Chen Rui’s arm and said ruthlessly.

Alice was also anxious, “Chen Rui, you’re going to die!”

“As I offended Athena yesterday, so might as well…” Before Chen Rui could finish his joke, he saw Athena’s eyes were red. She grabbed his arm tighter and tighter, he almost couldn’t stand it even with his Star Collector’s special physique after “Body Cleansing”.

“You’re still joking at such a moment!” Aldas couldn’t sit still too, “Do you have any other way?”

“Athena, let go!” Chen Rui cried, “My arm is going to break!”

Athena quickly let go. Chen Rui vividly saw something that he had never seen before in her ruby-like eyes, but he didn’t have time to think about it now. He pulled Alice over and whispered for a while. The little loli was doubtful, but she finally nodded under his resolute eyes.

Alice stood up and said through the magic amplifier, “We never had the word, coward in the dictionary of Dark Moon. Even if we die, we must fight to the end!”

After utilizing a series of enthusiastic slogans to fully stir up the crowd, Alice spoke to Joseph, “Since Red Spirit Estate brought two wyverns, our bet should be larger for this single interesting match! If you lose this Sky Battle, in addition to the original black crystal coins, I want these 2 wyverns plus 100 high-quality vine stones! What do you think?”

Joseph smiled and said, “Little princess, adding bet at the last moment is against the rules. Besides, the Dark Moon already has 1 win and 1 draw. It is impossible to lose. I’ll be at too much disadvantage.”

“Even if you win the third round, it’ll still be a draw,” Alice saw Joseph still shaking his head and changed her words, “Yet, I really want to play with the wyvern. What if, if today’s match is a draw, I’ll give you an additional precious from an ancient alchemy grand master; if I win eventually, you just lose 100 high-quality vine stones and the two wyverns. What do you think?”

Joseph’s pupils suddenly contracted. He was obviously surprised by the alchemy work of the ancient grand master. Is it a treasure kept by the royal family? What he didn’t understand the most was why Alice suddenly had such strong confidence. Why was she willing to put such a big bet?

It’s correct that the Dark Moon has 1 win and 1 draw now, but as long as Alan defeats Chen Rui, which is almost 100% certain, it will eventually draw. Why is Alice still so certain that she can win?

“I cannot easily take out the work of the alchemy grand master, but Master Aldas can testify in front of everyone. This work absolutely exists, and it is ingenious!” Alice didn’t give Joseph too much time to consider. She gave him a taste of his own medicine by loudly saying, “Do you dare to promise?”

At that moment, Aldas also got up and nodded to testify the authenticity of grand master’s work that the princess mentioned. Joseph knew that with Aldas’s current reputation, Aldas wouldn’t speak without thinking. It seemed that the existence of the grand master’s alchemy work wouldn’t be fake. In other words, if the prize for Alice losing was fake, then it could even be used as an excuse to suppress the Dark Moon.

No one knows, the work of “the ancient grand master” was not only being sold in Alice’s store, but they were also a few variations in her room.

Unless they broke their promise to not let the human participate, if not, Joseph couldn’t think of any chance for Alice to win or even tie in the last round. After pondering for a long time, Joseph finally agreed to Alice’s request.

“Alan, the wyvern’s skin is poisonous. The rules are no supporting equipment is allowed. These two detoxification pills can last for 20 minutes. After you eat it, if you really exceeded the time, exert your power to resist the poison.” These two wyverns had yet to reach adulthood, and they had just been tamed not long ago. With Joseph’s personal power, he could naturally resist it. However, he could no longer play, so he could only remind Alan.

Alan hesitated and said, “I heard that the human mutated under Aldas’s experiment; he has deadly poison in him. Besides, Aldas is a potion master. Can it be that he’s not afraid of poison?”

That sentence reminded Joseph that it should be Alice’s plan to use the human’s physique or Aldas’s antidote to delay until Alan couldn’t resist so he could win.

Joseph, who thought he saw through the plan of the other party seemed even more determined. He said to Alan, “Even if the poison can’t kill him, you can easily settle someone who is as weak as an ant like him! Remember; don’t delay; you must make it quick!”

Joseph could tell that Alan was a bit nervous with the wyvern, so he added calmly, “Actually, winning or losing doesn’t matter to me, but you should give up on that woman completely.”

Alan saw Athena at the opposite was talking to Chen Rui with a worried face, and he couldn’t help but be green with envy. Then, he received the antidote without hesitation.

Chen Rui asked for a small bottle of “antidote” from Aldas and drank in front of everyone. He then gave Athena a resolute look saying “trust me” and went off. Most of the people held their breath while looking at Chen Rui and Alan walking toward the iron cage. There was already someone there starting to dispel the anti-poison magic on the iron cage.

When Alan thought of Athena’s attitude toward Chen Rui, the bloodlust in his eyes became more and more chilling. He sneered, “Tremble! Weak and incompetent human!”

“Don’t die too soon. I have to torture your every single bone!”


Poor child. Your jealousy is almost turning you into a bullshit expert. It can’t be that during the previous U.S. NBA shutdown, some guy had nothing better to do and cross-over here. Now he can’t return after the shutdown is over…

In the crowd, many of Alan’s subordinates were supporting loudly, laughing at the weak human.

Chen Rui was impatient. Seeing the iron cage opening, he raised his arms and shouted, “Dark Moon!”

This slogan immediately received the echo from the people of the Dark Moon City in the arena. The cheers of “Dark Moon! Dark Moon!” got increasingly louder. Those mocking laughter were suddenly covered to non-existence.

Chen Rui gave Alan a provocative look: Little guy, say it louder. I can’t hear you.

Alan didn’t think that the human would have such a nerve. As he was about to get rage, the cage was opened. Although the two wyverns were almost fully-tamed, they were still tied with iron chains. The two liches fed them food while comforting them and carefully leading them out. The wyverns came out of the cage and made a low growl. Their ferocious and agitated look was daunting.

Alan looked vigilant. He swallowed the detoxification pill and secretly prepared a defensive power. He walked toward one of them and used the beast-taming communicating method, then he took a large piece of fresh meat from the lich and threw it to the wyvern to increase affinity.

Chen Rui first hesitated for a moment, then he had an expression of putting everything at stake and strode to the face of the wyvern named “Kegu”. He didn’t throw food like Alan, but he grabbed the food and handed it over. This was the most effective way to get close to demonic beasts in beast-taming, but it was also the riskiest one. For a beast like a wyvern, it was way too dangerous.

That bold move made the audience sweated. When the wyvern walked toward the human step by step, the arena was almost silent entirely.

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