Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 34 - Draw! Unexpected Candidate

Chapter 34: Draw! Unexpected Candidate

Athena ignored Joseph. She glanced at Leo’s bloody body calmly, jumped off her mount and returned to the Dark Moon’s VIP seats.

Alice and Chen Rui greeted her. Alice smiled and said, “I knew Athena will definitely win; Unlike some guy who was so worried that you’ll fall from the sky.”

“Hmph! That was an unnecessary worry! We, the Great Demons has a teleportation skill. Even if I don’t use it, I’m already a Greater Demon. It won’t be a problem even if I fall!” Athena glanced at Chen Rui; she didn’t bother about him, but there was a strange warmth feeling in her heart.

Facing Athena’s cold expression, Chen Rui felt wronged. Didn’t I just accidentally touch a bit? Oh, no. it’s a lot…

However, Athena had been promoted to Greater Demon. This could explain why <Analytical Eyes> showed her strength as D when she “retaliated” yesterday.

“There’s something wrong between you two? Did you guys fight?”

The sensitive little loli made Chen Rui recollect his minds and quickly explained, “Nothing, it was just during yesterday’s special training… I was stupid, so I made Athena unhappy.”

When yesterday’s special training was mentioned, Athena felt that her face was burning. At the same time, Joseph spoke and Alice’s attention suddenly shifted to him.

“Leo was eager to win that he violated the rules of the match by using magic. I have already punished him. For this round, we admit defeat! In order to express apologies and respect to the Dark Moon Estate. The second game, I, Joseph. Alvin will take part personally!”

As soon as he said that, all eyes focused on Joseph.

Joseph had expected to fail in the first round. He let Leo secretly cheat just now was to take his chance. Who knew that Leo’s tricks were too obvious, so he had to be killed quickly after being exposed. According to the other party’s plan, the third round must be the human apprentice, so the second game must be guaranteed to win. Otherwise, Chen Rui didn’t have to come on stage as the Red Spirit party had already lost.

The one that participates on behalf of Dark Moon in the second round should be the female grim reaper, Kaguli from Alice’s shop. Kaguli was the sister of Kaguron, the leader of imperial guards. She was currently an Intermediate Demon, and her beast-taming skill was quite brilliant. Even Alan might not win for sure. Joseph had three powerful subordinates; all of them were Greater Demon. However, the Sky Battle wasn’t about personal strength but the beast-taming skill. The three of them weren’t good at it, so Joseph made up his mind and decided to take part personally.

Anyway, Athena couldn’t participate anymore. As for others, Joseph had absolute confidence to win without exposing his strength. Everything was still within his control!

“Joseph… takes part personally?” In the royal palace of Dark Moon City, Princess Royal Shea was watching the arena in front of a strange crystal ball. This crystal ball was connected to the magic equipment of the arena. Not only image but even the sound could be transmitted, it could be considered as a live broadcast in this world.

Joseph’s strength was a mystery in the Dark Moon City. He rarely fought. Even if there was a huge problem, he would usually let his 3 Greater Demon subordinates to do the work. Some people thought that he only relied on his father’s prestige as a lord and his subordinates’ strength while his own strength wasn’t worth mentioning; on the other hand, some people thought that he was strong, but he never wanted to show.

Now, the eldest son of the Red Spirit Lord would be participating personally. Although he was representing the Red Spirit, many viewers were still full of expectations.

So, who was going to fight on behalf of Dark Moon?

In the eyes of everyone, little princess, Alice slowly stood up. Right when everyone thought she was going to announce the candidate, Alice suddenly floated and flew slowly into the arena.

“This round, I’ll participate personally!”

That sentence was even more shocking than Joseph’s. The surrounding cheers lowered down on its own. Even the Old Gauss sitting on the chair stood up.

Little princess participates personally? This match isn’t a child play; there will be a risk to one’s life every moment. Even the lich broke his legs just now.

“Really nonsense!” Shea snorted in front of the crystal ball and disappeared from her seat entirely.

Joseph was surprised and said, “Princess Alice, are you kidding?”

“Joseph, you dare to look down on me!” Alice shouted angrily and a black-colored flame was ignited on her body. This flame was different from the red flame when Athena transformed. If the red flame gave a feeling of fanatic and ruthless, then the black flame represented silence and finality.

The Old Gauss’s blurry eyes suddenly opened, they and were flashing with surprise.

“The <Dark Flame> of the Lucifer family!” There were demons who had recognized the origins of black-colored flame and started screaming.

“The power of the royal family’s bloodline!”

It was Chen Rui’s first time seeing Alice showing her strength. Usually, Alice’s comprehensive strength was only at F-class in <Analytical Eyes>, but at this moment it escalated to E-class! It seemed that little loli wasn’t bragging about her bloodline awakening. Of course, the awakening wasn’t the fake <Mind Reading> but one of the three powers of the Lucifer Royal Family that shocked the Demon Realm, <Dark Flame>!

The level of strength for the demons with common aptitude usually wouldn’t change, such as Alan; whereas the mutated demons and the royal family were different. Their normal condition was one kind of strength; their strength could have a great leap in battle condition. Joseph, Athena, and Alice were like that.

The 13-year-old Alice had already awakened the <Dark Flame>. Even within the Lucifer Royal Family, she was considered a genius girl.

However, compared to the unpredictable Joseph, even if Alice mastered the <Dark Flame>, she had no chance of winning.

“Little princess, are you serious?” Joseph examined Alice with a strange look. “Although my eyesight isn’t very good, I can see that your <Dark Flame> isn’t awakened for too long; it still lacks power. Anyway, we are competing in beast-taming today. Do you have confidence in your beast-taming skill? To be honest, I don’t really want you to be hurt.”

“I as the princess does not harm other people too, including you, the son of lord,” Alice’s black flame disappeared instantly. She smiled and said, “I am the little princess of the Dark Moon, also part of the Lucifer Royal Family, representing the noblest blood of the empire. You are the eldest son of the Red Spirit Lord, the financial officer of the Dark Moon. In order not to affect Red Spirit Estate’s loyalty to my Lucifer Royal Family and commit sin; in order not to affect your loyalty as the financial officer of the Dark Moon Estate and the friendship between Dark Moon Estate and Red Spirit Estate. I have decided that this game will be judged as a draw instantly. I wonder if you would like to continue to be loyal to the Lucifer Royal Family and continue to work for my Dark Moon Estate?”

Joseph’s eyes flashed; he finally understood Alice’s underlying meaning in her words.

Alice meant that no matter how strong was the Red Spirit Estate, it was still devoted to the Lucifer Royal Family. You, Joseph was also a financial officer “devoted” to the Dark Moon Estate. If he truly dared to compete with her, it would be an act of despising the Lucifer Family, despising the Dark Moon City, and deliberately destroy the friendship between the Dark Moon and Red Spirit along the way.

Alice asked for a draw that technically couldn’t be denied. On the surface, it was the demeanor of the royal family, but once Joseph agreed, even if Alan killed Chen Rui, it would only be a draw. Yet, Alice’s last sentence was cruel. If he didn’t accept it, he would be considered as betraying the Lucifer Royal Family. At the same time, it meant that he didn’t want to continue serving as a financial officer in the Dark Moon City. Even the suspicious Regent Obsidian wouldn’t care about such “despise”, Joseph was reluctant to give up his painstaking efforts in the Dark Moon over the years.

Almost every sentence had a trap. When did this little princess become so powerful! Alice’s participation was an unexpected move, and his surefire plan was out of control.

Although that was shameful, it wasn’t time to fall out… When Joseph was weighing the consequences, he suddenly felt something and looked at the far side of the arena. His eyes met blade-like cold eyes. As if there were no limitation of distance, his eyes had a stinging feeling, and he couldn’t help but feel terrified in his heart.

Joseph who was already uncertain didn’t hesitate anymore. He immediately said, “Red Spirit Estate’s loyalty toward the Lucifer Royal Family and the Fallen Angel Empire is comparable to the Demon Realm’s two moons. Red Spirit and Dark Moon are forever friends. I will also continue to work for the development of the Dark Moon with the most precious friendship. Therefore, I accept the Princess Alice’s call for a draw!”

Now the Dark Moon had 1 win and 1 draw, it was already in an unbeatable position. Even if Chen Rui forfeited, it would end up as a draw. At least it won’t damage the reputation of Dark Moon.

When Alice saw Joseph agreed to the draw, she was overjoyed and triumphantly returned to the VIP seat, showing off to Chen Rui and Athena. Suddenly, she heard Joseph said loudly, “In the first game, because I mistakenly believed in a despicable subordinate, so the game that was supposed to be fair was fouled. I deeply apologize for that. In the second game, Princess Alice’s demeanor impressed me. Yet, a match is a match. I believe that everyone present is hoping to a truly intense, fair battle but not cowardice and tricks. Am I right!?”

This sentence was very inciting; the demons at the arena responded loudly, making the atmosphere ardent.

Alice, Athena, and Aldas heard that Joseph deliberately created such commotion and intended to force Chen Rui to compete. They coincidentally had an ominous omen at the same time.

Joseph took the opportunity and said, “As the symbol of friendship between Dark Moon and Red Spirit, I have a special request for the third round that is to change the flying demonic beast for the match to wyvern! Everyone will witness the most powerful demonic beast with your own eyes. The most intense Sky Battle!”

Wyvern! Alice was taken aback. Athena got up and stared sharply at Joseph. Coincidentally Joseph was looking at her side, facing the murderous Athena, he habitually smiled indifferently.

In the eyes of Chen Rui, the murderous intentions in that smile were ten times stronger than what Athena showed!

Wyvern generally lived in poisonous swamps or wetlands. They had durable scales and strong, sharp claws. Not only that their claws contained deadly poison, but they could also emit a certain degree of poisonous gas when they breathe. It was one of the most powerful flying demonic beasts except the dragon.

The dragons had always been disdainful against these “pseudo-dragons” who were weak (as relative to the dragons). Wyverns lacked wisdom and culture, but the dragons couldn’t help but fear the power of these social creatures. Even an adult dragon dared not provoke a wyvern group easily.

An adult wyvern was equivalent to the combat power of a Greater Demon. Not only it was difficult to capture and tame, but it could also easily attract revenge from the entire wyvern group. Even the entire Dark Moon Estate didn’t have a single tamed wyvern.

A four-wheeled vehicle with a tall iron cage was pushed into the arena. The iron cage contained two green-brownish skinned, long-winged creatures in the cage. It seemed that Joseph was resolute to shock the Dark Moon today. He actually brought two wyverns from the Red Spirit Estate in advance!

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