Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 3 - Alice! The Real Little Devil

Chapter 3: Alice! The Real Little Devil

“My name is Alice.” The beautiful loli’s innocent smile made Chen Rui ashamed. “Brother, what about you?”

“My name is… Chen Rui,” Chen Rui thought, since he was reborn in such a place, he might as well gave up on Arthur’s name and used his own name. “Sister Alice, can you tell me how to get out of here?”

“Get out?” Alice stared with her bright, cute eyes and said, “The lab of Master Aldas is very close here. Are you going there? I will take you there.”

“No! Not that place obviously!” Chen Rui was shocked. Are you kidding me? I took so much effort to leave that crazy place, if I go back then I must be retarded.

Alice asked curiously, “Why not? I heard that the master’s experiment is very interesting, and I am just about to visit and take a look.”

It is very interesting. It’s just he let others drink poison as beverages… Chen Rui looked at this innocent and cute little girl. He gnashed his teeth and lied against his heart, “You didn’t know? The lab had an accident! I am the new apprentice of the master. Master accidentally drank a strange potion and he went crazy as he attacks anyone he sees. Even Slee was knocked out by him. If he sees you, you will definitely be hurt. I’m in a hurry to leave this place but I don’t remember the way. Can you take me away?”

Knowing Aldas went crazy, Alice looked terrified. She kept nodding her head and said, “That’s so scary! Since you are an apprentice of the master, it’ll be hard to leave without his permission.”

“The master won’t be awake right now but my business is urgent.” Chen Rui begged beseechingly. “Alice, can you please help me?”

Alice protruded her lips, thought about it and finally nodded. “Okay, but you have to wear a cloak and walk with your head down. Don’t let others discover that you are the new apprentice.”

“Thank you so much!” Chen Rui was also afraid that his human identity would be exposed. This proposal was just right, so he couldn’t help but overjoyed.

“No worries, brother.” Alice smiled sweetly, showing two cute, little dimples. She took the initiative to hold Chen Rui’s hand and start walking outside. Chen Rui felt that the little girl’s hand was smooth and lustrous, and he felt warmth in his heart: Who said that the Demon Realm only has ferocious demons? This little girl is kind, helpful, an epitome of angels!

Along the way, the two met a lot of demons with peculiar looks. They were mostly tall, looked ferocious, with weapons in their hands. They should probably be the guards of the manor.

Little Loli seemed to be a frequent visitor here. Those guards not only did not come forward to question but also showed a respectful expression instead. Chen Rui saw no one stopped them and stopped worrying. He kept Alice’s words in mind, hiding his face in the cloak and walking with his head down, but he missed the weird expression on these guards.

This “manor” was very big. After a long walk, Little Loli stopped and said, “We’re here!”

Chen Rui was overjoyed. Upon raising his head, he was petrified instantly. It turned out to be the scariest place for him, Aldas’s insane lab!

Alice revealed a smile and the curves of her eyes looked like two beautiful new moons, “Didn’t brother want to come here? Now we’re here. You have to be grateful for my help!”

The smile was angelic and pure as before, but Chen Rui seemed to see the hidden fangs at the edge of her angelic mouth. There was even a tiny tail swaying at her back. Just when he wanted to slip away, Alice’s warm little hand was like an iron hoop, his body couldn’t move at all.

“Is there anyone? I’m here!” Alice “pulled” Chen Rui intimately and shouted.

“Who is it? Trespassing without manners…” Slee mumbling while limping out. When he saw Alice, he kneeled down instantly, not sure if he was fear or shock.

Aldas, whose face was full of dust and dirt, heard the noise and came out. When he saw Chen Rui, he gazed sinisterly at Chen Rui. However, he did not rush to Chen Rui as imagined, instead, he gave Alice a bow.

“Master, I haven’t seen you for a long time,” Alice let go of her hand and looked aggrieved, “Your new apprentice lost his way, so I helped him find the way home. It’s just that this brother is not honest. He lied to me that master, you’ve drunk some potion that should not be drunk… If you see me, you will strip off my clothes, then…”

“Cough…” Chen Rui coughed fiercely and his face almost turned green. He wanted to dig a hole and hide so badly. This little girl was too blackhearted and too strong.

There was not much to say now. It’s as if almost being cheated by a tranny the first time using the internet. He was speechless since he was not as skillful as others.

“Little princess, don’t believe in this cunning human being,” Aldas said with an awkward face. He then tried to move on to another topic by saying, “This guy fell into the Demon Realm three days ago. I was trying to use him to test my new potions. It was fine initially, but every potion was ineffective for him today. When I was brewing the White Potion, an accident happened and he took the opportunity to escape. Luckily little princess found him.”

Little princess! Chen Rui finally knew the true identity of this blackhearted loli. This time he walked into the trap himself. However, he wouldn’t admit that he was deceitful like what Aldas said as compared to Alice, he was as pure as a set of fine china.

“All of your potions were ineffective?” Alice’s eyes brightened as if she saw something interesting. “I went to the black rainforest with Axina and brought back some interesting things. This is the Intestine-Breaking Grass, this is the Heart-Rotting Flower… Why don’t we let this human try?”

The things inside the small basket are actually not fruits and flowers but these “interesting” goods? This girl is a true little devil. Before Chen Rui could resist, he was tied up by Slee with a rope and escorted back to the lab.

After an hour.

Aldas’s knitted his brows even tighter. Although the herbs and flowers in the depths of the black rainforest were strong, it was still ineffective against Chen Rui.

The progress of the Super System was now at 19.6%, but Chen Rui was not at all happy: A crazy enthusiast was scary enough and adding another blackhearted little loli, the power was not as simple as one plus one equals to two.

Due to her likings of using weak poison as pranks, Alice had always been interested in pharmaceutics. She could be considered a semi-apprentice of Aldas. She cupped her face and thought, “Master, you have always been using potions with adverse effect, why not try something that buffs the status?”

Aldas felt that the idea was feasible. He opened an iron cabinet, selected a bottle of red potion and said, “Let’s try this Potent Strength Potion first.”

Slee received the potion respectfully and forced Chen Rui to drink. Chen Rui felt warmth in his body as if he was injected with stimulant. His strength increased sharply and the ropes around him were suddenly shattered.

Slee had the intention to impress the princess so he bared his fangs trying to subdue Chen Rui. Chen Rui had excessive power in him and didn’t have a vent so they began grappling. Even with the Strength Potion, it would be difficult to defeat Slee. However, Slee did not dare to kill him before the princess and the master, and Chen Rui fought desperately after drinking the potion, so Slee was being suppressed that he couldn’t fight back.

Slee’s cries for help were getting increasingly loud yet Aldas and Alice had no intention to help. Chen Rui had long been resentful of this bullying imp so it was just nice to beat him up. However, he did not dare to put his hands on Aldas or Alice. They were both terrorists that he couldn’t afford to provoke.

The strange thing was that the Super System did not absorb the energy of this beneficial effect. It was just the progress increased by a little. It was currently at 19.7%.

Only when the imp laid on the floor with its face swollen and gasping for air, the effect of the Potent Strength Potion gradually faded. Aldas carefully observed Chen Rui that just calmed down, and once again, he was surprised.

“The Potent Strength Potion can greatly enhance the strength, but it contains some ingredients with side effects. After the potion effect, he should be in an extremely weakened state. Why is nothing happening to him?”

Alice asked in surprise, “Could it be that master, you managed to brew a True. Potent Strength Potion without side effects?”

Aldas heightened his spirit but then he shook his head and sighed, “That’s impossible, the recipe of the potion has been long lost. Also, only the legendary master has the ability to craft it. You won’t find a single bottle in the entire Demon Realm.”

Chen Rui, on the side, heard the words “side effects”, and thought: Is it the effect of <Smart Automated Absorption>? Absorbing substance with side effects, leaving only beneficial substance? Although it is just a speculation, this assumption is likely to be true. If not, I would have died no matter how many meals I eat, if the system also absorbs all the beneficial substances.

After Aldas tried several kinds of buff potions in succession, he finally came to a crazy conclusion: Poison was ineffective against this human, but buff potion was beneficial to him.

Before someone like Chen Rui, the well-known poison master was simply a dietitian who was kind and helpful!

“There must be something that can restrain him!” Aldas roared. He couldn’t bother to lose his manners in front of the princess and began to head into a dead end. “In just a few hundred years, has human become so terrifying? This is just a weak, ordinary person! If so, what is the future of the demons?”

Alice as an onlooker saw it clearer and shook her head, “I don’t think all humans are like this, but there is something off with this guy. Master, do you want to make a magical instrument to test?”

“I can’t make those instruments. Alchemy is wide and deep, I am only versed in its pharmaceutics.”

Aldas was quite rigorous in academics. He seemed to have an idea suddenly and his eyes showed a bloodlust. “I gave his blood to Slee before but Slee did not get the immunity. This time I’ll dissect his body to research!”

Chen Rui felt chills down his spine. The things that he had been worried about was finally happening.

“Master, hold on!” Alice said what’s in Chen Rui’s mind. “Don’t kill him. This guy is very interesting. Let me play with him.”

At that moment, Chen Rui felt that the angel’s halo fell upon Alice’s head again. Having accepted his fate as a toy, he quickly said: “Don’t kill me! Master, I will try all your potions until you are satisfied.”

It was a good idea. Not only he could save his life but also could continue to boost the Super System to 100%. Maybe he would become a superman who was able to punch the little devil and step on the dark elf.

It’ll be better if he said that a few hours earlier as the words sounded extremely sarcastic in Aldas’s pointed ears now and his dark face got even gloomier.

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