Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 4 - Grand Master Sun Wukong and Hua Rongdao

Chapter 4: Grand Master Sun Wukong and Hua Rongdao

Seeing Alice still being excited for Chen Rui, Aldas explained patiently, “Little Princess, if we can unravel the mystery of this human being, the power of the demons will have a great leap. For Dark Moon City, the benefits are immeasurable, at least, the situation of the older princess might improve a lot.”

As soon as Aldas mentioned her sister, Alice hesitated and finally stopped insisting. Looking at Aldas walking closer step by step while smirking, Chen Rui got goosebumps all over.

“Rest assured. I won’t kill you at once. I will selectively dissect you,” said Aldas creepily. “I will sustain your life to conduct more experiments.”

F*ck no! I would rather die than being a white mouse!

Chen Rui reacted quickly and shouted, “Slow down! As long as you don’t touch me, I will tell all the secrets!”

His words stopped Aldas and his eyes were fixed on Chen Rui, “Speak!”

“It all started from a place called Mount Huaguo. When I was out playing, I accidentally fell into the waterfall,” Chen Rui thought hard, trying to get into a familiar plot. “Within the waterfall, there is the Water Curtain Cave. In the cave, I got the inheritance of a great master and he is Sun Wukong!”

Most things in this world were similar to the original Earth, such as time, units, common nouns, etc., so Chen Rui basically had no concerns and got increasingly succinct: Sun Wukong was a master of alchemy. He once refined a heavy artifact weighed 13,500 kg called Jingu Bang. It was resistant to all magic and could freely change its size. It could penetrate through the heavens and earth when it’s big, and transformed into a needle when it’s small. He also created an elixir called the “Yao Chi Peach”, which could give ordinary people the lifespan of thousands of years, and even immortality.

It’s a matter of life and death now. I’ll lie whenever I can. Even if I will be choked by Wu Cheng’en and the fans of Journey to the West after death, I’ll accept it.

An artifact that could fight against the gods! Elixir of immortality! The master of both mechanics and pharmaceutics! The dark elf was stunned.

“If it is true, this great master has definitely reached a god-like level!” Aldas was extremely shocked, but he immediately became skeptical, “Since this great master has such amazing achievements, why have I not heard of his name in the history?”

Chen Rui’s lies were almost exposed, and his heart was shocked. Fortunately, he watched a lot of online novels and immediately found a plot to fill in.

Before the ancient times, there was a more ancient primeval age were also known as the era of the gods. Sun Wukong was a character in the primeval ages. For his amazing achievements, he could almost let ordinary people and the gods contend with each other. This caused a panic among the gods, so they sent an army of 100,000 to attack Wukong but they were defeated. Wukong also invaded the God Realm, and he terrified all the gods. The battle was later known as the “Ragnarok”. Eventually, Wukong was suppressed by the most powerful god, Tathāgata and the “history” of the primitive ages was deliberately erased by the gods. Even the ancient books might not have such records, but occasionally one or two related nouns can be seen on some remnant papers.

“Ragnarok? I seemed to read it somewhere in a book… I can’t remember it.” Alice’s words made Chen Rui startled. Is there really such a thing? To cover-up, Chen Rui hurried and continued his story. He claimed that he received the inheritance from the Master Wukong’s remnant soul in the Water Curtain Cave and later teleported to the Demon Realm inexplicably. The remnant of the great master was extremely powerful, consisting of the experience and knowledge of his entire life. The reason that he was immune to all “poison” was the result of the blessing of this god.

Chen Rui learned many incidents of the primeval ages from the remnants of Master Wukong, but because of his weak spirit, he could not fully inherit. He had to wait for his power to grow to gain more knowledge.

The dark elf looked calmer. Chen Rui’s words at least proved that his life-long study of potion crafting wasn’t useless. It was just someone blessed with a special body.

Alice was focused and asked him to tell more stories of the primeval ages. Chen Rui simply borrowed the stories of the monsters in Shan Hai Jing [1]. He made the monsters; Tao Wu; Qiong Qi; Ying Zhao; and Hua She sounded real and alive, and he made Alice’s eyes full of interests. If Chen Rui had not suffered before, he could never tell the true face of this loli.

Aldas did not believe it and sneered, “Even if there is a primeval age, I don’t believe that the great master can contend with the gods and I don’t believe that you can get the inheritance as an incompetent guy! If you can’t prove yourself today, then you will experience yourself the consequences of deceiving a dark self!”

The little girl, who was a loyal audience immediately turned her coat and grabbed the opportunity to add fuel to fire, “And also the great Lucifer royal family!”

Chen Rui learned from Arthur’s incomplete memory that the alchemy of this magical world could be divided into two major categories: mechanics and pharmaceutics. In fact, it includes comprehensive knowledge of mathematics, smelting, medicine, magic array and so on. Due to its advanced level, few people could reach the master level and were highly looked up to in both the Human Realm and the Demon Realm.

Chen Rui thought quickly and had an idea. “What if I can come out with actual evidence?”

Aldas became sullen. Assuming what Chen Rui said was true, then keeping his life was equivalent to retaining the work of a god-like master, for the Dark Moon City, the Demon Realm, and even the world of alchemy, it was an incalculable value.

“I swear by the honor of the dark elves, if you are telling the truth, I will never hurt you,” Aldas said solemnly.

The “honor” of the dark elves?

Alice’s face flashed a subtle smile, in the Demon Realm, the dark elves are labeled as “cunning, treacherous” and are proud of it. At least half of the assassins and killers in the entire Demon Realm are members of this race. It seemed that even though this master is obsessed with pharmaceutics, he is still a cunning dark elf deep down.

Chen Rui didn’t know about this. He thought Aldas really did make an oath, so Chen Rui nodded, “My spirit is very weak and cannot bear more consciousness. I can only see one or two pieces from the memory for calculation. For the grand master, they are just some trivial things, but for…”

“What is it. Hurry up!” Before Chen Rui could finish teasing, he was interrupted by the desperate Aldas. The work of a god-like grand master, even a trivial little thing could be priceless.

“Is there any pencil and paper?”

“What is a pencil?”


Alice looked at Chen Rui and Aldas getting busy with great interest and hinder the progress from time to time. The poor imp was still whining on the ground but no one bothered.

After some time, Chen Rui’s first work in the Demon Realm was completed.

Aldas looked at the square frame confusingly, as well as the square and rectangular blocks inside. No one could imagine that this was a calculation tool created by a great master, “Is this done?”

“So simple?” Alice asked curiously. “What can these 9 ordinary wooden blocks do?”

Chen Rui shook his head and said in a serious manner, “Don’t underestimate these ordinary wooden blocks. Not every piece of work requires rare materials. Master Wukong once said a real master can turn trash into artifact!”

“Turning trash into artifacts? A god-like master indeed!” Aldas seemed to have understood and got excited suddenly. His tone became very polite, “Please tell me, what is the wonder of this tool?”

“Hold on, let me add something.” Chen Rui wrote a few words on each block, namely Cao, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, and soldier.

“This is called Huarong Dao, a kind of deductive chess. The biggest square ‘Cao’ represents an emperor in the primeval era, and the others are the enemy knights and soldiers to obstruct his escape…” Chen Rui used the language that Aldas could understand to explain Huarong Dao’s story and rules to play.

Huarong Dao was a well-known ancient game in China. With its varied outcomes, together with Rubik’s cube and Peg solitaire, it was recognized by the foreign intellectual experts as one of the “3 incredible intellectual puzzles in the world”.

Aldas was getting more interested the more he listened. When he was about to try, Alice was faster. She grabbed and started playing excitedly. Aldas was anxious looking from the side, but he did not dare to do anything. Fortunately, this thing was easy to make, and soon he made himself one and gradually became immersed in it.

Little loli was impatient. A few continuous failures had made her upset. She asked Chen Rui, “Are you deceiving us? This emperor can never escape!”

Chen Rui was naturally confident in this and said, “Your Royal Highness, I can guarantee with my life that Huarong Dao can definitely be solved and there is more than one solution. The key is to look at the individual’s ability to deduce. The fewer the steps, the better.”

Alice knew that Chen Rui was afraid of dying. Since he was so determined, she never doubted again. At this moment, a charming voice sounded from outside, “Master Aldas, I am the servant of the little princess. Is Princess Alice here?”

Aldas was too absorbed in Huarong Dao, thus, he didn’t care about it. Alice answered herself, “Kia, I am here, come in!”

If Alice gave people an expression “so adorable”, then Kia was “charming” – smooth, fair skin; sexy face and lips; impressive huge breasts; slender thighs. Every part of the body was full of seduction. Her clothes were not that revealing but the tight dress made her amazing figure more curvaceous. Even if she just stood there doing nothing, the men would not be able to control their desires.

Alice claimed to be a royal family of Lucifer. Her appearance was indistinguishable from humans. Yet, Kia was different; she was a typical female demon. There was a pair of curved corners on her head, a pair of tiny black wings at her back and a thin tail from her perky buttocks. However, these did not weaken her charm but added a special, mysterious charm.

Siren! An absolute siren!

“Little princess,” Kia took a bow. “Her Royal Princess is waiting for you in the study room. Please leave with Kia.”

When Kia bent down, the cleavage between her breasts was even more eye-catching and Chen Rui could see it clearly. He could only feel his testosterone suddenly multiplied. He swallowed his saliva hard and didn’t dare to look at it again.

“Sister is calling me at this time? Did she found out that I secretly followed Athena to the black rainforest?” The little girl appeared guilty but started giggling when she saw the look on Chen Rui’s face, “Kia, your charms have become more powerful. Even this human can’t control himself at a glance.”

Kia looked at Chen Rui with disdain, “Kia’s physique is considered special among the succubi. This guy’s strength is weak and pitiful. Solely a kiss could deplete his essence.”

Succubus? It seems to be a kind of female demon that can suck the men out… Chen Rui found the depiction of the female demon in Arthur’s memory. His desires were washed away, leaving him chills down his spine.

Beauty is precious but life is higher.

Alice smiled and left the lab with Kia and her basket. Before leaving, she did not forget to bring along the Huarong Dao.

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