Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 2 - : Super System

Chapter 2: Super System

Early the next morning, Chen Rui was taken to the lab yesterday by Slee. He had no time to observe in detail yesterday but the space in this lab was actually quite big. The table was full of various specimens and quirky instruments.

In front of Aldas, Slee’s bossy attitude toward Chen Rui before immediately became very respectful. Aldas waved his hand and stopped Slee’s endless compliments. He then asked Chen Rui, “You are hungry, right?”

Chen Rui really wished he could beat this thin face badly, but he still nodded silently.

“Just nice. Try this.” Aldas gave an evil smile and took out a bottle of green, viscous liquid that was bubbling and emitting some white gas. Chen Rui creeped out looking at it. He instantly regretted his answer just now and shook his head desperately.

The watchful Slee then immediately knocked Chen Rui’s head and started hitting him.

“Enough! Make him drink half of it first.” Aldas’s words stopped Slee.

Under someone else’s territory, he had to do it. One day, I’ll make you guys drink the water I used to wash my feet! In desperation, Chen Rui had to endure nausea and drink the disgusting solution in the bottle. It almost went into his throat without touching his tongue. Shortly after ingesting it, his stomach began to warm up and bloat, accompanied by bursts of pain. Chen Rui now understood the reason of Aldas’s creepy smile.

At that moment, a “Ding” sound rang in his mind and the mysterious voice sounded again: “Unidentified toxic substance was found. Do you want to absorb and boot the Super System?”

“Yes!” Chen Rui’s stomachache had become increasingly severe. He couldn’t bother much and shouted out loudly. The familiar refreshing feeling rose, and the pain gradually disappeared. The bloated belly returned to its original state.

“Insufficient energy supply; system booting process 0.7%; more energy is required to complete.”

Chen Rui took a sigh of relief. He heard it clearly this time. The absorption effect was immediate and he got excited: ‘Super system? The name sounds so familiar.’

Aldas apparently couldn’t hear the mysterious voice. He opened his eyes wide and looked surprisingly at Chen Rui who returned to normal in a short time, “It shouldn’t be, did I mistake the ratio of the Swelling Grass again?”

Aldas looked at Slee who bared his teeth at Chen Rui, and ordered: “Slee, drink the rest!”

Slee’s face suddenly darkened and he begged, “My esteemed master…”

Before he could finish his words, Aldas’s hand started sizzling which was the sign of lightning. Slee noticed the situation and forced itself to drink the potion. Minutes after, the imp held his stomach, started rolling on the floor with pain. His stomach gradually swelled like a pregnant woman. Looking at Slee’s misery, Chen Rui’s blood ran cold. The danger of this lab and the master with the expressionless face was too high. He better ran away quickly.

“This isn’t right! It is clearly effective…” Aldas confusingly looked at Slee’s miserable condition, and he recalled Chen Rui’s appearance just now. He thought that there seemed to be a spell, so he quickly said, “Slee, quickly yell “Yes”!”

“Yes!” Slee endured the bloating pain and yelled, but obviously, there was no effect.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Slee shouted desperately. As a result, he overexerted himself and it became more and more painful instead.

“Dumbass; slow down; careful with your accent!” Aldas cursed at Slee. However, when the imp repeated “yes” until he couldn’t say any more word, the effect still did not fade.

“Don’t move!” Aldas shouted at Chen Rui who moved his legs and leaped a few meters to block in front of Chen Rui. There was another bottle of potion in his hand and he said, “Drink this now!”

Chen Rui’s attempt to escape was discovered. He cursed this fucking pervert. Why didn’t I drink the remaining half of the Bloating Potion?. Looking at the Aldas’s frightening expression, Chen Rui didn’t dare to say anything and drank it.

The effect this time was stiffness. When the prompt in his brain sounded again, Chen Rui had lost his bodily sensations and he couldn’t speak with his mouth. When he thought “Agree” in his heart, the miraculous effect happened again and the stiffness disappeared. Prompt indicated that the system booting progress had reached 1.2%.

The prompt added another message, “Completed <Substance Transmutation> three times in a row, enable <Smart Automated Absorption>?”

Chen Rui confirmed in his heart without a doubt: This is a life-saving thing. If I encounter a deadly poison that kills instantly, I might have died before it could prompt.

Aldas grabbed the empty bottle and looked at the label on the bottle. It was confirmed to be the No. 103 “Strong Petrify Potion”. He looked extremely shocked and said, “Damn human, what sorcery did you use?!”

Would I still be forced to drink your potion if I know sorcery? Chen Rui was dissatisfied in his heart but he put up an innocent expression. Aldas then grabbed him to the table and brought out of a pile of bottles and jars, forcing him to drink.

Chen Rui was scared looking at the labels saying, “Deadly Poison Potion” and “Strong Heart-Eating Potion”. Fortunately, the powerful super system absorbed everything. Looking at the bottles being drunk one by one while Chen Rui was still safe and sound, Aldas became increasingly agitated.

The booting progress of the Super System had reached 18%. Chen Rui realized that stronger potion provided more progress, but the progress was little when he drank the same potion again. His expectation of this unknown system was getting higher and higher. What would happen when it booted at 100%?

Suddenly, Chen Rui gave an unbearable expression and said, “Master, wait!”

Aldas’ eyes were bright and looked at the empty bottle that had just been drunk. He lifted the bottle carefully as if he seized the last hope and asked with full of hope, “Do you feel paralyzed and difficult to breath?”

“Not really…” Chen Rui said apologetically. “I didn’t eat anything last night, and I drank too much water just now. I can’t hold my pee anymore. May I know where is the toilet?”

“Bang!” The bottle suddenly shattered. Aldas’s handsome face was twisted together. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Too much ‘water’? Damn human! You dared to insult the life work of the potion master!”

Chen Rui was shocked and shut his mouth immediately. Yesterday, my discrimination against Aldas’s skin color gave me a lightning punishment. Am I repeating the same mistake today by looking down at his work? Fine, I’ll hold the pee. It’s better than being incontinence after being electrified.

Unfortunately, the Super System can’t absorb lightning…

“Human body… has already reached this level? My research results. My new poison … are they…” Aldas gasped and shouted hysterically, “No! I still have recipes!” I will now make the hardest difficulty White Potion to corrode every bone of yours!”

At this moment, the effect of the half bottle of Bloating Potion subsided gradually. Slee’s abdominal pain was much relieved. He laid on the ground gasping for air in exhaustion. This imp had been serving Aldas for some time. When he heard the words “White Potion”, he looked terrified and shouted, “Master Aldas, don’t…”

Unfortunately, Aldas that wasn’t in his sane mind couldn’t listen to any persuasion. What could be more maddening than seeing his painstaking efforts of his life to go pointless? Seeing that the situation was going to be worse, Chen Rui sneakily ran toward the entrance of the lab.

When Aldas poured the purple liquid into a bubbling test tube while his hands were trembling, suddenly…

“Boom!” and it exploded. The glassware on the tabletop was smashed under a huge impact. Various liquids and powders were scattered around like rain. Aldas was blown more than 10 meters away and fell to the ground. His life and death were uncertain. The imp who was closer was also blown away and slammed on the wall.

Luckily, Chen Rui retreated out of the lab and saved his life. The lab had a strong build; there weren’t any cracks.

Chen Rui carefully peeked at their devastating condition sneakily and he secretly rejoiced. Although he was looking forward to the effect of the fully-booted “Super System”, Aldas’s madness was too terrifying. God knows what horrible move would this guy do next. If he didn’t leave now, when should he leave?

Chen Rui picked up a worn cloak on the ground, covered his head and slipped out.

Aldas’s laboratory seemed to be in a large manor. The hazard level of the laboratory might be too high that there wasn’t anyone on the road. Previously, he drank so many potions that he really couldn’t hold his pee anymore. He came to a spot in the garden and started watering a plant.

Chen Rui was just relieved and zipped his pants. When he turned around, he was stunned as there was a face staring at him curiously.

It was a girl dressed in a white dress. She was about 12 or 13 years old; fair skin; exquisite facial features; curly, long and blonde hair; and a pair of beautiful purple eyes that seemed to talk as they blinked.

Although Chen Rui was not a lolicon, he was still amazed by the beauty of the girl. He had seen countless stars and beauties on the Internet. Even those photo-edited beauties couldn’t compete with this innocent girl with perfect temperament and facial features.

The girl was blinking her big eyes, then her sight slowly moved to his lower body and expressed pitying expression on her face, “Unfortunately, it is too small…”

Chen Rui almost thought that his hearing had a problem. The perfect image of the pure loli in his heart was cracked and scattered. It took him a long time to snap out of it and replied with difficulties, “It’s still okay. It’s not bad already…”

This concerned the man’s most important ego. He couldn’t be looked down upon no matter what, especially before a beauty like her.

The girl sighed and shook her head, “There is a lot that is bigger than this…”

Could it be that she has seen more?

Chen Rui admitted that Arthur’s “certain aspect” was good enough, at least far better than his previous life. Are the guys in the Demon Realm monsters? Also, why did a superb beauty say such a thing so naturally?

In desperation, Chen Rui said in exasperation, “There is always someone stronger among the stronger. It has tried its best.”

“What are you saying!” The loli looked at him strangely and pointed to a radish-like plant buried in the soil beneath Chen Rui. “I said that this Lala Potato isn’t fully grown yet, so I cannot be pulled out and eaten.”

Lala Potato? Chen Rui then realized she was carrying a tiny basket with flowers and herbs. His face turned red instantly. For the first time in his life, he felt so embarrassed, but he did not notice the flash of sly in her eyes.

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