Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 247 - Departure and Companions

Chapter 247: Departure and Companions

On this day, the long-lost Aguile appeared at the Cloak Gang. It wasn’t the first time that the leader disappeared so the old goblin, Didi, also the manager of the Cloak Gang was very calm. Yet, the two masters weren’t calm. The learning speed of this “Aguile” was quite amazing. He clearly had reached the crucial step to advance to master-level. Once succeeded, he would be an extremely rare three-specialty master; however, this guy just disappeared without notice.

The feeling was like when they were doing something they enjoyed and when it was reaching the climax, he just suddenly walked away irresponsibly.

After seeing the appearance of “Aguile”, even Skye couldn’t help giving him a meaningful lesson, let alone the dark goblin master’s nags.

Chen Rui knew that the two masters had good intentions, so he immediately thanked them. He explained that his strength had reached a critical moment, so he secretly trained outside for two months. Now, he finally returned successfully.

The Demon Realm respected the strong. Although Master Xingxing was still muttering with dissatisfaction, his volume was much lower. Skye was a Great Demon King, so he could better understand Chen Rui’s dedication to strength. However, both top mechanical masters agreed that with Chen Rui’s “aptitude”. If he focused on mechanics, he would definitely become a three-specialization master that topped in the Demon Realm. There was hope for him to challenge the grand master realm that no one had achieved in the past 10,000 years.

Chen Rui shook his head secretly. Although life skills could also be a good way of survival, it was not as important as strength. Strength must be his priority. Everything he did would be moving in this direction. Mechanics could be regarded as a hobby, and it might have unexpected usage at times. Besides, with the presence of a refinery now, let alone the three epic grade artifacts, it was quite helpful to improve craftsmanship alone.

“I appreciate both masters’ advice.” Chen Rui thought for a while and said, “I plan to visit my teacher in a few days to listen to my teacher’s arrangements, so I might be away for a relatively long time. So, Master Xingxing, please take care of the magic store. If it’s possible, Master Skye, please help in secret. As for the magic materials, I will refine as much as possible based on my teacher’s method for both of you to experiment.”

Although Chen Rui was in a coma for two months, the previous arrangement was still faithfully executed by the old goblin, Didi. The “Cloak” magic store had been running for more than a month. Princess Royal Shea and a few celebrities had also personally come for ribbon-cutting and to congratulate. Although Master Xingxing only took two orders a week, with the reputation of the top masters, the quality was absolutely guaranteed, so he was definitely a living signboard.

Xingxing had finished part of the superior materials provided by Chen Rui before. The dissatisfied works would be sold in the magic store. With the purity of these materials and the craftsmanship of a top master, the “unsatisfactory” works in Xingxing’s eyes were the finest among the fine works. Although the price was shockingly high, it was often in short supply. Even Chen Rui’s quasi-excellent grade works had basically been sold out, so the magic store business was very good.

With the night market, magic store and protection fees, Cloak Gang’s source of income was currently quite stable, so Chen Rui could move to his next stop which was Dark Shadow’s capital without worries.

As soon as they heard it was arranged by “Aguile’s” teacher, neither Xingxing nor Skye continued to persuade. After spending this period of time together and receiving a series of insights, the virtual “teacher” became deeply engraved in the hearts of the two mechanical masters. Both of them even felt that “Aguile’s” teacher had probably stepped into the realm of the top grand master realm in legend.

However, “Aguile” also said that his teacher wouldn’t see any outsiders, so the dark elf and dark goblin masters’ plan to visit was fruitless. They only hoped to get more insights from that prospective master from “Aguile”.

In the Sheriff’s residence.

“Are you going to the Dark Shadow’s capital?” Athena laid in Chen Rui’s arms, “Alone again?” “Dark Moon is being observed very tightly. As the interim sheriff, you can’t be away.” Chen Rui shook his head, “Besides, I’m not only going to the Dark Shadow’s capital this time, but most likely, I’ll also be going to the Fallen Angel’s capital. This is the key to the Dark Moon’s future, so I have to go alone.”

Athena lowered her head, “Am I useless? I can’t help you at all.”

“Dummy.” Chen Rui stroked her soft red hair gently, “The garrisons have a heavy responsibility, so they must step up their training. They will likely face the test of war in the future, so there is not much time left for you too. In fact, that should be my responsibility, but I won’t start saying words to you. Otherwise, my waist will suffer again.”

“Hmph!” Athena snorted in dissatisfaction, but her heart was sweet. Suddenly, she asked faintly, “Will you go to see her since you’re going to the Dark Shadow’s empire?”

Chen Rui’s eyelids jumped. I knew that this silly girl will ask such a sentence.

In Athena’s eyes, even if the little princess was a threat, it could also develop into an ally. It was only the noblewoman far away at the Dark Shadow Empire, the biggest competitor.

“It depends.” Chen Rui replied vaguely. If Roman said that, he would be stepped on by Delia for clarification. However, Athena was just Athena. The silly girl said “En…” and didn’t keep asking.

Chen Rui kissed her hair and laughed, “You are my most important woman. Don’t overthink. I’ve collected a set of superior equipment from Paglio’s treasure. You must always pay attention to your safety. If I’m lucky, I might even get an artifact for you when I return.”

Athena nodded, “I don’t want any artifacts. I just want you to come back in peace.”

“Absolutely!” Chen Rui was touched and hugged her tightly.

The two of them hugged for a while and Chen Rui suddenly said, “It’s still a while until your 20th birthday. I might not be able to come back in time. Why don’t we collect some interest first. The last time, didn’t we… Ouch!”

“Asshole! Pervert!” Athena’s pretty face suddenly blushed when she heard the words “last time” and pinched him hard.

“Come on. Didn’t you do quite well the last time…”

“You still dare to say?!”

“Ouch! That place is related to our future happiness. Don’t simply hit it!”

The next day, Chen Rui, who was refreshed, mounted on a wyvern, said goodbye to Athena, poison dragon and others, and set off on his journey to the Dark Shadow’s capital.

Paglio initially wanted to go together, but his strength recovery had reached a critical moment, so he couldn’t leave Aurora Frost. As long as he was there, it wouldn’t be a problem even if Broc found Delia. Besides, Athena was now an interim sheriff of the Dark Moon and had great responsibility. It was inevitable that someone would be scheming against her, so the presence of poison dragon could relieve Chen Rui’s worries.

Chen Rui rode a wyvern to Town Leia and let his mount return to the black rainforest alone.

Town Leia’s garrisons were still strict. They were very careful in examining those going in and out. Chen Rui, who had become a Great Demon via [Camouflage], had already prepared a suitable identity.

The certification of mechanic had to be officially obtained from the Mechanical Alliance of the three capitals. Chen Rui was currently a mechanic apprentice who was going to the Dark Shadow’s capital to obtain certification. The apprentice’s robe was obtained from Master Xingxing. It also had the corresponding badge of the Mechanical Alliance. The badge of a mechanic apprentice was a hollow star; mechanic was two solid stars; master’s badge was two purple moons; some senior masters who had received special glory or recognition had a gold rim on the two moons.

Due to the vicious incident of the Scarlet Guards, Town Leia was now focusing on the east exit to the border with Red Spirit Estate. The south exit toward the Dark Moon was relatively loose. With that apprentice robe, Chen Rui passed easily.

Town Leia was still lively and extraordinary. When Chen Rui thought of Nalini, the former town elder, Kander and Barnacle, there was a feeling that things had remained, but people had changed.

Chen Rui came to the carriage station. There were carriages going directly to the capital. He heard that the Dark Shadow’s capital was about to host a mechanics contest. Many people were going to the capital for the event. Although the number of carriages had increased and the price had increased a lot, there were still limited carriages.

When Chen Rui arrived there, there was only one carriage left. It was the best, custom-made, VIP carriage with a lot of space inside. There was even a magic array designed to reduce bumps. The demonic horse that pulled the carriage was also mutated, and the driver was an Intermediate Demon.

The price of the VIP carriage was originally 1 black crystal coin. Now, due to the mechanics competition, it increased by tenfold. Yet, for Chen Rui who owned the treasure, it was nothing.

Right after Chen Rui paid the 10 black crystal coins to the station owner and was preparing to leave, someone suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute!”

At first glance, Chen Rui saw three people that was led by a middle-aged man in a robe. He looked like he was in his 40s, and he had an extraordinary demeanor. He was followed by a young man and a young girl. The young man looked handsome. His bright silver armor was very conspicuous. There was a sheathed sword around his waist, looking majestic.

The girl was very beautiful. She was about fifteen or sixteen years old, wearing a checkered skirt, with two braids on her head. Each braid was tied with a bow, looking lively and cute.

The middle-aged man glanced at Chen Rui’s apprentice attire and said, “Friend, I need to rush to the capital for urgent matters. Can you give the carriage to me? I can compensate you for double the price.”

Renting a tri-horned rhino in the Dark Moon City was only for 20 white crystal coins a day. Although the living cost and standard of Dark Shadow Empire were higher, 20 black crystal coins were definitely too much. Yet, Chen Rui wasn’t short of money. Besides, he urgently needed to rush to the Custer Family, so he immediately refused.

The young man at the back couldn’t help but sneer, “Such ignorant guy. Aren’t you just an apprentice? Do you know who this man is? It’s already a god’s blessing for you to receive double compensation! If you don’t want to die…”

The middle-aged man raised his hand to interrupt the young man’s words, “30 black crystal coins. Young man, there should be a limit to greediness.”

“Sorry, I’m not short of money.” Chen Rui shook his head, “Besides, I have to rush to the capital too.”

The middle-aged man frowned. The young man’s breath changed as he looked like he was going to attack. At that moment, the girl said, “Mister, if you’re alone, can we go with you? This carriage can fit at least six pax. Can you help us? We’ll still pay for it.”

“Fine, but I don’t need the money.”

Chen Rui thought for a while, “In exchange, I hope to know the situation at the capital because this is my first time.”

“Of course! No problem!” The girl answered happily.

A moment later, “Piak!“, the driver flung the whip and the carriage carrying four passengers set off.

Another encounter… what could Chen Rui get from it this time?

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