Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 246 - Next Stop, Dark Shadow Empire

Chapter 246 Next Stop, Dark Shadow Empire

Late night, Dark Moon Palace, council hall.

Chen Rui was startled, “Old Gauss is missing?”

Shea looked serious and nodded, “This is an emergency message I received from Kia from the Dark Shadow’s capital two days ago.”

“Kia went to the Dark Shadow’s capital?” Chen Rui was surprised again. No wonder I didn’t see her.

Here’s the thing. When General George came to the Dark Moon last time, he rescued a young man, named Dior, who was the eldest son and heir apparent of the top business family in the Dark Shadow Empire, the Custer family. Due to family conflict, he was almost killed by scheme. He was rescued by General George when he fled. Shea and George’s plan was to support Dior’s in inheriting the business which would be a huge help for Dark Moon’s economic development.

During Chen Rui’s coma, Shea sent her competent assistant, Old Gauss, to accompany Dior to the Dark Shadow’s capital to help him regain control of his family. Kia was also part of the company.

The reason was that Dior saw Kia coincidentally, and he was shocked. Subsequently, he couldn’t help but fall in love. The young master who had always been a self-asserted romantic was determined to impress the beautiful succubus with his diligence and obsession. Yet, he repeatedly failed. After learning that this succubus who was admired by everyone was actually a maid of the sheriff, Chen Rui, Dior still didn’t give up. He asked Princess Royal to let Kia accompany Kia him back to the Dark Shadow’s capital.

Considering Chen Rui’s current situation, Kia’s secret couldn’t be found. Shea agreed to Dior’s request. Kia, Old Gauss and Dior would return to his country together. However, Shea also explained that Kia was going as Old Gauss’s assistant this time. If Dior could successfully control the Custer family, then she would consider asking Sheriff Chen Rui to agree offering Kia to Dior.

That promise was quite deceitful because Chen Rui was still in a coma at that time. If he hadn’t woken up, even if Dior really controlled his family, without Chen Rui’s approval, Kia would still be the sheriff’s maid.

Shea saw Chen Rui’s dissatisfaction, and she frowned slightly, “Why? Hate to part with your beautiful maid?”

“This ‘beautiful’ Kia is clearly a task forced by Princess Royal to me.” Chen Rui shook his head with a bitter smile. However, there seems to be a little jealousy in Shea’s tone just now. Haiz woman!

In fact, it was very common to offer servants in the Demon Realm. Chen Rui also took over Kia from Alice previously, let alone it was for political needs. To be honest, Chen Rui was indeed upset. Having been with Kia for so long, those little thoughts were basically gone, leaving only bonds as friends. At least until the truth was revealed, both of them were still friends in a master-servant relationship.

Now that Shea “traded” her like a cargo, it was undoubtedly a shame to a man’s possessiveness.

Fortunately, Shea still took Chen Rui’s authority (feeling) into consideration and didn’t use her privilege as the lord to directly offer Kia to Dior. Instead, she was only an assistant.

On the surface, Old Gauss’ strength was a Higher Demon. In reality, he could advance to Demon King with his secret method. Besides, he was wise. If it wasn’t for Old Gauss’s support, Shea wouldn’t be able to control the Dark Moon so quickly. Originally, Gauss was in charge of the food base. Due to the importance of the Custer Family, Shea had to send this trump card. Yet, unexpectedly, not only the goal wasn’t achieved, but he also disappeared mysteriously.

Chen Rui thought for a while and said, “Let me go to the Dark Shadow’s capital this time.”

“No!” Shea immediately rejected the request. She wasn’t concerned about Chen Rui’s ability but his safety.

“The capital’s sanction wasn’t as effective as it should be, so they must be keeping a close eye on the Dark Moon. My awakening hasn’t been publicized. To the public, I am still unconscious which is convenient for me to hide in the dark to execute this.”

“It’s too dangerous. You don’t even have the strength to protect yourself.” Shea shook her head. Chen Rui just woke up from that coma. I can’t let him go to the Dark Shadow’s capital, which is more dangerous and unpredictable.

“Arux and Aguile have now broken through to Demon King. Arux can stay to take care of the Cloak Gang and help Athena train the garrison. Aguile can escort me. Besides, under the influence of inheritance, I should have the strength of Lesser Demon now.” Chen Rui nodded, “Not only that, I plan to go in person for the most important part of the plan! Although the Dark Moon shows signs of recovery, in reality, it’s a critical period now and the capital will use more means to suppress and sanction. If we continue to be so passive, even if we can barely withstand, our failure is only a matter of time!”

“You’re going in person?” Shea was shocked. It was the most dangerous part, and he could die at any time. Besides, the Dark Moon couldn’t provide any assistance.

In the Demon Realm, Demon King was merely the first step toward true strength. Unless one reached the high-level strength like Demon Emperor and Demon Overlord, one couldn’t be regarded as a true powerhouse. As for the strength of a “Lesser Demon”, it was merely a joke.

However, she didn’t know that the so-called Lesser Demon was at least a Great Demon King already.

“I have to take the risk to truly grasp the critical points to turn the tide.” Chen Rui was very determined. “There’s no one more suitable than I am. I’ve made my decision.”

That tough tone didn’t make Shea unhappy. Instead, her heart fluctuated. After a long time, she sighed softly, “You don’t have to go to that extent.”

That sentence had a double meaning. In fact, Shea also understood that with Chen Rui’s intelligence, coupled with his beast taming skill, master-level weapon and armor crafting skill, he didn’t have to take such a huge risk for the Dark Moon. He could even leave the precarious Dark Moon and join a stronger, safer force.

Why did he stay and even want to execute such a dangerous plan himself?

“I promised General George to assist Princess Royal with all I have.” Chen Rui shrugged, “I am someone who keeps promises.”

It’s just because of that? Just because of the promise with… Athena’s father?

Shea felt a little upset, “Then, I promise you.”

Not knowing why but suddenly, she recalled the scene when Chen Rui was first summoned to the palace garden. If those words are spoken now…

At that time, he was just a human who was looked down upon by everyone. A human with no strength or perhaps it should be called a human with unrecognized talent…

At that time, she merely took him as a tool that could be useful for the estate…

At that time, Athena and him had just known each other…

This human once said that life is a one-way ticket, there is no turning back nor return ticket.

Although she didn’t understand some of them, she understood everything she needed.

He heard the “order” I gave in front of his sickbed; yet, does he know the drops of tears?

From that moment on, Shea faintly understood something deep in her heart, something that shouldn’t be there.

“If…” Shea said that suddenly, but she immediately regretted, and she didn’t continue speaking.

“Even without General George’s request,” Chen Rui answered tacitly with a tactful smile, “I’ll still do the same.”

Shea’s unhappiness was instantly replaced by a strange ease, but her tone seemed even worse, “Hmph! It has always been your plan! Instead of joking around right now, you should be thinking how to execute the plan in detail!”

“Plans can’t keep up with changes. That part still requires some contemplation. As for the Custer Family… I’ll see after I go to the Dark Shadow’s capital and examine the situation.”

Although the Princess Royal’s voice seemed cold, the little surprise that flashed past in her purple eyes couldn’t hide from the sheriff who had reached the level of Great Demon King. He grinned, “If I return with great contribution this time, I wonder if Princess Royal can agree to a not-so-over condition?”

“You’re already over now!” Shea knew this guy had a bad intention the moment she saw that annoying smile, “Don’t forget I’m the lord!”

What if you’re the lord? What if you’re the princess? Your Royal Highness may not know that your sister’s collection isn’t lacking of flirty stories between female bosses and male employees – certainly, these can only be said in my heart.

“Just take it as I’m asking for a reward with my contribution shamelessly! Princess Royal really isn’t willing to agree to my tiny… not-so-over condition after I risk my life to complete an almost impossible mission?”

“Don’t be too happy yet!” Shea was so annoyed that she clenched his teeth, “Whatever reward it is… we’ll talk about it later!”

As soon as that was said, the sheriff’s face suddenly became excited. Yet, those perverted eyes were awkward to look at.

There is more reward… in the future?

Someone who had evolved his thinking toward “impurity” had a dry mouth.

This isn’t right! I should’ve been a very innocent otaku. It must be Roman. Birds of the same feather flocks together! After having contact with him for so long, I’ve naturally become perverted. After going back, I must expose more of his bad deeds to Delia. Let [The Eye of Evil] shivers under [The Eye of Incubus]!

Shea frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong!” Chen Rui shook his head quickly. If he was honest, he would be crushed by Shea with nothing left.

“Since that is the case, Your Royal Highness.” Chen Rui bowed politely with the look of a loyal servant and said solemnly, “Then I’ll take it as Your Royal Highness has agreed. Including the “only” dance previously, I believe it’ll be the time to reap that great plan when I return.”

Great plan? Reap?

Double meaning bastard! What exactly do you want to reap from this damn plan?!

Shea finally couldn’t control her emotions and stared at Chen Rui furiously. Looking at the situation, she desperately wanted to burn that smiling face into a skeleton with her [Flame of Light and Dark].

After leaving the palace, Chen Rui was still reminiscing about the cold beauty’s look of annoyance. Compared with the coldness that pushed people away for thousands of miles, he preferred this expression. Next time, it would be great if it became a smile.

The next stop would be Dark Shadow Empire. Chen Rui stopped and looked up at the night sky. Behind the two purple moons, there were bright stars.

That lady’s eyes were just like this beautiful, starry sky.

Suddenly, the past scenes that were already buried deep in his heart appeared involuntarily in his mind.

Can I see… her again this time?

Which her? Was it the one in his previous life or the one in the tent?

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