Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 245 - Surprise and Return

Chapter 245 Surprise and Return

Chen Rui learned from Athena and Paglio about the incidents during his coma, including the food sanctions that plagued Dark Moon, had been solved smoothly by the “reputable” Melon Family. The former site of the Mellon Family in the Northwest neighbourhood had been successfully converted into the second stronghold of Cloak Gang.

Under Paglio’s surveillance, there were indeed strangers who went to the old site to investigate and found the Aurora Frost cave, where the king’s fruit “grown”. However, since the king’s fruit had already been picked up, the mysterious men returned in vain.

Paglio didn’t expose himself or make the other party stay in accordance with Chen Rui’s previous instructions. In the Aurora Frost cave, Paglio’s strength had been restored to the middle-stage Demon Emperor. In time, he could reach the peak of Demon Emperor. Yet, to further improve, he had to remove the seal of ancient runes.

Shortly after the mysterious man’s investigation, the Double-headed Dragon Legion’s Cyprus was found dead in Red Spirit Estate.

For that reason, there was even a small dispute between the Red Spirit Estate and Blue Lava Estate, but it soon calmed down.

The key point of this incident wasn’t that a tiny Demon King fighter from the Blue Lava Estate died at the Red Spirit Estate with unknown reason. Instead, it was that Cyprus’ corpse was found in the Red Spirit Estate, and Watt, who should have been with him, went missing. That was considered as a signal toward an unknown individual or force. Thus, the blame was absolutely led to the Red Spirit Estate. As for what would happen, it wasn’t Chen Rui’s concern.

Now that the public knew that the Dark Moon’s sheriff fell unconscious due to some strange illness, Chen Rui, after giving some thought, decided not to announce the news that he had awakened. Instead, he took this advantage to hide in the dark for convenience in his movement.

However, judging from the recent situation, Dark Moon Estate, which had passed the crisis and faintly showing signs of recovery, would definitely attract capital’s attention and further measures. Therefore, it must be prevented.

Passive defense alone was definitely not enough. Sooner or later, it would be crushed by capital. Due to Chen Rui’s coma, it caused a… pause in the most important part of the original plan. It should now be possible to take place.

After advancing to Megrez, there were two more buildings that could be built in the Galaxy Divinity Temple.

The first building was “Spirit Tower.”

Activation Conditions: 1000 auras.

Function: Without affecting life, automatically convert all vitality in the solar system into aura; aura provided increases as life increases.

Due to the impact of comets that carried organic matter and water, many planets had formed oceans and lakes of considerable scale. Also, primitive plants such as fungi and algae had appeared.

Although it was still in its infancy, the emergence of life had brought a fundamental, conceptual change to the entire dead silence solar system. Plants were just the beginning. More living species would definitely appear one after another. Perhaps one day, there might be… human?

Chen Rui suddenly had a bold speculation in his heart. Does this Demon Realm, the human world on the ground or perhaps this entire planet exist in another person’s “Super System”?

Certainly, that was just a guess. Spirit Tower must be built. Other than the plants in the Galaxy Garden, another source of aura was added.

The second building was a “Refinery”.

Activation Condition: 10,000 auras.

Function: Forge and automatically refine various items and equipment.

1. Forging provides various tools and environments for equipment crafting; during forging, there’ll be additional bonus for proficiency and understanding; consumes 100 auras per hour; usage of less than an hour is treated as one hour.

2. Automatic refining uses corresponding drawings and formulas to automatically refine materials and equipment, which consumes corresponding aura.

Based on the function’s description, forging or crafting equipment in the refinery would provide bonus in proficiency and understanding. It’d be a great help in improving his craftsmanship. Under the effect of [Deep Analysis], his level was quite close to a master. With a refinery, it should only be a matter of time for him to be a true mechanic master.

As for the automatic refining skill, it was puzzling. Is forging manual operation? Is automatic refining mechanical automation? Also, what are corresponding “recipes”?

Chen Rui thought of something and immediately entered the exchange center. As expected, the recipes category was added. There were many types of recipes, such as purple dragon scales, million-tempered steel, qingso crystals etc.. They were all strange materials that he hadn’t heard before. They were probably synthetic materials, but the price wasn’t cheap. The recipe of purple dragon scale alone was 30,000 auras.

When he looked at the blueprints again, he immediately felt that the price of the recipes became cheaper. There was only one exchangeable blueprint.

Thunderous Sound (Treasure)

Lightning magic damage increased by 100%; damage against undead increased by 20%; movement speed increased by 50%; 20% chance of double damage; 20% chance of adding lightning element into attack; must recognize the owner. Price: 10 million auras.

Chen Rui was taken aback as he looked at the attribute shown in that blueprint. He was at least a prospective master in mechanics so he certainly knew what the percentage of attributes meant.

The highest bonus for common equipment was 15% with at most 1 enchantment. Based on the mastery of ingredients, negative attributes might appear; the highest bonus for excellent grade was 30%. Generally, there were no negative attributes, and it had at most 2 to 3 enchantments: the maximum bonus of the legendary grade could reach 50% and the number of enchantments could reach 3 to 4.

Although epic grade equipment couldn’t be simply measured by the number of attributes and percentages, 100% attribute bonus would only appear in epic grade equipment!

Judging from the abnormal attributes of “Thunderous Sound”, it was definitely not what a legendary grade equipment could have, especially the smart function of “owner recognition”. It was like non-royal families couldn’t use the seven artifacts!

That’s right, it was an artifact of epic grade! The Super System was finally able to “manufacture” artifacts directly! (With black potions and artifacts, he could definitely pretend to be a grand masters and obtain benefits.)

I’ll buy blueprints first, then I’ll collect materials according to the blueprints. Some materials might need to be synthesized with recipes. Finally, consume the corresponding aura cost to successfully forge!

Chen Rui was excited for a long time, but when his eyes fell on the remaining 10,000 auras, his heightened momentum was suddenly reduced. It was like seeing a favorite product for a long time, but he realized that his wallet was empty when he wanted to buy.

Aura! Aura! I thought I would no longer have to worry about this, but I went back to the starting point unexpectedly.

Fortunately, in the past two months, the aura fruits that were automatically harvested by Galaxy Garden were in the storage. Besides, after successfully advancing to Migrez state, regardless of the storage’s capacity or the number of plants, harvest, or effects of Galaxy Garden, had increased exponentially. Along with the function of the new building, Aura Tower, it wasn’t long to slowly gather 10 million auras needed for the Thunderous Sound.

The price of 10 million auras was too scary but looking at the effect of “Thunderous Sound”, it was definitely a great value.

There were no new exchangeable items in the plant’s seed category, but three types of Royal Spirits items were added.

1. Guardian Vine (Large Defensive Plant) Characteristics: Regeneration, stun, bondage; buds 10 seconds after sowing; requires 1000 auras to grow; matures in 24 hours; can grow in any type of soil; automatically attacks hostile creatures; severity of attacks against hostility can be adjusted; 1000 auras per seed.

2. Feathered Wing. Characteristics: Gliding. Equipped at the back; glide or fly with wind; 1000 auras each.

3, Recovery Tree. Characteristics: Recovery, timed. Recovery of physical and magic power within the scope; can be timed; lasts up to a month; 1000 aura per plant.

Now that Chen Rui’s new home had been built, the Guardian Vine could be used for the residence’s protection. Together with Paglio’s Dragon Inscription, it could be regarded as the strongest protection in the Dark Moon City. The Mellon Family’s old site could also be “equipped” with this.

As for the Feathered Wing that could fly, it could play a powerful role in specific environments. He didn’t have to be afraid of any high place, and he could even play it as a glider.

Due to the passive trait, [Astral Form], the Recovery Tree shouldn’t be very useful to him. However, it could be used to recover his companions after training or combat.

Chen Rui didn’t touch the aura fruits in the storage. He just used 20,000 auras to build the Aura Tower and the refinery. Those two were necessary. After advancing to Migrez state, there were too many surprises. Even one of the important plans might change due to this.

At the lounge of the Dark Moon’s arena.

Arux, who had just finished training at the barrack, was closing his eyes to rest. Now, he had fully mastered the strength of Demon King. Suddenly, a sense of crisis came from him. He opened his eyes immediately, only to see a familiar figure on the couch opposite.

The strength of breath from this person is actually Great Demon King!

Arux’s eyes lit up with surprise and excitement. Then, he saw the man throw a bottle of wine over. He caught it and took a look. It was Miao Fruit Wine, a specialty of the Dark Shadow Empire’s Town Leia. It had been a long time since his master fell unconscious for unknown reasons, so he hadn’t tasted this wine for a long time.

Arux stood up, bowed slightly, filled up a glass of wine, and toasted from a distance for respect.

The sky was getting darker.

The positioning of the Princess Retail Store was high-end, so it didn’t cater to the needs of the night market.

Alice, accompanied by Kaguli, left the closed branch. When they walked into a quiet alley, a cloaked man came to them, “Beautiful lady, I have a fresh cake here. I wonder if you want to take a look.”

“Rude!” Kaguli took a step forward and shouted, “Where did you come from?! Leave immediately! If you don’t leave in three seconds, I’ll cut off your hand!”

“Kaguli, wait!”

Alice stepped forward slowly, staring at the cloaked man. Her nose suddenly moved and her big, purple eyes suddenly became rounded.

“Kaguli, go back to the palace first. I’ll be back in a while.”

Kaguli saw there was around, and she was taken aback, “No way! The origin of this guy is unknown. At first glance, he’s definitely not…”

“This is my order! Kaguli!” Before she finished, Alice emphasized with a heavier tone, faintly revealing her authority as princess. “I’m sorry, but please don’t ask why.”

Alice seldom talked in that tone. Kaguli looked at this mysterious man with the breath of a Lesser Demon. Although she was skeptical, she didn’t dare to disobey the order of the little princess. So, she bowed and left.

As soon as Kaguli left, the princess’s manners immediately disappeared without a trace. The little loli pounced exaggeratingly like a tiger, hanging on the cloaked man like a koala and grinned, “Give the cake to me now!”

“It has to smell better and look prettier than the previous one!”

“If you don’t hand it over, I’ll use my ultimate move!”

After the little loli shouted excited for a while, she hugged his neck tightly with her eyes filled with tears of joy.

The night had fallen.

Shea at the council hall kept frowning. According to Kaguli’s report, Alice met a strange person in the evening, then she ordered Kaguli to return to the palace with a strong tone.However, she hadn’t yet returned. Although Alice liked fooling around usually, she never made such a mistake. Shea didn’t understand why. Did I neglect her too much lately as her elder sister?

Finally, a palace guard came to report, “Little princess is back, and she even brought someone cloaked.”

Shea’s worried heart was finally calmed. Then, she saw her sister holding the arm of a cloaked man, who lowered his head without revealing his true face, to the council hall.

Before she could scold, Alice said, “Sister, this person has important information to report to you alone. You must listen. I will go back to the inner courtyard first.”

Shea keenly noticed that her sister, who had been downed, was a lot more spirited today. She was suspicious and thought: this cloaked man is only a Lesser Demon based on his breath, so he shouldn’t be of any threat. Besides, there is Alice’s guarantee. She immediately asked those around her to leave.

“Regardless of who you are, if you can’t give me truly valuable information, I’ll make sure you’ll regret coming here.” Shea’s eyes were radiating with coldness. Toward anyone who made use of Alice, she was especially hostile.

“Princess Royal’s eyes are indeed sharp. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information, but…”

The man took off the hood that covered his head and showed a familiar smile, “As per your command, Your Royal Highness, I’m back alive.”

Seeing that familiar smile, Shea felt that her empty heart in the past two months suddenly became full, as if she found her mainstay again. The chill in her eyes melted instantly, and a layer of vapour was quickly formed. However, under deliberate suppression and power, the layer of vapour quickly froze into ice.

Instantly, those deep purple eyes had changed its brilliance several times, and they finally restored its usual calmness.

“Welcome back, Mr. Sheriff.”

Just three simple words.

However, the everlasting winter for thousands of years had become an early spring where snow started to melt.

Equipment that cast lightning? Maelstorm? Hmmmm…..

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