Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 244 - Four Stars! Star Controller

Chapter 244 Four Stars! Star Controller

At the sheriff’s residence.

Chen Rui’s sign of life had completely vanished. Paglio had closed his eyes, waiting for his death. Dodo was shaking in fear, covering his face and not daring to let go. If Chen Rui truly died, not only Paglio who was part of the symbiotic contractor but also all the servants who signed the master-servant contract, including Dodo would lose their lives.

Roman and Delia anxiously stood beside Athena. Now, there were no longer languorous and jolly on Roman’s face but only sadness. For him and Delia, Chen Rui was not only a friend and partner but also a benefactor. The usual jokes and mutual sarcasm were just a game between friends. At critical moments, Roman would sacrifice himself for Chen Rui without hesitation.

At that time, the extinct vitality of Chen Ru suddenly changed, and the entire room was filled with a strange breath. This breath contained a powerful force that rose all the way to the peak of Demon King. Yet, it still didn’t stop as it continued increasing rapidly.

Paglio’s eyes opened sharply, and the fortunateness of surviving a disaster turned into vigilance. The strength of Chen Rui’s breath wasn’t necessarily a good thing, It was likely to be the strength of instinct after his consciousness was wiped out.

The poison dragon secretly gathered strength. He was ready to deal with Chen Rui after he woke up.

At that point, Chen Rui’s breath had risen to a rather horrifying point. “Whoosh!”, his body was burning in black flame. The pure and warm flame was full of vitality. Even the modified “transfusion” plants also showed unprecedented vitality – Nirvana’s Flame!

Paglio finally took a sigh of relief. The Nirvana Fire was very extraordinary. Unlike other skills, it was a nemesis for inner demons. If his consciousness had been completely driven by instincts, he absolutely couldn’t cast Nirvana’s Flame.

In the solar system of the Super System, the strength radiated from the burning black flame enveloping the entire solar system. Under that force, the scattered particles gathered faster and the number of planets surrounding the “sun” increased rapidly, forming a huge galaxy.

Not only that but meteors appeared. No, they should be comets.

The heat of the central “sun” caused the comet’s material to evaporate, forming a vague comet around the ice core and a tail consisting of thin streams of particles.

As the comets dragged their long tails, some rushed into the depths of the space and became passengers in the vast space, waiting for the arrival of the final terminal; some comets collided with the nearby planets, and the organic matter and water within sprinkled from the sky.

The speed of the solar system’s revolution and rotation was accelerating. Those planets that were hit by the comets began to change at a speed visible to the naked eye. Gradually, the speed of the solar system returned to normal.

Within the black flame, the human figure that was reborn out of the fire also became clearer.

The Nirvana’s Flame on Chen Rui’s body on the bed in the room had turned into a light ball. The black force inside was constantly strengthening and evolving. The breath he contained had completely surpassed the level of Demon King. Eventually, “Poom!”, everyone present had an illusion simultaneously as if the space was distorted for a while, then Nirvana’s Flame disappeared.

The eyes that were closed for two months finally opened slowly.

There was a slight indifference in his black pupils as if he had no feelings at all. Yet, it only lasted for a second, and it was restored to its original vitality in an instant. The first he saw was a red-haired girl’s pretty face that was crying out of joy.

“Athena, why are you so thin…” As soon as those words were spoken, Athena had already pounced and held him tightly.

“Athena, wait, I can’t breathe…” “I’m starving, I don’t have any strength on my body. My dear, bring me something to eat…” “Ah! Everyone’s here. How long have I been sleeping?” “Roman, bastard, why are you holding that pen for? You’re even smiling so filthily!” “Paglio, you stubborn dragon actually helped that bastard sign on my face!” “Delia, pull your follower away!”

“Delia, even you are… sob…”

A soft, slumpy shadow creeped into the hall and came to the place where the poison dragon usually put wine habitually. He opened a bottle and started drinking leisurely.

The Sir Slime, who escaped from death, was in a good mood and uttered a poetic sigh very artistically: a day full of chaos and surprise began.

After a full meal, Chen Rui learned that his “sleep” was actually two months long.

Looking at Athena’s skinnier face, Chen Rui had an endless affection in his heart: It’s good to be alive and be by her side.

The most dangerous [Refined Mind] is finally over!

The Demon Overlord’s soul had been completely converted by “Star Conversion”. It made Chen Rui’s strength break through Alioth state and reached a new level: Megrez state!

In the status bar of the Galaxy Divinity Temple, the light ball in the 3D human body had increased to four – white “Alkaid”, yellow “Mizar”, blue “Alioth”, and a new red light ball located in the middle of his chest, “Megrez”.

Title: Star Controller

Evolution Level: 4 Stars

Experience Value: 10%

Aura Value: 30,000

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: B-

The new title, Star Controller, that he got after achieving four-star evolution sounded pretty good. However, his aura value surprised Chen Rui. Only 30,000?! I clearly remember that I still have a lot left. A while ago, to help the two masters refine materials, I even emptied all the aura fruit in stock. Along with the effect of aura flower, my auras was almost 100 million, How come there are only 30,000 left?

Chen Rui suddenly remembered that every “system upgrade”, beside Experience Value and the state, a large amount of auras were needed. Previously, when I achieved Mizar state in the underground world of Mountain Xilang, my auras decreased by 10,000. As the states went higher, the aura consumption went higher. Alioth state seemed to consume 100,000 and so on. Then, this time it used 1,000,000?! If I want to break through “Megrez” and reach the next “Phecda” state, wouldn’t it cost me 100 million auras?

Wow, that’s too much! However, in order to upgrade, even if it’s a billion, I must find a way to get it!

After the new upgrade, the most concerned was obviously the skill tree. The skill tree had been lit to the fifth layer. Although there were no extra skills, the four new skills brightened Chen Rui’s eyes.

[Anti-Magic] (Passive)

Reduces magic damage and negative status effects up to 50%; the effect can be stacked with [Damage Absorption].

[Star Diversion] (Active Skill)

Divert all of the opponent’s attacks for 10 seconds; limited to once per hour; consume 500 auras each time.

[Star Gate] (Active Skill) – After setting a star point, the user can open the starry gate to return to the star point within effective range; it cannot be used by anyone but the user; the star point can last up to a month, and it can be reused; setting of star point consumes 1000 auras; each usage consumes 500 auras.

[Galaxy Territory] (Active Skill)

Summon the Galaxy Territory; increase user’s all attributes by 30%; reduce opponent’s attributes by 30%; last for 30 minutes; limited to once every 24 hours; effect and scope of the territory is directly proportional to user’s star evolution and strength; consume 1000 auras each time.

The first, passive trait [Anti-Magic] was quite powerful. The effect of hostile magic was reduced by half. Also, it could be layered with the 30% [Damage Absorption]! With this abnormal passive trait, along with God-Eating Mask’s magic devouring skill, those enemies who were proficient in magic could only cry.

The active skill, “Star Diversion” made him think of Murong Family’s ultimate trick, “dou zhuan xing yi” in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels. However, dou zhuan xing yi relied on opponent’s strength to divert those strength and counterattack the opponent; whereas the effect of [Star Diversion] was closer to “Substitution” as described by Gu Long.

Although it was only for ten seconds, it would definitely have an unpredictable, surprising effect against some ultimate moves of his opponents.

The third skill, [Star Gate], was similar to the highest level of [Space Gate] in water magic. It set some kind of magic coordinates. Then, he could teleport across space. When Broc saw Christina succeed Nirvana, it was exactly this magic that he used to escape. However, [Space Gate] wasn’t limited to the user; whereas [Star Gate] could only teleport the user, which seemed a bit limited. Yet, it was still a valuable skill to return to town.

What surprised Chen Rui the most was [Galaxy Territory], which reminded him of the special power that could only be realized above the Demon Emperor level: Territory!

That power was the greatest difference between a middle-level powerhouse and a high-level powerhouse! Theoretically, Megrez was only equivalent to the Great Demon King. In other words, he was able to use territory at Great Demon King. Thinking of that, Chen Rui couldn’t help but be excited in his heart.

Beside the four newly-acquired skills, some skills on the skill tree had also changed. It was just like [Breath Holding] evolved into [True Breath Holding] when he reached Alioth, two skills had also evolved.

[True Aurora Shot] – Long-ranged attack; able to control the trajectory and quantity freely; the ability to control is proportional to the user’s strength; consumes 10 auras each time.

[True Camouflage] – Ability to change appearance and voice freely; when hidden attribute, [Trust] is activated, it is easier to gain others’ trust; consumes 1 aura per minute.

[Aurora Shot] had finally removed the time and frequency restrictions. Besides, it could also be turned into homing missiles and shotguns. As for [True Camouflage], the change of voice was very practical, and there was even a hidden attribute of [Trust], which could be regarded as a necessity in fraud and framing.

Currently, Chen Rui’s strength was similar to that of early Great Demon King but his actual combat power was far higher than that.

“Hey! What are you daydreaming of?!” Roman’s lazy voice interrupted Chen Rui’s thoughts, “Are you thinking of some women again? Is it the little princess who kissed you? Such a promiscuous beast. You already have one, but you’re still eyeing for more. Athena, don’t you think so?”

Although hurting people was a way for this unscrupulous team member to express joy, Chen Rui clearly noticed the jealousy from him. Obviously, this guy was envious that Chen Rui had reached Great Demon King after a sleep; whereas Delia and him had special training day and night, but they were still one step behind.

Fortunately, Athena ignored this guy’s provocation. She was just looking at Chen Rui with a smile. Her red eyes were filled with joy and affection. In her opinion, her beloved man finally woke up, so everything else was fine.

“Women in love are fools.” Roman shook his head. As he looked back, he saw the annoyed-looking Delia, so he quickly grasped her hands and immediately changed his words, “An old couple like us who are so loyal to each other is the true happiness.”

“Loyal?” Chen Rui grinned with a strange brilliance in his eyes, “Delia, I’ll tell you something. It’s about someone’s history of romance.”

“Leader!” Before Chen Rui finished speaking, Roman gave him a thumbs up, “I know you have always been the most loyal friend. Why don’t we talk about…”

Unfortunately, before he could finish his words, he felt a pain in his waist as he was pinched. Delia’s pleasant voice sounded, “Leader, please continue.”

After some time, Sir Dodo, who was curled up drunk in the corner of the hall, was awakened by someone’s scream. He looked at the sky outside the window, yawned, and continued his sweet dream.

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