Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 243 - Determination

Chapter 243 Determination

Dark Moon City, Northeast neighborhood.

The newly-built sheriff house had finally completed, and it could be regarded as Chen Rui’s real home in the Dark Moon. However, Athena had no joy in moving to her new home. She was just silently watching Chen Rui lying in bed.

A month had passed, even for demons, it was difficult to withstand without eating or drinking. However, Chen Rui, a human, had been unconscious for a month. The voodoo that Isabella cast on him had long been crushed when the soul’s power exploded.

Demon Realm didn’t have anything like drips, but there were still some similar methods, such as those tentacles stuck in Chen Rui’s body, which were derived from some kind of blood-sucking Demon Realm’s plant. After Paglio modified it with his secret method, it turned from blood sucking to blood letting. It became a “drip” that provided nutrients to maintain life.

According to Paglio, as long as the nutrients from the Demon Realm’s plant were continuously provided, Chen Rui could sleep for thousands or even tens of thousands of years until he was awake.

Tens of thousands of years? Athena wasn’t a dragon. If he really slept for that long, her life might end before he awoke.

Athena didn’t think too much because she was Athena.

This man is just by my side. Even if he can’t say a word or wake up from his deep slumber, as long as I can stay by his side, it’s already a kind of happiness. Even if my life can’t last to see his gentle smile again, as long as I can stay by his side and stare at his sleeping face, it’s enough.

He and I aren’t alone. Athena suddenly showed a strange smile. If his soul leaves the world one day, he is still not alone.

Delia who was beside her wanted to advise her friend who stayed by the bed all the time. When she saw the smile, she eventually didn’t say a word. Everyone had their own attachment, and she understood Athena very well.

In the new sheriff’s house, Paglio and Roman were still drinking and playing chess every day. Occasionally, Roman would pop up sentences such as “That guy won’t die. He’ll still cause harm for thousands of years”, but the atmosphere was much duller than before. Paglio’s words were clearly reduced. Most of the time, he was just drinking. Logically speaking, the expected “Star Conversion” time should have expired according to Chen Rui. Yet, there was still no movement for unknown reasons.

Shea in the palace was also in a glommy mood. She didn’t have the mentality of Athena. To be precise, she couldn’t stay beside the man who needed the most protection like Athena all day. She still had the whole estate and the vow she made by her father before his death. She must abandon something and maintain the iceberg-like indifference and calmness. However, everyone around her felt that Princess Royal was often restless. There were even times that she went out of control and got furious. They thought that capital’s sanctions really made this Princess Royal uneasy.

Only Old Gauss, who had watched Shea grow up, noticed some difference. Princess Royal is upset.

In contrast, another princess of the Dark Moon showed unexpected toughness. Little loli seemed to have grown up a lot at a time. The business of Princess Retail Store didn’t go downhill. Instead, it went according to the original plan. A branch had opened successfully.

Alice firmly believed in one thing. Brother will definitely wake up! Because he promised to make a more beautiful, big cake for next year’s birthday!

Actually, little loli, who was drunk that day, didn’t completely forget everything. Instead, she selectively remembered some key sentences. She was definitely part of the Lucifer Royal Family with multiple “odd talents”.

It was just that Chen Rui’s situation wasn’t so good.

Shura’s voice sounded, “The last scene was so lecherous. There was actually such strong desire in your dark inner world. Anyone that you’ve thought of or have left an impression in your heart, not only this plane but also another world, even the woman in the movie or fantasy, have been defiled by you countless times. Isn’t it wonderful? In fact, that wasn’t an illusion that I cast but your own true inner reaction!” Chen Rui didn’t speak a word, but he just stared at Shura fiercely. His bloodshot red eyes were flashing with murderous intentions.

“Want to kill me?” Shura grinned, “Strength comes from desire. Under the drive of various desires, your strength is quite strong now. I admit I can’t rival you. Yet, why do you not dare to act?” “Trying to make me fall further?” Chen Rui clenched his teeth, “These dark illusions are nothing more than to destroy my fighting spirit. I won’t be moved by your words. I’ll persist until the end to destroy you.”

“Don’t you understand yet?” Shura sighed, “I’m actually you. The desire in one’s heart is endless. The so-called inner demon is born out of everyone’s desire, just like the name of the seven royal families in the Demon Realm, pride, lust, greed, wrath… These things, which are called the Seven Deadly Sins in another world, are born in everyone’s heart. You can’t kill me.” Chen Rui shouted and slashed with [Aura Blade]. Shura dodged, but his arm was still cut off by the remaining wave. Yet, he was laughing, “Even the so-called sages can’t avoid the creation of inner demons. So what if you want to refine your mind? The more you refine your mind, you’ll feel more of the dark side in your heart! You kill me just to escape these dark sides that cannot be changed. Every time you kill me, your strength will be strengthened, but you will also fall deeper!” Chen Rui suppressed his violence, murderousness, “Shut up! I’ll never give up resisting! Even if you’re a Demon Overlord-level soul, you’ll still be exhausted one day!”

“Demon Overlord? Do you think I’m just a lowly thing born out of Glorfin’s soul?”

Shura sneered scornfully, “Demon Overlord is nothing but ant! The strength that I have is enough for you to rule the whole plane in the future! Whether it is Demon Realm or the world above ground, they must surrender at your feet and tremble. Strength determines everything! At that time, you can marry as many women as you want!”

Shura’s words surprised Chen Rui, “What the hell are you?”

“I don’t know. I was originally just a hint of energy that was about to disappear. I gained strength and consciousness from your dark inner world and became the inner demon you understand.”

A disappearing energy? What is it? Chen Rui wondered. After Shura said that, he also felt strange. The previous Shura doesn’t seem to have such an independent consciousness. This “previous” seems to be… before I went to Silent Night Wetlands?

“It doesn’t make sense to explore my origin now. You only need to know one thing. As long as you give up on resisting, choose to fuse with me, and obey the dark heart obscured by the so-called light, you’ll gain the true, powerful will and strength that’s above all life!”

Shura’s voice was suddenly full of strong temptations, “You can at least gain the power of Demi-God, and you’ll have a chance to become a god. As long as you become a god, you can give your beloved woman and your companions eternal life. You can also be at ease and be free to live any life you want.” Demi-God? God? Chen Rui felt that his breath was a little heavy as he walked towards Shura involuntarily. When Shura showed his proud smile, a blade light swept past and his body was divided into two from top to bottom.

“I won’t believe you!”

“I can’t believe you still have such determined willpower. You are indeed the man that I’ve chosen.” Two pieces of Shura made a layered, chilling laugh, “Unfortunately, as long as there’s darkness in your heart, I can never be truly killed. Look into your heart, you can’t run away all the time.”

“One day, when you can no longer escape…”

Before he could finish his words, he had already disappeared into thin air.

Chen Rui returned to the void again. He looked extremely exhausted. Shura’s words just now were still ringing in his ear. “As long as the darkness in your heart remains, I can never be truly killed.”

Perhaps the inner demon is right, the more I refine my mind, I’ll see more of the dark side of my inner heart. Killing is more of an escape. Yet, fusing and obeying to the dark will lose myself. Killing the inner demons will also bring me down step by step. What should I do?

Time passed quickly, and another month had been gone.

Over the past two months, the Dark Moon City had changed a lot. Thanks to the efforts of Princess Royal Shea and the “help” of the Mellon Family, although the food aid from the Red Spirit Estate had been reduced, the famine that the people of Dark Moon were most worried about didn’t occur. It seemed that following Princess Royal was right.

The night market in the Dark Moon City was on the right track. It became extremely famous. Many families had begun to covet over this prosperous business. According to Chen Rui’s previous planning, the Dark Moon night market had been divided into two parts, east and west, and they were being organized centrally. The initial desolate scenes were changed. The merchants began to renovate their stores and settle in. Even the business along the way was driven. The number of merchants who traveled to and from Dark Moon via the West Route were also gradually increasing, but the number was still sporadic. Overall, it was a good start.

Under the situation of capital’s sanctions, the taxes from trading actually doubled.

A few months of special training had given the garrisons led by Athena a completely new look. The spirited look distinct from the previous laziness. Under the cooperation of the garrisons and the Cloak Gang, not only the bandits and other crimes in the Dark Moon City but the rest of the area in the estate had gradually decreased. In contrast, the arena was livelier than before. It became a place where many people vent their extra energy and vigorous fighting spirit.

These were very welcome changes for Dark Moon, and it was impossible for the capital to not know of it. According to Chen Rui’s plan, a key move should be officially implemented. However, plans couldn’t keep up with changes. The mastermind took everything into consideration, but he didn’t expect himself to be in a coma for two months long.

Chen Rui was still asleep. If it weren’t for the blood-sucking plant modified by Paglio, he would most likely be truly dead from exhaustion of energy. However, he wasn’t much different from death now. His sign of life activity was even weaker and he was in danger of annihilation at any time.

In fact, his consciousness was indeed dying.


It was still that Shura, but there were more than one. There were thousands of them surrounding the breathless Chen Rui from all directions.

“I must compliment you for being able to fight to this point. It’s just that no matter how strong your resilience and your will, you can’t escape the world in your heart. Now, you can’t escape it anymore!” Shura laughed, “You will soon become one of us, as long as I merge with your last bit of consciousness, my soul will be perfect. Everything you have will belong to me!”

Shura wasn’t slain in vain. Every time he was killed, his strength increased. After being killed countless times, his opponent began to undergo terrifying evolution, and he actually mastered the strength of cloning. Subsequently, the number of clones and his strength were increased almost infinitely. Besides, he could devour his consciousness through attacks.

After many difficult battles, only this last bit of consciousness was left now, but he had fallen into a siege.

Undoubtedly, it was hopeless.

“I’ve been thinking about one thing these days.” Chen Rui saw Shura approaching step by step and sighed, “Since we’ve reached this point, then let me use my last piece of heart to find the answer.”

The circle of Shuras gradually became smaller yet Chen Rui’s mood became calm. He suddenly thought of a movie that he had seen before, “The Matrix Revolution”. The “virus” named Smith that could be copied infinitely was just like the Shura in front of him. If I’m really the protagonist, then halo, please appear soon.

Success or failure is all bet on it!

Early in the morning, in the room, the exhausted Athena suddenly felt a strange breath. Her tired eyes suddenly opened. With her current peak Demon King strength, she could naturally feel that the breath on Chen Rui’s body that was originally weak, had reached the brink of collapse.

“Paglio!” Athena’s heart tightened suddenly. She yelled with a sobbing tone, “Come quickly!”

A breeze drifted past and Paglio had already appeared in the room. With the sharpness of the poison dragon’s eyes, he could see at a glance the unfavorable situation of Chen Rui, “How did this happen?”

Initially, Paglio was prepared if Chen Rui lost himself, Paglio could try to activate his original consciousness. Unexpectedly, the situation was earlier than expected. His life was actually ending. Chen Rui’s fainting had no sign at all, so he didn’t even get to redeem a Resurrection Potion.

Athena shook her head desperately, “I don’t know. It happens all of a sudden. Quickly save him!”

The poison dragon performed the secret method several times in a row, but he still couldn’t save the remaining life force of Chen Rui from collapsing. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “This is it.” Two of them were in a symbiotic contract relationship. If Chen Rui died, Paglio definitely wouldn’t survive.

In the space of consciousness, the void returned to the long-lost solar system. It was beautiful and peaceful. Thousands of Shuras were suspended in the void and laughed in unison. Now they finally occupied Chen Rui’s consciousness. The body and his strange strength all belonged to him!

Strangely, Shura couldn’t use his consciousness to go to the Galaxy Divinity Temple, nor could he feel the true strength contained in the solar system.

“Why?!” Countless Shuras asked neatly, “All of this should belong to me!” A moment later, an answer sounded, “It’s because you haven’t really defeated me.” Within the void, a familiar figure gradually formed.

“Chen Rui! You actually aren’t annihilated!” Shura’s voice contained surprise. Seeing Chen Rui’s red eyes, he recovered his creepiness, “Your consciousness is running out. As long as you are fused with this place, I’ll be the true owner of Super System!”

“It’s too late, because I’ve already understood.” The blood redness in Chen Rui’s eyes faded away, and his former clarity was restored, “You’ll soon fail!”

Shura sneered disdainfully, “Boastful!”

“Actually what you said before was right. You magnified the darkness of my inner world. The more refined my mind, the more darkness I feel from myself. Out of instinct and fear, I ran away. Therefore, despite killing you again and again, you can always resurrect and strengthen.”

Shura yelled, “That’s right! You can never defeat me! Don’t resist meaninglessly!” Then, thousands of Shuras launched [Aurora Shot], attacking Chen Rui from all directions like hail. However, it penetrated through his body, but Chen Rui was unscathed.

“Now that I can truly face my heart, your attack will only strengthen me.”

Chen Rui shook his head, “Everyone has desires the moment that they are born and desire will continuously burn until life comes to an end. Desire is also the driving force for the advancement of civilization. Even saints and great individuals have desires. It’s just like day and night. People have a dark side and also a positive side. As long as you can drive your own will and persistence, then the flame of desires will play the role of in forging and refining instead of burning and downfalling.”

Thousands of Shura roared as they surrounded him, wanting to merge with Chen Rui. Yet, their bodies could only penetrate through. Besides, each time they passed through Chen Rui’s body, the Shuras’ bodies quickly melted like snow facing a hot flame.

At that time, Chen Rui’s palm revealed a faint light as he struck with all his strength.

It wasn’t at Shura but himself!

Under the [Aura Blade], the bloodstains on Chen Rui’s eyebrows gradually widened.

At the same time, thousands of Shuras uttered a painful cry and exaggerated cracks appeared at the top of their heads simultaneously. There were faint lights shining out. They howled, “How is this possible?! Even if you commit suicide, you can’t hurt me!”

“The power of the heart is infinite. As long as you have persistence, you can surpass anything.” Chen Rui ignored the growing blood flowing down his head, “Regardless of the darkness in my inner heart or my instincts, they were all controlled by my will. This isn’t suicide, but it’s called determination! To be precise, this is the real [Refined Mind]! ”

Shura shouted in fear, “No! Impossible! I won’t be truly annihilated! As long as your heart…”

Within the cries, thousands of Shuras’ bodies were shining in bright, white light. They began to crack and finally turned into particles that completely shattered and disappeared.

Chen Rui’s body began to turn thin and collapse, but his eyes were still firm. As Shura’s incomplete last words, as long as the darkness in his heart remained, Shura would recover one day. However, Chen Rui firmly believed that he could once again kill the inner demon with the sword that he held in his hands with determination.

His body was completely annihilated and turned into a pile of ashes.

At that moment, the Star Conversion progress bar in the Galaxy Divinity Temple had reached 100%, and a clear “Ding!” notification sounded.

The Experience Value in his status bar had also reached 100%.

The ashes that were about to disappear were suddenly ignited.

A black flame.

Accept your own weakness so that you can grow stronger…

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