Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 248 - Lucky! A Make up for Mechanic Basics

Chapter 248 Lucky! A Make up for Mechanic Basics

“Arthur, what’s your specialization? I’m also a mechanic!” The girl sitting opposite was called Fini with a liveliness that matched her appearance. She kept asking en route. Chen Rui, who should be questioning had instead turned into the one answering.

“I’ve learned all three specializations, but I only know a little.” ​​Chen Rui said modestly. Arthur was his alias and the original name of the body. To be safe, Chen Rui didn’t plan to use the name, “Richard” in the Dark Shadow Empire.

“That’s amazing!” Fini’s big black eyes lit up, “I’m only learning accessories.”

The middle-aged man had always been silent. As he watched Fini and Chen Rui talking harmoniously, he interjected, “Young man, don’t be greedy. It’s better to focus on one.”

Chen Rui knew that it was genuine. It seemed that the middle-aged man was also a mechanic. He nodded immediately.

Before the middle-aged man said anything, the young knight named Monroe spoke, “Hmph! Ignorant apprentice! Didn’t even say thank you after receiving sir’s guidance!”

According to [Analytical Eyes], the middle-aged man Rummenigge, young knight, Monroe and the young girl, Fini were all of the Asmodeus Royal Family. The strength of Rummenigge was Demon King, Monroe was Higher Demon while Fini was Intermediate Demon.

After reaching Migrez state, [Analytical Eyes] was further upgraded. It could accurately analyze other’s stats.

Take Monroe as an example. Race: Lust Royal Family. Comprehensive Strength Assessment: D; Physique: D+, Power: D+; Spirit: E, Agility: D… Then, as a peak Higher Demon, Monroe’s physique and power are his strengths, but his spirit was weak and his speed was moderate. He was obviously focusing on power training.

Not only that, but the upgraded [Analytical Eyes] also enabled the identification of hidden attributes, which could identify the attributes of the equipment. To this extent, it still wasn’t [True Analytical Eyes]. I wonder what kind of amazing function it’ll have when it is evolved to “True”.

Monroe seemed to always be displeased by Chen Rui, but Chen Rui couldn’t bother about it. Someone like him could be easily eliminated by his single thumb, so he wasn’t bothered at all. However, Rummenigge’s kind guidance should be appreciated, so he immediately said, “Thank you for your guidance.”

Rummenigge saw that Chen Rui was also at the peak of Higher Demon (the display of [True Breath Holding]), but his manners and temperament were much better than the impetuous Monroe, so he nodded slightly.


Monroe still wanted to speak, but he was stared at by Fini with dissatisfaction, “What do you mean by ignorance? Do you know mechanics? Then, tell me what ratio is needed to combine crimsonite, bluish sand, griffin feathers and tri-horned rhino’s blood to successfully smelt into summer gem?”

Monroe was speechless for a moment. Chen Rui frowned slightly, “Fini, you’re using… the 5:3 formula right? The summer gem obtained by this fusion ratio is relatively fragile. If you add three drops of purple icy dew before the blood of tri-horned rhino, it can double the success rate and the quality of the summer gem will also improve.”

“Purple icy dew?” Fini widened her eyes and looked at Rummenigge aside, “Grandpa, is that so?”


That appellation made Chen Rui a little dumbfounded. He originally thought they were father and daughter, but unexpectedly, they were grandparent and granddaughter. However, the life span of demons was generally hundreds of years, so he couldn’t judge from the appearance alone. Generally speaking, their lifespan increased as their strength increased, but their fertility rate would also decrease. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that Rummenigge was Fini’s grandfather.

Listening to Chen Rui’s improvement on Fini’s formula, Rummenigge looked slightly surprised and nodded, “Yes but the nature of purple icy dew is unstable. Generally, you need to be a mechanic to master it. You’re still too early.”

“Okay.” Fini nodded. She showed admiration to Chen Rui, “Brother Arthur knows so much. Are you planning to pass the mechanic certification this time you go to the capital?”

That was a cover-up of Chen Rui’s identity anyway, so he nodded. Fini’s interest increased and she asked a lot of questions about mechanics. Chen Rui also learned a lot of information on Dark Shadow’s capital from her, many of which weren’t included in the information Shea provided. He tried to be patient at the moment and answered Fini’s doubts one by one.

Aside, Rummenigge became more and more surprised. This apprentice named Arthur wasn’t simple. From the perspective of some theoretical knowledge, his mechanical knowledge had reached the level of mechanics. No, even some senior mechanics might not be able to master it!

Rummenigge said, “Arthur, who is your teacher?”

To be precise, Chen Rui’s teachers include Chief Tauren, Delong, Master Skye, and Master Xingxing, but he definitely couldn’t say that, so he simply said that his teacher was a mechanic who asked not to be named.

Rummenigge knew there were many amazing individuals hidden in the Demon Realm. Although many masters were not well-known, they were not inferior to the famous senior masters. Therefore, he didn’t ask more.

From these exchanges, Chen Rui had confirmed that Rummenigge must be a veteran accessories-specialized mechanic, maybe even a master. He immediately raised some difficult problems in accessories crafting that he faced usually.

Rummenigge was more and more surprised. Some of the questions from “Arthur” were quite noob yet some were so esoteric that even he had to think carefully before answering. I really don’t know how that teacher taught this disciple. Fini, on the other hand, was confused. She couldn’t join the conversation at once.

Only Monroe, seeing the situation, had jealousy flashed past his eyes.

Rummenigge took out a “Basics of Mechanics” from his space ring and lent it to Chen Rui. Chen Rui was overjoyed. Although he had the guidance of Master Xingxing and Master Skye, and rich practical experience, his basic knowledge was actually very limited. Many things were copied and imitated through [Deep Analysis], but he didn’t know the reason behind. At present, this book was like providing him help at an hour of need. This trip with the trio was a lucky one. Chen Rui quickly thanked Rummenigge and read it carefully.

Opening the first page, he saw a few words written with a pen in the foreword: Genius comes from diligence ~ Rummenigge Asmodeus.

Fini and Monroe spoke a few words, but Fini felt that they couldn’t find an interesting topic. Due to boredom, she took out a book on mechanics from her space bracelet and started reading.

Rummenigge looked admiring, then closed his eyes and began to nap.

Fini was already absent-minded, so her big eyes were looking around. When she saw Chen Rui in her peripheral view, her eyes were stagnant.

She saw Chen Rui flipping through “Basics of Mechanic” quickly. The speed wasn’t reading at all but more like flipping a book. About half an hour or so, a thick book on the basics was flipped through entirely.

Chen Rui closed his eyes after he finished flipping. Under the skill of [Deep Analysis], his brain was like an intelligent computer that began to quickly absorb and organize the new data. Then, it continuously strengthened it and improved memory.

After reading “Basic of Mechanics”, the basic knowledge that Chen Rui had been lacking was supplemented. He was overjoyed and took a sigh of relief. Then, he saw Fini staring at him as she was dumbfounded. She stutteringly asked, “Just now you… finished reading?”

“It seems like it.” Chen Rui scratched his head, knowing that he overdid it. However, this type of book wasn’t sold on the market, only some mechanical masters had it, not even Skye and Xingxing (one didn’t have; another didn’t recruit apprentices, so he didn’t carry). Since it was a rare opportunity, he couldn’t bother so much.

“It’s like this. I’ve seen an incomplete “Basics of Mechanic” before, so I’m just completing those that I’ve never seen.”

Chen Rui’s excuse wasn’t clever. If it was just completing, then he should’ve carefully read the incomplete part instead of flipping through at the same speed just now.

With a quick turn of her eyes, Fini took out three more books, “Brother Arthur, I have three “Advanced Mechanics” that recorded all three specializations. Grandpa gave it to me to read after I became a mechanic. Have you read them?”

These books were even rarer. They belonged to advanced books. It was rare that all three specializations, metal, leather, and accessories were collected. Chen Rui was drooling over those three books and shook his head quickly, “I’ve never read them. Can you lend it to me?”

“No problem.” Fini was very generous, but she smiled wisely, “However, I’ll test your knowledge on the “Basics of Mechanic” first. If you answer all of them correctly, I’ll lend you these three books.”

“… Okay.”

After a series of Q&A, Fini’s eyes were filled with stars. He answered everything right! Even those difficult questions that I deliberately asked were answered accurately.

Monroe looked scornful: Such a bad way to pick up girls. He clearly memorized this book long ago. Everything he said before were just excuses.

Chen Rui received the three “Advanced Mechanics” happily. Then, he heard Fini added, “Return to me in an hour.”

Chen Rui was a little speechless. For the precious knowledge, he had to take the books and flip them one by one. After reaching the Migrez state, his spirit had also undergone qualitative changes. Coupled with the earth elemental heart, [Deep Analysis] could be used five times a day, so these few books weren’t a problem.

After quickly flipping through the three books and digesting the advanced knowledge with [Deep Analysis], Chen Rui returned the books to Fini and shook his head as he pretended to be regretful, “These books are too deep. They are a lot harder than the basics. I don’t really understand them. I’ll just give it back to you.”

“You can’t understand, but you’re still flipping through every page?” Fini looked skeptical.

Chen Rui shrugged, “I’m just curious.”

Rummenigge, who had been keeping his eyes closed, opened his eyes, “Arthur, I thought of an answer to your previous enchantment question. Extend the third baseline straight to the fifth baseline, remove the eighth and ninth baselines. That should be able to complete the perfect water defense enchantment.”

Chen Rui thought for a while and frowned, “I think the third baseline should be extended to the seventh baseline. The eighth baseline should be retained and if the ninth baseline is removed… it should be better.”

Rummenigge nodded approvingly. Then, he discussed a few questions in an exploratory tone and his heart was getting more and more surprised. Did Arthur really understand all the books just now?! In such a short time?! Impossible!

This Arthur probably already knew my identity from the name of the message in the book and deliberately uses this to approach and be friendly. After all, the name Rummenigge is a household name in the Dark Shadow Empire. Although there are many with the same name, the senior master in the Mechanic Alliance, Rummenigge Asmodeus can only be me.

However, this apprentice should indeed change to a formal mechanic’s robe. From his understanding and comprehension, he is quite talented.

“By the way, sir, I’ll return this book to you.” Chen Rui returned “Basics of Mechanics” to Rummenigge, “Thank you very much for sir’s generosity.”

Rummenigge shook his head. “I’ll give you this book.”

Monroe was shocked: With Master Rummenigge’s status, he actually gave the book to this Great Demon apprentice. It seems…

Actually, all the content of “Basics of Mechanic” had been copied by [Deep Analysis]. This book had no usage for Chen Rui anymore. However, since Rummenigge was being kind, it was obviously not good to refuse, so he quickly thanked Rummenigge.

“I believe you have heard of the mechanics contest at the capital.” Rummenigge looked at Chen Rui calmly, “You have great potential and I hope you can participate in the contest after being certified as a mechanic.”

Master seems to have a good impression on Arthur? Monroe was shocked again. The reason why this contest attracts mechanics from everywhere is that several masters from the Mechanics Alliance will select their successors among the winners!

Chen Rui’s target this time was the Custer Family and he didn’t have much interest in the mechanics contest, so he agreed casually.

This casual attitude made Rummenigge a little surprised. He couldn’t understand the apprentice’s mind, but he didn’t say any more. As a senior mechanical master, he could only say so much to a mechanic apprentice. Even if the apprentice had potential, he had already given enough guidance.

During the trip, which should have been boring and uninteresting, he had unexpectedly acquired massive theoretical knowledge of mechanics, especially the basic knowledge that he lacked the most. It made Chen Rui, who had rich practical experience to be well complemented. At that point, there were still a few days before reaching the capital. Chen Rui didn’t want to chat with Fini anymore, so he pretended to doze off and entered the Super System.

Chen Rui chose to enter the refinery.

The refinery looked quite similar to a blacksmith’s shop. There was a fire symbol in the middle. When he came to the door of the refinery, there were options for forging and auto-refining on a light screen. Selecting “auto-refining” would bring up space to place items. After placing the corresponding blueprints and materials, it would automatically create the equipment. Chen Rui set his thoughts on the “forging” option and the refinery’s door opened. Inside, there was a vast space. He could generate various tools with his mind, including not only for mechanics but also for potions.

More wonderful functions weren’t limited to these. The refinery had a link function which could automatically connect the storage and training grounds. Not only could he directly retrieve or store items to and from the storage, but he could also take advantage of time rules in the training ground! It was just that after linking the training ground, the aura consumption was doubled. For example, the price of 5,000 auras a day became 10,000 auras.

Chen Rui moved his mind and in the space, table, chairs and various specific tools for making accessories and magic items appeared. Then, he took out some materials from the storage and started experimenting.

The refinery had a special function that provided an additional bonus on proficiency and comprehension. In the process of continuous crafting, his craftsmanship was growing rapidly.

So all these while he had been crafting equipment without basic knowledge

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