Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 238 - The Secret of the Mellon Family

Chapter 238 The Secret of the Mellon Family

Soon, the puppet of God-Eating Mask had increased by one person. At present, there were two people. One of them was Snowden far away at the Red Spirit Estate and the other was Cyprus in front of him.

[Puppet Control] was an additional skill that gave complete control over the enemy’s will, making it a puppet that couldn’t betray. Thus, Cyprus said everything he knew.

Lavat coming to the Dark Moon wasn’t to help Dominique to eliminate Chen Rui or Arux nor was it for demon-trafficking. Based on the original information, Chen Rui and Arux were just Higer Demons, so Dominique and Cyprus should be enough. There was no need for Lavat to come in person. The real purpose of the deputy general of the Double-headed Dragon to come here was to take away something from the Mellon Family. Yet, even Cyprus was a close friend of Lavat, he couldn’t know what the exact item was.

That item didn’t seem like it was retrieved, so Lavat hadn’t left. He was waiting instead.

Tonight’s action was acquiesced by Lavat. The eradication of the Cloak Gang would not only allow Dominique to take revenge, but also avenge the Mellon Family and solve the problem of demon-trafficking along the way.

According to Cyprus, it turned out that the Mellon Family was the largest demon-trafficker. In contrast, Silva was only a minor character. What made people hateful was the Mellon Family actually took the initiative to report the disappearance of demons to Princess Royal Shea, and they were ordered to investigate thoroughly. Under the surface, they secretly manipulated Gorefiend Gang to kidnap demons and “transport” them to the south, a classic of setting a thief to catch a thief. Now that the Gorefiend Gang was destroyed, the dark forces of Dark Moon were firmly under the control of the Cloak Gang. Therefore, the Mellon Family dared not act lightly to avoid exposure.

Chen Rui narrowed his eyes: It seems that the Mellon Family isn’t just an opportunist but a super opportunist. They’re rooted in the Dark Moon, but they not only collude with the Red Spirit Estate, but they are also in a secret business with the Blue Lava Estate.

By the way, I don’t know what the important thing is. Chen Rui looked at Cyprus, which had been “loyal” and smiled mysteriously.

The next day, at the Northwest neighborhood, the Mellon Family residential area.

Lavat was sitting on the couch frowning and Cyprus was standing behind him; while Lombardo was sitting carefully opposite him.

“Patriarch Lombardo, are you sure there is no other Demon Kings in Shea’s hands?”

Lombardo could tell the creepiness in Lavat’s tone, so he quickly answered, “As far as I know, the captain of the imperial guards, Kaguron is likely to be a Demon King powerhouse. He usually uses some ability to conceal his strength. However, according to a report from a spy in the palace, Kaguron didn’t leave the palace last night. He was guarding as usual. There should be no other people except Kaguron. You must know that Dark Moon is the weakest estate, except for the imperial guards. There isn’t even a decent legion. How can it be compared to an elite legion like the Double-headed Dragon Legion.”

Lombardo’s last sentence was obviously flattering, but Lavat didn’t take it. Instead, he said coldly, “The present fact is that my member, Dominique, was killed by someone in this weak estate! Besides, there is still no clue for the killer! Last night, Dominique deliberately sent Cyprus away to avenge by herself, but eventually her head was cut off! I’m suspecting Aguile and Arux from the Cloak Gang now! From the information that you provided, are these two people just Higher Demon?”

Lavat who was resurrected was clearly Chen Rui after using [Camouflage]. After releasing the breath of Alioth realm, it was just like the usual Lavat. Along with Cyprus, it was seamless.

This attitude was in line with Lavat’s usual attitude, so it shouldn’t be exposed. From Lombardo’s tone, Kaguron’s strength was likely to have been exposed, and there were also spies of the Mellon Family in the palace.

In fact, Lombardo didn’t even have the slightest suspicion that the Lavat in front of him was fake. Facing the unconcealed blame, his head was cold sweating.

“General Lavat, Dominique can’t die in vain. The Double-headed Dragon Legion’s loss for coming to the Dark Moon this time…” Cyprus said loudly.

Lombardo didn’t know that Cyprus was acting accordingly under the control of “Lavat”. When he heard he could redeem himself, he immediately said, “Sir Lavat! Please be assured that the Mellon Family will make you satisfied.”

“Lavat” nodded gloomily, “Cyprus, retreat first.”

After Cyprus left, only Lavat and Lombardo were left in the room. The voice of “Lavat” was also slightly lower, “About that thing…”

Lombardo quickly said diligently, “That thing will be fully mature in about one day, no more than two days. It’ll need sir to escort it then.”

Mature? Chen Rui thought of something and went along the line, “You should know the importance of this thing. Are you sure there is no problem?”

“Absolutely no problem!” Lombardo could definitely guarantee that, “The Mellon Family had guarded it for decades. It’s time to complete the mission now.”

Guarding for decades? Chen Rui’s pupil shrank. What is it? Could it be the flower of mist? Or requiem fruit? Am I really that lucky?

I can’t simply make a request now. If it’s exposed, my previous effort will be wasted.

“If sir isn’t assured, I can take sir to visit again.”

Seeing that “Lavat” frowned and silenced, Lombardo took the initiative and said that which was exactly what “Lavat” wanted. Although he was eager to go, he groaned for a moment pretentiously before “reluctantly” agreed.

Lombardo led Chen Rui into the study room and moved a bookshelf. There was a hidden door behind.

Moved away directly? Chen Rui was criticizing in his mind. Shouldn’t he pull out a book first or turn a certain column? This design is really not mysterious.

After entering the secret entrance, the two walked down step by step, all the way down the long spiral staircase. Chen Rui felt that the temperature was getting lower and lower. Then, there was a bone chilling cold. Under the lights of the surrounding magic lamp, he could see that the walls were already covered with ice.

There was a faint, red light on Lombardo’s finger, obviously turned on some kind of warming item. Seeing “Lavat” was unresponsive, Lombardo said pleasingly, “Sir, don’t you need a warming ring this time?”

The warming ring should be with the real Lavat. Unfortunately, the power of [Scorching Dragon Kill] was too scary. Not to mention the space equipment, even his entire person was burned to ashes. Those good things were also sealed in unknown spaces. How could he have a warming ring?

“Hmph!” Chen Rui didn’t answer at all but snorted.

Lombardo was tactful and looked like he had a sudden realization, “Sir, are you trying to use these ice to stimulate your body and train your fire magic? You’re surely a cool powerhouse!”

Cool your ass! If I have that ring, why would I willingly suffer this? Chen Rui glanced at that guy with dissatisfaction, but this kind of temperature was really nothing to him who trained his mind in the glacier.

The two kept going down and the temperature kept getting lower, even Chen Rui couldn’t bear it anymore. Lombardo even started sneezing. The warming ring and his own Higher Demon strength couldn’t resist such coldness.

Chen Rui became more curious. I’ve never thought there is such a strange place under the Dark Moon. What is it that is “mature” at such a place?

They were finally done with the stairs. Then, it was a long passage. The light was getting brighter and brighter. Finally, Lombardo in front of Chen Rui stopped his footsteps. There was an ice cave in front of him. There was glaring ice on all sides that contrasted with the dim lights along the way. These sturdy ices seemed to be emitting light themselves, but the biggest light source came from something within.

It was a very small snow-white plant with seven leaves on it. It was bearing three fruits. After looking closer, the plant, fruits and leaves looked like they were ice carved by skilled craftsmen.

What is this?

It’s definitely not the flower of mist nor the requiem fruit described by the Earth Elemental King. However, it’s certain that it’s definitely a very rare thing. Otherwise, the Mellon Family won’t be protecting it for decades.

When Chen Rui was staring, Lombardo’s said with his teeth trembling, “Sir Lavat, you can see that the king’s fruit will be mature within these two days. Everything is under control.”

So it’s called realm king fruit. Chen Rui nodded slightly. He paced slowly around the realm king fruit, circled around, observed for a while before walking back to Lombardo, but he didn’t speak.

Lombardo knew that Dominique’s death made the deputy general very angry, and he was absolutely responsible for giving inaccurate information. Even if he didn’t, he would still be blamed by “Lavat”. That was the privilege of the strong.

Lombardo couldn’t bother about the cold and quickly took a space ring off from his finger. He offered with both his hands, “This is a little gift from me. Please accept it.” Chen Rui took the space ring that Lombardo “offered” and used his consciousness to check what was inside. There were many superior magic materials and large amounts of black crystal coins. If Chen Rui hadn’t received the poison dragon’s treasure, this should be his biggest fortune. Lombardo, who had always been so stingy really spent a lot this time.

With the poison dragon’s treasures, these were nothing. Chen Rui took the ring calmly. Lombardo had been observing and he noticed “Lavat” was indifferent. He secretly thought that “Lavat” indeed had seen something more, so he added, “I heard sir is proficient in appraisal. There are still some unidentified treasures in the Mellon Family’s storage. Can I ask sir to help appraise it later?”

That was an obvious bribery. Chen Rui felt a little strange. Why does Lombardo bribe Lavat to this extent? If it is only for the demon-trafficking business or the Blue Lava route, the cost seems too huge.

Besides, based on Lombardo’s attitude, his collusion with the Blue Lava Estate wasn’t just a day or two.

“Okay.” Chen Rui’s expression slowed and he finally spoke.

Finally, he still accepted the benefits. Then, Dominique’s incident is finally over. Lombardo secretly took a sigh of relief and smiled, “Sir, my son, William Mellon is currently working in the Bloodwave Legion under Sir Fodor. Please take much care of him.” So that’s the case. Chen Rui nodded slightly, “William Mellon, I’ll remember this name.”

Lombardo was overjoyed and bowed, “Thank you, sir. It’s too cold here. I don’t have the strength of a powerhouse like sir. Even with the warming ring, I can’t resist it anymore. I’d like to invite sir to go to the storage to identify the treasure.”

Chen Rui nodded and didn’t make things difficult. Instead, he followed Lombardo out of the passage because when Lombardo was trying to please him, he had quietly tried with the galaxy garden. The mist revolved around the realm king fruit, but there wasn’t any notification. It seemed that that thing wasn’t a plant nor a water source.

After two days, the realm king fruit will mature. From Lombardo’s tone, this thing is very rare. It should not be used by Lavat himself, but it should be given to someone important which is most likely the Lord of Blue Lava.

Anyway, since I’ve taken the role of Lavat, even if I can’t use it then, I have to hide or destroy it.

Before that, I should first go to Mellon Family’s storage to help “identify” the bribes.

What was the function of the snow flower?

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