Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 237 - Bloodfury Vs. Scorching Dragon Kill

Chapter 237 Bloodfury Vs. Scorching Dragon Kill

After casting a big magic, [Meteor Rain], Lavat rushed toward Chen Rui like a cannonball when his opponent was unstable after teleporting.

So what if his magic power has reached Demon King level? So what if he’s proficient in two elements? In close combat, you are just a Higher Demon! Die!

Lavat was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he was already approaching. Chen Rui just recovered from the [Teleportation], and he couldn’t gather his magic power hurriedly. This is the moment for the death blow!

“Poom!” Lavat’s figure swayed slightly while Chen Rui moved three steps backward.

Lavat looked shocked. He quickly updated his opponent’s information: Just like me, “Aguile” is someone who trains in both close combat and magic. His strength is in between middle stage to later stage!

Although he hasn’t reached the peak of Demon King, it isn’t far off!

Damn Mellon Family. The information provided was wrong! They should take full responsibility for the failure of Dominique and Cyprus!

Lavat shouted loudly as his vibe raged. He attacked Chen Rui. Chen Rui also figured out his opponent’s strength. He was also at the peak of Demon King. Lavat’s strength was weaker than Roman and Delia, but slightly stronger than him. At that moment, he wasn’t afraid and rushed forward. Instead of using any supportive magic, he used his own strength entirely.

Magic isn’t mine. The earth elemental heart will be returned to Earth Elemental King sooner or later. However, this true strength belongs to me! An opponent at the peak of Demon King can be a great whetstone!

He was a little proud of his ability to resist the Wrath Royal Family, who had [Fire Master], but he had awakened. His mind had become extremely determined and for a moment, it felt like [Refined Mind] had a strange change. However, it wasn’t the time to look into these details.

Under the moonlight, the huge pit was trembling violently. The terrible destructive marks on the ground were the evidence of the fierce battle. As Lavat expected, he always had the upper hand. However, unexpectedly, his opponent had always been able to resist. He was merely at disadvantage, but he wasn’t defeated. Also, his adaptability and endurance were amazingly strong.

Not only that, this “Aguile” seemed to be unaffected by the royal family coercion in battle. Besides, the endless stream of strange skills was by no means the strength of the 7 royal families.

The battle I thought will definitely win actually turns into a tie?

Aguile. Who is this person? Great Demon? When does the Great Demon’s mutated bloodline become stronger than the royal family?

In any case, this type of enemy can’t be kept alive!

When Lavat thought of that, Chen Rui and him punched at each other. Then, he pulled some distance. His face showed anger. He actually spat blood. His pale cyan eyes instantly turned red, and his breath suddenly raged. Chen Rui faintly felt that Lavat’s strength kept rising, and it actually even surpassed Roman and Delia!

However, no matter how it climbed, he was still at the peak of Great Demon. The great realm couldn’t be crossed that easily.

Chen Rui’s mind moved slightly and punched Lavat. Lavat’s speed had greatly improved. With a slight flicker, he had dodged that punch. Before Chen Rui could retrieve his strength, Lavat had punched his lower ribs and kicked him away immediately after.

Lavat didn’t continue attacking, but he sneered, “Since you’re about to die anyway, it doesn’t matter if I tell you. I’m a member of the Samuel Royal Family and this is the Wrath Royal Family’s bloodline talent, [Bloodfury] that can greatly enhance my strength. I’m going to crush your bones one by one and bring your body along as I annihilate the Cloak Gang.”

Lavat wasn’t arrogant. After activating [Bloodfury], even if it was an opponent at the peak of Demon King, Lavat had absolute certainty to win, let alone this guy who hadn’t reached the peak of Demon King.

At that dying moment, the masked man who was about to die made a husky laugh. Somehow, when he heard that laugh, Lavat felt a little bit weird. His heart seemed to have a trace of… inexplicable chill.

That’s right. It’s chill! The surrounding air instantly became manic. It was filled with violence and cruelty. At the same time, “Aguile’s” body flared with flames as it “whoosh!”

That flame was by no means the amplifying flame of the Great Demon family. It was black with sparks of red light. The strength full of vitality combined incredibly with the violent breath and formed a destructive force.

Lavat instinctively felt that the opponent was about to launch an extremely horrific attack. Even after he activated [Bloodfury] state, he couldn’t match.

Initially, he thought after he activated his royal family’s bloodline talent, [Bloodfury] with his peak Demon King-strength, he could easily defeat any opponents below Great Demon King. Unexpectedly, this guy that hadn’t reached the peak of Demon King could actually give him such a strong sense of crisis!

No! I have to kill him before he completely gathers that strength!

Lavat yelled loudly and sped up suddenly under the power of [Bloodfury]. He rushed toward Chen Rui, wanting to attack and intercept before the ultimate move could launch. He punched directly on his opponent’s body, but it missed!

Lavat startled. He saw that his opponent’s figure had moved away for dozens of meters. It’s [Teleportation] again! Didn’t he just teleport?

[Double Teleportation]! Lavat’s eyes looked different. He leapt and pounced toward Chen Rui. When he was half way there, he saw his opponent’s hands glowing in a strong, red light. A shout came from the back of the mask, “[Scorching Dragon Kill]!”

A huge red dragon bathed in flame flew out of the red light toward Lavat ferociously. The trembling huge pit sank unevenly due to that pressure. Lavat was in the midst of rushing toward Aguile, so he couldn’t dodge. It was like welcoming the huge dragon himself.

In a hurry, a huge yellow light ball appeared in Lavat’s hand and flew toward the red dragon.

However, the light ball was immediately swallowed by the red dragon’s strength. The red dragon’s momentum wasn’t reduced. It continued to rush forward. Before it got close, the terrifying pressure had made his whole body shiver. Lavat knew that it was a matter of life and death. He burst the power of [Bloodfury] as much as possible and defended at full force. At the moment he touched the red dragon, his body trembled violently, and he was pushed into the sky involuntarily.

Lavat kept vomiting blood. The anger on his face became stronger. He had already fully burnt the power of [Bloodfury], but he still couldn’t resist it. There was already blood overflowing from his ears and noses, and it wasn’t because of the [Bloodfury], but the huge pressure.

Lavat’s hands began to tremble. Every second seemed to be as long as a year, but the strength of the red dragon seemed endless. Even the muscles on his body began to burst out blood as it couldn’t withstand the pressure. The tighten bow finally snapped; Lavat, whose defense had collapsed, was completely engulfed by the red dragon.

Too strong! This is the strongest force below Demon King! No, I’m afraid it has already reached the level of Great Demon King…

Lavat’s consciousness was instantly annihilated, his body turned to ashes and disappeared.

The tremor on the ground stopped, and the figure of the scorching dragon disappeared into the sky. Chen Rui panted for a while, adjusting his disordered breathing. The battle just now consumed a lot of his strength. Royal family really couldn’t be underestimated. The strength of that [Bloodfury] was completely beyond expectation, but he was finally defeated under his ultimate skill, [Scorching Dragon Kill].

God-Eating Mask’s puppet could only be used on someone below his strength. Therefore, even after using [Scorching Dragon Possession] to subdue the peak Demon King, it was useless. It was better to kill him to avoid future troubles. The confession he wanted should be available from another captive.

Although after [Scorching Dragon Kill], he couldn’t use it again for 24 hours, Chen Rui still had his basic strength. After a short rest, he quickly left the huge pit.

The poor Cyprus at the arena’s basement sat obediently on the ground; he didn’t dare to say a word. After he regained consciousness, he wanted to run away, but he didn’t expect other than Arux, those that surrounded him had horrifying strength.

The two talking women were both at the peak of Demon King; whereas among the two men that were drinking while playing chess, one was at the peak of Demon King and the other was even more horrifying. At Cyprus’s level, he couldn’t detect the specific strength of that opponent. He could only feel fear instinctively, so that guy was at least Great Demon King. Even the strange demonic beast responsible for pouring wine was a Demon King!

Cyprus was in tears. Who says the Dark Moon City is weak? This lineup is so powerful that even the strongest Double-headed Dragon Legion from Blue Lava Estate can only admit defeat!

Cyprus saw everyone doing things on their own, even Arux was watching the game. He thought of trying his luck by enduring the pain in his shoulders and back and secretly stood up. Unexpectedly, the “Great Demon King” who was playing chess suddenly glanced at him and grinned. Cyprus felt that his body was softened and he fell to the ground suddenly.

Cyprus felt that that his bones were soft; his body couldn’t gather the slightest strength. His heart was chilled: Too terrifying! What kind of special skill is that? Just by looking at me, he made me lose my combat power?

At that moment, the door opened and a cloaked, masked man came in. It’s Aguile!

Among the two talking women, the short, beautiful woman without a veil stood up and greeted with surprise, “Are you alright?”

The masked man shook his head, “I’m alright. I’ve eliminated Lavat.”

Cyprus was shocked and looked disbelieving. At the peak of Demon King, the deputy general that was proficient in both magic and physical combat was actually “settled”, and it was by this guy who he thought had the same strength as himself!

Arux also looked surprised. Master’s strength is indeed stronger than he looks. It seems that I can’t be complacent because I broke through the bottleneck of Demon King.

The short woman smiled sweetly. Only the veiled woman and the two who played chess took it for granted. The scary “Great Demon King” shook his head with dissatisfaction, “Was your hand itchy? It took so long for you to return!?”

“I can’t help. Lavat is a Wrath Royal Family. His [Bloodfury] talent is quite hard to deal with.” That sentence made Cyprus even more frightened. Deputy general used [Bloodfury], but he was still killed!

Now, the masked man’s eyes fell onto Cyprus, “It’s time for you to say something.”

Cyprus’s heart was chilled, but he shook his head, “No matter what you ask, I will never reveal the slightest information!”

The masked man shook his head, “Didn’t you already mention the Mellon Family?”

There were tears in Cyprus’s heart. Isn’t it just a slip of the tongue?

“It’s fine that you don’t want to say it. You’ll tell me later on your own.”

As soon as that was said, Cyprus was punched again at his head. Before losing consciousness, he saw “Aguile” vaguely taking off his mask and exposed his face. There was actually another strange mask on that face that was exuding a strange yellow light.

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