Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 236 - Wrath Royal Family

Chapter 236 Wrath Royal Family

“How powerful is Lavat? Can he save your life?” Chen Rui’s palm moved even closer to Cyprus’ neck.

Cyprus yelled quickly, “Although you defeat me, it is just because your talent is effective against me. Your strength is the same as mine, merely the middle stage of Demon King. Lavat, our deputy leader, is a powerhouse at the peak of Demon King. Besides, he’s proficient in both physical and magic. Thus, killing you will be a piece of cake. He knew that we are going to kill the two of you and he will surely come over immediately. If you’re smart, take your subordinate and leave this place now! Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave when our deputy leader arrives.”

Peak of Demon King? Chen Rui said “Oh“, slowly withdrew his hands, as if he was afraid of the deputy general’s strength. He then asked, “Dominique came to the Dark Moon for revenge. What are you guys doing here?”

“It’s for the Mellon Family…” Cyprus said a few words, then he quickly realized he wasn’t supposed to say that and immediately shut his mouth tightly. He never spoke a word again.

Mellon Family! That opportunist, old family in the Dark Moon! A light flashed past in Chen Rui’s eyes.

Unexpectedly, other than defecting toward the Red Spirit Estate on the surface, they also have something going on with the Blue Lava Estate at the back! They are truly a family of betrayal!

“Since you refuse to say it, I’ll ask Lavat personally then.”

Cyprus was shocked. Then, he saw Chen Rui’s palm turned into a fist and hit his head hard. The tide-like force penetrated through his bronze demonic body and instantly broke Cyprus’ conscious defense. He immediately passed out, and his skin color also returned to normal.

When Dominique aside witnessed Cyprus being “killed”, she didn’t want to fight anymore. Arux became increasingly brave as he fought. During the battle, the use of his Demon King strength became better and better. As Dominique parried the scythe, the bone spurs on her elbow suddenly broke by itself and ejected toward Arux like arrows. Dominique relied on the momentum to leap away and took the opportunity to escape.

Unexpectedly, she felt pain on her back. She was actually pierced by a scythe. When her figure paused, another scythe came and penetrated through her chest. Dominique turned around in disbelief. She saw Arux’s two arms were like retractable rope. They suddenly became 3 meters long that was longer than her escape route, delivering two deadly blows.

Arux had never revealed that ability before. Now, he surprised his opponent and finally won in one strike.

Two scythes were withdrawn at the same time and Arux’s arm returned to its original shape. Blood was splattering from Dominique’s chest, and her power seemed to be exhausted as the scythes were pulled away.

Arux had always been decisive when he killed. He was definitely not someone who cared about beauties. His body moved slightly, and he had already jumped over. In a flash of light and blood splash, the woman’s head flew high and fell to the ground. Her curvaceous body slowly fell to the ground. Her blood covered the ground.

After Arux killed the enemy, he seemed to have worn out and panted heavily. He pulled out the bone spur that penetrated his chest, stopped the bleeding, drank a bottle of potion and went to Chen Rui.

Chen Rui suddenly thought of an old arcade game he once played, Street Fighter [1], the oldest version. There was an Indian guy who could extend his hands and feet to attack. At that time, he simply called him long hand. Later he knew what he called Dhalsim [2]. Arux’s skill just now had the feeling of “long hand”.

“The changes in your arms just now. Is it your talent? Or is it an ability from devil fruit?”

“That’s my awakened talent. It’s very difficult to get extra ability from the devil fruit, but it’ll be hidden in my blood. When there is a chance for me to break through a realm, there will be a certain chance for me to get it.”

“You did a pretty good job this time. After this, you need to adapt to your Demon King strength, especially the demonic fire.” Chen Rui glanced at Dominique’s body and shook his head, “This woman’s figure is pretty good. It’s not a bad idea to take her back just to warm your bed. It’s a shame to kill her.”

“There is only enemies in my eyes. There aren’t any men or women.” Arux just broke through the bottleneck, so he was in a good mood. He made a cruel laugh, “In order to thank her for her ‘help’ in my break through, I cut off her head.”

This servant seems a little crazy. Previously, he has repeatedly hung his opponent’s heads on the wall and his romantic preference can be described as beheading-con. In his previous life, he is probably an executioner in the wet market. Chen Rui looked strangely at Arux for a while and it gave his subordinate chills down the spine, “Royce already has Vasasha. Listen. If you like any beauty, tell me and I’ll scam her back for you.”

Arux was a little speechless, but speaking of it, Vasasha was really “scammed” back by this guy for Royce.

At that moment, a long whistling sound came from a distance. In the blink of an eye, it had approached their direction. Judging from the speed of sound, this person was very powerful.

It must be Lavat, the deputy general of the Double-Headed Dragon Legion. The whistling sound was to warn the enemies because he saw the signal for help.

Arux looked vigilant whereas Chen Rui’s face remained unchanged. He pointed at the unconscious Cyprus on the ground, “Bring this person back to the arena first. I’ll come back after I settle Lavat.”

Arux was taken aback. Master clearly learned from Cyprus that Lavat is a peak Demon King, and he is proficient in both physical and magic. He actually isn’t retreating, but he wants to “settle” the opponent.

It’s “settle” instead of “resist”!

Originally, Arux thought that after breaking through the bottleneck, he was already close to Chen Rui’s strength. He just found out that there was actually such a huge difference. No wonder that 2 peak Demon King from the royal families called master respectfully as “leader.”

Arux wasn’t a sloppy guy. He immediately grabbed Cyprus, bowed and evacuated in the opposite direction of that sound.

The whistling sound was getting closer. Under the moonlight, a figure appeared in the pit.

The man was tall and thin with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was wearing a black leather armor and the cloak on his back was also black, giving others a mysterious feeling.

Race: Wrath Royal Family. Comprehensive Strength Assessment: C.

Lavat turned out to be a royal family, and he is from the “Wrath” Royal Family!

Among the 7 royal families in the Demon Realm, the first that Chen Rui encountered was obviously the “Pride” Royal Family with the last name, Lucifer. During these time, he had encountered or fought the “Sloth” Royal Family – Belphegor, the “Envy” Royal Family – Leviathan, the “Lust” Royal Family – Asmodeus, the “Gluttony” Royal Family – Beelzebub, and the “Greed” Royal Family – Mammon accordingly. Now, he had finally met the last royal family, the “Wrath” Royal Family – Samuel.

Lavat glanced at Dominique’s corpse on the ground and a cold light flashed past in his eyes, “You killed Dominique?”

“I didn’t kill that woman.” Chen Rui shook his head. It really isn’t me.

“Where is Cyprus?”

“It didn’t kill him either, I swear.” Chen Rui shook his head again. I haven’t killed him yet right?

Lavat frowned, wondering about Chen Rui’s calmness because the breath on this man was merely a Higher Demon, “Are you… Aguile?”

Chen Rui nodded. Lavat was secretly surprised. He thought quickly.

He knew about Dominique and Cyprus’ actions tonight. It was to look for Aguile and Arux for revenge. This time, he only wanted to bring his crony, Cyprus to the Dark Moon. It was because Dominique insisted on her revenge while Cyprus had a little interest in Dominique. To further win their hearts, Lavat agreed with Dominique’s request.

I didn’t expect Dominique and Cyprus, two Demon Kings actually failed to kill two Higher Demons, and they even released the signal for help. I didn’t see any other powerhouses as I hurried over. Instead, the killing target, Aguile didn’t escape when he heard my whistling sound, but he stays at the place where Dominique’s corpse is. Is he scared out of wits? It can’t be! There must be something wrong!

Lavat expanded his senses, but he didn’t find anyone lying in ambush. He frowned and said, “Since you didn’t kill her, what are you doing here?”

“I’m waiting for you.” “Aguile’s” hoarse voice seemed to contained a little laughter as he pulled out a badge to show Lavat, “You should recognize this right?”

In Lavat’s eyes, he could clearly see the pattern on the badge. It really was the Double-headed Dragon Legion badge and his eyes lit up, “Where did you get it?”

The members of the Double-headed Dragon Legion don’t have this badge, but a tattoo of a double-headed dragon. This badge is generally used as a token for certain people such as the Mellon Family…

“I once killed a guy named Silva; I got it from him.” Chen Rui didn’t hide since the incident that the Cloak Gang killed Silva was publicly known, “I know you are the deputy head of the Double-headed Dragon and I also know the demon-trafficking at Blue Lava Estate. Besides, I know that Mellon Family and you guys…”

Chen Rui deliberately didn’t finish. Surely, Lavat’s brow frowned tighter, and he asked, “What is your objective?”

“Benefits.” Chen Rui deliberately gave a more realistic answer, “I’ve always been interested in thedemon-trafficking, but what I want to do is monopoly. Other than me, no one can do the same trade.”

“Demon-trafficking?” Lavat looked at Chen Rui for a while and asked with interest, “Why do you think you would be better than the Mellon Family?”

Chen Rui’s heart moved: Could it be… that the Mellon Family is the biggest bane of demon-trafficking?

“My Cloak Gang has basically controlled the dark forces in the Dark Moon now. Whatever the Mellon Family can do, I can do; whatever the Mellon family cannot do, I can also do it.” Chen Rui sneered deliberately, “Cloak Gang also has a title, the reserved forces of the imperial guards. So, things that I can’t get, no one else can get.”

“Such an ignorant guy! You dare threaten me?!” Pulling Lavat suddenly laughed. Then, his laughter became creepy, “Since you killed my people from the Double-headed Dragon Legion, pay it with you life first before talking to me about the benefits!”

The purpose of Lavat coming to the Dark Moon was for an important thing. As for demon-trafficking, it was only a trivial matter compared to that.

The demon-trafficking didn’t operate successfully because the Dark Moon City was basically under Cloak Gang’s control, making the Mellon Family and several other businessmen dare not act rashly. Therefore, he didn’t stop Dominique’s revenge. As long as the two leaders, Aguile and Arux were removed, the Cloak Gang would collapse and the demon-trafficking could continue.

However, the strength of Cloak Gang was still beyond Lavat’s expectation. Not only Dominique died, but Cyprus also disappeared. It seemed that if he had to capture this Aguile to interrogate. If it really wasn’t possible, he would kill him then destroy the Cloak Gang.

Coincidentally, Chen Rui didn’t intend to be nice to Lavat. From Cyprus’ words, Lavat and the Cloak Gang were foes but not friends. For a peak Demon King-level enemy, if he hid in the dark and dealt with the Cloak Gang, except for him and Skye, everyone including the new Demon King-level Arux wouldn’t be able to escape.

Chen Rui also laughed, “Since we can’t have a deal, then I have to kill you to avoid future troubles.”

Lavat didn’t expect that nobody would be so bold. He felt despised by the weak. With a flash in his eyes and a raise of hand, Chen Rui felt that the sky was covered in red and countless fireballs appeared instantly. Fireball was a relatively common attack in fire magic, but it was a single-unit skill. A powerful mage could launch fireballs continuously, which was called [Continuous Fireballs], and its power was amazing. However, there were dozens of fireballs that Lavat launched in a move. It was no longer within the scope of [Continuous Fireballs], and he didn’t need to chant at all. It must be the bloodline talent of the Samuel Royal Family: [Fire Mastery]!

Fire magic was the most powerful magic among the six elements. The fireball was so powerful that even Snowden, the head of the Red Devils bandits who specialized in magic, which Chen Rui once dealt with, was far from comparable.

As soon as Lavat made a move, he thought it was a bit too harsh as he wanted to keep Aguile alive.

There was a continuous, violent exploding sound in the huge pit. Even the ground was shaking. When the explosion was finally over, and the smoke had disappeared, Lavat’s brows frowned as he saw a huge dome on the ground. Then, the dome slowly unfolded. It appeared to be several [Earth Wall]. The unfolded [Earth Wall] collapsed immediately, and at its center was the unharmed “Aguile”.

Lavat’s pupil slightly contracted: Instant ! Although his magic power isn’t as strong as mine, his purity and complexity are faintly above mine! This “Aguile” is really not a Higher Demon but a Demon King!

In [Analytical Eyes], the strength of Lavat had risen to C+, peak of Demon King. This Wrath Royal Family has finally shown its true strength.

“[Fire Storm]!”

Lavat turned both his hands and the air flowing around Chen Rui suddenly changed. It instantly became a high-speed current filled with violence and heat. Countless sparks of hidden flames became bright instantly as they spun quickly like fire snakes. A large area of ​​wet soil nearby became dry and fragile. The destructive atmosphere engulfed Chen Rui.

The storm of flame engulfed Chen Rui in a blink of an eye, but a strange blue dome appeared around Chen Rui. No matter how the [Fire Storm] raged, it was impossible to truly cover that crystal blue light.

Wind magic’s [Magic Shield]? It looks a bit weird. However, many talented magicians can modify the magic to a certain extent. Lavat’s [Continuous Fireballs] was the same case.

Lavat launched several magical attacks in a row only, only then the magic shield was destroyed. He was secretly surprised: Dual-element wizard with earth and wind magic! Every magic was launched without chanting! His wind magic’s proficiency is higher than earth!

I didn’t expect merely a leader of a dark force to have such strength! No wonder Dominique and Cyprus failed!

In the situation where both have equal magic power, the battle between magicians won’t end in a short time, especially because both earth and wind magic have strong defensive skills.

Since I can’t end this quickly with magic, then…

Lavat had a thought in his mind. I heard that “Aguile” defeated Arux in the arena, so he must have also trained in martial arts. However, his martial arts is only at Higher Demon.

Lavat smiled slightly, as if he had seen the dawn of victory.

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