Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 235 - Arux’s Breakthrough

Chapter 235 Arux’s Breakthrough

After a furious roar, Cyprus jumped up as if the heavy blow just now had no effect on him. Cyprus already knew that Aguile was slightly stronger than himself, so he didn’t dare to be careless. He changed into his combat form and the burning flame turned into something green, covering his body which then slowly absorbed by his body.

Under the moonlight, the original red skin became purple-cyan, revealing a faint metallic luster.

“This is better.” After Cyprus changed into this state, he was more confident and said proudly, “It’s worth it for me to make an effort.”

Chen Rui didn’t waste any time and immediately punched Cyprus. Cyprus didn’t avoid, but punched Chen Rui at the same time. Both of them received a punch simultaneously. Cyprus’s body shook but nothing happened; on the other hand, Chen Rui took two steps backwards. He felt that his fist hit on certain metal and his brows frowned.

“I forgot to tell you that the reason why I can weaken magic is entirely because of this bronze demonic body. No matter how strong your attack is, you can’t break my physical defense!”

Cyprus made a loud, disgusting laugh and rushed toward him directly. He relied on his body’s extreme defense and didn’t dodge. A tactic where both sides would suffer.

Chen Rui thought of Culia’s sturdy demonic body, who he once fought against and had a thought. He started attacking the weak parts like armpit or crotch that Roman mentioned, but Cyprus didn’t care. Every part of his body was like metal hard. Chen Rui couldn’t help but be startled: even his crotch has turned into metal… this bronze demonic body is too ridiculous.

Cyprus allowed Chen Rui to try attacking his weak point and secretly proud that this bronze demon body was extremely hard. It had no weak points at all. Then, he saw the strength on his opponent’s punch changed and a strong force penetrated through. It was like a stormy sea that made him unstable. There were even some forces that penetrated into his organ. He couldn’t resist at all.

Under that wave of attack, the Cyprus’s metal body could only manifest its original defense, and he couldn’t fight back. Even if he was a real bronze man, what’s the point when he was in a surfy sea? However, his opponent couldn’t do anything to him either. When this surge power was exhausted, it’d be the best timing to kill.

Not knowing how long had passed, that surging force finally weakened gradually. Cyprus, who was already dizzy and upset, finally broke free from it.

Seeing a large area of distortion on the ground due to the influence of power’s fluctuations, Cyprus was secretly shocked. “Aguile’s” stamina turned out to be so good that he has been attacking for so long. Fortunately, he is facing an opponent with defensive talent like me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to withstand that horrifying wave of attack.

However, no matter how great his endurance was, there would be a time of exhaustion. Now, it was time for Cyprus to fight back.

Seeing that Aguile’s attack was slow, as Cyprus was about to counterattack, he suddenly saw a bright light from the battle aside. The bright light came from the flame of Arux’s body. The flame showed unprecedented brightness, and Arux’s appearance also changed. The curved horns had curled backward, and his head had also changed a little. However, the actual change was the temperament of the entire person. That strong breath had truly exceeded the realm of Higher Demon which was Demon King!

At the brink of life and death, Arux, who was wandering at the hell gate several times, finally exploded his unprecedented potential and broke through the limit of the Great Demon at the last moment. He had truly entered the ranks of the middle class powerhouses.

Dominique had already seriously damaged Arux. Whenshe wanted to give a final blow, she didn’t expect that the enemy who killed her brother would break through and reach the Demon King level using the pressure she gave. She held a grievance as she screamed. The flame’s power on her entire body had reached its peak. The solid spurs on her elbows suddenly became soft and wrapped around the fist like rubber.

Dominique knelt on one knee. Her fists glowed red, and she punched on the ground at full force. The radiation-like crack quickly spread toward Arux’s feet. Arux had just used teleportation, so he couldn’t dodge that at once. So, he clenched his teeth, held scythe in front of him and posed defensively. The burning flame on his body had changed the shape. It started rotating at high speed, like a circular light ball that wrapped around him.

When the cracks on the ground reached Arux, they exploded into countless horrific sharp rays like a geyser of blade that rushed toward Arux and covered up the light of the flame ball.

After the “geyser” exploded, the flame within actually didn’t disappear. That defensive skill wasn’t a new power obtained when he reached Demon King, but a skill that Arux realized after his previous defeat against Chen Rui. Previously, due to lack of strength, he couldn’t use it as he wanted. Now, after the promotion, it became handier as it wielded amazing results. It was just that Dominique’s strength wasn’t trivial. Promotion wasn’t reviving with full health. His injuries and stamina consumption were still serious, but it felt completely different now.

Dominique was furious. Although she was affected to a certain extent by the lasting , that was already her strongest skill, but she still couldn’t kill her opponent!

During the battle just now, she already knew that Arux’s equipment was very enviable. If she didn’t know his identity, she would’ve thought that he was an heir to a certain lord’s family. Although Arux had just been promoted to Demon King, and he hadn’t yet mastered the newly acquired strengths, with this equipment and the strength of the same realm, it was difficult to kill him now.

“Good job, Arux.” Chen Rui praised, “You’ve finally broken through. Since this is the case, it’s pointless for me to continue dragging this idiot who thought he is possessed by god and became impenetrable.”

Cyprus didn’t understand what “possessing by god” was, but he heard the word “idiot” very clearly. Out of anger, the purple cyan color on his body darkened as he rushed towards Chen Rui.

Chen Rui didn’t dodge. Instead, his hand was glowing faintly to accept Cyprus’ strike. Cyprus punched Chen Rui and “Poom!”, Chen Rui took 2 steps back. Cyprus was still shaking slightly, but Chen Rui smiled.

Cyprus’ eyes were filled with shock. His right arm that hit Chen Rui drooped softly. There was a shallow wound on his shoulder, but that was just the surface. If Cyprus’ right arm could be seen through, one could notice the flesh and bones inside had been sliced as if they were cut by an extremely sharp weapon.

“Bronze Demonic Body.” Chen Rui nodded and complemented, “Defense is indeed good. It can actually resist my .”

As Chen Rui said, the demon’s surface defense was indeed tough that even couldn’t cut through. However, the flesh inside couldn’t resist the invisible sword qi. Through the wound, the sword qi had completely destroyed his interior tissues.

Relying on this extremely strong defense talent, Cyprus had killed many powerful enemies. Within the Double-headed Dragon Legion at the Blue Lava Estate, he was one of the top elite. He never thought that his opponent’s “talent” would actually be his nemesis. Merely one strike, his arm was gone. If that blow was aimed at his neck…

When Aguile opponent said he was just dragging Cyprus for Arux’s breakthrough – it actually wasn’t a boast!

Cyprus screamed angrily and his eyes glowed in golden light. A long knife appeared in his hand, then he rushed toward Chen Rui again without fear. When Chen Rui evaded, he suddenly moved behind him and waved his sword. Chen Rui also used to dodge far behind him. At that moment, Cyprus suddenly opened its mouth wide by a meter, turned around and shot a golden beam of light.

He indeed has a long-ranged attack, but that spitting presentation is too disgusting.

Chen Rui frowned and teleported again. He appeared behind Cyprus and swept with . Seeing his light beam almost hitting “Aguile”, his opponent disappeared into thin air. Cyprus was taken aback: Another ? That is only 2 seconds in between! I’ve never heard of any Great Demon that could teleport continuously so quickly!

Cyprus missed his beam. Suddenly, he felt a sense of crisis from his back. He desperately pounced and avoided his body being sliced into halves. However, his waist was still badly injured, so Chen Rui kicked him to the ground immediately.

“Don’t kill me!” Cyprus yelled. He felt that his opponent’s knife-like hand suddenly stopped at his neck. That faint and sharp sword qi was terrifying.

Chen Rui only used two skills, and , and it worked as intended. He simply defeated the middle stage Demon King, Cyprus. He was also a bit surprised. Could it be after fighting with a Great Demon King at Silent Night Wetland’s treasureland, and coupled with poison dragon’s special training, my level of spirit and strength have increased significantly again?

However, no matter how strong his strength was, the key of Alkaid state was still the “mind”. If he couldn’t overcome the test of “mind”, he couldn’t break through the Alkaid state. Besides, due to Star Conversion, this test was the most dangerous.

Aside, Dominique was shocked to see that Cyprus was knocked down by “Aguile”. Aguile’s strength was too terrifying. Even with Cyprus’ strength, he wasn’t able to rival. So, she was definitely unmatched. She couldn’t bother the fight with Arux. Instead, she raised her hand and a firework flew up the sky.

While she was distracted, Arux struck Dominique at her lower ribs. It was the first time Arux damaged the enemy since they fought. At that moment, his confidence had increased greatly; on the other hand, Dominique let Arux turn the situation around due to her fear for Chen Rui.

Seeing the dazzling light from the fireworks in the sky, Cyprus was calmed, “Did you see that SOS? I’m from Blue Lava Estate. Our deputy general, Lavat is in the Dark Moon City, and he will be here immediately. If you kill me, he won’t let you go!”

“Blue Lava Estate? Lavat?” Chen Rui felt that those two names were quite familiar. He seemed to have heard them somewhere. After recalling it for a while, he finally remembered it. A badge appeared in the hand, with a double-headed black dragon icon on it, “Do you know this?”

Looking at the badge, Cyprus exclaimed, “Why do you have our Double-headed Dragon Legion badge?”

Chen Rui finally confirmed the identities of Cyprus and Dominique. They were part of a secret elite legion directly under Blue Lava Estate’s lord – members of Double-headed Dragon Legion.

The route toward Blue Lava Estate was full of bandits, which was even fiercer than those at Mountain Xilang. Therefore, no one was able to pass all this while. The former owner of the Cloak Gang stronghold, Silva, who had been eliminated, had explained about the demon-trafficking to Blue Lava Estate. When encountering the bandits on the South Route, he only had to show this badge to safely pass the bandits’ area. This badge was seized from Silva, and the person who gave Silva that badge was exactly Lavat.

Barnacle, the deputy head of the Red Devil bandits who was once deceived by Chen Rui, also mentioned that he went to Blue Lava to seek help from Lavat, which was the deputy head of Double-headed Dragon Legion.

Chen Rui’s eyes narrowed. Since Dominique and Cyprus thought that Arux and I are both Higher Demons, if it’s just for revenge, it isn’t necessary for Lavat such a big shot to come personally. Then, what’s the real objective of his arrival?

There must be something wrong!

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